Friday, November 01, 2013

November dah!

2mths to go for you to complete your 2013 resolution!

Today school celebration children day. Feel guilty for rejecting royee's invitation 'mummy, are you free tomorrow? Oh, you need to work right? If you are free you can come to our school for watching students performance'

Hmmm lesson learnt, I shall reserve leave for school children day celebration too. When I went for their school sports day, they got very nice and interesting performance! I enjoyed it much :)

So are you looking for the exciting, busy and yet holiday moods of November and December? ^0^ I am! What's up for November?

1st, we will have family gathering tomorrow! Coincidently we all siblings will be back home to visit papa and mama. Weight gained trip :p seems for long time don't back for hometown delicious foods~

Then we will end November with this..

Hehe finally we will have company family day at water park! Children gonna be very excited!

Pen-off now. Am gonna start being busy for the days between the 1st and the 30th of November hehhehe :p

Happy Friday!

Cute cake I seen in kinder fb.. I like this!

Nowadays, parents really spend for children bday party door gift!

But then.. Is it all the things that we prepared for the children, that we think is 'the best' things, are what children happy with? Do they want all these? Or they wishing and praying for things that you think is - too simple, no class, cheaper than what I have given? Hmm..

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