Tuesday, May 19, 2009

cutie bbb

while waiting for laogong to go back home together.. i do this... cutie silly :p n it last for 1 hour after reaching bbb hands :S

recycled box

3 bbb

with shoes n hair

hehe.. SMILEY faces :D

reached home n told bbb to give them small surprise..

as usual, they closed their eyes :p

witht the little cute fingers :p

caring royee is good boy :D
happy angel is cute!

smiley eva is adorable!

eva happily showing it :D

hehehe.. showing it to grandma

open her legs wide, like the picture bb


Happyland said...

aww, you are a sweet mother that make things to cheers up the kids ^^
proud of you !

Sweetie Michelle said...

thanks :D it did cheer up mummy too when see bbb smiling faces :p