Thursday, November 26, 2009


10pm+ grandpa passed away. Am glad that my mummy spent her evening n nite with grandpa :) grandpa last breath happened, when mummy left the house n reached my bkt31. Mummy called me 'uncle called, grandpa seems like lost his breath, royee is crying looking for u, I can't help u to take care him, tomolo u take leave n take care your children' hmmm.. Mummy is always mummy, she can handle all sorts of things n feeling concurrently.

I got no regret, coz I managed to bring bbb to visit grandpa at last Sunday. Grandpa opened his big hand n my bbb putting their small hands in grandpa's palm. Grandpa asked 'schooling already?' Yes! 'being good children?' Yes! Sis asked bbb to sing for grandpa, then royee started 'happy birthday to u~~' everyone in the room laugh.

Am now at Banting, laogong n bbb r at klang. Thot can go to the office by using the daily route, but not going to work today. Since we going to stay in klang for few days, so I staying here to wash cloth n clean the house before I drive to klang before 9am. I need to take care bbb when laogong go to work.

Just now I chat with my papa, n helped him to apply medic for his foot. Hmm papa said this is a relief for grandpa. But mama is sad n crying. I said 'her papa ma, must be very sad' then suddenly I feel afraid of my papa leaving me 1day :(

Papa is now watching tv. I wish him good health. For my grandpa, I won't forget your warm smile n humble talk :) good nite to all the papa, n the little royee who wanting to come back Banting once he knew I won't be in bkt31 tonite. Sweet dream..

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