Monday, December 31, 2012


ohaiyo gozaimaz :D good morning to the last day of 2012!

before i forget, for those who emailed me for my blog giveaway, pls be patient ya, haven't sent out your gift @_@ before Chinese New Year should be ok ^0*

today I am using this iPhone ear plug. cute right? this is customised one. I just love the colour combination. if you want to customise something nice for yourself, you can contact my sis, she is quite creative in this! of course our skill on handling clay is not master level yet, but the creativity is there :)

for beginner, ppl willing to do all those customisation stuff with passion and patience. when you are at master level, some back to zero stuff you are reluctant to do. this is my opinion la. coz when you are a shifu level, you can do bigger and nicer stuff and earn more 'like' from your creation.
today many students are having orientation for standard 1 am form 1 students. mine has done last Saturday. share pic with you in later post, coz I have lost my picture in iPhone after I reinstall my iPhone iOS @_@

seen this status in fb. 760 new students! then how many in a class? even for 50 per class, they need at least 15 classes! then how many classes in a school? as I know there are school classes at 60+ students in a class. can use auditorium then..

I don't know am i doing right. husband and I have transferred royee from a bigger class school (40-50 students a class) to now, 30 students a class school. the total students in the school is 1500+. all are in morning session. for standard 2, there are 5 classes, am not sure how many students in a class, but the headmistress promised 30+ is the max. I hope my children can get better attention from the students, have higher chances for joining activities, more focus in smaller class and happy studying :)

tomorrow is a new beginning, but I have no plan and preparation yet. my office works have made me work over the weekend and 1st day of my 2013 too! so my 2013 plan will start at 2/1/2013, 3 children staying together :D and you won't know the God's arrangement, laogong may be station temporarily out of the town.. think another way, is good to let me focus on bbb 1st, handle them well before I manage the day with laogong :p somehow, for many years, we are not staying together as a pair of ordinary husband and wife, see him once I open eyes, having him besides after my good night prayer. everyone needs time to adjust the different :)

happy day to everyone! :D

tonight my online sewing class will be having lucky draw event! wish me luck! :D above is the gift sponsorship from @sunny market :) I have another yarn dye fabric for sponsorship too! happy gift-ing day!

reply for the number of classes for 773 primary students. 16 classes! the competition and the pressure are surely burden the students and parents! well, maybe, not many parents are like me, not really care about the children academy result, as long as they are happy learning and enjoying their childhood then enough ^^ so my concern of choosing school is - teachers love and care my students, and requesting more on their soul enrichment :)

Friday, December 28, 2012


good morning! I drive at 140 km/h to catch the train! reason being, I gone to the morning market jalan jalan and look for yummy kueh and breakfast - release tense! :p

this morning, my papa was sleeping in the living hall sofa. I was shocked! he slept peacefully and calm. this made me worried. I went to take shower, then came out again. took the newspaper, again I went near to papa. thank God, I heard his mild snoring. shed of my tears, I worried papa was having something not right :~

when I was about to leave the house to work, papa woke up, I asked him 'why sleeping outside? not feeling well?' he smiled, he said he came out for the morning pee, then sleeping there.. oooo..

my tears dropping now in the train.. I hope I can stay strong if one day my papa and mama leave to the heaven. I just love them so much!


yesterday in the office we had a birthday celebration and year end makan makan..

gold kiwi - they are sweet!

fresh grapes

what we call this har? suddenly can't think of the word.. we do eat home grown passion fruit too!

mee goreng, roti telur and roti sardin!

yummy cake!

after the cake cutting session, we clear everything on the table! sedap!! we have teh-o kow kow and imported chocolate too! :D

I like this type of simple gathering. the foods are not too fancy and costly, but everyone is happy and enjoying the delicious treat ^^ one day, I will do a roti canai party with my children too :D

tata! shyuan pic for you :D happy Friday!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012



wish you merry Christmas! with my handmade soaps :D now my office station is having nice fragrant - lemongrass, lavender, and lemon. all these soaps are for sensitive skin or baby skin with moisturiser :) for my age, I don't need anti aging soap or whitening sopa kakaka ^0^ all my other friends do anti aging and whitening functions soap.

so how was your Christmas? I got a great gathering with my family :) photos uploaded in Facebook. this year, I have been busy in year end, day in day out everyday with tight schedule.

Christmas tree was up on Christmas Day! my bbb were quite disappointed when everyday seeing no Christmas tree - no tree, then there won't be any presents for them. coz the practise in my house is, put the presents under the tree and make a prayer :) then, unwrap the present after the Christmas family gathering.

this year I got royee to help me out. quite enjoying to hang all the deco with this boy's laughter ^^ big boy already ooo.. I give him 1 month to lose weight :p getting bigger size, and I worry his asthma weakness.

got gift from my beloved sis. this year I am too busy for everything, especially in the office. so I didn't prepare anything for laogong and sis :~ wait for next year Christmas la hahhaha :D

gift for my bbb. these considered a cheaper range of presents, but I can surely guarantee bbb like them! robot for my robotic boy and princess dolls with my changing dresses for my angels :)

look at my robot - ok, I admit I can't draw a robot! so weird and took minutes to draw it! when I asked royee about my drawing robot 'good! very nice! I like it so much!' :D

gift for yujet. he likes orange colour, so I deco the white wrapping paper with many orange stars :) no gift for baby shyuan and song song.

coz shyuan still don't know anything, and her mum is quite choosy ^0^

baby song turned up to the party at last minute hehhee ;p

well, I got myself a Christmas gift too! share with you next time kekeke.. need to get back to work lo. today I forget to bring my drawer key, so the admin guy just came to open my drawer with the master key.

sharing with you my dinner with my sis and baby shyuan on winter solstice day :)

sleepkan baby shyuan 1st

then we finished all these nice foods! :D

happy Wednesday!

Friday, December 21, 2012

21122012 new era~


cute! happy version

sad version..

talking about end of the earth, today is the day everyone been talking about. morning sunshine wakes the earth up ^^ of course they are ppl worried about this eg my sis in law.

yesterday I brought this to my digo's house. I got this keychain from a fb page giveaway. so I bring this lucky charm to my ersao. baby song song is so adorable, the eyes are so sepet like my digo :p cute! I brought ersao a pack of Hakka lui cha rice too, since she always eat green :) before I left the house, ersao asked if I work today, I said yes. she was with so worried look.. I explained to her, what NASA mentioned about the end of the earth, I also comfort her.. hopefully she feels calm. 'if God wants to take away this place, what can you do?' I smiled and left :)

today also a warm day for family gathering.

grabbed it from fb

this too..

this is from my gogo's house. if the green colour one is green tea flavour then would be yummy! in fact, I don't eat tang yuan much. especially home cook one. I am not so ok with the rice flour smell @_@ so I skip this every year..

tonight I hope I can make it to this sharing session. I have missed this Taiwan kenny-G last year. thought of going with my bbb tonight, but they are in my in law house.


happy 21122012! I found this lady bee look like baby shyuan :p

Thursday, December 20, 2012

happy 20122012!

today seems like no warm sunlight.. cooling day..

warm sweet desert for you! :D

how are you? I am not feeling well. long time don't get sick, so may be this light sick is a small happiness to me :) mama wakes me up to eat nice food, coz I didn't take dinner.

well, there prediction story goes with - 21122012 is end of the world. some ppl take it as a rumours some ppl take it seriously. my colleague, when she reads news about earth quake, ppl dies.. - 'see, this Friday is gonna be end of the world! ' because this statement happens quite frequent, so one day I said this to her 'what can you do if it is ending of the world? by science perspective, it won't happen on this Friday, so why bother to worry? if it is controlled by the Creator, then what can you do? what you can do is, take every tomorrow be the last day of your life, do what you one, be happy and stay with your family with love'

me too. I don't know if tomorrow gonna be any day after tomorrow. so today I say I love you to my laogong. every night chit chatting with my parents. morning talk to my sis... live our days to the fullest :)

last night my mama told me my Vietnamese ersao shared some online Vietnam tips on how to get survived for day after the Friday. there is a special coconut boiling method, which the coconut need special technique handling.. so the story went like this - my digo said, if he knew the story behind the coconut drink then he won't drink. then my ersao said, then ersao and baby song song drink. my digo asked his cutie wife 'if I die because of the end of the world, then what you want to do to stay in this world alone with song song?' ya, question to think of..

so as a conclusion, treasure what you are having now, don't bother too much about the end of the world, do your best to make good memory to your days. so no matter when your last day come, at least, your report on your whole life is satisfactory :) be happy and let your mind stay peaceful ^^

bbb are holidaying at grandma's house :) and I can see them gained weight @_@

Friday, December 14, 2012


u-hu~ time flies!!!

children grow up everyday..

papa mama getting wiser and matured everyday..

wonder until what age, my children can sit still together for me to snap pic and having laughters together..

what we can do it, treasure every precious moments when we are together :)

like this comment from my digo, e said 'I want to ask my wife to have few more babies, can play more things' :D

ya, to have siblings together are a blessing. you have people to laugh together, fighting with :p

at home, you can have some activities even at home coz you have your play mate without stepping out the house ^^

well, what I am been up to lately? am sinking, opps, not because of I have gained weight ^0^ too many works to clear before this year end closing. really like an octopus in the office. when you do this, ppl ask for that. hmm...

at this peak season, I have enrolled myself for 2 weekend classes - bag making and soup making. so, 2 rest days become 1 :( and the one day, for me to be with sis to set up our online store!

if you are in my Facebook friend list, you can see sis and I start promoting the @sunny market page. not only in Facebook, my sis is busy in too!

kekeke I like the last part where my sis shared her personal blog to prove that she was not an online liar ^0^ well, we are serious in sharing what we like in @sunny market, not only our handmade, but we share good idea for lovely gifts too!

secretly share with you all. I got stress from sis! she is working hard for this online store. but, I seems to be no product out for selling!

my role is to come out handmade sewing stuff, but look at my schedule, not even got time to design name card :S 'I also don't know what are you waiting for' hmmm I am waiting for holidays!

well, see what I can come out la har for this weekend, 1 day go soap making, 1 day celebrate mum in law's birthday. thinking to buy a more heavy duty sewing machine too!

tata! feel free to visit our @sunny market :D