Monday, May 25, 2009

bali 2009 - day 1

as usual, we woke up n prepared ourselves in the morning, this time, we managed to send bbb to the kinder :D talking to the teachers to know bbb development progress in the kinder :) beloved papa sent me n laogong to kl lcct airport. it was still early to checkin our flight tickets. managed to check out bodyshop member day sale in the new opening outlets, and took our breakfast at marry brown restaurant. bought gardenia bread as backup food.

marry brown. chicken porridge for me, curry noodles for laogong
shared my favorite hotouch burger with laogong before flight boarding

in the flight. couple in BLACK

in the flight. i love sky blue n awan yang berbunga-bunga :D

once reached the airport, i saw this.. NICE!
kena warned by the officer, coz i standing in the middle of the road to snap this pic :p

there were long-Qs at immigration counters. it was a bit warm there, ppl can kill the time by reading all the advert brouchers by travel agencies. it was 3pm+ cant wait to eat my gardenia bread :S our tour guide been waiting us ^_^ smart laogong lo, luckily we booked everything before we reached bali, or else with so many tour guides n ppl approaching us, we might caught in the middle, n didnt which travel agent to choose n didnt know how to benchmark the price.

once got in the MPV, we wallop the bread! we were so hungry n thirsty! then started our bali tour :D
ppl come here for water activities. can see many macho men here :p

the blue sky n sea

local ppl fishing here. many speed motor boats


strong wind..

left the tanjung? beach (sorry, i cant recall the place name), we heading to the place where we can see nice sunset according to our tour guide. then suddenly laogong asked about Dream Land. the tour guide told us, we passing by dream land, but we wont go in, coz we need to pay the entrance fee, n spend money there for drink or food, then only we can sit n visit there. he told us, not worthy. so we just dropped by n snapped pic. but, next time, if i visit to bali again, i may want to visit this place by paying money. according to travel guide, it is a paradise!
dream land.

reached uluwatu after nearly 1 hour journey
posing with the sarong :)
we should cover our knee part when entering temples

makcik selling food for monkey

feeding monkeys. or monkeys jumping up for food :p
SWEET :p with my BIG chicken drummet
wayan. our tour guide
i like the flower pattern wall

i LOVEEEEE this pic! the colors combination
laogong looked serious n CONCENTRATE :*

another pic caught my HEART. laogong having caring smile :)
what caught his attention?

this monkey! he staring at laogong. sayang~
ppl moving to the other hand, get ready for the show. can see ant-like ppl moving at the path
why we looked so happy? coz we found out wayan liked to take pic, where, we all just being supporting roles for the pic, he concerned more on the scenary, so i moving myself to fail his plan :p

laogong buying tickets for the show

the kechak dance!

from my seat, i saw this. sunset!

prayer before kechak dance

performers moving in
no music instruments. all by these ppl vocal. NICE!

the puteri

while waiting for wayan to pick us up. i saw this. inspired.
it made me think of what my maid agent told my maid 'kamu bukan binatang kan? kamu manusia kan? kalau manusia, jangan buat hal macam binatang' i always say this 'use your brain to think, use your heart to feel, as everyone has brain, just the matter, u use it or not'

after the show, heading back to the hotel. it was 8pm+ we have yet to checkin the room, n taking our dinner (lunch?). suddenly laogong asked about spa n massage. then the tour guide said can bring us to his friend place for spa, he called n booked for us. we reached the spa home at 8:30pm. rushed in the toilet before i asking anything about the package :( no fluid intake, n less time to go to the toilet, i got light urine infection :S
the arum spa home
for legs
massage oil n body scrub to be chosen
i chose peppermint massage oil n ylang-ylang body scrub.
but the gal mistook it, used coffee body scrub for me
bath tub with nice flower smell! surprise to see this after 1 hour full body massage, body scrub, full body mask n milk+essential oil treatment! so nice to have warm water shower n rendam myself in the warm bath tub. everything seems so nice! xing fu ooo!

laogong n me shared a same room. he was having 2 hours full body massage. after taking shower, he tumpang my package bath tub :p

ginger tea. nice to make body warm

after the spa, it was 10pm. we went to our hotel room for late check-in. the hotel environment is so natural n nice, but we got no time n mood to enjoy the starry night (so many stars!!! made me full more xing fu ooo :p) we were so hungry till we forgot about we were not taking much food for this tiring trip :S
this is special.. coz the spa home named ANGELINA
miss bbb so much ooo

this to remember the bomb case in bali

hehe.. this is for my dearest pooh sis :) few gurdian pharmacies n GIANT hypermarket in bali. carrefour n makro pun ada

peg's. this small shop near to pub area. the couple sitting there playing chess n waiting for customer.. so peaceful n romantic :)
i asked for tissue papers. as i got a bit cold after the spa n 'longer time' in bath tub :p it took quite long time for the gal to give me the tissue, i thot she forgot already. suddenly she came to me, with the tissue papers on the plate 'sorry, this is the softest tissue i manage to find in this store, hope u dont mind' aaaaaahh.. so touched!!! even a simple request, she fulfil your requirement with heart!

the drinks. i got myself watermelon with a little bit salt (afraid i got fever coz under hot sun) the gal given me the extra salt in bottle :) laogong ordered straberry fizzy drink + milk. actually it got a glamour name, i lupa. laogong like this!

nasi kuning. nice taste! the susunan also nice~

gado-gado. different from the gado-gado in kl. i like the crispy tempe

after gaul. lots of fresh steamed vege
may do this for my papa :)

just a normal nasi goreng SPECIAL for me. too hungry already, no time for others! :p

after the late dinner, we walked back to the hotel. on the way, we saw so many white ppl having fun around. n local ppl sitting at the roadside, front of closed shops, chit chatting, drinking. so harmorny :) stopped at 24-hours mini mart, bought drinking water.

in the hotel, still larat to view all the photos that we snapped using the tv. laogong brought the tv cable too :p nice also, 2 of us talking about the trip, comment about ppl photography skill 'this one should be left a bit' 'this is too near' 'hey, my double chins!' 'laogong, u look matured already.. a bit old' 'u look pretty in this pic' :) i feel sweet n warm having this photo viewing session.. heart melted at the moment, 2 of us watching 2 of us in the tv with all nice scenaries ^_^

thanks laogong :*

Thursday, May 21, 2009

flying to bali~

hehehe.. they are still outstanding job in the office, but am ready to cuti tomorrow. start dreaming of the sky, the beach, the sea, the food... shopping? hmmm i hope there r not many things to catch my interest, as i am not ready for much money to be spent :p kekeke.. i can bring additional memory sticks for picture snapping! hohoho ^^

hmm sis called up just now 'then i would be bored this weekend lo? then these few days no blog post from u lo?' mie ar, i will go n look for some baking or cooking stuff, or home deco things n bring them back, if n only they are worth to buy la :D junie said, would wait for your bali post at next week :D sweet~ yes i know, spoil habis hor to have period at this time :p it's ok la, dont need to bother condom ada tak.. hohoho (me so wu liao :p) anis said 'u jangan dekat i, i tengah sakit nie, nanti tak jadi lepas gate pula' doreen said 'wahhh now raining raining, how to wear bikini at bali har?' kekeke ok, doreen, not to worry, if it is raining or not, am not going to wear bikini to show my superb body shape ok :p as said 'enjoy your travel trip, get the BEST out of it' i love this :) definitely!! my dearest kawan nana, thanks for your wishes, u yang reminded me not to spend money in labour day cuti, so can shop banyak in bali :D not forgetting to thanks faizah to share with me her bali travel tips n notes, panjangnya, will read them in the flight :D ya of course 'dont forget to go for their spa n massage~' :p

prepared for 'what if~' :p

laogong, hope u r ready for the trip too! thanks for arranging this ^^ as i told sis last time, bali, it is best to go with love one.. paktor paktor. so, i would be gf for laogong in this love outing lo~ :* i think, we have enough time to send bbb to the kinder 1st before we heading to the airport, guess, they must be happy to have papa n mama to send them to the kinder :D love shonejay angels :* :* :*

tata! see ya!

guardian face masks

gone to guardian at kl sentral this morning, i got these colorful packaging face masks. nice color :D dont know which to choose, i i bought 5 of them, try 1st then see which one feels the best. in fact, different colors for different purposes.
red wine - promotes skin elasticity
lavender - helps to relax n soothe skin
chamomile - for delicate skin
pomegranate - intensive hydration
green tea - helps to whiten skin

rm5.90 each

instruction : 3 masks a week