Thursday, November 05, 2009

treasure your day after day :")

This morning on the way to the putrajaya train station, listening ppl stories from the radio, I cried. many sad stories happened, when parents neglected own children eg ignore the high temperature, reverse car when children are at the back, lock the children in the car. Last few mth also read the news where a parent forgot her own baby in the car, n she went to the house n slept, the next day, the baby found death in the car. Although this is change of her daily routine, but somehow, ppl is hard to accept the reason given. What my friend told me, a newly delivered bb brought home by the parents, but parents forgot they just have new born, so left the tiny bb in the car for several days. Hmmm..

There are my best friends who are trying to get conceived, they work hard for it, gone thru treatment and professional advise, the mental torture n family members not so happy words. I really pray to the God hope that they can have their own babies and be n lovely n responsible mummies and give the best to the children as what they wish to. Compare to those cases, where the parents throw their own babies to the drain, to the dustbin, to the park n jungle, it is somehow sad to see that, women who are longing for own babies are still trying..

Today and tomolo are kinder performance nite rehearsal days. This morning I sent bbb to the presentation hall. Non stop I reminding bbb don’t leave the hall without informing teachers, don’t accept strangers candies and chocolate.. I came out with few case studies to them, non stop reminding n reminding. Before I dropped them, I told bbb ‘u all are so precious, if mummy lose u, then mummy has no baby anymore, pls, u all are so important, pls take good care of yourself for mummy. Ok?’ they said ok, then bye bye to me. I admit that I am very sensitive n overacting everything about my children, but I just cant let go them, the world has been crazy, anything can be happened. believe that, my laogong, my family members, my parents, my in law, my maid must be tired because of my this attitude :)

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