Sunday, November 22, 2009

Got it at last

Sent my iPhone for repair at last I got it back, look like a new replacement set, yet to check the imei number to confirm. Keep this phone as simple as possible, coz I don't play games, n I don't want to let bbb play games here. Don't want them to get addicted to the iPhone as last time they were.

Am sick, serious flu, non stop sneezing, non stop I wet my pants :( asked bbb to sleep with grandma n kakak, I told them, later 'baby whale is sneezing, just like mama ha-choo' 3 of them hahaha, they like the song - deep in the sea :p bbb r more understanding nowadays, so I have some freedom to do my own activities as long as I inform them. So I have more freetime to go out for meal n supper with sis - me gaining more weight :(

This is just a test post, so I shall pen-off here, really feeling not well, but I must go to the office tomorrow, left my stuff in the office, I need it for Tuesday callathon.

1st pic taken with this iPhone. Royee baru bangun tidur, n I seriously told him, no more kids games in this phone, all adults applications, for mama work only. He said 'ok, later if it spoils again, then need to wait for 100 months hor' hehe now royee likes to use '100' to indicates max.

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