Friday, May 01, 2009

拔罐cupping therapy+火龙

click >>> here for my sis ba-guan's story

mei did ask me about ba-guan, it is painful? let me share some pic of the ba-guan process. according to the massage shifu, she told us ba-guan can help us to suck the air, the wet, the heat, the dirty blood (detox) so our muscles feel relaxed n light. to me, i did it twice, i feel lega after doing ba-guan. not 1 or 2 days after doing it, but after continuous 1-2 or 3 time (1 week once), then my muscles feel ok. my problems are at shoulder, back, waist line, n knee back. always feeling pain or stressed. so this ba guan helps.

warm the glass cup with fire

this is my left knee back. after removing the cup, u can feel there is some water released (the air from the body release n meet the warm temperature in the cup) cooling..

on my back. btw, doing this ba-guan after acupuncture point massage

ba guan. did it in feb 09

talking about hu0 long (fire dragon), the picture below was my 2nd time. 1st time i did it at my back, this time, it is more on my lower abdomen n private part. the massage shifu said there is air in my womb. so when she pressed my womb, i can really feel the pong pong pong sound. i think this is bcoz i was having ceasaren twice for my bbb delivery. n of course, i am super modern stuborn mumy, didnt follow all the pantang during my confinement month, as what the shifu said, 'wondering why u dont love youself, now u need to suffer doing treatment' :(
if there is the air inside the part, so when the fire is on, u wont feel the heat. slowly feel warm when the air emit out slowly after few times or minutes of burning. shifu covered me with few layers of wet towel after applying some of the chinese traditional medic, then pour some alcohol, then put on the fire. so when u feeling the heat, u inform the shifu, she would put off the fire with another wet towel. then, she did massage to u. mostly pressing n rubbing so the medic can absorb to your body. u can really feel the heat go inside your skin inner levels. then the same process starts again until the result reaches shifu's expectation. this therapy is about 45-1 hour. before doing this, 20 min massage to warm up your body.

huo long. did it last week


Junie said...

Eww! So scary to see u on fire! How long before those circles disappear?

Sweetie Michelle said...

it took me 2 weeks. my mum, lighter circle, 1 week. my one consider serious la, look at my left arm.. :S