Thursday, May 07, 2009


mei: hmm… health also need to take care… beside a good spirit to ensure long life… good body also very importance…
happyland: Good try! good start! you will do the best for your lovely kids^^
温馨小屋: 妈妈真的不容易当! 我可以肯定你是一位好妈妈!

feeling touched on the encouragement notes from friends :D thanks a lot. my eyes gone wet, when read sis's blog header. mie, thanks for loving me n these words tell me i am doing good as a sister to u ^_^ u all have made my day!
wanna start working in very face pace, the system was on freeze for more than 6 weeks, finally, UNFREEZE! what a relief, so today n these few days, we need to work super efficient to clear all the backlogs. wow! with all the LOVE note received, i can work like a superwoman!! yo~ yo~

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