Saturday, May 02, 2009

booklet of numbers

last wednesday, when i sent the document up to level 13a for approval, i saw some color papers at anis's workstation. then i asked for few pieces. and i borrowed her scissors, marker pen as well :p while waiting for laogong to reach kl sentral from klcc, i made the small booklet. been busy recently, after moving to new department. then i get stressed :( when reach home at night, i feel tired n sleepy. i feel guilty for not scheduling enough time to bbb. less attention to them as my body really needs rest.
so, been thinking to give bbb small surprise, i used to buy some nice biscuits for them, or story books, toys. this time, 1st i got no time to go out jalan jalan, 2nd, dont want to spend much money on this, 3rd, to make mummy's own book is so special! last time i did a lot of small booklets to sis, telling jokes, putting in comic, wisdom phrases.. to do something like this to bbb, 1st time. n to be honest, the outcome doesnt meet my plan n expectation :~ coz i did it in rush. hope i can give the booklets to them in the same night. n i have limited resources, blue pen, black pen, green highlighter. tell u, i find the booklets ugly. hey, this is not my quality of work la.. woooo to myself :~ next time must spend time in doing this.

2 different orange color papers

royee likes train. angel always fish acting.
eva loves singing twinkle twinkle little stars n flying like a bird :D
finished them in the train
all different drawing. but i make sure number 3, is 3 bbb :D
n all other pictures are something i want them to know

last page of the booklet. funny face - mama :D
laogong said, this would scare bbb off :S

they were surprised about the booklets :)

muka hepi hepi :p

sharing the pictures :D

asked them to do the funny face! :p

i went thru 3 booklets page by page. coz different pictures. so they learned at least 20 nouns. in fact thhis is good idea to attract bbb interest, coz i draw the things that they love. customized la. if n only if mummy can draw better, put more effort to make the booklets more colorful then this can be continued. not only numbers, i may try on alphabets, animals, household things... ok, let settle mama pressure headache 1st :(


Junie said...

Good idea! I shd do that too cos I love drawing...

Stacey Lim said...

wow...a very good idea! I can't do that for my kids now, they will tear it or will draw on top of it! *LOL*

Sweetie Michelle said...

for me, i tak sakit hati if my children tear books :D in fact, they learn a lot too.. my bag is always with tape, anytime, i need to be doctor to cure the broekn book :p