Monday, May 18, 2009

happy teacher's day!

when talking to colleague, only i remembered, ya, teacher's day! friends were sharing what they planned to buy for the children school teachers, branded chocalate, special designed teacher's day mugs, branded ink pen... hmm i want my children to appreciate ppl kindness and prepare gift n value the gift with heart n not only money value of the gift. at 1st, i asked royee what card he wanted to give to the teachers, he said 'car!' a car, then we need to make 6 cars together :S limited time, n mummy was sick. then, i got the idea, we baked the muffin together!

choc muffin

small one for children, big one for mummies n teachers

2 layes macam tak ok :S

royee helped to deco the muffin

slow n steady :D


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Anonymous said...

i like choc muffin...wheres the recipe?