Thursday, April 30, 2009

guardian charity walkathon 2009

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we left home early at 7:10am. bbb were still feeling sleepy can see they non stop yawning :p taking kesas highway from klang to sunway. half way, I FORGOT THE TICKETS!!! stupid me! laogong diam diam made an u-turn to go back home. called up my sis, my sis 'haiyo..' :( went back home, ambik the tickets n my bra n panty :~ coz on the way back home, only i realized that i forgot to bring them for changing. betul betul so blur!

royee was sitting in front. maybe he was sleepy, so quiet. angel n eva were sitting with me. 2 gals having fun by playing with themselves. so adorable. non stop smiling. sisters love :D happy to see this. really hope their relationship can get closer n closer. i love to hear eva calls angel 'angelina~ where r u~~~' then angel always address eva as 'jie jie', in fact, angel is twin one :p

reached sunway lagoon the registration counter before 8:30am. so we were eligible for free theme park tickets n breakfast. while laogong went to park the car, i get royee to hold 2 sis. royee is always a good brother at outside :D changed the t-shirt provided by the organiser, then we went to the hall/stage for briefing. followed the steps to do some warm up. sooooo cute to see eva n royee followed to do some exercise ^_^ angel just standing there n observing :p we sweat, even it was only warm up exercise :p

actually it was just a 3km distance walk. but then, mummy felt tired to carry eva. she was tired to walk throughout the distance. they looked so tired after the walk. non stop drinking water n can really see, they were blur! @_@ hehehe.. poor bbb. no milk for them, only pieces of bread.

there were some freebies from sponsored companies. bbb got their balloon, mummy has the heat balm paste, papa has the massage rub. suddenly i found royee walking away. the adidas gal came n asked royee to try on the foot spray. n the boy, wow, just followed ppl like that, sitting down n remove his shoes, let the gal spray it :( ish ish ish.. dangerous hor.. hmmm can i say, like father like son? :p

under the hot sun. for quite a long time we didnt sweat much. this is the time. after the walkathon, we jalan jalan in sunway lagoon. 1st time, i went to the animal pat zoo, n crossing the suspension bridge. royee scared to crossed the bridge. uncle bruce non stop talking to him n showing all the nice scenary to distract his attention. royee 'zou liao la' (walk la) keke.. nice view, i like it :) we went to the amusement park too! bbb playing then mummy companied them. they were so happy :D

the merry-go-around made papa n mama pening. 3-4 times they were on the horses, round n round... royee asking why this horse has tail n that horse doesnt have it? this is papa horse, this is mama horse, this is brother horse.. so many questions. angel n eva non stop smiling n enjoying the ride :) after the playground, sis n bruce went back home. we brought bbb to water park.

it was tiring to take care 3 of them. only laogong n me n lost of children in the same wet park. so most of the time, we were looking for bbb. tiba tiba 1 hilang :( at last, i told them, come, we go for chicken rice! ya, they love chicken rice n they followed me to bathroom :p
left sunway lagoon, we took our lunch at sunway pyramid hartz chicken buffet. bbb were so hungry, non stop eating the rice + vege soup + fried chicken. after makan, we went to guardian booth. we tried the japanese vitamin candies, angels like it, royee dislike it, end up mummy got double vitamin supply :p but then, rugi sikit lo, coz we didnt redeem the walkathon goodie bags from the redemption counter. sis sms me, but i didnt check my phone until i reached home :~
reached home at 3pm+ bbb slept ZzZZzzZzz
i like this activity. i like sunny day~ very nice outing with family n sis. hope we can make it for next year walkathon if guardian organizes this meaningful charity outdoor activity. it's ok for not having luck on the lucky draw, we already got so much fun :D anyhow, i hope bbb can enjoy more in this kind of outdoor activity in another year. then papa n mama n ah yi n uncle dont need to be so tired n stressed lo (takut hilang ma)
hope u enjoy my blog post n the pic. something special this time :p

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

rushing wednesday

work for tomorrow then cuti again. Time flies. Am in the train alone without laogong, laogong taken the earlier train, n i missed it. Was rushing to park the car n running to catch the train, when i reached, train just moved n bye to me. I wake up early this morning, to prepare breakfast - sandwiches + banana then pack those biscuits, milk powder n oat to bring to the office. Planned to reach the office early so i can finish my walkathon blog post n all other posts. I got the message from arpu yesterday 'wei darling people in singapore waiting for ur blog update :) I know u r very busy...' In fact, i got message from laogong too 'where is your new update? Bad bad' hehe happy to know that at least there r readers out there to care n got interested in my stories :)

Well, i have been busy with my old n new job scopes. Start feeling the pressure n my bp gone high. So i feel giddy n bloated. Water retention pun ada. Bad la. That day when i was in the mid of tension, the me in the mirror didnt look like me! The face n lips were so pale then very big face n bad hair. Hmm that's why i took laogong's word seriously 'u look old, especially your eyes, i think we need to send our children to nursery childcare center for 2 weeks' ya, i need to rest. But i will adjust myself n manage the time table, i cannot let go my bbb, if not, not only my eyes look old, my heart would be too :p

what is in today todo list? submit the income tax efilling. actually i have completed it early of april for myself n laogong. ya, dont feel to pay the tax that's why i dont want to submit :p i used this to comfort myself, 'u earned enough then only u r eligible to pay income tax lo' be thankful lo, at least i am having a job :) to get more rebate, maybe, i need to work much harder to show good performance, then i can get some awards from the company, then i can have rm2k rebate :p kekeke.. this one memang susah, so buy more books for children n myself lagi senang :p month end, need to pay all the bills, credit cards.. hmmm all need to be done by today. there is also todo list for my office work, wow, today is a super rushing day!!! i dont want to stay back today. n i want to have lunch with my friends in the office! 2 days already, i didnt join them for lunch, i miss them soooo much :~

so everything much QUICK n FAST! tata! mau kerja liao! hehe sound so efficient :p

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

my talents and skills

yesterday i received the mail with subject "Are You Willing To Share Your Talents/Skills With The Under Privileged " from maxis volunteer brigade. hmmm been holding a year back for not joining any outdoor charity activities, coz last year laogong was working at foreign countries, then i was busy taking care children/householdf n setting up bkt31. n now, i got this mail, am so excited to turn the engine on n start my charity ride :D ya, spiritual satisfaction yo~
the problem is, my talents n skills.. hmmm sounds like i know many many things, some friends always address me as 1-stop info center. however, i am not pro for everything, here a little bit, there some smaller pieces. ai.. anyway, come to charity activities and to help out the needy, i memang tak tau malu one la.. below is my reply :p

in fact, i wanted to choose category like cooking n baking, then apa yang i tau? not pro lo.. making sushi? dont want to make ppl down la.. if i can bake very nice yummy cakes then ok la. so i pass this category. music! - 'Any musical interest by the residents of the Homes that we can provide'. hmm i can sing for children. with my duckling voice tone :p but i know they are looking for talented ppl who can play musical instruments, sing very well, band, choir.. dance! i can do barney dino dancing! hop hop hop, turn left, turn right, then twist! kekeke bbb love this, so i keep this talent at home enough la.. kakaka..

never mind la, they are so many things to learn under the sun. slowly la. in fact, been looking for nice sewing blog, feel to sew simple dresses for angels and some cute pj for bbb. i had bought fabrics from ikea in fact, keeping it since last year :S as of now, am searching info for healthy n fresh food. told my colleagues, i want to bring healthy bento if possible. then from monday the 20th, ppl already asked, mich, where is your healthy bento? :p sick ma, didnt go out n buy vege ma. kekeke.. buat malu je..
as what royee mentioned 'mei guan xi' tidak apa.. take my time lo.. as long as i am happy :D been recalling the happy smiley sweetie michelle recently. i found myself not easy to smile as last time, so many things n worries in my mind. in fact, last year end when i joined the charity work at KL, the volunteer kakak also said 'michelle, kenapa sekarang tak senyum dah? tak macam dulu, happy happy je' hmmm.. can get white hairs in a night :~ ya, i want sunshine! working for it lo~~ learning to put things down when worry doesnt help to change the situation ^_^
hope i can have more n more post for labels - home class, beauty, dreams n goals, travel :D

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

master children room

as mentioned in previous posts, i have moved bbb beds to my room. since i hadnt done anything to my room, so i am ok to turn this master room to be a children fun area. i think, for these 1-2 years, i need to continue using cute n colorful bedsheet covers :p anyway, am enjoying this, coz after few years, when children only stay in their own rooms, n always say 'mummy, can u pls leave me alone?' then i would be so wu liao lo..

from picture left - royee, eva, angel, mama, papa bed :D

temporarily set up for bbb dvd showing

toys n diapers sini sana

sushi treat for bbb

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bought these 3 colorful plates at rm60 long time ago..
(with laogong's company free isetan voucher)
n the cute sushi moulds, from isetan too. well, rm1-2 extra each from 100yen shop :S

bbb loves to eat rice. white rice will do.
evening, so dont want to let them try new food eg seaweed

bbb favorite!

done! for all :D
sushi : tempura prawn

surprises q-ing up for bbb. they just came back from the BIG playground

royee was excited for the food.. memang cant wait for it..

so the happy!!! i love to see his SMILE :D

1st grab the chocalate! cruel mummy, very seldom allows those junk food :S

the rice become secondary. all comot faces n hands with chocalate :p

royee said 'mummy, i cannot eat the triangle, too sharp' :p

2nd day. sushi: fried mushroom and tuna

inari: meat floss n tuna

Saturday, April 18, 2009

messy fun - fingers n hands painting

wanted to start this long time ago. at last, lazy mummy went n bought some necessary materials for all the home class stuff. saturday morning we started this. bbb were so excited. they chose their colors! so when i asked 'what color is this?' royee answered 'green/red/yellow' for angel, she answered 'gogo de (green)/eva de (red)/mummy de (blue)' :p for eva, she just cant wait everything to be started. i relate the colors to the things near by, 'so we have anything with this color?' then they looked around, pointed to their cloths, the bin... this question can only be asked when we still can see the color, less than 3 min, all mixed up already :p thanks to laogong, having fun with them as well.. :D be the camera man, supporter, n headmaster (marah sini sana) :p

choose the basic color

at 1st, they feel reluctant to dirty up their fingers


non stop i reminding, 'dont dirty up your cloths'
papa 'dont dirty up the wall!'

1 finger..

5 fingers..

hehehe.. this boy, semakin chubby :D

royee, eva, angel

their hand prints

kaki pun ada.. papa tak boleh tahan ooo :p

mummy's face also kena, bbb kakaka :D

angel dreaming for morning milk.. dudu mouth ^0^

messy habis. angel's nose also.. yiaks!

'eeee.. your hand!'

eva cried, she wanted to continue painting

gogo, the story teller 'aiyo, take bath already ma.. next time only play ma'

take time to calm eva down. i told myself, i need to do all those home classes fun with bbb more often. and bring them out more often. so they feel secured, and dont always cry bcoz of they dont know when would be the 'next time' :~ n i hope i can be more healthy, so i can have more quality time with them ^_^

Friday, April 17, 2009

bday30 - bday card from nana

few days after my bday, nana asked me if i had received her letter to me, she said, i supposed to receive the courrier on 13/4/09. hmmm feeling touched n thanks for her thought. check here n there, finally i got it! thanks nana, u r memang such a darling kawan to me :D your bday wishes n note, memang cheer me up~


Thursday, April 16, 2009

maths class

one of the nights. we sing n 'colouring'. i printed some maths activity for preschool bbb. all the questions answered correctly by royee, big vs small, many vs less.. then the colouring part started. they enjoyed it. but somehow, as usual, the fun ended with fighting for color pencils n more papers :( anyway, mummy wont give up lo.. still searching those education aids from net..

busy with own activity paper

good bbb
started to ask for more color pencils from siblings..

eva cried. angel buat hal. gogo became story teller..