Monday, May 18, 2009


look at the calendar, ya, this weekend i will travel to bali. been wanting to visit to this place since years ago. hope it would be a nice one. hmm i think, i cant try their balinese massage, coz my period coming soon :S
last week, was not feeling well, flu n sore throat, then a big boil on my left cheek. still on the 40-pills antibiotic :S every 6 hours i need to take 2 pills, a bit irritates. weather is so hot, hopefully bbb stay healthy.
if take antibiotic pills can stop the illness, how nice hor, if we want to get rid anything, or some negative feeling or 'small people' then we can take the pill to avoid the issue. or, buy a brand new branded perfume, a big bottle, spray it to the air, to the grass, tree, earth.. look at the perfume spraying from the nozzle, the smell comes n goes.. so whatever u want to release out, can get a relief. press it, spray it, recall everything that r negative to u, then, like the perfume, let it dissapear in the air. empty the bottle, empty the sadness, pain, guilt, hurts, anger.. then, a brand new u! :) maybe, u need to say sorry to ppl, u r poluting the earth, sorry for wasting money to finish off a bottle of perfume in less than 20 minutes? hmmm, need to massage or use heat balm to ease the fingers soreness.. pray to God, heal the feeling..
well, a brand new week, this week, 4 working days, i need to settle my EWP accrual report, need to clear all outstanding jobs, then only fly to bali. need a mask to travel to foreigh countries n taking flight? H1N1 cases in malaysia n else where. hmm.. the death rate is not the high, so i want to be mask free la. want to travel n see the world, dont want so many hassle n burden. simple trip.

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