Wednesday, November 25, 2009


bbb shoes
TOP (L to R) - eva, royee, angel (from royee), royee
BOTTOM (L to R) - eva, angel, angel (back strip broken), royee
the last day of royee 2009 kinder class, teacher asked them to wear t-shirt n go coz they want to do some gardening job. that morning, i told royee 'today u dont wear sport shoes, coz u going to work in the garden. now is raining season, later if your sport shoes get wet or dirty, not easy to clean it in the kinder. so u wear your green color shoes'
royee: which one?
mummy: the green color one, got mr bean button one..
royee: mr bean?
mummy: ya, wear the mr bean one, coz the one easy to clean and dry faster..
royee: is it the one with many many round circles?
mummy: ya.. the 1 hole 1 hole one, can put cartoon buttons one..
royee: oooo.. wo zhi dao le (i knew already).. i wear the green one la...
mummy: ya la, the one is more suitable for gardening..
royee: ok ok, i go n take har..
at the door step..
royee: (paused a while) mummy~ the green one is not mr bean.. it is with ben-10 button..
mummy: (Oppppsss!!!!) oh!! mummy confused already lo.. ya hor, ben-10, not mr bean :p
no wonder royee was so confused when i non stop asking him to wear the mr bean green color shoes.. kekeke.. so the blur blur mummy :p

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