Wednesday, November 25, 2009

my callathon with royee

24/11 a special day for us, nearly 300 staff n vendors are working as Quality Ambassadors in Callathon for the company. it is basically each of us making 40 calls and receiving 40 calls, and recording down each call quality n experience. we have our partner. so party A calls to party B n B calls to A. me being located at banting :D so 1 team 4 of us, we stationed at banting kfc for these test calls. since it is the school holiday, so i brought royee along with me, so my mum n maid can less headache for half a day :p

reached there at 9:30am for breakfast

team members are on calls
'make a difference'
royee was drawing n writing while mummy was making calls

'all these boxes r having sins. let me wash away all their sins..'
wild imagination.. there were just the numbering boxes..

royee ate the eggs.. mummy ate the sausage

'snap my spiderman'

big boy already.. quite behave

he was actually posing MJ 'billie jeans'

this is the rewards for being a good boy - 2+ hours
he chose 'secret recipe' and the choc indulgence?

enjoying the cake..

my best working partner :D
after finishing the cake, sent royee back home,
then i went to the office at KL to submit the report

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