Tuesday, June 30, 2015

End of June

Good morning. Am feeling full! Thanks Lord for the daily bread for my soul, and breakfast to start my day.

Ya, quite heavy breakfast for today. Kopi-o-kosong, barley panas, nasi lemak bungkus, roti bakar ^0^ maybe I got dehydration from last night jogging, just feeling to drink more and more.

Here comes the ending of month of June 2015. Great things happened in June were..

Easy trip with sis to melbourne

Reached the Great Ocean Road which been hearing people talking on

Nice view relaxed moments

Silly stories collection.. To write my travel story on this destination.. sooner or later ;p

Then, what else in June?

Attended my cousin bro wedding dinner. Snapped a couple pic with laogong. In recent years, found that we seldom take pic - just the 2 of us. Guess, my papa and mama having many couple photos than us in their 帅公美女 photo album :p

In June, most of the night I can listen to the boy playing piano songs. Forced to practice as his grade exam is around the corner.

I am glad that he is now like to explore the piano keyboards. Compare to last time, we as parents needed to convince or scold him so he goes to his class. Now the boy is learning the tone of 'pink panther' as he admired the uncle at the church playing this song nicely.

There was one praise and worship session we in charge in Sunday school. Children are getting familiar and more confident in handling the session. Practices make perfect. Hope one day, they can be on the stage, brave and confident.

We celebrate Father's Day in June too. To me, it is a special year, when we all one family attending Father's Day worship service ^^ there is always double benefits when both parents are listening to a same sermon or parenting talk, so both the parents can practise the same thing with the purpose of, teaching our children to be at right attitude and behaviour.

On Father's Day. My bro in law and parents in law came to our house too. I cooked them simple dinner with my limited cooking skills haha. Short catch up with my mum in law, she shared much too with me :) sometime, what parents need is only only ears, patient hearts and time.

After my in law left my house in the evening, I did the last grab of cake, went back kampung with my boy to visit my papa and mama.

Sempat for a short gathering ^^

Me and papa. Well, I was with a messy look, as the celebration done for the 3 important men in my life, morning, afternoon, then night :D feel loved for having my laogong, papa, and papa in law ^^

At work, many things happened in June too.

Work I am in now is basically talking about process and ideas on continuous improvement. Most of the time, we need to reach out to different teams and department to have joint effort to improve the process efficiency.

Attended 1 training course 'presentation alive' on public speaking. This course is different from the pervious communication and presentation courses I attended, this course made you tabs in front of the class, repeating the same phrase of words from your 3min speech, till the instructor satisfied with your standing position, tone, pitch, gesture, movement, face expression... Well, we could only say, fortune sides those we are brave ;p

This is one of the real workshop which my partner and I in charge to share new concept to group of people. To be honest, I didn't use the presentation technique I learned from the presentation class, as I haven't get used to the gesture and variation tones in my speech that gonna wow people or boo by people haha.

We celebrate Sunday school Sunday too last Sunday.

Impressed to see young children in charge the praise and worship for the day. Nowadays children re brave and confidence that last time, maybe children nowadays are always being snapped in parents camera :)

We attended parents-children workshop. Feeling differently when we discuss a topic with children and everyone giving feedback and idea. We always do this in the office meeting, this round, husband and I need to manage the 3 little ones :)

1st time, I tried to trim gals hair, not only the fringe, but the whole head. Well, thanks to the girls as they are willing to be the guinea pigs haha. Suddenly I got a thought - I want to pick up simple hair cut technique. I used to watch YouTube video on trimming boy's hair, I shall explore more on gals hair too hehe. Interesting..

What else for June?

I started reading more books in my daily life. In the bag, at the sofa corner, on my bed... I have books around me. So I can read a page or 2 whenever I have the waiting time..

What's next for upcoming July?
In the office, many things are in the scheduler from July till November.. For my personal, I shall continue picking up my daily short jog, read more to enhance my knowledge and skill, cook more and rest more :D

Till then, hope you have a great journey in the 2nd half of year 2015!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Loving each other

We started our day with this hymn playing in the car..





If Lord is the rose, I am the green leaf, love connects us in the storm and in good day.
If Lord is lyric, I am the love rhythm, we singing together like the morning birds.
If I am cold hearted, Lord is the sun in the winter, it melts my heart, and leads me to His ocean of great love.
If I am a wasted land, Lord is the sweet continuous rain that moist the land and make me bear fruits.

Children and I talk about the lyrics, talk about the relationship between us and God. In your life ups and downs, God is with us. We shall turn our eyes to Him, as He would never fail us.

We talk about siblings love. Love your brother and sister, as if one day, if you need help, or you want to share your happiness, they wouldn't say no to you, as they can't run away from you. Of course, I explained all these with my silly gestures and jokes.
Angel said - mummy, you are so funny la :D

Today breakfast - steamed Japanese sweet potato. Packed 1 for sis and hang it to her car's handle. Wondering, if she could see it? Luckily she was eating the sweet potato and skin as well in the car :D when I called her up. How nice, if everyday I can prepare warm breakfast for family and have quality talk moment with children.

Lately, I sometime do wake up early to do some housework. Playing hymns then sweeping and mopping floor, it is a bliss in fact. You have the quiet moment while everyone is sleeping. Have clearer mind too. However, it is quite challenging too, to have alarm clock set at 4.30am, then snooze it few times to 5am. Then dragging the tired body and heavy eyes to the kitchen.. It is good, if I can include a morning jogging in this precious ME time too ^^

Pic taken last night in the midst of children were busy packing their smelly-messy school bags.

"Let's have your eyes open big and wide!" Hehe I would take this as another quality bonding moment for a working mother with her always-clearing-homework-at-last- minute children :p

To co-run a workshop today, hope my half day presentation won't bore people off :p

Happy Thursday!

Friday, June 19, 2015


Yesterday headline news in local newspaper was on the 14 years old teenager committed suicide due to the pressure received from schoolmates and teachers. Ya, people words kill! So when there is some stories which are not bringing any beneficial to other people, we may choose not to speak it out.

This morning, our in-car topic was talking about handling pressure from people talking. I shared with my bbb, in the corporate world, we have people who likes to create topic to talk to, and sometime, what they are sharing might not be the truth. Same goes to them, in the school, there is surely students who like to pulling people legs, who like to talk non-sense, who like to bully classmates. Let's us bring all the challenges, and disturbed feeling to God, put these students in our prayer, hope for God's guidance and forgiven. Don't be ever to give up your life to these people, this is surely not worthy.

Soon come to month end of June. When we planned our tasks to be done in the office, look at the schedulers, I told my colleague - the scheduler is full every week, then my 2015 would be over so soon.. Then I am reaching to old age soon! Ya. I am no longer easily can call people 'kak' coz I am not young anymore.. Pula people call me 'kakak' hmmm

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Fishie people

Sometime, we don't get what the result we are looking for after all the effort we put in to accomplish a task / to strengthen a relationship / to gain fame..

The reflection we shall look into are most of the time, within ownself. However, many people are not doing it this way, they started finding fault in other people that caused the failure, or worse still, putting down other people with hope that, no one would notice their failure or imperfection.

Reminding myself and children on this, if there is something not so pleasant is happening, let's finger pointing to ourselves 1st before start looking excuses by blaming other innocent people.

Love each other. We shouldn't feel great and satisfied when people around us are in not so good condition. God created us with His image, given us soul, and of course with lots of love.

You are what comes out of your mouth. Be a good person, but don't waste time to prove it.

Monday, June 15, 2015

2 kinds of people

Like the idea of the below group of comparison

Android or Apple iOS?
Apple for me ^^

My sis is LOL, I am haha :D

If I would like I choose one from the 2, no beer for me. Anyway, I prefer hot drink ^^

Cash or credit card? Now I use card as backup plan, with limited cash in the wallet too :p

Errr.. It depends. If I have something serious to do which I cannot be late, I wake up once alarm ring. If it is an ordinary alarm set, I snooze for 1-2 times :p

Happy Monday!
Children are being good today, go to school happily after 2 weeks of school holidays :)

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Dropping by 11june

I know soon, June 2015 gonna pass thru.. Day by day, everything seems moving in fast track. What not been happening last time, now it just happened. The calm sea can always being stirring up a great big wave..

There was a sermon preaching in one of the Sundays. The pastor shared - live our every today, as a 'lifetime' once you open your eyes in the morning, the new life begins. You do all the living activities, then you conclude your day with prayer, then you sleep. We wake up in the next morning, another 'new life' started.

This sounds like Jesus resurrection from his death. You gonna be a new person after resurrection, a 2nd life begin. If we live today as today gonna be the last day, then we tend to be less being bordered by those negative influences, we tend to love and treasure all the beautiful moments that happens around us. We pray the best for our love one, we smile more to people surrounding us, we thank people, we apologise when it is needed, we say 'I love you' more often.

Yesterday I came across an article sharing, meet our parents and loved one frequently, not meeting them in a way of 'good bye visit'. This has reminded me, I shall meet and call my parents more often, and not visit them when only the day before the flying on board. Shall not be unhappy with children and sleep along with the not so happy feeling. Shall say good night to laogong before zzz..

Happy good day to you!

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Hello June!

U-hu~ children packing their bags for holiday day trip with teachers and friends. I am bringing my luggage with me too! Going to fly soon, hmm in 13 hours :p

Yesterday got some sincere comments from my work done "too choppy for my liking", which, making my mood being disturbed at the same time, a reminder for myself - the art work being called as an art work when it is with personal style and created with love and passion. You must 1st love your art creation, before people liked it.

Last week, I attended 2-day training program 'effective writing reports, letters, email in business English' or I would prefer to call it as a 'grammer class' or 'correction class' for confidently-mistakes-making English vocabulary used. Most of the time, when there is majority of people are practising the same, the wrong seemed to be right to follow. I enjoyed the class. Like the beauty of English language.

Keep learning and keep improving our knowledge and skillset of , one day, we will appreciate own self for the effort we have been putting in. I like someone saying this - changes are the constant. When we change, wisdom grows.

Reaching office, work 1st then the fun part would be in real soon :D