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Monday, August 09, 2010

gal gal in angels room

picture left for eva, right for angel

1st night in the room ^_^

royee insisted to squeeze in the room ^^

for the 1st nite.. need more changes

they love the room! they have their own private corner

the piano has been moved to my room
bbb spending time here freely..
especially for angel, spending hours day n nite!

need to spend more time for the room n other corners in bkt31 ^_^

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

empire saturday

last saturday, we went to subang for the hepA+B final jap, and brought royee to sjmc. afetr the jap, while waiting for royee's number to be called, we window shopping at subang empire shopping gallery.

nice place to shop

cookie box

cute cup cakes

they sell cake deco too

love these cakes mini 3D cakes

eva told me, i want barbie doll birthday cake..
gal gal must love these.. rm20+ each

i like these colors combination :D
can i manage to do it by my own? i know where to get the barbie cake deco

cute hello kitty. i have the edible stickers for mickey mouse..
may need to try to do it :D

nice shop. they have their blogspot sites too on net

we starting to look around for nice flower gals accesories n cloth sets

sick sick royee n fat fat mummy :p
guess what? i was wearing a new shirt ^_^

gal gal must love these..
but mummy wont spend much money on this. sport shoes ok..



sample.. this is cute

royee n the castle

bbb loves tom n jerry..

tired.. waiting for ah yi to buy bread

poor boy non stop asking 'mummy, when r we going back home?'

at the hospital, bring out his homework when he got nothing to do there

lesson learnt, coz that day he being punished by teacher coz he didnt finish his homework..
when i asked why u didnt color it? 'i was sick, i was tired, i went to sleep' :~

been falling sick for 2+ weeks, baby, get well soon..
mummy sakit hati to see u losing weight.. :~

Sunday, July 04, 2010

royee's prayer

royee is having diarrhea, n little stomach upset (left bottom black pic). so he is charging battery (right light green charger) and smoke out from the left red tube. 2 wheels on the legs, so royee can go to the toilet faster.
"the smiley face looks happy, but indeed i am not happy because i am not feeling well"
"nikie (right top doggie) is old, hope Jesus give nikie good n healthy body"
wording on royee's left hand - wo shi ji qi ren (i am robot)
"0120" - year of 2010 ^_^

just smiled and sayang royee when i got all the explaination for this drawing. children are growing up so fast, they have their own feelings n thinking. ya, papa n mama need to spend more quality time with children, so we can get into their world. gambatte!!

Thursday, July 01, 2010

1st movie watching experience

27/6/2010 we brought bbb to the cinema. on father's day, when we passed by cinema at aeon bukit tinggi, royee told me 'mummy, i never watch movie in the cinema, i want to watch movie in the cinema, dark dark de' i kept his wish list in mind, then i got the free tickets from boss, so laogong n i bought another 3 children tickets for TOY STORY 3. children were excited, n in full gear - jackets n long pants, hehe gonna be cold in the cinema.

hehe.. while waiting for the show..


'pong pong pong'

macam macam..

knight n day - angels are acting cool!

frozen.. sejuknya...

the karate kid!

there are few funny quotes from bbb in the cinema.. when eva was looking for her shoes 'mummy, switch on the light la! so dark!' or angel asked 'mummy, why dont want to switch on the light? i cant find my shoe!' wonder why these 2 gals non stop looking for shoes during the movie playing.. ya, angel n eva went to the toilet, each went once.. so laogong have to went to the toilet twice! :p royee non stop asking 'mummy, is outside night time already?' maybe he was in the dark room wonder what's happening out there :p it was 1pm show..
what a great experience to bring bbb to the cinema, quite behave, they finsihed watching the story n understand the storyline. of course, non stop questions popping up when they dont understand the story. have the interest to bring them for nice movie in the future :p
BUT... i am sooooo regret from this 1st time experience when i heard my mum telling me, royee complained 'wai po, mummy didnt buy us pop corn to the cinema, mr bean and his girl friend bought pop corn n eat in the cinema, but we have nothing, only our drinking bottle' ahhhhh... in fact, royee asked 'mummy, are we buying pop corn?' when we were waiting for the movie, i was thinking that, this is their 1st time, i dont know if they gonna be alright in the cinema, later with pop corn dirty up the shirts or fighting for food, then it gonna be worse.. but then, now i realized that, i have given incomplete 1st time experience to royee for movie watching.. hmmmm next time, i will make sure i buy pop corn for them..

hmmm iphone prob again..

last friday i took leave bcoz of i wanted to train royee at home for his saturday music test. when i got call from the teacher, telling me what they gonna test, got 4 sections, i was panic.. hmmm just feeling not ok if i didnt help him to practise. mana tau, early morning my iphone rosak, suddenly just cant get it restarted. so when i picked up bbb from the kinder, then we went to klang maxis center for the phone repair. the phone cant be repaired, so i need to wait for the replacement unit. so, friday afternoon, became the mini outing for me n my bbb :p

ponteng with kinder uniform :p

my bbb grown up taller n taller each day :D

royee acting the yellow man ^_^

need 2-3 weeks for the phone replacement. so i bought the simplest phone in the market as backup phone. this rm220 phone, made me n laogong fighted. hey! man! sometime i just dont understand man thinking, made me tired n dont know what to do. laogong asking me why buy the phone, why want to spend money, why dont want to use his another phone... this n that. well, this is not a BIG money, somemore i can keep it for future use. can be my house phone too. why want to get angry with sweetie wife because of this small thing ler? ai... anyway, am happy with the phone, coz i can read blogs n check facebook with this tiny pinkie. just got to know it completed with mailbox access n opera mini browser on the following day. or else, i can show to laogong, see! i spend this money n got all these functions! hmmm

less chance to blog n read more now without iphone. good thing is, i have more quiet time when i am alone. simple phone, simple life.. n children wont fight for the phone games :p

pic on royee's music class test
i didnt go for the exam, coz i went to kl with my sis for her wed date.

sofege test - something like, when teacher playing the node, then u sing do re mi..

children on exam, parents n cameras yang paling busy :p

solo singing - to test tempo n apa apa la :p

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

bbb @ april

tell u, everynight, i can non stop viewing these few pictures for an hour! before i fall asleep.. in the train also i slideshow the pictures.. hmmm i found myself addicted to my children cuteness n innocence :p

my shonejay angels~

angel- doesnt want to cut her hair short, she wants to keep it till waist length hmmm

cute eva, now she is the prefect in the house :p

"mummy, look at me, i am itsy bitsy spider!"

angel loves singing~

eva loves posing :p
she mix n match her cloths.. like how the girls in 'hi-5' wear
i removed the small jacket already.. macam macam :p

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Royee 1st school outing

Bad weather, my friends asked me don't let royee joined the kinder trip to zoo. Then they told me may get h1n1 or aedes mosquito in the zoo too. Some asked me to follow the bus n go so can monitor royee. Hmmm I can only pray to God for the best n trust the teachers for taking good care of the children. As my papa said 'good! Let them go n learn to stay in team n discipline'. Ya, to let children explore without parents companied, doesn't mean I don't love my bb ^_^

Leaving home at 7am+ he woke me up at 6am+ :)

See, with this happy n excited mood, can I say 'no?' shall I say 'no' to stop him from having the great experience?

In the kinder. 'mummy, take picture, this is my friend :D' after the pic, I told both of them, later take photos at the zoo 'don't forget to smile har'

4 years old gal gal cannot join. But they insisted to follow me to the kinder, angel said 'i must go n say gogo bye bye de ma' :)

Hehehe children waiting inside, parents waiting outside. The scene like parents farewell their children at the airport, where the children flying to oversea for their good future kekeke..

Asked angel n eva, wanted to eat chicken rice or mcdonald, 'mc nonald!' hehe. I asked them, next year 3 bbb also go to the zoo, then mama n ahyi go shopping ar? Angel said 'mama n ahyi go mcnonald la' :p

About 6pm, I got my royee back home safely ^_^ thank you teachers for everything. Royee is holding the yakult drink, am not sure all children brought this back or only royee, coz I told the teacher royee is allergic to vitagen-sort of drink, may have stomachache. So it was good since he brought this back home, I got him to share the yakult with sisters :)

Been waiting photos for the zoo trip. Non stop checking kinder facebook ooo hahaha :P