Sunday, October 30, 2011

small little sweetness

hahahaha :D the reason for me to blog at 01:13 when I slept only 3.5 hours last night @_@

well, in fact I have few unfinished posts at my draft folder, but now I am so sleepy :( so blur... sleep for few hours only these few days, and I got vaginal infection coz not enough sleep. just inserted an antibiotic pill in my vaginal, and I shall sleep now, the best way to cure and prevent sickness is to have enough rest.

now is sunday, I gonna bake cakes! few recipes in hand, feel to try them all!! :p tata.. share more later ^^

'my hobby is sharing' said sweetiemich
I like this ! kekekke :D

Monday, October 24, 2011

semester break

I miss the semester breaks during college time. 1-2 weeks you can free your mind to sleep, to play, to don't bother about time and daily study and homework. how I wish we can have semester break in working life :( this year annual leave I left the precious 1.5 days. have the thought - I want to take a week off for Chinese new year - still long way to go hmmm..

before I left the office, I have new 50 requests printed and waving at me!! hope that my team member can be recovered soon and be healthy then come back office and together we do our daily jobs. now 2 roles in a person is tiring and stressed especially when too many demands come in at 1 goal. huh~~

just now I got the cert for my double spot awards. spot award is small award to appreciate our contribution on special task or being a good staff. we have departmental award, project award, senior management award, CEO award... anyway, small spot award is very good enough for me to small little screw in the office ship :p

planing for an outing with laogong and bbb in raja haji break. laogong needs to check his budget 1st. in fact, for this November, we gonna spend much for my digo's wedding, 1 family dinner dress and some set up. besides, royee is going to say bye bye to the kinder friends, am preparing address books for the class.

after digo's wedding, we can bring out our Christmas tree, and do the deco, mr Santa is coming soon lo~~

24102011 monday

miss my sis's blog.. hmm poor network connection? too many DVD to catch up? too lazy to blog? I have no idea, guess that the next update from her would be 'oh! I am pregnant!' or 'hey, I just got my new born!' or the blog would be permanently closed :p

easy Monday but not a free Monday, many brought forward jobs from last week. looking forward to this deepavali break, I miss my bkt31. sis is traveling, but I don't stay at home either, go out and company my digo to wedding studio, to household stuff shops, to maternity cloths department :p

my er sao. this is the cup of coffee she been dreaming on since she got to know she is conceived :p I beg my digo to allow her to drink the coffee ^_^ my digo controls my er sao's diet. she has gained weight, and even she is fatter now, her waist is only 26 inches, before this less than 24"? ohhhhhh....

I baked this before I left the house to meet up my digo. 10 grains rice + sausage cubes. not that am so healthy type, wanna gone for full 10 grains, my 10 grains rice are having mini ants! the sealed pack was loosen :( so I let the grains did the sun bath then cook them all. in fact, the lunch box I brought today also 10 grains rice with my mama steamed eggs.

added miso paste on the baked rice. it is salty! I should reduce the miso paste and increase the sugar or sweet corns added. anyway, good try :p never thot of bake the rice, tried pan fly and steamed only.

I heat up the ready made pizza as tea time. children 1st time try. Eva doesn't like it. royee finished 2.5 pieces! 'mummy, this is really delicious! I still have the nice smell in my mouth!' I told him to ask papa I buy more next time. this frozen pizza supposed to serve on angels' birthday party, but that day we got too much foods. and ya, the boy be the angel yesterday :p

what else I did in last weekend?

I do this lovely ribbon flower headband :D

children were sleeping, laogong was busy, so I be the model in the bath room :p

I made this too! love the colours.

these 2 models were so busy and reluctant to entertain me, coz they were playing Barbie dolls in the room :p

I finished watching the newly bought sewing machine instruction DVD with my laogong, together with the durian as supper :p tell you, my laogong knows sewing more than me coz my mother in law was having sewing college! when she was younger time. from small classes to college, and all my laogong's baby milk were from the tailor made cloths orders :p wonder when I will start using the machine, but guess that I need laogong help me to set up everything kekekke.

below pics are taken from kinder Facebook, this is the reason I cancel my bread making class. children have performance for majlis daerah kuala langat.

colouring contest before the performance.

they got the goodie bag with a big box of colour pencils, bread, cake, drink.

the kinder is no.1 performer.

watching our ppl peformed. I like this pic, coz my eyes got laogong and laogong eyes got me (at background) :p


if these were all my children... hahahaha :D

mummy talking with Eva gal gal ^^

oh ya!!! very important one..

I managed to have dinner with my sis before she left for her travel trip!

and this is the treat from me at little Vietnam restaurant to celebrate I got double mini award in office kekeke :p

pink piggy for u! :D

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Sometimes we spend time asking who is responsible or who to blame, whether in a relationship, in a job or with the people we know. We miss out some warmth in human relationship in giving each other support. After all, shouldn't forgiving someone we love be the easiest thing in the world to do? Treasure what you have. Don't multiply pain, anguish and suffering by holding on to forgiveness.

above words got from fb, very meaningful. if we practise this, the world is more beautiful ^^

gone to little india at office area. had lunch with my Indian colleague. 1st time we were out together, and she brought me to nice food stall for makan makan. in Indian place makan makan, and surrounded by mostly Indian and Chinese, the experience is different! eat at the roadside stall then look far for so many colourful Indian costume :D deepavali feel aaa! hmm ya, thinking of my special friend too! been had this feeling before when we went to another kl area for food which near to the Indian temple, there, only me alone Chinese ;p

bought these for angel and Eva ^^

the red design is very eyes catching! a bit like Chinese cheong sum design. my colleague asked me don't choose too 'indian' design.. ya true, coz we gonna wear them at bila bila masa - maybe among all the Chinese :p

search and search the shop guy managed to find the same design for me. now only I know, all the design+colour are unique, so there won't be ppl wearing same as yours. got look for boy design, but I gonna checked with my boy boy, see if he wants to wear it or not, coz high collar and long sleeve.

a good experience gained today. and I got to know new lunch partner and good and relatively cheaper foods to be :D


soooo fast, Wednesday le! boss gone for 3 days training starting today, wow I hope no much troubles and problems happen this week ^^

found this is cute and funny in fb :D

bbb got this from a little sis - daughter of my papa's friend. so lovely :)


today is my BFF's birthday too! she is in Australia, hope all the best wishes are be with her and always in the pink of health :D

today lunch time I will go little India @ brickfield shopping :p

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


morning reached the office, I got this hot chocolate on my table. what a warm surprise from my boss ^^ brought my mama homecook for lunch today ^^

lunch time do a love cebration anniversary wish video clip for laogong..

ok.. me cari pasal :p sometime what we feel might not what other ppl feeling, so communicate is the way to understand both parties better.

dinner at kl Sentral subway.


yesterday angels bday celebration @ kinder

big thanks to the teachers who were busy cutting cake and take care the children :D sister was on half day leave too, after the celebration we went for banting food and cloth shop ^^

I feel blessed :) I see angels and I see LOVE ^^

super tired today, driving back home and gonna sleep early zzZz.. @_@

Sunday, October 16, 2011


17102011 my twin angels going to be 5 years old ^^

2 lovely angels are flying in the sky, spreading good news and happiness ^^

angel sees hope with open heart ^^

I believe in angels ^^

sweet dream angel ^^

Thursday, October 13, 2011


now is 17:34..

yujet has done his surgery and got to know now he is back to home. thank to God for smooth operation :)

after busy for settling pending job for today, when I feel a little bit relaxed, I had my late tea break - celery + carrot + tomato soup and very yummy nin gou (kuih bakul normally for Chinese new year) from my boss.

when I am thinking what to teach bbb tonight or what story book to read, then I got this surprise!

wahhh.. a thick stack of documents came to me at this going back time ooo.. hmm try to clear this before I go back, coz tomorrow is Friday! hehe :p

ps: team member is hospitalisation and on medical leave for a month, so I got more things to learn, more documents to work with, more project managers to liaise with, more emails to reply ^^

tata! mau kerja dah!