Thursday, November 28, 2013

Creative and innovative

I have attended 2 days course for creative thinking and innovative in the office academy.

Joined in a group of women. When the instructor asked us to come up with a team name, logo and slogan, 1st creation I asked my team members was 'are we all mothers?'

Then we came out this! Hahahhaa super mummies rock the world! The globe and wording all by me, the super mummy with superman costume was from my colleague. Been be with her as my lunch kaki for long, didn't know she is a artistic people!

One of the activities we did in the class was to come out a brand new business opportunity to the market. Guess what we have?

We want to sell breast milk! So instead of you go to convenient store to buy packed cow milk, you can buy mothers milk for your baby.

This is the innovative part when we have those activities and steps to put the business in real. Hahahhaa no doubt, our business became the hot topic in the class. Some guys just felt uneasy and weird, coz they can't imagine there is breast milk ice cream and cake in the market ^0^

Fun and informative learning program as can see the participants are quite outspoken and 'creative' :p

The big group photo in the class.

And I like this group flag. See the eagle.. Wow! All coloured by using marker pens. This team even skipped their lunch for this nice and neat design flag. Thumbs up!

My boss said 'you are already so creative then still want to go for this training?' @_@ everyone is creative ok. Want we need to do is put our creativity into reality. Then some technique needs to be learnt and applied.

No more training course for next year. Hope for more exciting programs lining up for us in year 2014 :D

Below snapshots to share with you 1 of the relaxing corner at our academy center.

You can hang your suggestion or wish list to the wishing tree.

We have this phone charging station in both levels. I left my phone inside here when I was in the class.

Magazines and air purifier ^^

Mini library. People can read newspaper here too.

'If you don't read, even you walk millions miles, you are only a postman'

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