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Monday, August 02, 2010

good morning Monday :")

breakfast homemade cookies for u~ :p baked these cookies last evening, all plain flour, the texture is different from mixing of plain flour n corn flour. got to know the different.

new team member for my team will be in today, slowly our job responsibility will slightly adjust with additional account. this arrangement shall be good for everyone.

today i try to leave house early, let my papa bring bbb to the kinder, i take 8.35am train, reach the office at 9am. new boss wants us to be at work place at 9.30am. which normally i cant make it if i bring bbb to the kinder. I reach at 9.35am :p

a brand new week for everyone ya!

Friday, July 09, 2010

aloha friday~

day by day, friday n friday again! :D got call from the center, my iphone replacement unit has arrived, so will go to collect it by tomorrow. hope that after this i can blog and read online more often. got call about my maid arrival too! at last she will arrive malaysia by tomorrow night, after 2-3 days training at agency, guess that we can bring her back home by wednesday night. i need to prepare some picture dictionary for the maid n my family to communicate well. tomorrow we will have my mum's bday party and appreciation dinner (mum's knees operation) at bkt31. so we gonna be busy from tonight till sunday lo.
how am i doing these days? hmmm nothing much, just normal routine daily schedule. feeling happy and eating well :p everyday looking for weekend, so i can meet up with sis then MAKAN! relax at bkt31 after bbb weekend classes. guess what? i finished reading 2 love novels last weekend! wow.. those u love me, i cannot love u, then he loves her.. those young gals LOVE hor, me this auntie read it..and got addicted to it! sis n i watched LOVE movie too at cinema. i told laogong hor, "yala, read ppl love stories to fill up the emptiness in my heart ma" laogong "u got not enough love meh?" :p just got new boss to replace my curent boss who is leaving to another department soon, hope everything gonna be okay. new ladyboss is my gang too la, just hoping, friendship wont change when the status changed. mama's knees are recovering, can start shopping n do housework, so less temper now. so i wont feel much pressure at home for not doing the housework tip-top, can curi tulang a little bit lo :p congrates to my cousin yen, who just got her baby boy delivered. she is my another sis, apart from my gila poohmehmeh sis :p so happy for yen. time flies, yen became mummy and my poohmehmeh gonna have her wedding soon! next year june, seem to be so far, but she needs to start preparing for her wedding NOW! lose weight (me too have too :S), looking for bridal house, wedding pic, furniture, then this n that.. coz we have only weekend to prepare, and she always bring work back home on weekend, somemore her laogong is not with her right now.. so, gambattee neh! i will be busy too for her wed - 1st todo list, 'come, we go jogging every weekend, u also need to lose weight, or else u cannot get nice dress to wear on my wedding' wahhhh...
bbb growing well, taller, heavier, nottier! they dont mummy is phobia to SNAKE! so now they everyday talking about snake! showing snake pictures, holding black belt with sort of skin snake texture.. eeeeeeeeeee... when i asked them to stop talking about snake, then they talk about other animals - white snake COW, white snake PIG, white snake MONKEY :( mummy will get heart attack soon!!!
sharing some pics on angel learning about housework in the kinder.. :D

eva - preparing breakfast

eva - minum milo


angel n friend

eva cuci n sidai sapu tangan

Thursday, July 01, 2010

hmmm iphone prob again..

last friday i took leave bcoz of i wanted to train royee at home for his saturday music test. when i got call from the teacher, telling me what they gonna test, got 4 sections, i was panic.. hmmm just feeling not ok if i didnt help him to practise. mana tau, early morning my iphone rosak, suddenly just cant get it restarted. so when i picked up bbb from the kinder, then we went to klang maxis center for the phone repair. the phone cant be repaired, so i need to wait for the replacement unit. so, friday afternoon, became the mini outing for me n my bbb :p

ponteng with kinder uniform :p

my bbb grown up taller n taller each day :D

royee acting the yellow man ^_^

need 2-3 weeks for the phone replacement. so i bought the simplest phone in the market as backup phone. this rm220 phone, made me n laogong fighted. hey! man! sometime i just dont understand man thinking, made me tired n dont know what to do. laogong asking me why buy the phone, why want to spend money, why dont want to use his another phone... this n that. well, this is not a BIG money, somemore i can keep it for future use. can be my house phone too. why want to get angry with sweetie wife because of this small thing ler? ai... anyway, am happy with the phone, coz i can read blogs n check facebook with this tiny pinkie. just got to know it completed with mailbox access n opera mini browser on the following day. or else, i can show to laogong, see! i spend this money n got all these functions! hmmm

less chance to blog n read more now without iphone. good thing is, i have more quiet time when i am alone. simple phone, simple life.. n children wont fight for the phone games :p

pic on royee's music class test
i didnt go for the exam, coz i went to kl with my sis for her wed date.

sofege test - something like, when teacher playing the node, then u sing do re mi..

children on exam, parents n cameras yang paling busy :p

solo singing - to test tempo n apa apa la :p

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Free sunway lagoon ticket

Now till April u can get 1 free child entrance ticket if u purchase rm150 at Giant.

After collecting the 3 tickets, only found out the terms n conditions. U u entitle for 1 child ticket if there are 2 adults purchase the adult tickets at the same category. Laogong said never mind, we go there n get help from ppl who r q-up for adult tickets.

This weekend we gonna busy with bbb hep-a jap, then 2 parties to attend. Maybe next weekend we go la sunway lagoon :)

Now we r planning family short trip on 1/5 when laogong don't need to work n bbb got no music class. Then next holidays would be 5/6. See where we can go la to bring bbb out to see different things ^_^

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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

...going thru life

Asmiza Bt Abd Ghani [09:58 AM]:
things tat didnt kill us will only make us stronger

Like this quote. These weeks I been thinking about life, birth n death, young n old. Time... Maybe, am entering a NEW me! ^_^

Work or not working, am still confusing myself if to stop working in year 2012. Hmmm... Last time because of income, now because of my soul growing.. Never ending ownself debating, never ending of wanting more.

Need to back to work, just dropping by to share feeling. Am trying my best to work hard, hopefully there is promotion for me, coz I need more LEAVE!! i hate to feel guilty wheb i take leave n non stop counting down my leave balance. Hmmm...

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Multimedia class

Start from this week, royee has his multimedia class on English n Reading learning in the kinder, 30 minutes before the actual class starts. This boy is very dedicated for the class, sleeps early n wake up early. I need to change my
schedule too.

7:50am leave the house, send royee to the kinder, hopefully I can take 8:35am train, then I can reach the office by 9am. Today, I let him walked to his class, he was waving bye bye to me n happily walking to the class. I felt touched in the car, my boy is independent now :D

After a while, I saw his face expression changed. Seem like the teacher was not in the class, then I parked my car n went to him. He cried silently :~ then I saw the teacher was in the class, the teacher was away a while to take teaching materials. I told royee 'next time if u see your class teacher r not in, then u can go to the other classes to look for other teachers' i kissed him 'ok now?' he walked to his teacher :)

In the car, I told myself, I need to walk him to the class after this, don't want to spoil his mood in the early class. Don't want to leave fear in him. Since I can't catch the 8:35am also. May use the 20 minutes free slot to walk around the kinder, talk to bbb teachers n know bbb in the class. Who knows I can see bbb good work posted on the board :p

In the train now, today gonna be busy, I told royee 'tonite mummy will come back late, u do your homework 1st, mummy come back only check, if not ok then only mummy erase for u' he said ok :) children schedule, made mummy more discipline :p

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mermaid or Whale ??

got this forwarded mail.. ^_^ i am a whale :D

Recently, in a large French city, a poster featuring a young, thin and tanned woman appeared in the window of a gym. It said:

A middle aged woman, whose physical characteristics did not match those of the woman on the poster, responded publicly to the question posed by the gym.
To Whom It May Concern: Whales are always surrounded by friends (dolphins, sea lions, curious humans). They have an active sex life, they get pregnant and have adorable baby whales. They have a wonderful time with dolphins, stuffing themselves with shrimp. They play and swim in the seas, seeing wonderful places like Patagonia, the Barren Sea and the coral reefs of Polynesia. Whales are wonderful singers and have even recorded CDs. They are incredible creatures and virtually have no predators other than humans. They are loved, protected and admired by almost everyone in theworld.
Mermaids don't exist. If they did exist, they would be lining up outside the offices of Argentinea psychoanalysts due to identity crisis. Fish or human? They don't have a sex life because they kill men who get close to them, not to mention how could they have sex? Therefore they don't have kids either. Not to mention who wants to get close to a girl who smells like a fish store?
The choice is perfectly clear to me; I want to be a whale.
P.S. We are in an age when media puts into our heads the idea that only skinny people are beautiful, but I prefer to enjoy an ice cream with my kids, a good dinner with a man who makes me shiver and a coffee with my friends. With time we gain weight because we accumulate so much information and wisdom in our heads that when there is no more room it distributes out to the rest of our bodies. So we aren't heavy, we are enormously cultured, educated and happy. Beginning today, when I look at my butt in the mirror I will think, "Good gosh, look how smart I am!"

Saturday, February 06, 2010

The call

In the hectic working hours, I received call from the church, pastor lim said the baptise program gonna start from end of feb 9-10.30am Sunday. Same time slot with bbb Sunday class :) many thoughts in my mind after the call. Hmm. Stop thinking much, just let everything arranges by Him.

Helped my mummy to choose cny shirts for my papa, brothers n uncles at jusco just now, those nice color shirts make ppl feeling good! less than an hour, we spent rm621. about rm60-70 per shirt, that day I bought 4pc for father n brother in law n laogong, it cost me rm300 hmm. I spent rm350 for bbb cloths also. But if we don't go for all these things, then cny would be just like normal public holidays. Nothing special lo...

Decided not to attend company annual dinner. Left this weekend for homemade cny cookies, wash curtains, sofa cover, new bedsheet for bbb n my room, bbb new cloths (I pantang to let bbb wearing new shirts without washing them before, afraid of bacteria infection).. Better stay at home la. Hope my friends all enjoy the dinner n share the stories on Monday :D

Good nite! Tonite am sleeping at the middle of my favorite men :) enjoying their mild snoring combination :p

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

In kl hilton

Now 'weddings at the Hilton' laogong is helping around, they said as a guest, am not supposed to help, just sit n enjoy.

18:19 guests r having cocktail, me at table no.63. Quite tired in fact, but I am ready for this special event, as what laogong said, hope 1 day in the future, we r affordable enough to have super grand wedding ceremony for royee :) and laogong said, maybe 1 day in the future, he can be like his boss as msia top 100 richest person. Hmmm wondering how would I becoming then? Maybe am not as mrs thea anymore? Coz can't take it to prepare myself for functions n dinners, n go for mani-padi, hair treatment, hair set from 11am - 4pm like what I did just now.. Tiring la.. Somemore royee said 'mummy, u look a little bit not pretty today la' his voice soft enough for not hurting me I guess :)

Feeling hungry. Shall I walk around or sitting here to listen to 'sound check one two three?' ^_^ I like to see the making, from just now how they arrange ppl for reception counter, Hilton staff final briefing, to movie clips testing, lighting, sound check.. Aiya, forget to search info for department team building ^o^ am 1 of the task force :p

Feeling hungry, just finished the 'R' White choc. Hmmm let see the menu, can't wait for the main course oooo


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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

busy nite

Last nite didn't sleep well. Before falling asleep, so many things came to my mind. Decided to call up the hospital for my operation appointment. Maybe go on January, then after cny, I can start my brand new year. Think about the movie avatar. We should love n care about our mother earth, don't let the earth crying anymore. Very nice story line, n we watched it at 2nd row seats. Without 3D glasses, we have the 3D feel too, coz it was so near to the screen.

Last nite dream about my pregnancy test got positive, the 2nd pink color line was so obvious. Somemore can remind myself, 'helo, u r always have safe sex, how come got pregnant, don't think too much' haha silly me. Then suddenly got myself as Malay lady, wearing baju kurung n tudung. Hmmm so kelam kabut in my last nite dream. All sort of silly n funny scenes.

Reaching the office, am on the train. Stomach feeling not ok, n I found myself catching my breath. Yesterday when I got my bp check, I got low blood pula. Hmm no wonder I got dizziness.

Laogong feeling unhappy when I first said didn't want to watch movie coz I was sleepy
Laogong bought the avatar pop corn set, he said can give it to royee, I found it expansive

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

am sick

So sick, fever n flu.. Nose r painful, tissues all over in the floor. What a mess. Not a good time to get sick, feeling down when I was in the office, told my colleague 'year end, I shouldn't be sick' I really need time for year end closing n make sure no miss out anything especially BIG value. Friday flying to Singapore, I must get myself fit by tomorrow night. Hmmm somehow, sick at this time made me feel stressed :S

Alone in the room, bbb find their own room tonight. I told them mummy can't kiss u all tonite, afraid u all get sick too. Royee n angel non stop fake coughing 'mummy, I am sick too, it's ok, I can sleep with u' hmmm. The room without sitcoms functioning, sounds more quiet. The fan sounds old.. Still spinning ;)

Will meet arpu at Singapore this Friday. Happy! She asked me don't laugh at her size. I told her, I suddenly gained weight to my pregnancy weight! Can't blame anything except - hormone change :p period coming ma kekeke.. Arpu's reply is great, 'then we r equal' hehe this is so called good friend - no time to see the body size, but spending time to catch up with each other stories in limited time slot. Hope we can snap a nice pic :) miss u gal..

Hmmm want to sleep already, hopefully I can get well soon. Don't want to take mc tomorrow.

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Friday, December 04, 2009

info in hands

my current phone wallpaper

after i got my iphone replacement, am back to all-info-in-my-hands state :p now i read blogs, facebooking, checking emails, blogging (still need to figure out the photo upload feature), chatting in YM, stock market checking (maxis share only :p), weather forecast, browsing all on the go! soooo convenient :D plan to buy a iphone for sis, but she doesnt want to pay the monthly data package subscrition fee... hmmm so save my money hohoho..

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Got it at last

Sent my iPhone for repair at last I got it back, look like a new replacement set, yet to check the imei number to confirm. Keep this phone as simple as possible, coz I don't play games, n I don't want to let bbb play games here. Don't want them to get addicted to the iPhone as last time they were.

Am sick, serious flu, non stop sneezing, non stop I wet my pants :( asked bbb to sleep with grandma n kakak, I told them, later 'baby whale is sneezing, just like mama ha-choo' 3 of them hahaha, they like the song - deep in the sea :p bbb r more understanding nowadays, so I have some freedom to do my own activities as long as I inform them. So I have more freetime to go out for meal n supper with sis - me gaining more weight :(

This is just a test post, so I shall pen-off here, really feeling not well, but I must go to the office tomorrow, left my stuff in the office, I need it for Tuesday callathon.

1st pic taken with this iPhone. Royee baru bangun tidur, n I seriously told him, no more kids games in this phone, all adults applications, for mama work only. He said 'ok, later if it spoils again, then need to wait for 100 months hor' hehe now royee likes to use '100' to indicates max.

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Friday, October 09, 2009

takde iphone

hmmm miss my iphone, especially when many colleagues collected their new 3Gs iphone. cant check my facebook when i was in the train and before bed. good thing is, bbb wont fight for the phone anymore, and i can rest my mind more with no incoming email notification. sometime, simple is the best way to keep ownself being peaceful ^_^

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

director or stopper?

something had started wrongly,
and temporarily closed incorrectly.
if there was a choice, the storylines would be changed.
been thinking a final decision or solution, for everyone's happiness
for freedom of mind.. for release of the insecured soul~

Friday, September 04, 2009

merdeka expenses

just checked my credit card statement.. hmm i jadi orang kaya on 29/8/09. brought children to medical center for hep-A japs n body checkup and my annual pap smear checkup.. cost me rm 1134.50. then went to book fest with sis, rm 503.80 for books. hmmm big hole in my pocket this month :S this is not included how much i spent in christian book fair on 30/8/09.
wow wow wow~! takpe la.. health cannot buy with money, knowledge also cannot value with money :p takpe la, annual thingy.. next year will target to spend more :p kekeke..

Saturday, July 25, 2009

250709 friday

it's 12:12 am. angels n laogong r sleeping. oppss.. eva is coughing, she is not feeling well. i am in the middle of this big room, typing in the dark. feeling sleepy, but i felt to record my day.
dawn. received sms from a special someone asking 'how r u?' suddenly gary chao ge' new song - lonely man's lyric came across 'i am not okay~~' 'feel like myself is being destroying' this was my 2nd reply. in this early morning, i got new discovery n i got so many queries answered, n i got so many uncertainties.. after sharing my feeling with laogong. 1st time i found myself feeling so secured in laogong's arm. seriously, i am so tired of everything.. too many challenges for all my roles. many things are out of my plan or imagination. i got confused n down when my ideal model is not happening. anyway, thanks to the sms, at least, i was in someone's mind during the sms exchange 'i know i can go thru all the challenges :)'
so tired and so the blank, how i wish i could take a day off. but i cant. i chair a communication session with end user n vendors, n bosses r so wanted this to be happened. drove to usj warehouse, the office where i worked when i 1st joining this company. so many memories came to my mind. ya, this is also the only office both me n laogong working together :) ohhh no, we worked together at the internet cafe too! wow times fly, most happiest moments that time when we staying together at sunway n ampang. no worries n burden. reached usj late, didnt expect the traffic jam at the highway. joined my friends there we went for breakfast at summit. i ordered for roti telur+ bawang. when i heard ppl ordering thosai, 'ya hor, why i never order thosai? i dont eat roti ma..' but it was too late :~
final touched up to the presentation slides, then we went to shah alam for lunch before the comm session started. everything went well, 1st time met the vendors. n without further thinking, i commited myself to some additional job :p never mind la, kerja saja la. left the office around 5pm. in fact, i was feeling down. when i think of what i heard ppl telling about me 'apa michelle buat? she has nothing to do, everyday sitting there open facebook only'. tell u, i am so shocked n down about this. 1st, oh.. ppl noticed me and care about my performance. 2nd, why facebook? i am much ok if u told me i was always in my blog. coz facebook is not my main hang around site, n i can access facebook 'just a touch' with my iphone. ahhhh... apa saja la.. i do online like no body business during lunch time n after 6pm. during working hours, i wont sit there n online for long except do some fast internet banking transactions or just to take a short break, coz i need to clear my workload. but ppl see me online n dont check when i access internet then i got nothing much to say.
can u get my frustration? been trying hard to be a good mother n teacher to my children, but i got feedback abiut my children not so good attitude n their performance in the school 'need more time'. been wanting to be a good daughter, at least dont need to trouble my parents, but now i 1 family staying in parent house in weekdays just to accommodate my children study n safety. been loving loagong with my ocean deep love, n more feeling sharing, but somehow there is always conflict n misunderstanding. been wanting to make myself smile more, laugh out loud, n feeling happy from my heart, but i found myself look n feel tired n no more sunshine. sooo.. finally i chose my work as the part, where i have more confidence in, as long as i work hard then i would get some nice comment n rewards (spot award was a BIG surprise to me), but ending up, ppl see me spending time n work for facebook. this is the question i been asking 'what else? what's next?'
after left usj, thot to go giant shah alam to fetch sis. traffic jams made me lazy. so i headed back home. it was still early, laogong would leave the office at pm, i have no house key. then i decided to go to saloon to trim my hair, guess it wont be crowded in this friday evening. laogong called me right at the time when i wanted to leave the saloon. he said long time didnt go for a movie.. but both of us bringing laptops, so we met at home. after taking shower, we went back to aeon bukit tinggi for dinner. spent laogong this dinner, sempena my spot award :p i did celebrate this with sis, we went ktv. then i promised to buy toys to bbb when salary out. aiya, forgot about laogong. so we makan together just now n window shopping. we didnt go for movie, coz almost all the sessions were FULL.
reached home, saw bbb, i felt warm. never mind la, how hard the situation is, i still having my lovely bbb to support n cheer me up. so mummy needs to be strong n confident :) for those things that are beyond my control, keep the faith, anyhow, i am just being tested and trained to be better and to have more wisdoms ^_^ for friends who are really concern about me, thanks for your messages, feel blessed to have u :)
good nite lo. want to rest now. been coughing n feeling weak n low i spirit for this week. may all my dreams come true, 1st hopefully it would be the piano set that laogong n i seen at the shop. suitable for young learner like my royee boy! laogong got surprise 'wahh, u also know how to play ar?' yala, every saturday mummy learns do re mi too! :p after piano, wii? laogong's new car? no no no.. i hope i can get promoted with my own hard work, i want to shut off those 'cctv' in the office, kidding la :p i hope i can prove to myself, 'michelle, u r doing it right, u get what u working for' btw, thot to shut down my blog too! coz there are 'cctv' too! laogong said, ppl came here just to know about u n your family, that's it.. let them la.. (am still considering this :~)
sweetie pen-off @ 1:26am

Thursday, June 11, 2009

父亲节 father's day

just read my sis post on >>> father's day hmmm let me translate the story of my sis's colleague. few days before father's day, the father asked the colleague to balik kampung to bring the father to see doctor coz he been having bad cough n back pain problem. at night, the mother made a cup of hot milo to the father, n she left n slept in the hall while waiting the father to finish drinking the milo. the following day, the colleague wanted to wake his father up to go to the hospital, n the colleague got shocked when found out the father has passed away! reason: the father got chocked bcoz of drinking milo when he having coughing..

hmmm yesterday i got to know, my colleague's father just passed away. he dropped off from the bus, and the motorist bang him when he stepped down from the bus. died immediately. he was quite old, but i dont think the family members can accept this. i told laogong, ppl can die anytime anywhere.. we must really treasure what we are having now. yesterday i read friend chc's facebook status, 'life is short' so sleep less' , n his friend commented, if we sleep less, we have shorter life to enjoy our days. laogong said, we must sleep enough, but we must work less.

hmmm.. papa n mama schedule many travel plan recently, almost every month they flying here n there, near n far. papa n mama's foot problem getting worse. yesterday i saw papa walking slowly, coz his kaki sakit. i think bcoz of this, they plan so many travel plan, they want to see the world while they are still able to walk. sad to see this. when we are young, we can walk, but we have no extra money for travelling, when we are old, we have enough money, but we dont have healthy body for all the destinations. i do hope, mama is ok with this coming july australia gold coast trip, so papa has lovely wife to teman for this dream destination ^_^

will check with gogo n digo, see this Sunday we can celebrate father’s day together at banting or not. then next weekend only i bring children back to sgbuloh to celebrate thea’s family father’s day. Hmm.. so long time to-do list n wish-list in my diary, so many things in my mind, so many feeling in my heart. Need to maximize my everyday 24 hours. No matter what, I need to be a parent who my children would be proud of and a lovely daughter, who my papa n mama would be happy to~ ^_^

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

iphone cake

cute hor, how nice if i can make something like this. wondering the black color base is small cupcakes or orea biscuits. so creative n colorful. i want to learn already la, to do this freezing icing deco :D
aiyo, been thinking if want to order the iphone from employee program. feel to try the new tech with same rebate. but then, hmmm want to spend the money for iphone or wii? hmmm...

Monday, May 18, 2009


look at the calendar, ya, this weekend i will travel to bali. been wanting to visit to this place since years ago. hope it would be a nice one. hmm i think, i cant try their balinese massage, coz my period coming soon :S
last week, was not feeling well, flu n sore throat, then a big boil on my left cheek. still on the 40-pills antibiotic :S every 6 hours i need to take 2 pills, a bit irritates. weather is so hot, hopefully bbb stay healthy.
if take antibiotic pills can stop the illness, how nice hor, if we want to get rid anything, or some negative feeling or 'small people' then we can take the pill to avoid the issue. or, buy a brand new branded perfume, a big bottle, spray it to the air, to the grass, tree, earth.. look at the perfume spraying from the nozzle, the smell comes n goes.. so whatever u want to release out, can get a relief. press it, spray it, recall everything that r negative to u, then, like the perfume, let it dissapear in the air. empty the bottle, empty the sadness, pain, guilt, hurts, anger.. then, a brand new u! :) maybe, u need to say sorry to ppl, u r poluting the earth, sorry for wasting money to finish off a bottle of perfume in less than 20 minutes? hmmm, need to massage or use heat balm to ease the fingers soreness.. pray to God, heal the feeling..
well, a brand new week, this week, 4 working days, i need to settle my EWP accrual report, need to clear all outstanding jobs, then only fly to bali. need a mask to travel to foreigh countries n taking flight? H1N1 cases in malaysia n else where. hmm.. the death rate is not the high, so i want to be mask free la. want to travel n see the world, dont want so many hassle n burden. simple trip.