Tuesday, November 24, 2009

bbb kinder 2009

found these pic from the kinder >>> website. surpised n happy to see bbb pictures :D ya school holidays just started, end for year 2009 kinder. bbb have been improved a lot in this year, especially for angel ^_^ am so proud of them for this year performance n growing, cheer for their success, touched for their victories~ hope year 2010 would be another great years for bbb n myself. learned a lot from these 3 precious bbb. looking for december holiday classes for bbb, coz my parents n kakak are super tired with these 3 naughty one :p
besides, i always feel that, dont let children miss their golden learning time. comparing to fighting n being noisy at home, i would rather let them n learning some social skills with other same age children. they are always something, where they cant learn at home, n mummy cant give them. they need the environment to be independent and explore n explore.. then grow n grow :D (especially to the children whose papa n mama are working in the office, n dont have enough skill on providing the suitable skill set to the little one)

apples of papa mama eyes :D

money cant buy children laughter~ LOVE can :*

the quiet n serious eva :p

eating choc on the field. so the comot :p

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