Friday, July 31, 2015

End July

Aloha! Good morning Friday!

I like the pig in karate suit :D

How's thing going on over there? Am still a fatty bum bum :p yesterday went to clinic for medicine on my body aching coz of nerve something. Been having lower back and legs pain in this month. Sis said finally you were willing to go to the doctor. Ya, I got shocked when I can't do plank in the night before.

Sometime children and I do plank in the room and challenge each other's timing. But for the night before, my left leg was weak that caused me can hold my body straight.

Can't do this body stretching pose as well :( Hmm don't play play I still wanting to travel around the world.. Hope the 2 weeks medication can heal all these not okay condition.

So here comes month of August. Few short business trip in August. Now I get used to travel alone :p guess I can realise the travel plan with my sis - travelling to 2 different destination and meet at the 3 destination. Not easy for me, as I am not used to sleep alone in the hotel room, and I might not know how to get back to my hotel room in foreign country :p rely my sis too much in all our leisure travelling trip. Guess what, I don't hold foreign currency whenever I travel abroad, all is handled by my sis :p

Planning for national day weekend break activities. Miss the nature beauty. Miss the jungle, miss the beach. Miss group activities which I can see my children grow with other children. Hope I can make some homemade buns for the outing too :p

In the office lift :)
Happy Friday!

seeing pregnant woman standing in the train. Whoever are sitting not realise about her big belly; Whoever standing didn't bother to get a sit for the pregnant woman (for today, me too).. Sometime I would have this thought - shall the pregnant woman asking a seat offer if no one has noticed her? Or the pregnant woman tiring standing and later on complain about people not offering seat for her as what we normally reading it in social page? Hmm...

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Price jump

To avoid the situation of 'what I would want to have for lunch?' I just grabbed a pack of food from the breakfast stall and bring it to the office. Today, I pack fried bihun and sotong sambal. It used to be rm5. Today, it is rm5.30. 30 cents increased.

Last week when I was having breakfast at my housing area, I overheard 3 men conversation. "Now you park your car at xxx shopping mall, it cost you rm3 for the 1st hour, last time few hours I only pay rm2" then the conversation continued with this and that price jump...

Well, we see few cents or few ringgit addition to the ordinary price, once it accumulates, the number can be burden to many families. So you see more officemates pack food for lunch, or lazy mum like me, start trying new recipe for home dishes and tea break dessert :p

Life goes on.. Sometime we would have luxury day, spend a bit lavish..

Oops.. This is my sis baby, lavish stuff for her from her beloved papa and mama. As what my sis said, 1 child then it is ok to spend. True, I have 3 children, all price jump (and headache and troubles) gonna x3. Well, have to admit this - the joy and love I got for being a mother, x3 too! :D

I used to have this in my mind - 4 is the number. Ya, my mama has 4 children. I wanted to have 4 too. One day, laogong told me, "I want quality, I don't want quantity" so we stopped at 3 children. Great thing is, I am now enjoying the bliss of having 4 children at home!

3 pre-teenage + 1 post baby = super fun noisy house! When the baby trying to talk like a big child and the 3 big children trying to talk like a baby tone to click along with the baby.. :) the picture is nice.

When the big boy and gals don't want to layan me, I have this 'non stop asking why' baby interested on what I am doing..

When we listen to children songs together, when I explain to her all those childish stuff..

Today is the little cutie baby's 3yo birthday. How I wish to see her surprised face expression when having the birthday party at the kinder. Will wait for the photos sharing ^^ let the papa and mama experience and feel the joy and blessed moment :)

When the materialistic stuff are undergoing the price jump, we shall reconsider what we should spend and what we shouldn't. At the same time, we shall think of any other alternative way of getting the same fulfilment we are looking for - McDonald family box at rm50 for 4 vs rm50 of home cook that gathered a big family in home sweet home. A dim sum buffet at restaurant vs picnic at the park :) alternatives bring surprises and smiles ^^

Happy Tuesday!
Happy birthday to my baby shyuan ^^

Sunday, July 26, 2015

The eternal answer



人世间变换 无穷变换

Singing this hymn in today Sunday service. 永恒的答问 the eternal question and answers. How long happiness can last? Who in charges your tomorrow? Would there be no weary in future? Pride can satisfy you till when? Who can own everything and can we own all things before our eyes?

In this constant changing world, how the colourful treasured moments gone away once tomorrow reaches? The only unchanged stays in Jesus Christ, who is in the heart of the follower.

Switched on the TV for evening edition, thought of follow up the accident news of banting people.. But what I saw was 3 serious tragedies that took away more than 9 lives on the road in a day in different states of Malaysia.

Life is so fragile and unexpected. Since it is that way, then why are we filling our heart with hatred, why we don't forgive ourselves by forgiving others? As we don't know when we are living our loved one, our friends and families.. Try to create the good moment as this gonna be the final time we gonna be together. Let's love other another a little bit more. Not easy, but worth to try.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Raya holiday

How was your long weekend of Raya holiday? Before the holiday, colleagues, friends, family asking me going where? "No plan oo" why this round you are not going anywhere?

Well, during the long break, I saw lots of travel photos in Facebook, from northern to southern of Malaysia, friends gathering, meet up parties.. How about me and my family? Nothing much to share, no photos of beautiful scenery, but yummy foods and leisure time at home sweet home :)

We went to klcc for the 1st day

Children having fun in the car

Raya deco at klcc. Many people taking pic here, so we just squeezed in mana mana saja

Got patung on the stage eating kuih raya

Gals are with kitty car

While walking to the book fest, angel calling me "mami!" Then pointed this advertisement. We snap few photos here while many people walking next to me.. Have to clear the line 1st..

It was really pack! Full of people in the book fest. From the queue to purchase tickets to entering the halls.. Back to back. Holiday fun kot.

While we were walking around, here came the lady talk to my angel "we are coming from Taiwan xxx TV channel, can I have you recorded while you flipping the Taiwanese book?" I was ok about it. The pose looked real, as my angel really into the book.. So after the recording, she still standing there and continue reading :p

In the book fest, we always need to slot in time playing hide and seek with children :( normally I do the 1st screen thru then get laogong to do the thorough check. Children love books. We always need to look for them in the books maze.

This is one of the scenes where I found my boy in one of the book booth after sweating myself and non stop praying the boy is in the good hand..

The boy got the animation author autograph before paying for the book.

So he got this. Frankly, I don't know who was this guy, I curi curi flipped thru the comic books over there to ensure the author photo :p

Angel got her autograph too! When I asked Eva went to take one, Eva said "the books I bought are not from him" when I checked thru.. All horror comics Eva picked @_@

We queueing up for this wheel of fortune when you purchase rm50 from this booth. We got a magnet postcard.

That's all for Raya outing. The remaining days, we staying at home, children reading the new books, mummy trying new recipe..

One of the breakfast.. Steamed and fried..

Cheese cookies making

It tasted nice. Salty crunchy, but children are not fancy about it..

Packed some for my neighbour. The neighbour always give us yummy stuff

One of the lunch..

One of the dinner.. My 1st fried meehoon. Kelam Kabut I prepared it, it turned out very delicious! Hehe

Very fast this meal finished off! Well, I can only praise myself a smart mummy, as I served this meal after children swimming hours :D once they are hungry, for sure all are good!

One of the movie time at home :)

One of the boy practicing music ass exam pieces

One of the mummy and babies photos..

My mum came to my house too, we visited my grandma too. Many thoughts in my mind, when my parents get old then how? When I get old when I can't walk by my own how...

Sushi time with my mama

Old time favourite with my mama

My mama snapped pic of me preparing dinner for children and laogong.

That's all for my 4 days Raya break :p

Monday, July 20, 2015


Angel, 你祷告,让神以祂的时间带领,让你可以双手弹琴,让祂给你找到一个回教你弹琴的老师。在人不能的事,神能。让我们把这件事带到神的面前。祷告要恒切。


Sometime we would wonder, what's the arrangement. Child who can pick up the skill easily, let go the chance to master the skill; the child who knows all the note, lazy to practise; the child, with the limitation of finger strength, sitting at the piano bench most of the time, playing songs with a single hand, and tell me "mummy, I love to play piano"..

Tonight again I see my angel playing songs in the dark. Her mattress is just next to the piano. I went to her, asked her to pray to God for letting her find a teacher who can use angel's physical limitation to build the perfection.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Raya eve

Yes. Today is Raya Eve and the long weekend break just started!

Am now on the newly bought stationed bicycle, you can see the plastic wrapping is still on and the room is in the mess >< that's the reason I dont plan any travel trip for this holiday, I been waiting for holiday to clean the house :p

Listening to this song. 1st time. Just wasted to get myself on the beat for the workout. Just picked any workout cardio hit playlist from Spotify.

Advertisement time: now maxis is having no Spotify premium promotion. You may try to check it out. It is for free with some data plan package. Daily life is fun and beautiful when music sings your songs :)

Well let me post this out as phone battery is out soon..

Ready for the festive? :D

Thursday, July 09, 2015


Mum just celebrated her 60 year old birthday last Sunday.

A bunch of all of us singing the birthday song :)

Bday present from sis and I. We went to the shop with the idea of 'a n earring which is suitable for mama even till the age of 80' :)

Yesterday I went to medical centre with my papa and mama. Mama's heart got blockage. In order to do the treatment procedure, then we need to do few tests, see few doctors, go this and that departments... To avoid domino problems happen. And this, take a full day off.

3 things I realised..
When you are sick..

1. You must have time to consult the specialists and follow up till you find out root cause of your sickness and get your sick cured

2. You must have financially ready to make thing more smoothly. Either you got medical card insured you to go through all the necessaries tests and procedures or you have cash flow to support all these..

3. Get yourself healthy, at least in the limits of what you can do eg balanced diet and sufficient exercise. On time body checkup routine for prevention maintenance. As once you find out A part in pain, because of B, that caused by C then bring effects to D too... All these ABCD need time and money.

So, these days, I got a little bit more serious about my health. Try not to skip my daily 30min treadmill jogging.. Then try watching out what the food I put in my mouth.. Try la, coz sometime, just being lazy or busy or just many excuses :p

Apart from keeping an eye to my health, something good I do lately is trying to be with my children, do things together with them, do housework more often, make sure their breakfast is prepared, more stories sharing... sounds like a good mum huh? Hehe

For my own self, I read more lately. Some journal and some academic books. Of course, for the best book in the world too - the bible I am trying to finish reading through it as a whole, target to get a small gift from the church for completing reading bible in a year :) I haven't got one yet for myself l, sometime, the whole year I study few of the books only.

This is books in bible New Testament. Those marked with stars are which I have completed reading for this year. Target to complete all by August. Then I shall catch up for Old Testament.

Am teaching my Sunday school class on Genesis. Then we are studying Book of Mark in weekly cell group. My children can share better than me on the 1st 12 books of Old Testament. Every Sunday night we exchange the stories of what we learning Sunday school classes. We started this night activities when it was recommended by the boy ^^

When we purchase electrical appliances, those things are coming with a booklet of manual on how to operate the TV, or rice cooker or washing machine. Now it is more easier when we can watch the video clip on how to use a sewing machine or how to use our smart phone in more smarter way...

God created us, you and me. and He has given us a manual of life instruction - The Bible with all His words that contains the solution for every problem you are facing today. The Bible is an encyclopedia on all subjects you can think of under the sun.

It is indeed sad to know about the story of people committed suicide because of facing problems or discouragement. Especially when this happened to my own relatives. We shall know the purpose of our living and life, then we shall embrace live to make our parents proud of and to glorify the God.

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Break time

Resting at office lounge during lunch break

Reading the bible and thinking about these parables verses..

马可福音 2:21
"No one sews a patch of unshrunk cloth on an old garment. If he does, the new piece will pull away from the old, making the tear worse.

马可福音 2:22
And no one pours new wine into old wineskins. If he does, the wine will burst the skins, and both the wine and the wineskins will be ruined. No, he pours new wine into new wineskins."

Here came an office mate..

He quietly walked to the resting chair and started reciting Al-Quran.

At this moment, I hear only the air conditioner operating sound, as well as the soft Al-Quran reciting. What a peaceful break time :)

在这扰乱纷争的世界国度,心灵上的真正平安与喜乐,不是垂手可得的。如何在忙碌的世事上找得平静,关乎我们心灵的喂养。There is a need of food for our physical body and daily for our soul spirit to let us not feeling hungry spiritually.

Let's get back to work. Here came another lady office mate, playing hit songs with her mobile phone. So the guy stop reciting the Al-Quran.. Sometime, would wonder the world is not peaceful because of people are less concerns or alert on people need? One just do whatever he or she wants without thinking the unspoken rules or courteous manner?

Well.. The guy has just left the lounge.. So do i.. Leave this lounge to the lady and her songs :)

Friday, July 03, 2015

Just do it

At time, we find the moment of - stop thinking, just do it!

I have many wish list pending in this bucket. Most of the time, 'I want to do it, this is the golden opportunity, but...' What a BUT that stopping thing from happening. When age is catching, we have much considerations and hesitation.

Hope something is interesting gonna happen. I told my loved one 'there are thing we do it once in a lifetime' :p

So today is Friday. TGIF!
T - Thank
G - God
I - I'm
F - Free!

This weekend highlight is 'my mum's birthday' I just wanted to be with my papa and mama. The celebration doesn't need to be extravaganza..

Till the lovely weekend coming, let me put in effort in my office work, leaning new things everyday - skill set of getting thing done better, the way handling people, the way overcome challenges, the way pushing own self to the corner so I can grow, the way, wipe off the weary and continue to smile :)

Happy Friday!

Thursday, July 02, 2015


This week in Facebook newsfeed, we read lots of news and the effort hundreds people are struggling in the pain of skin being fire burned due to the tragedy in 1 party event at the wetland in Taiwan. As a news reader, from the pictures seen, we feel the pain. Can't imagine the real physical burning pain on these youngsters body. What they need is not only the comfort words and encouragement from public, the journey is still long way to go for them to get medical treatment, fully heal physically.. Challenging most, the emotional, psychological sides as well as the acceptance of public later on...

When I look at Eva's shoulder small spot of hot coffee burn scar.. I feel sorry for her. How she gonna wear spaghetti strips like all other young girls? Will people tease her? Will her future husband cares about it? Would she herself dislike this part of her body?..

Now we are taking about 30%, 50% body part got burnt. Not easy. When they close their eyes, would they see the imaginary fire, hearing the screaming for help... We don't want to be in the tragedy. We don't want our friends and family to be in the tragedy too.. We can afford to see our love one to be in long term suffer.

This made me think of what has been mentioned in the bible.. In the return in Jesus, all the death person would be resurrection.. Then came the judgement gate, if one's name are not in the book of life, then he or she is not allowed to be in the heaven but being sent to the forever fire lake..

启示录 20:14
Then death and Hades were thrown into the lake of fire. The lake of fire is the second death.

启示录 20:15
If anyone's name was not found written in the book of life, he was thrown into the lake of fire.

Can't imagine the forever heat and death. I don't want my loved one to be suffered...

约翰福音 14:6
Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

使徒行传 4:12
Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved."

Hope all stays healthy, not only our physical body, but also the spiritual soul. When you can feed your tummy with warm food, don't forget, you need salvation for your soul.