Wednesday, May 06, 2009

the star of efficiency ***

皮亚杰piaget 幼儿心理教育家说:“幼儿需要很多的双手操作活动,他们从尝试与错误中学习。在游戏为本的活动中,幼儿能进行实验与确定发现。”

read this at happyland. for the pass 2 weekends, i tried to maximise my free time to prepare activities for bbb. by doing this, they explore new things, develop their creative thinking. at the same time, i got to know my bbb better n understanding their thought n behaviours. they are different. last nite on the way back home, i told laogong about children attitude n behaviour. as what my friend junie always mentions, she would blame the mother if the child's behaviour is not ok. recently, i strongly feel that, children habits, attitude n thinking, somehow, parents play important roles. i feel that i have lost so many golden chances to teach n guide my children, now is the time, i need to catch up. since now bbb r still willing to listen to me.

been busy in the office. at the same time, i non stop reminding myself, children grow up day by day, very fast, they wont wait for me to guide them or bring them to explore the world, since papa n mama r busy, they will find their own ways. n i find this is not okay, what if, they learn the wrong things? hmmm.. so, i need to race with time. at the same time, i need to take good care of myself. with healthy body n mind, then only i can guide my children to be happy children :)

cant wait for weekend n more holidays, so i can spend more time with bbb. sometime i feel envy about ppl working from home, or working half day or a full-time housewife, so more bonding hours with children n family members. eg last nite, i reached home at 11pm. bbb were sleeping. i sat down n chat with my mummy. i felt tired n sleepy, but this is the chance i can talk more with mummy n get some updates from her about my daddy, bbb, maid n other stories. went to the room at 12:30am. laogong also slept already, luckily i spent time talking n listening to him during the journey to/fro office. hmm my eyes felt so heavy then i slept. as usual angel or eva would cry in midnite, i felt warm, coz at least, i got chance to carry n hug them in their dreams.

hmmm not easy to handle all the roles well, balanced, perfect. so try at my level best lo. just now during lunch time, i shared with my colleagues my daily routine before come to the office. morning after taking shower, most of the time, bbb wake up already. quite rushing actually coz i would definitely snooze my alarm clock till the last min :( however, while putting all the skin care, lotion, cloths.. i need to sing n be cute n funny to make bbb smile :D memang multitasking la. then laogong would 'faster la.. late already' hmmm.. carry them out to the hall 1 by 1, n make sure they :D then only i switch on the tv for them, n bye bye to them.. not easy lo, even want to wave bye bye also need to act cute lo.. then they kekeke only i leave the house. but of course not everyday i have nice treatment one, sometime, they wont entertain my funny faces n they wawawawa :~ i want mama!!!! then i leave house with sad n tired feeling :~ my colleague said 'wahh, u boleh tahan, kalau saya, sudah jadi KING KONG! naik marah la!' aiyo, how to be marah ler, nanti they non stop crying, lagi penat my parents n maid ooo.. not only this, when i get into the car, i need time to settle down my rush hour feeling, then laogong pula 'what that face? what happen to u again? why dont want to eat breakfast? u r not happy on what again?' hmm... after settle bbb, need to ambik hati laogong.. hmm sometime, dont want to argue n cakap banyak, i smile at laogong so he wont ask this n that, suspect this n that.. hmmm.. (hope laogong reads this post :p)

staying with children, not only we teach children something nice n good. in fact, i have learnt a lot too.. not only my attitude, but the way i see the things from different angle n creative imagination :D learning from mistakes n experiences n experiment.. :D n of course, now pandai membebel, rambling n mumbling much, coz my bbb also non stop telling the same stories.. ekekekek... see ya~ want to take 7:30pm, hope, bbb havent slept when i reach home, n hope they happily smiling n sleep fast when i sing for them :p me har, really a demanding mummy :p


Reply to mei’s mail – racing with time..

U r right. Now I work for self esteem n of course, for income. I don’t think of promotion but I think of rewards. Rewards mean bosses appreciate my good work n a milestone for myself. Other than that, I work happily to help those end user who are in need. I would much happy if my family members tell me’u r the best!’ compare to my boss telling me this. in the office we have those goals to meet, to score for 100%. In fact, apart from that, we have much more to achieve in life, for all the roles we are playing n to our own self. Currently I cant promise to spend time with my bbb every night in weekdays, coz workload n income limitation. However, my promise to myself is, reserve my weekend n holidays to bbb. Thus, u can see me go massage during their sleeping hours, or, bring at least one to go with me. I really hope, I can witness all their special moment or 1st time by myself, compare listening stories from my parents n maid n teachers. So lets jia you together lo! :D


温馨小屋 said...

妈妈真的不容易当! 我可以肯定你是一位好妈妈!

Sweetie Michelle said...

thanks :D ya, good idea! in fact, learn much from happyland n u on children home edu n cooking idea :p i read books together with bbb before their bed times, but not everyday i can make it if they sleep before i reach home :~