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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Singapore 2010 - flying~

hehe... another sharing

11.12.2010 5am KL LCCT

12.12.2010 11:30pm changi airport

some maxis ads in the flight - now we can make call in the sky :p

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

my 31st bday!

13042010 celebration~ :D

lunch time with officemates at zen

dinner at kl hilton chinese restaurant with sis ^_^

sisters LOVE in kl hilton hotel :*

9pm cake cutting at zen with sis :D

Saturday, March 06, 2010

laogong, xie xie ni

Supposed to have movie date with laogong on Friday nite. But sis was so sad n stressed about her work today, she needs someone to be with her - crying until got asthma n hand dropped legs cramp :S how to leave her alone n I dong think I can follow the movie well. Since the movie tickets had been paid online, n this is 18pl category movie, royee can't follow papa watching n of course i won't allow my maid kakak n laogong watch the movie @-@ together..

Thank you laogong. 1st time I found myself stand in the middle n decide who to choose. I cried in the car coz some arguments with laogong too. sis needs me to company her, but she still trying to push me go watching movie with laogong, ya with the cathing-breath-robotic voice :~ luckily finally laogong let me feel relief :) I know this is not about wasting the ticket money, it is a nice time slot for 'you n me'.

eating steamboat with sis, ya sis from red eyes till no more red eyes but eye painful 'i think my eye got blue black' coz crying like tsunami :p after all these, she told me 'i also don't know why I cry so badly, but good also, now I know crying can kill a person coz lacking of oxygen' hmmm

Anyway, I want to conclude my tonight with this 'laogong, xie xie ni, wo ai ni :* from the bottom of my heart, tonite I feel your love, wanted to give u a big hug n kisses but u r sleeping n shout 'come down, all get down now!!' are u a teacher in your dream? or bbb are naughty in your dream? :p thanks for telling me, u love our bbb more n more each day :") kiss u good nite, I love you :*'

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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

siblings love~

hey, this is the post which i curi from my sis blog >>> here want to do chinese to english translation and add in my comments, so u all can share this happy moment too! 4 of us, brothers sisters went to GreenBox on 29/1/2010 for my sis bday celebration ^_^
on 29/1, a day after my sis bday, sis n i planned to go GreenBox to redeem her 1 free headcount entrance. then i got this thot, why not asking my gogo n digo joining together? since long long time we never go out together already. then i called up my eldest bro, coz he got wife n son, must check with this family man 1st, gogo said 'ok! since we never go out together long time already (as what i said rite?) n i also long time dont go karaoke already, but can u come n pick me up?' ok no problem, i asked laogong to pick up my gogo, coz laogong driving to my grandma's house to pick up royee :p n very bad wife, i dont allow laogong to join us! laogong got feel angry about this oooo :p then i called up my 2nd bro, digo said 'ok ok, u all wait me for 1 hour, i drive my motorbike n go' :D so happy u know, in the car, i called up GreenBox to make appointment, then cant wait to be in the room! :p as usual, my sis is always the negative thinker, all sort of grey thoughts from her.. 'can we have fun together? would them be happy as what we always do?..'

can see my gogo singing with his heart ma? hehehe tipu one la, acting only, we just arrived :p sis comments 'look at my sis, need to act cute in singing ma?' heheh not acting la, this is true me.. cutie sweetie michie ma.. hahahaha

this is our 1st group pic for the nite. as what sis said, 3 siblings of 30+ together with 1 26 sis can having fun together in ktv, if papa n mama seeing this must be feeling happy :) n be proud of themselves for teaching well the children to love each other ^_^ 'hopefully my sis's 3 children can be like us as well' hehee.. ok ok, am working hard on this :p

gogo is the eldest, so must be serious, baru macam BIG brother :p we were so hungry actually, makan 1st n listening to new songs 1st..

these r 2 of the pic that 'can see' in the series of 6. hehehe.. the rest, kelam kabut :p

my gogo is funny! n my mouth is BIG :D

my digo squat n sing

aiya, 2 brothers also the same.. very funny pose :p

see see see.. diam diam makan :p

manja sis, i squeezed in between gogo n digo :p
btw, i sorok sorok pregnant for 3+ years?? hahahaa

looked at the singer, the hairstyle, hmmm when i was in primary school punya song la..
hehe the only few songs that my eldest bro know how to sing fully :D hahaha..
new songs only chorus part he knew.. we non stop laughing at him :D

the guy came to ask for payment, then we asked him to snap pic for us
i like this pic, though it is a bit blur..
i so manja, holding gogo's arm :p
i love my siblings :*
it was 2+ am. my gogo tak boleh tahan already, sleeping oooo
hehehe.. my sis said 'old man is like this one..'
singing this song with sis, talking about sisters love. got this from sis's blog 'mie, i got an idea, why dont we go n take one MTV, music video? i think 10 tapes also got not enough, coz we definitely got NG many many times, coz we would non stop laughing' hahahaha! ya, a music video for me n sis... in fact we 4 siblings r planning to do similar thing for my papa's 60 bday.. gonna be non stop laughing one :p

leaving.. still want to disturb ppl.. posing n ask the gal to snap pic for us :p
can see they are waiting us to close shop? it was 3am+ kekekee

hahaha.. final pic at the counter!!! the gal also dont know what to say already :p
betul betul kacau habis oooo!!

love this post very much, so i curi from my sis blog. we were non stop laughing in the room. then sharing those fun moments when we were small, all those silly jokes.. u wont feel gogo is a family man here, u dont feel me as a mother of bbb :p we are just loving brothers n sisters, enjoying the warmest moments for the special nite :D

i am very lucky, to have these lovely siblings, n thanks to laogong for being supportive :p (i did sms to laogong 'laogong hope u dont get angry for this, next time we can come to sing together, now let me enjoy tonite as siblings gathering, i love u' hehehe), thanks to kakak for taking care angels n the house, thanks for bbb not attaching with me this busy mummy :p thanks God for what i am having ^_^

Thursday, January 28, 2010

mie mie, HAPPY 26!!

mie mie, happy birthday to u~~!! hope you like these designs ^_^ love u oooo~~

虽然说我们已不是国小的女生 还玩这满幼稚的游戏

其实大人也爱看小丸子卡通 有些事并非是孩子的专利

有些话可以说出来 有些话只能写进去


写错字也很妙 乱涂鸦也很爆笑 把生活纪录下来我们来交换日记

没有昂贵的东西能天天给你 只能交换生活的点点滴滴

还好你也是简单的脑筋 翻遍口袋只能掏出真心

没有昂贵的东西能天天给你 只能交换生活的点点滴滴

正好我也是简单的脑筋 写下日记交换青春的默契

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

xmas @ singapore day 2

2nd day. we were sleepy, but we managed to catch the free breakfast from the hotel :D

the complimentary breakfast buffet from Harbourfront Ville

waiting for the bus to go orchard road

ya, these r the new cards for train n bus ride :D

hmm.. sis wanted to look feminine.. wore the ear rings at the bus stop,
with lip cream somemore.. betul betul 'perempuan sikit' :p

well.. ini ah soh still recovering from 2-days fever n flu..

hehehe.. tak habis habis syiok sendiri :p

1st time here, 313 mall. sis is checking the dessert menu

cute hor!! i like this much!!

our cameraman, the table :D

sis wanted me to act like cow.. n i did this..
'eeee!! this is rabbit la! helo~! where got cow like this one'
kakakaka.. ya hor!!!
ok.. this is the correct version.. ^0^
frankly, i think for a while then only can recall how to act like cow.. hahahaha

hehe love this :D suddenly become kids, happy from the bottom heart :p
guess, who is the cameraman?

this is the MAN! he offered himself to snap us this pic,
n we all didnt feel shy one, can act like this in front of strangers one
hahahaha.. what a fun moment!
we siap.. MOO~~~~
while queueing up to snap pic with santa

cute bear n my n my belly :D
this is the pic. they printed it out in hardcopy, n put it in a cover
like this.. it's free :")

lunch @ 313 food court

japanese teppanyaki.. the chef r from china :p

we shared this. chicken terriyaki
coz we prepared our stomach for the dessert~

'marvelous cream'

it says in japan, ppl queueing up for buying the dessert

all products are made by 100% hokkaido milk in japan

this is 'berry scented candle'
mix item: blueberry, caramelized chips, rasberry macaron, fresh cream
this is grean tea tiramisu, u can see the layers..
powdered green tea, soybean flour ice cream, brown sugar syrup,
brown sugar sponge cake, green tea ice cream
nice oooo~~
red balloon 000oooo

asked sis to take this pic, she betul betul 'entertained' me..
tak smile pun ^o^
raining day, quite tired walking actually :p

xmas deco

'angel' i didnt buy, not special except my angel's name

transformers! royee must be very happy seeing this.. snap pic for him

what is this guy doing? his partner is at the opposite.
while we were waiting to cross the road, suddenly the guy came to me with the umbrella, 'miss, pls use this umbrella, my friend is at the other side, u can pass the umbrella to him'
wahhhh so touched n warm with this offer.. nice thot for the malls management doing this :*
see, this is the shopping mall staff..
we were standing there n watching how the guys helping ppl by offering the umbrella..
so touched oooo
'blur like sotong hot like cuttlefish!'
but this is not hot :S

under the heavy rain, we still can stop n think what to buy one.. :p

this pic a bit funny, the sotong is 'sayang-ing' my sis's face :D

all wet ok! but still can snap pic kekeke

bcoz of 1st pic sis said 'where got ppl got wet n smiling one'
so we act like so pity

opps.. behind the scene pic..
i was looking for my comb

hmmm.. wondering why..
no matter where we go, we can non stop hahahaha one..
heavy rain, or fell down or silly mistakes..
sista love :")
in ngee ann city..
last year colorful bears, this year red n pink..

coca steamboat buffet

nice to have it after heavy rain :)

nice hor, children bed room deco

wait for we fully staying in klang house, will buy something like this for bbb

wall deco ^_^

haba cushion

choir singing in the BIG cage

MUST TRY japanese cakes! look like wool ooo..
but we didnt try it.. so expansive to us :S

the green is sooo green

ya~!! this is more affordable to us hehe

while q-ing, can see the making

the staff all happily baking the 'fish'

the inti is quite lots

chocalate one..

choc with banana

the price list

ya.. our turn coming..



the mini oko.. found it a bit oily, we bought 1 orignal oko

long queue for almost all the stalls.. all selling japanese food

very nice steam cakes n pao, but relatively expansive to try, we have limited budget

'each a cup'

long queue also..

sis was so excited with the mini pearls

this is yummy. the sweet rice ball? we tried the food testing only hehe

looks nice ooo this one, wanted to try, but dare not to ask SG money from sis :p not cheap ler

@ orchard road

nice piece of glass


ooooo this pic made me think of bbb ooooo

the auntie offered us to snap the pic, n i closed my eyes :S


can see our tired look ooo

nice hor!!

u n me :*


in fact, we r rushing back to the hotel to collect our luggage..

behind the scene pic..
can see sis picit picit ma? tired legs oooo.. sit at the roadside n rest a while
n looked at the face, mau makan orang ooo
while waiting for sis.. last pic snapped from orchard road
we r rushing back to the hotel, collect the luggage, then took bus to the nearest MRT station, then only went towards the airport

behind the scene pic..
i was not posing like those sexy model..
i was sooo tired oooo.. while waiting for train transit to the airport..
in the train, listening to the ipod

sis asked me to act sexy, helo~ not suitable to us ler.. look so odd


leaving singapore..

looking for checkin counter

nice ooo.. so attractive, but what we ordered, they didnt have :(

bcoz it was near to dong-zhi, many places selling tang yuan

jollibean n sis

what we got from jollibean.. the grean tea cake, so-s0 only

our dinner at Popeye

our flight delayed. while walking around, we found this lucky dip
spend $80 with visa, or $120 with any other card, then u can have the ball

hmmm i spent $473 in the 1st day at the airport - masks n perfumes
bcoz of this amount, i stopped all other shopping for the following hours in SG kekeke

n i got this!!! for my rm1000+ spent :D happy also la..

actually we have a 'surabaya' story here.. when ppl there asking around 'surabaya? surabaya?' coz it was last call for surabaya flight. bcoz the guy non stop asking around, then sis got irritated, she asked me 'paying what?' i was puzzled 'har?' 'paying what? why non stop asking!' she was not in the good mood.. 'what? pay what?' 'the guy asking sudah bayar sudah bayar, paying what la?!'
ooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! sis thot surabaya = sudah bayar
kakakakakaa!!! i asked 'u didnt know surabaya is a place name ooo?'
'si meh? wo bu zhi dao oooo' then both of us non stop hahhahhahahaa :D
bye bye singapore~!
will visit SG soon, probably, when my masks are finishing.. kekeke