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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Family message board

Since we were very small, our house is always having a White board as a reminder board n also family communication medium. Eg we write bday wishes, festive greetings, special messages to someone who is travelling.. The mostly use for this White board is: a wishlist board!

Since small time, when we ask something from papa, my dad would say 'u write on the whiteboard, i will consider it, when the time come, I will buy for u'. So everyone of us, including my mama, we write what we want eg what to buy for breakfast, colgate n soap, to my computer n mama's vios! Anything la..

Yesterday, royee asked my papa to buy him biscuit, my papa asked him to write on the whiteboard 'u write la, if not, wai gong forgets' then we found this on the board..

2 packets of t-bits - the crab pillow biscuit n the prawn slice. My mum found this soooo cute! Asked me to snap picture ^_^ I wonder if royee will draw more eg motorbike, toys... When he can get the t-bits after he drew it :p

btw, u can see me written there 'lunch box' - whenever I prepare lunch box for the next day, I would write on the board. Sometime I would get additional note next to 'lunch box' eg 'i have added few chicken nuggets' or 'more fish for u' all these messages are from my mummy, ohhh got a time 'i have added fried egg' from laogong :p when morning I see the message, can u imagine how warm n touched my heart is? Sweet!

remember when my eldest gogo's 16 bday, morning when he woke up, he didn't see any bday wishes on the board, he found so sad when he left the house to the school, he asked my mum 'why mei mei never leave any message to me?' my mum told me that, so I faster prepared some 'treasure hunt' for my gogo to get his bday gift :p my mum told me, when my gogo got my handmade card n gift, he was :D in tiew family, bday celebration is BIG n special day to everyone ^_^

Now we have a whiteboard in bkt31 too. I found this is so good for a family to strenghthen the family members relationship, n reminders, notes, messages, wishes and LOVE ^_^

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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

siblings love~

hey, this is the post which i curi from my sis blog >>> here want to do chinese to english translation and add in my comments, so u all can share this happy moment too! 4 of us, brothers sisters went to GreenBox on 29/1/2010 for my sis bday celebration ^_^
on 29/1, a day after my sis bday, sis n i planned to go GreenBox to redeem her 1 free headcount entrance. then i got this thot, why not asking my gogo n digo joining together? since long long time we never go out together already. then i called up my eldest bro, coz he got wife n son, must check with this family man 1st, gogo said 'ok! since we never go out together long time already (as what i said rite?) n i also long time dont go karaoke already, but can u come n pick me up?' ok no problem, i asked laogong to pick up my gogo, coz laogong driving to my grandma's house to pick up royee :p n very bad wife, i dont allow laogong to join us! laogong got feel angry about this oooo :p then i called up my 2nd bro, digo said 'ok ok, u all wait me for 1 hour, i drive my motorbike n go' :D so happy u know, in the car, i called up GreenBox to make appointment, then cant wait to be in the room! :p as usual, my sis is always the negative thinker, all sort of grey thoughts from her.. 'can we have fun together? would them be happy as what we always do?..'

can see my gogo singing with his heart ma? hehehe tipu one la, acting only, we just arrived :p sis comments 'look at my sis, need to act cute in singing ma?' heheh not acting la, this is true me.. cutie sweetie michie ma.. hahahaha

this is our 1st group pic for the nite. as what sis said, 3 siblings of 30+ together with 1 26 sis can having fun together in ktv, if papa n mama seeing this must be feeling happy :) n be proud of themselves for teaching well the children to love each other ^_^ 'hopefully my sis's 3 children can be like us as well' hehee.. ok ok, am working hard on this :p

gogo is the eldest, so must be serious, baru macam BIG brother :p we were so hungry actually, makan 1st n listening to new songs 1st..

these r 2 of the pic that 'can see' in the series of 6. hehehe.. the rest, kelam kabut :p

my gogo is funny! n my mouth is BIG :D

my digo squat n sing

aiya, 2 brothers also the same.. very funny pose :p

see see see.. diam diam makan :p

manja sis, i squeezed in between gogo n digo :p
btw, i sorok sorok pregnant for 3+ years?? hahahaa

looked at the singer, the hairstyle, hmmm when i was in primary school punya song la..
hehe the only few songs that my eldest bro know how to sing fully :D hahaha..
new songs only chorus part he knew.. we non stop laughing at him :D

the guy came to ask for payment, then we asked him to snap pic for us
i like this pic, though it is a bit blur..
i so manja, holding gogo's arm :p
i love my siblings :*
it was 2+ am. my gogo tak boleh tahan already, sleeping oooo
hehehe.. my sis said 'old man is like this one..'
singing this song with sis, talking about sisters love. got this from sis's blog 'mie, i got an idea, why dont we go n take one MTV, music video? i think 10 tapes also got not enough, coz we definitely got NG many many times, coz we would non stop laughing' hahahaha! ya, a music video for me n sis... in fact we 4 siblings r planning to do similar thing for my papa's 60 bday.. gonna be non stop laughing one :p

leaving.. still want to disturb ppl.. posing n ask the gal to snap pic for us :p
can see they are waiting us to close shop? it was 3am+ kekekee

hahaha.. final pic at the counter!!! the gal also dont know what to say already :p
betul betul kacau habis oooo!!

love this post very much, so i curi from my sis blog. we were non stop laughing in the room. then sharing those fun moments when we were small, all those silly jokes.. u wont feel gogo is a family man here, u dont feel me as a mother of bbb :p we are just loving brothers n sisters, enjoying the warmest moments for the special nite :D

i am very lucky, to have these lovely siblings, n thanks to laogong for being supportive :p (i did sms to laogong 'laogong hope u dont get angry for this, next time we can come to sing together, now let me enjoy tonite as siblings gathering, i love u' hehehe), thanks to kakak for taking care angels n the house, thanks for bbb not attaching with me this busy mummy :p thanks God for what i am having ^_^

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

xmas @ thailand hatyai

more stories n photos.. click >>> here
25-27/12/09 we travel to haytai~ papa, mama, sis, royee n i. gal gal n kakak n laogong at home :S non stop my papa mentioning next time we bring gal gal har :) ya, missing something in the trip :S well, we used to celebrate xmas in hatyai before i became mummy, my papa brought us there n we spent my papa's thai baht kakaka.. so after few years, we went to the trip again, feel the happiness again ^_^

mama n papa, early morning in lcct. wanted to eat breakfast at old town

but the service was quite slow, we were rushing for the flight, so we cancel the order

in the boarding room. royee eating sweets

tell u, super long queue for ppl n buses, this is the shortest queue

the officer allowed us to be there, coz my mama holding royee :)

then all other ppl followed - at the border

@MY-Thai border. royee 'Ben10 kick!'
mummy legs tired, sit down n wait

reached the JB hotel

we acted like the 2 snowmen

love this :D


acted cool~

royee n moo moo

sis n kueh tiew soup - with the face ^0^


the familiar old man :)

baked sweet potato

sis n her sotong

taufufa in ginger soup, mixed beans soup

this time, we found it not really worth it to pay the sum of money to taste the dessert

maybe, the taste r not that nice compare to last time

this is yummy :D with wind blow somemore ^_^

nite time, we met santa at the roadside

royee got his xmas candy

mama n bb in the restaurant - Ai

my mummy :D

petai n prawn


craypot tauhu, quite nice

fried oyster n fried vege n prawn (for royee)

the 2nd day, early morning

my boy~

love the pool~

grandpa n grandson

they conquered the big swimming pool

love to see this, feel the warm

my important VIP ^_^

my papa complained i bought this swimming ring not good one :S

keke.. the boy wanted the penguin head to be in front

papa said 'like this u can lay down n relax ma..

on tut tut

another one~

ya! 5 of us~

very cute sharpeners

royee is 20.6kg

'wahh!! 62kg le aaa??'

mummy, 85.2kg, me 400g heavier than mummy :[

papa n mama sitting at the front of the mall


we went for foot massage 200 baht each

very nice ooooo~!

at lee garden plaza. the idea market

sis is choosing something for friend

nice n creative

cute cute!

writing on my key chains

hand painting shoes

mama waiting us for long time while we busy at the market :p

comaplining hungry oooo.. fast fast bought her a bowl of noodle + soup

nice taste!

50 baht fried seafood

waffer.. nice!

we bought 3. i left one for royee, he liked it

bought this for bkt31 living hall

for my room

for laogong n bbb

shonejay angels~

special order from as.. baby mickey for myself

these all for as

for angels n ayra (as's gal) - royee chose the colours

deco for bkt31

mama bought this

in the hotel

stickers books for bbb n the pencil case for myself (weekend class :p)

'i have a dream'

evening.. we have free tuk tuk

round round ooo

while waiting for the tuk tuk

makan at grill house

xmas deco

very mini sushi

full or nice stuff

the mat cool~ throughout the >30 min, never talked n smiled much one
sopan santun type

love them~

got singing band

all nice nice

sis waiting for her ultraman photo frame :p

very creative packaging

very very nice ear rings


sis is asking the price

dinner. sis feeding the elephant

with sugar cane

supposedly to buy for royee de, but royee got in fear bcoz of my sis's loud shout
when elephant went near them :S

steamed fish - sour ooo and prawn

the prawn fried cakes n very yummy fish head + yam soup!!!

must order dish - fried oysters from Ai

nite type in the room.. bought for mummy
but i finished them all hahahaha :D

yo! yo! nice rite? gonna to clip the photos n deco in bkt31

mummy is enjoying the supper

pooh + pooh

piglet n piggy :D

me n the pooh instant noodle. the noodle got pooh pic de

at alor setar airport. sooo tired, been waiting there from 1pm - 5pm
came out early to avoid the jams at custom.. hmm
look at my boy~ always do this at home, n now, in the airport hmm

sleepy boy. non stop playing with children there

royee requested this pic, 'i hug u, then ah yi takes picture'


the boy showing very nice watch?


royee telling the story about power rangers n the watch


waiting.. n waiting..

ini orang wu liao

royee requested the pic to be taken..
'who is this?'

'ya! royee n mummy' :D

- end of xmas celebrations, parties, gifts.. or year 2009 :D -
quite busy for 2009 xmas :p