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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tiring cny..

Am trying to fully enjoy my cny leave, so I go here go there, do this do that in cny. Everynite I terus sleep not even can open my eyes for my iPhone :p morning, normally children wake up, laogong wake up n i still sleeping till 10am.

Found this pic on my iPhone photo album, taken by angel while I am sleeping :p
How I know it is taken by angel? Coz below is the next pic :p
Eva posing for picture taken by angel :D

Hehe they can take quite nice pic recently ^_^

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Nite before the eve

After the lunch with hani at sushi king in sooka kl Sentral..

Mini yee sang

I can't wait to go back home, no Chinese left in my office level floor except me n big boss. I didn't take the festive half day coz normally I take festive halfday during christmas eve. At last I left the office at 5+pm ^_^

Go for hair n scalp treatment with laogong

Tummy tummy :@

Like this cute cny poster at popular bookstore :D

Laogong n his Chinese name 'hu' - tiger ^_^

We went to watch Chinese cny movie, enjoy the funny scenes :D baru ada cny feel ma :") reached home nearly 12am, am now doing face mask n blogging :plaiting is sleeping, later needs to work halfday. morning i need to fo final touch up for bkt31, then will go back to Banting to meet bbb n bring them to my grandma house. Evening go to sgbuloh, don't know to go in law house or the hospital hmm

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

cny treat ^_^

a group of us went to kerinchi seoul garden for BBQ and steamboat lunch buffet. were having fun time there, me non stop eating n non stop laughing. i have a great team!! :D

in the restaurant

our RED RED SPOT cny greeting ecard :D
from pic left, goh (my boss) me, jega (team lead), zaidi, jennynder, khairul, amara
zaidi is ex-partner, new partner is khairul ^_^

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

cny cookies baking

some pictures sharing.. pic quality not that good, using my handphone only

royee helping on paper cup arrangement

curi watching cartoon..

work again..

watch again :p

my green pea cookies, pineapple tarts

doing the choc puff rice cookies

ah soh michie with her dont-need-to-bake cookies

super ah soh look :S

this is yummy :D

next time can do this for bbb classmates.. simple n suit children taste :D

Cny preparation

Left 2+ days for cny preparation, a bit rushing for me coz I have loads of pending work to clear in the office. Vendors are chasing for payment before cny, so everyday I receive emails n phone calls for doc processing. Understand everyone needs ang pow for cny so I also stay back n clear the doc as much possible. Sama sama happy ma :D

Deco for bkt31 has been done, this Friday I will overnight there to do final touch up :p gonna surprise bbb with new quilt covers n bedsheets. Hehe mummy yang excited :D

New quilt cover for me or bb har? Forget already :p bcoz bbb bed are in my room, in order to match with their bedsheets design, my bed also using kids bedsheets design hehe
This kungfu quilt cover is for royee, he hasn't seen this yet ^_^

Laogong helped up to drill here drill there, from the kitchen to the living hall n bathroom, new poster clock for study room too! So having different great feeling with the new deco n fitting in the house :D may share pic in bkt31 blog hehe

The 5ladies poster n froggie under the big leaf are from Bali, the cute photo stands are from hatyai. Yet to develop photos for the frames

Angpow 'fu' done by sis. Like the soft colors combination. Eva n royee 'hohhh!' :p
Done my facial, appointment for hair treatment in this Friday ^_^ all are prepared, but 1 thing made us down. Last midnite receive call from bro in law, my dad in law has been admitted :( serious gastric then bleeding. Not sure the actual prob, laogong will visit dad in law this evening. Hope he gets well soon.

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Thursday, February 04, 2010


立春 "start of spring" click >>> here for definition

today is ONG ONG day ^_^ so am wearing red berries shirt to the office as suggested by junie :p asked laogong to wear the new tiger brief today to bring good luck! hehe just to make today a special day~ so join the fun! i went lunch with chinese colleagues too! my boss said, 7-9am today, if u bank in money to your own bank account, it symbolic that u have money in for this whole year :D i didnt follow, coz 7-9am i was busy on the road, rushing for the train to come to the office :p

now my office is in RED. we deco it. yesterday i went to petaling street twice together with jessie for all the deco accessories. red red in chinatown. so i am also in the mood for CNY already :p share some pic with u..

i love this!

my heart also blossom like flowers :D

cai sen ye~ 'god of wealth'

gold gold gold

yummy yummy! kuih bakul :D