Wednesday, May 13, 2009

GREAT party @ 13a

a simple n sweet party for GREAT women :D
green + red = GREAT

office mates joined together to have this makan makan gathering. get to know more ppl from this session. 30+ of us :) little contribution with much fun n surprises!

as: can see your big dimples :p
the doorgift
candle roses

my gift to be exchanged :)

i love pooh! my sis's nickname is POOH~

cute wrapping bag ^_^


carrot cakes ^^

how i wish i can do something like this to serve my guest :~


with sarsi

yum yum luncheon

grilled chicken + salad + mashed potato

the fish n chips~

i chose this! the pepper sauce is nice

cant resist this.. i have taken 2 :p

the hadiah

'registration counter' GREEEEN...

mummy mummy ^^

ya, some entertaining background music~~

best dressed model :)

hadiah sponsored by kak her - umi of 4 :p

doorgift distribution time!

i got this~ hehe

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