Thursday, May 14, 2009

value of relationships

ya, this is so true. hope i can make it to bring children back to sgbuloh n visit in law at least once a month. hope there is more family gathering in the house. more celebrations, more gift giving to show appreciation. i want my bbb grow in happy n fun atmosphere, more smiley faces :D that day i read an article on web, couples who having more smiley children photos when they were small tend to have successful marriage in adulthood. somehow, i agreed with this. coz when u r happy happy in childhood, u r more to be optimistic thinking, so problem would be challenge to u. u would be more thankful n feel blessed for what u r having.
so, i hope my children are happy happy n grow in love. then when they grow up, would treasure family values like my tiew's family, my uncles n aunties, all happy go lucky with lots of FUN in days :D

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