Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thursday dah!

good morning :D

hehe cute little one ^^ the actual happening to this boy was, his papa put him sit and wanted to snap a pic, but the boy was about to fall :p i like his smile :)

morning breakfast now. the reason for me to leave the house earlier today ^^ my honey oat tuna breakfast with sweet onion sauce and many more olives! why everything is in sweet? hope today gonna be a sweetie day :)

am using the right one now. the iPhone cover from my favourite author - jimmy ^^ thinking to sew myself a handphone pouch. to my best friends too!

hope I can come out the porch soon :p

in subway now, the cafe playing the song 'you raise me up' ohhh.. suddenly so many feeling are up, and my eyes gone wet and I feel to cry :~

'you raise me up so I can stand on mountain..
you raise me up to overcome stormy sea..
I am strong when I am on your shoulder..
you raise me up, to more than I can be..'

you raise me up, to more than I can be..

have to stop, before I embarrass myself at public..

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

tired Wednesday

with half closed eyes am typing this post. my mind doesn't want to sleep but my body is tired :( tonight I need to sleep early, been few days I drink coffee in the office to force myself to stay awake @_@

something in my car. I bought for children but bbb doesn't like it. so I alone eating it for few weeks! put in smaller container so I can eat while driving. well, we cannot drink and drive, but eat is no problem right :p eating tid bits and listening to Christmas songs in the way back home.

weird ma? listening to Christmas song in the month of may ^^ different feeling.. when you listen to Christmas songs in December, you have the holiday mood, thankful heart, family bond need.. now, when I listen to

'happy holiday' / when I can have more holidays so I can have a nice walk at Singapore orchard road, and listening to the choir and move the body when they dig this song? :(

'white Christmas' / ohhh.. too sentimental and in fact, a bit down, feeling lonely..

'oh holy night' / "fall on your knee, hear the angels voices, oh night~ divine..oh night, when Christ was born.." hmmm I feel to fly to somewhere over the rainbow..

hmmm.. last night was dropping from morning happy jolly mood to down stream sadness.. today am not cheering up too. hope, a good rest can recover my feeling. didnt bring handmade bag this week, so, once bbb sleeping, I feel lonely in the room..

have the thought.. I want to close down my Facebook and blog site :) see how.. anyway, my blog is in private since last night.. sis is complaining.. but wonder, other than few close friends, anyone interested on my sharing? with what thinking and attitude to follow my blog? care? love? fill the pass time? or know more about me and family, so can attack us or hate me more? :)

well, let's stop here before I gone to the narrow mind stuck memory lane :)

22:13 someone says 'I love you here' ^^
good night zzZz

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

yo! yo! Tuesday

hey today is indeed a happy day! just feeling happy ^^ give thank to the greatest one ^^

see me happy smiling :D hehehe no la these pictures I need to be happy and smiley look, coz laogong going to store this in his phone and hopefully, look at me everyday :p

laogong is sailing.. crossing the border which network roaming is needed soon..

so I trying the send few children photos when the connection is still free :)

might not be able to call as I like, and laogong cannot access to internet frequent too :( going to miss him like crazy..

I am the type of mummy and wife, no matter where I am, roaming or not, I just make calls when I feel to talk to my love one @_@

anyway, I hope laogong is healthy and come back soon!

today lunch time with my lunch box. got call from the home developer, wanna take photo shoot again for angel. this time we go outing, go to see the beauty of nature. tell you, I was soooo happy and touched with this call, coz I was wondering where shall I bring my children or set any school holiday program for them.

I want to go to see the sea, the sky, the green.. but laogong is away, sis is with her big belly, alone how to go outing with 3 children? not to worried on the troublesome, but afraid if anything happen, out of my control, how am I protect my lovely bbb? so this 2days photo shooting has cheered me up! really, the happiness and touch in my heart, made me feel to share the happiness with the whole world! but I just chose to call up laogong and sister, didn't put in my fb ^^

so, we will go somewhere like this?

or like this? I just love it! in fact, I miss our taman negara national park trip. I will go there again!

suddenly got this from my supervisor. what a surprise! actually I have my own mission or say wish list in the office, I want to get at least 1 big or small award in every year. and this is the 1st for 2012 ^^ mission accomplished :p got motivated :)

reaching train station..

thinking what story to tell to my bbb :)

miss them much ooo..

see, I am blessed with happy things and previous moments ^^


Thursday, May 24, 2012

roaring Thursday!

ROAR!!! today sweetiemich is not a sweetie anymore when she heard that her husband flying off so soon!

ya, when I only met husband yesterday after 3+weeks then again he tells me wanna flying off tonight! see I roar or not! super bad mood in the evening >_<
well, after the confirmation, he said he flying off tomorrow morning. hmm.. better than nothing, at least I can sleep in his warm hug for a precious night.
we have late dinner together..

then come back home see gal gal sleep le..

angel is having fever.. don't know what's wrong with laogong @_@

papa and Eva :)

royee boy at klang.. ahhhh.. today I really feel to stop working, so I can take care my children and the house all by my own! I need a year of salary!!!

I hope, 1 day in future, laogong and I can smile from the heart, together sweet and warm till old age, like my papa and mama ^^

like this romance series of my digo and ersao..


good night.. :) feeling better now, coz tomorrow is Friday!

Thursday morning ^^

am so hungry, waiting for my breakfast. the service is a bit slow hmmm.. I ordered porridge, really not feeling well, giddy, nausea, stomach discomfort @_@

eating this and blogging..

meeting almost everyday in may >_< next week gonna be busy with month end closing. hmm.. recently I always have this thought - stop working and stay at home if I have 1 year children classes expenses in my bank account.

sudden back and quick go of laogong.. today he visits his mama and papa.

2 days are very precious for him to meet up with we all before he starts again the boring life on vessel :)

happy Thursday!

Wednesday night

am so unwell :( been having stomachache and to diarrhea. today am on mc. sleep and sleep, started feel dizzy coz too frequent go to the toilet. dehydrated I guess. now starting feel to throw out :(

laogong suddenly came back home last night. maybe, he going to fly again by tomorrow @_@ he said come back to see me, children and his papa mama. then another 3 weeks separation.

morning before angels go to the kinder. after sending them to the kinder, laogong and I go for bah kut teh and see doctor.

in fact, laogong is sick too. food poisoning. so both of us was so weak. he throw out so much until the taxi man didn't want to send laogong back home :p he throw out in the flight too, ppl thought he was 1st time on flight ^^

oh! just found out this pic in my phone. I guess my gal gal snap this pic when laogong and I sleeping in the afternoon. so big my bum bum @_@

almost 4pm, both of us wake up. then rushing to klang so we can pick up royee after his school. before leaving banting, we visit the cutie baby :)

laogong and baby song song :D

see, laogong always like to carry baby..

..but don't want to have another baby with me @_@

reach klang at 5+pm we go to aeon bukit tinggi to look for royee's watch and have our dinner.

2x blue and white ^^

1 pasta + mushroom soup + soft drink = rm10.90 for 3-6pm promotion.

same with the baked rice too.

my favourite sweet pizza. normal price is rm8.90. if get free coffee and 1 piece of cookie if you order the 3-6pm hi-tea set. oh, laogong said 'you know how to bake this cookie too right?' ya.. you wife knows everything kekekke :p

surprise the boy!

hey, papa why you are here? :D

do you miss papa? :)

finally, after 3 weeks ^^

he been asking for a digital watch - with light :p

happy! we choose this watch at rm79. with the sale running on, there label deduction of 10%. when the sales gal issued us the paying slip.. wahh! 50% off! so happily we go and pay the bill hahahha :D

his smile - worth of everything :)

royee showed me this. don't know what is this actually, but the questions are simple. royee proudly tell me he got 20/20. this boy, won't be humble when come to high score @_@

coming up the draft of a handmade bday card that ordered by a fb friend.

guy staff I really don't know how to make it more presentable @_@ my 1st time..

helping royee to wrap the teacher's day gift that he bought with his pocket money. he will give the pens to 2 teachers only, coz he said he got insufficient of money :p

leave the pens on his bag before I left bkt31. to surprise him ^^

good night.. laogong makes notice already :) my stomach, still aching.. my papa and mama are worried, coz today is 6th day of not feeling well @_@

from my gal :)