Monday, June 30, 2008

no more sunshine...

very sad to see sunflowers dying.. from very happy n smiling big yellow sun flowers to fungus hosting then dying.. hmmm somehow, it shows LIFE
this morning, took hours to make decision if want to attend the hitea session with Dr SMS the angkasawan. so undecided. afraid i would miss something, it would be a waste for letting this chance, so called, once in a lifetime. but then, just dont feel to go. feel like this session is more to the person, ppl go there most of the purpose is to see how this guy looking. hmmm dont feel to be part of them. as what i answered my colleague, when she asked 'why u want to go?''to get inspired' reason for me to meet this angkasawan is, i want to know how the days in angkasa. what's the training n things he needs to do in order to get qualified for this angkasa trip. ok ok.. since i had decided not going for it. n in fact, the talk has finished, no point cakap banyak n pening with this ^_^
today feeling a bit not in the mood.. not energetic. donno why, having heavy period flow. or having ears infection. or just working with the face that i'm not happy with? hmmm cant wait to go back home n hugging n kissing shonejay angels then good rest. too much thinking made me tired. n the dying sunflower, worsen my blue. actually, the sunflowers tak kena mengena with me, my colleagues punya. but then when i walk over there, look kat the flowers, i :(
created a new blog for bkt31. so u can read the posts there to get the house renovation progress la. would be very busy in weekend. wish u were here, at least, more comments n ideas from u. donno when r u coming back, hopefully, tomolo! :p ai.. dont want to think of u la, later miss u so much then wanna cry already :~

Thursday, June 26, 2008


hmm having feedback session on everything about the company. too much thinking this morning. feeling tired now. mentally. just taken the free lunch. non stop thinking about royee's performance in the school. wondering what royee been doing until the teacher needs to change his swimming class. teacher said that, only royee's class teacher can manage royee in swimming class, so he needs to change his swimming schedule. wondering how royee behave in the class after angels staying together with us. ya, non stop we thinking about angels, somehow we have neglected royee's feeling. not only me as mother, but my parents as well. we are more focus on angels now, maybe they are small, we all afraid of royee hurting angels. however, would it be too agressive and pressure to teach royee to act like a big brother? he is still small. he is still a toddler, who needs attention and love from adults, who have the priviledge to show his emotion without thinking how ppl feel. who can be jealous and selfish on his belongings. we dont need to handle his own feeling as perfect as we are.
royee rebut his books with angels. accidently ter-hit the maid. my mum rotan royee. ya, he was not right to use the hard cover book to hit kakak, but then, we also needs to respect his feeling. he is the owner of the book. hmmm.. how to teach him to act good at this age? how to tell him that we want him to be nice to ppl, share his things with sisters? n at the other hand he wont feel that we only love his sisters. everything is to be given to his sisters only. would it be too fast for him to be perfect at this age. royee kena rotan a lot after angels staying with me. i know my parents' intention is to let royee cause less problem n dont fight with his sisters. but then, would it be a right way n right timing now?
much thinking about royee's feeling last nite. i love him very much. of course, i cant treat him as how i treated him last time, when he can have full attention of me. when i kiss him, i need to kiss angels as well.. to let 3 of them know, i love them much. i want to be equal. i dont want them to feel that i'm bias. i am trying hard on this. i think, royee has single child syndrom. so he is hard to share his stuff. or he feels jealous when looking at ppl playing happily. i think, we should push him too much. he needs time to learn to accept his sisters. he needs time to learn to be sharing n caring. remember, he is still a tod.
it is challenging to handle bbb feelings. am trying my level best to comfort their feeling. hope they have good mental development. i am happy with current situation. i'm not really agree with ppl who dont want to have another bb bcoz of want to give full attention to the eldest. unless u want only 1 bb in your life. or else, no matter when u give birth to the 2nd or more child. the problem still exist. fighting n craving for parents love n attention. good chance for us to learn now. maybe next year, when angels understand more, then royee also can think much matured. n less issue for us.
this morning, heard from radio station, by year 2030 malaysia may have 9-10% of old ppl aged >65. less young generation. so they encourage more newborn now. hmmm then ppl will have the concern of high living n education cost nowadays, ya, subsidiary from government. got 1 audience called up the radio station, 4 is the best number. when the children grow up, then might have problem and issue to share, but not to parents, but to siblings. so to have more siblings, they have more ppl to share the feeling. ya, 4 is my number too. but then, is our financial status allowed us? time limitation to grow the children with good manner, living skills and positive thinking? hmmm.. much things to consider. then i think of royee. if royee is one of the students who is a problem giver to the class, then we need more time n patience to bring him to the right track, at least to the extend, where more ppl can accept him. am afraid of later on in other kinder or schools, we cant have a good teachers to be nice to royee. ya.. i really need to sit down with his teacher to know how royee behave in the class. he is not the jahat one, but then, i know his thinking is different from ordinary children. maybe, he is a rightie, with different brain functions? maybe, we have spoiled him? hmmm.. to be, he is matured in thinking. but then explain to him, he think very fast. rotan doesnt work, to him, more psycho caunseling needed. but then, how many teachers in the school want to spend them n really go n understand the inner him? hmmm.. i thank the church teachers ^_^ appreciate them much!
ok, need to back to the feedback session class. more communication on what u want, what u need to bring better days for u. so not only in the company, to the ppl around our children, n to our children too! we need to practise this. 2-way communication. hmmm.. need to read more to improve my skill on bringing up children in the better way. i hope one day in the future, my children will thank me as a good mummy or something like 'my super mummy!' :p so many things to learn hor.. next weekend is my mummy's bday, thinking to do something special for her, not easy to be a good mother ler.. hmmm money constraint pula.. save more money for the new house.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

my diary with bbb

7:15am wake up
8:10am leave house to kinder
8:30am phone calls to sis n u
9:05am train to kl sentral
9:10am read blogs updates from favorite list using mobile
9:30am working
6:20pm leave office to train station
7pm phone calls to necessary ppl on day time issue
7:30pm reach banting
7:50pm dinner n read newspaper
8:15pm main with shonejay angels
9:15pm preparing them to sleep
10:30pm bbb sleep
11pm i sleep

of course, midnite have to wake up when angels crying.. put blanket for them from time to time. milk for them if they want. 6-7am royee come in the room, changed diaper for him. milk for him. morning, switch tv for them, let them sit quietly then only i can take shower n prepare to work. sometime i take breakfast at home, sometime i pack them in bekal then makan while driving or waiting for train. or keep the breakfast as lunch. dinner time, take quite a long time, coz non stop bbb will climbing up to the dining table or buat hal. eat eat stop stop. playing time with them, sing songs, blocks, story telling, single word teaching. night time, sometime they dont sleep till 11pm+ have to force them to sleep.
expected. when angels staying together, when 3 of them r together, must be very tiring. i enjoy it. so happy when i can start my days with kakak 'good morning mum' n angels smile :) then my parents preparing royee to school, royee singing, n his sisters smiling.. evening reach home, can see 3 bbb standing at the gate n waiting for me.. 'my mummy is coming back' soooo nice!!!
ya.. as my friend said, i shall do this from long time ago. ya.. anyway, this is not too late to do it ^_^ enjoying my days here with our lovely children.. missing u... wish u were with us :*

Monday, June 23, 2008


morning, sending royee to the kinder.

mummy: r u happy to see gal gal staying with us?
royee: happy
mummy: then why u dont want to share your toys with gal gal?
royee: ...
mummy: u must share your toys with gal gal then everyone happy playing ma.. gal gal staying with us then can see mummy everyday ma.. gal gal staying at sgbuloh got no mummy there.. pity or not?
royee: pity..
mummy: then all play together ok ma? dont fight n bit each other ok ma?
royee: ok :)

nite.. royee being rotan by my dad. carried him n sat down on my lap

mummy: u seem like not happy with gal gal.. u want gal gal to go back sgbuloh?
royee: ya
mummy: ok, this weekend mummy will bring gal gal to sgbuloh. let gal gal dont have mummy there. then royee play the toys alone here. no one teman. u want this?
royee: yes
mummy: now gal gal call mama already. coz they have mummy here. last time they stayed at sgbuloh, they donno mummy is what. who is mummy..
royee: mummy is michelle..
mummy: ya.. mummy is michelle. royee stays with mummy then royee knows who is mummy. gal gal dont know. so gal gal dont call mummy. u see, gal gal so quiet, they dont speak. coz at sgbuloh, no one talking much with gal gal. at here, royee has mummy n popo to sing, to talk.. so u still want mummy to send gal gal back to sgbuloh?
royee: bu yao.. (no)
mummy: royee dont think that mummy got gal gal here then mummy wont love royee anymore. mummy loves royee. loves angel. loves eva. coz 3 of u are mummy's bb ma.. so mummy must love 3 of u. cannot only love 1. cannot. they are your sisters. u can play with them. all happy happy ma..
royee: i dont want to play with them..
mummy: mummy doesnt like u all gaduh gaduh one. when mummy working har, mummy will call wai po. ask wai po u all got playing happily ma. if wai po says yes, then mummy happy lo, mummy will suka hati lo. suka hati then can work fast fast. then mummy's boss will say 'wahhh michelle u work so fast, i give u much money lo.
royee: many money can buy lorry..
mummy: ya.. got money can buy toys and bring royee go swimming ma. if mummy call wai po, then wai po says, ohhh, they fighting each other, royee naughty. then mummy will feel sad lo. ni more suka hati. then work very slow. then mummy's boss will say 'why michelle u dont smile de? why u work so slow de? hmmm i dont want to give u money already' then mummy no money then how?
royee: hmm.. i want many many money de wo..
mummy: then u dont make mummy sad la. u sayang gal gal then mummy happy la.. ok ma?
royee: ok..

royee went n took his blocks and shared with gal gal.. ^_^ happily playing.. after 15 minutes.. someone' crying.. hmmm..

happy bbb ^_^


angelina n shone jay

evening.. playing together ^_^

Sunday, June 22, 2008

on lovely sunday!

eva + dora + busuk


royee with 3D spec. angel pula busy putting the spec on my face :p

royee n eva - watching astro children programme

front - angel. back - eva


eva :D

royee boy~

my papa mama were sitting here n waiting for bbb playing at playground

nice hor.. bahagia la~ :*
shonejay angels

angel is pointing at me..

angel + eva
royee was so happy! flying like bird :p

Saturday, June 21, 2008


morning, i woke up at 7am+ kakak was cleaning the door grill. i sat down n talked to her. she told me she couldnt fall asleep for the1st night, the 2nd night was ok. i asked her to tell me if anything she felt not comfortable or tak ok. around 8am+ we went to gerai near my parents house to buy breakfast. kakak hold royee's hand. i pula felt relax. then kakak carried him also, i told her not too, coz royee was heavy, somemore, need to let him learn to be independant. spent much also at the gerai.. now money power is lower.
left banting at 9am+ went to my brother's house at klang with stroller n car seat. given the barang to my sis in law's bb ^_^ then 3 of us, brother n sis in law went to sjmc. so many ppl there. jams at the parking lot. waited for 1+ hour, then only our turn. the staff over there can recall my name :p the dr pun. my sis in law explained everything to the dr, then she went for ultrasound. wow.. i saw the bb moving, n playing with the fingers! sooooo cute!!!!! 1st time i looked at this (our bb always diam diam during check up one).. hmmm.. can we have another bb?? >.<
pizza hut at jj bukit raja as suggested by my brother

secret recipe at giant s13 with my sis on the way back to sgbuloh

picking up angels from sgbuloh. ya.. FINALLY!!! they were happy to see me n my sis. non stop angel waved TATA to grandpa n grandma.. kesian pula to see this. reached banting at 9pm+ kakak slept already. then i change sleeping suit for them, then mana tau royee woke up.. so 3 of them 'playing together' sekejap this crying, sekejap that crying.. hmmmm my mum said, now already pening, how to jaga them for everyday? hmm.. (kakak woke up twice, they were too bising)

11pm+ semua tidur.. peacefully..

Thursday, June 19, 2008


ya, now the house is with kakak. i got to learn many things n have many thot today. reached the agency at nearly 3pm. when i opened the door, a indon gal came n greet me. 'welcome mem' with a good feeling smile. then the staff asked her to do some work. our agent saw me, then she said 'yeni, mem sudah datang, cepat bawa barang keluar' hmmm.. the gal who greet me just now, was our maid. i sat down n settle everything. paid for the agency, n paid for the 'game'.. as what my colleague said, 'now u dah join our club, later on u can share your maid punya cerita'
the agent gave me a plastic bag with some of the kakak stuff, some indon currency note, diary, small wallet, a picture of her youngest daughter, n a set of cloths. the agent asked me to keep these things, dont allow her to take it. wondering why... the agent explained to kakak also, we need to keep the plastic bag. hmmm.. then i said, i dont mind to let her keep the daughter's picture. the agent told her 'mem bagi kamu simpan gambar ini' kakak was so happy n thanks me few times. i know the feeling, when u r away from home, royee n i always look at your picture, n the video clips that u had recorded. quite cruel to keep away the picture from her. non stop the agent reminding kakak what to do n what no to do. 'mesti dengar mem punya kata''mesti rajin'.. before i left, the agent whispered to me, 'your maid quite ok, very polite, each of the customers came in, she greet ppl too' ya.. just hoping she is good... coz i already told my parents, we must treat her nicely n respect her, before we asking more from ppl.
on the way back to banting. i asked her background n family, then i shared mine. love this hear this 'malaysia indah' :) i told her, u were working at jakarta, then she asked, do u like jakarta? i said yes, of course! i love the food :p i told her we have anak kembar. she surprise with that, then said 'mesti lucu lucu' i think, it should be 'must be very cute then'.. learned some bahasa indonesia from the conversation with her..
reached home. she was happy to see royee. i think bcoz of her youngest daughter is same age with royee. hmmm feeling uneasy. i hire a maid just bcoz of want to stay with my children. but the maid must leave her family n lovely children just to fulfil my wish hmmm.. she carried royee, royee malu malu keke.. then she sat down. then my mum asked her to makan. after makan, she asked 'mem apa kerja saya?' then started la her work. she looked for kerja to do... from washing dishes to clean the kitchen..then kemas her room n kemas all the empty plastic bags.. from 4pm+ till now.. (9:26pm) n she is sidai baju now. just now i went out, asked her to rest after this. coz she gonna wake up early tomolo as per the rule that agency set.
so far, she is ok. my parents satisfy with her kerja n attitude. my dad pula worry about her, asked her to take shower la, where is the milo la, kopi la.. want to eat durian or not la. what to buy for her breakfast.. i hope she continues working hard n behave. at least, let my parents feeling happy. n ease their home work burden. n i hope royee dont bully kakak. this naughty boy, went n disturb n hit kakak when kakak was busy cleaning the kitchen. my parents scolded royee. i told royee 'next time if u hit kakak, then mummy will hit u. kakak clean the house for us, then u go n bully her. u r not right. u must sayang kakak' hmmm.. i think royee will continue bully kakak, coz kakak always smile at him, then so soft treating him. hmmm..
ok.. royee was not feeling well. slept quite early. i'm gonna sleep soon. again, no sms n call from u at nite. call u tak get thru. hmmm i told kakak, if u want to call back indon, u let me know. then kakak said she dont have the phone number, coz the agency has taken the phone numbers. hmmm.. agency does a lot of things to protect us. they have their responsibility to us as customers. but then i just feeling this is somehow quite cruel. hmmm.. just now kakak acccidently washed her daughter's photo, can see her really sakit hati. i asked her to keep the photo, n let it dry. hmm will buy her a simple photo frame.. just now before she opened her luggage, she asked me to check. hmmm u know la, i dont like to do this type of kerja one, like not trusting ppl. but then i think this is the rule from the agency, so i pun standing there, tengok saja.. then my mum came in, pun tak check apa, kakak sendiri showed apa yang she has.. hmmm why both parties need to stay together but must set this type of barrier? maybe i am too soft n i am not suitable to be ppl boss. maybe i am too sensitive n i am too easy to trust ppl (but then, not easy to trust hubby >.<) hmmm..
well.. as what my colleague said.. hope this is a beginning of happy ending. ya.. i wish that too! good nite. i miss u dearly!

maid arrival!

taking half day today. picking up our maid. hohoho.. just hoping this is a good n happy beginning. cant wait to bring angels back n everyday stay with them ^_^ no more separation!! no more 1 at banting, 2 at sgbuloh. no more weekdays with royee, weekend with angels. soooooo happy n gan jiong rite now!!! cant concentrate working :p

spoilt brad :p

day before i saw very cute key chains from a shop next to erl station. that nite i asked royee, do u want barney key chain? 'yao!' 'rm5 for each? do u have enough money?''ya! my coin box has money''never mind la, this time mummy buy 3 key chains with mummy money la, 1 for royee, 1 for angel, 1 for eva. ok?' 'no~ 1 for royee, 1 for royee, 1 for royee''no! each of u will get one. cannot u alone take 3, ok?''ok.. 1 for angel, 1 for eva, 1 for royee' ^_^ i think, they will love the key chains, since they love the patung so much :)

dora for eva. piglet for angel. barney for royee

yesterday, curi balik early, coz bosses not in :p went to the shop to buy the key chains. my plan was to buy 3 key chains at rm15. so each of shonejay angels has one. but then.. hmmm i love the sesame street series too! coz of the key chain colors... so soft n nice! n they have 3 different colors! so, with all these supporting reasons, i bought another 3! :p since bbb have 2 bags also. so they can have 2 key chains ^_^

barney for royee. BJ for angel. baby bob for eva

cookie for royee. zoe for eva. elmo for angel

cute kan? rm30 for 6 >.<

ya.. your son.. ini pun mau kacau..

last nite, after taking my dinner. i showed royee the key chains. as usual, he closed his eyes n waited for surprise! hehehe.. then i told him la, this one for royee, this one for angel, this one for eva.... he was so happy to see the key chains, they he brought the plastic bag out n showed to my parents. the way he explained to my parents was like how i talked to him. 'barney for royee, BJ for angel, baby bob for eva...' so serious ^_^

i went to my friend eng's house last nite. with another friend anor. royee brought his barney key chain n the water bottle. in the car, i told him to behave in eng's house. then i asked him to greet aunties la. 'hello didi, what's your name?' he silent. 'r u barney?''no la, i am thea royee la' hahaa.. i like the way he mentioned thea royee.. cute~~~ 'oh, u r not baby bob?''wo shi shone jay thea royee' 'ok ok..'

when reached eng's house. the door was closed. then royee shouted 'auntie!' inside the car. then i brought him down. eng's mother opened the door for us. royee was behave, he put aside his shoes, then sat on the sofa.. so obedient.. talked very soft 'auntie~' hahaha.. auntie gave royee sweets. then makan sate too! after 2 sate, i asked him to stop. coz he was still coughing. once a while, he would go n touch the sate. my friends complained la, why i didnt want to let royee take more sate. hmmm just dont want to let him eat too much, later throw out.. somemore, it was nearly 10pm already.

nice chat with my friends ^_^ i love the simple gathering with great chat. royee was quite obedient also. playing the big truck toy by himself. then we went back at 11:04pm. wow.. so late.. changed royee sleeping suit, then he slept terus...

juts hoping, angels can be obedient like royee, especially at outside the house, at least, we are easy to take care them n less problem or accident happend. hmmm no sms n call from u.. sms to u.. 'good nite laogong' then i also fall asleep..

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

my royee~

when i reached home. again royee asked, 'wo de mummy hui lai liao.. eh? wo de papa ler?' 'papa went to philippines already, will come back after 2 months' 'then mummy u bring me to visit papa la''i said, bring u to see papa ar? very expansive ooo the air tickets' 'never mind one.. we go la...' 'see how la.. see mama got money or not, u save more money lo..' 'ok, let me carry mummy's bag'
evening.. nice view at the back of the house.. 2 chicken were on the tree.. me n royee standing for minutes to see the chicken n the nice view. royee was standing on the chair. my mum asked him to get down when i was away to take my camera. he refused to come down 'wo de mama asked me to stand here one, cannot move!' :p
the season after the summer n before the winter.. it's the fall it's the fall it's the fall~

nite in the room. i asked royee to look up while he was busy with his puzzle.. then he konon la entertained me, 'smile~' after few shots, then he said 'ok la mummy, i want to play my puzzle already' then i pun malu la.. 'ok ok, u play, mummy dont want to disturb u, mummy use laptop, u play your puzzle la'

he completing the puzzle when i was online to HSDPA ^_^

done with 2 puzzle

after completing the puzzle, then he came n kacau me. said want to listen to barney song, then i looked for the song file, mana tau, he panjat the chair, n terjatuh. his face ter-hit the table end! it was soooo painful, he screamed! i carried him n comfort him.. then used ice pack to cool down the swelling part :( then he asked for milk, then he finished the milk, then he slept..

hmmm recently royee jatuh a lot. kena forehead, kena perut, kena face. yesterday nose bleeding sikit coz terkena his classmate head. hmmm last nite royee kena my parents scold seriously. coz recently royee likes to play with water. always basahkan the floor. then he slipped. then kena sini sana. both my papa n mama worried him later got internal injury then hard to grow up. but then for last nite case, it was my fault la. royee accidently jatuhkan the plastic cup, i mop the floor. not very dry. so when he ran, he terjatuh. then my parents started scolding him. bcoz kena his perut, then he cried badly. then he non stop mentioned 'wo mei you wan shui :~' (i didnt play water) .. hmm pity him.

brought him to the room. changed sleeping suit. i talked to him. next time dont play water ok? water is precious. some children at their countries dont have water to drink n take shower. if u continue playing water in the toilet, bathroom and with cup, if the water finished, then mama will ask wai po to let u drink the drain water. do u want that? 'no..' why u like to run in the house? u can run on the grass field, not on the road n the house. when u run on the field, when u fell down, it wont hurt 'fall down on the grass, tong tong de (painful)' i said, at least the grass field is softer than the road. when u run, when u fall down, u hurt your body, then here got scar there got scar like the wall (bring him to the wall n see the painting). u see, the wall, here got a line, here the painting dropped already, nice or not? 'no..' i said ya, when u terkena your head or face, then it left scars, liek this wall, permanently wont be nice anymore.. 'hmmm..' next time dont make wai gong n wai po unhappy, they love u, they sayang u. listen to them. 'hmmm..'

i think he listened to all that i trying to convey to him. just the matter of want to follow or not. hmmm..

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


this morning when we were ready to leave the house to kinder, royee suddenly paused a while n asked 'jin tian ni you hui lai zhe li ma?' (would u come back here today?) 'ya! today mummy will be back here' hmmm i think i dont have sense of secure to our children. they donno when i gonna leave them, when i gonna come back. sometime i stay in sgbuloh, sometime i stay in banting :( in the car, i told royee 'kakak is arriving. when kakak comes, then we bring angel n eva to stay banting. then we all can stay together. so royee has mummy, angel n eva also have mummy lo' royee 'hmm' i continued, 'rite now, mummy is with royee, but then gal gal dont have mummy at sgbuloh. when mummy goes sgbuloh, then royee got no mummy at banting. so when kakak comes, next week mummy bring gal gal come back, then we can together sleep n sing lo.. can sing.. i love u, u love me, we r happy family.. ' sing the song with barney's voice.. then royee smiled ^_^
next friday nite will bring angels back to banting, then continue staying in banting :") plan to go n survey the shops at klang bukit tinggi for house renovation quotation. see if my sis free or not. must be fast lo, dont want to delay anymore. want to build our home sweet home soonest possible.
when there are our lovely children staying, there is our HOME!

Monday, June 16, 2008

love sick >.<

hmmm in the office, not feeling well. having flu.. coughing.. as what u mentioned, LOVE SICK. ya.. start missing u already. no call from u yet. hopefully u have arrived safely in manila. just checked the air ticket to manila, from kl to manila, less than rm649 for july end. got special promotional price from mas. good deal huh. still considering this, rm700 for a weekend with u :p

my love~

semua muka baru bangun tidur :p

gogo n mei mei

watching vcd together :")

15:51 just received sms from u. hmm condition is worse, not like indon? hmmm never mind la, experience is priceless. as long as u r safe over there :) when u free the email me la.. more details about the place n the office..

morning with u..

hmmm.. u r now in the aircraft.. i am in the office, the mailbox server down.. i feel down too.. how nice if everyday could stay with u n the children.. 2 days seem to be too short for us.. anyway, was happy to stay with u n the children.. aiya, no family picture taken :~
u r now flying to manila, philippine.. a place where both of us nver been there. hope everything has been arranged for u nicely. see la, if there is cheaper airticket, will fly over to have a weekend with u :) good care n i love u!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

beautiful wednesday~

just read your mail. u pen off at 5:47am over there. i left banting at around 6:30am. together with my sis. for this week, i go to the office with my sis from banting, breakfast with her at subang hi-tech, then dabao lunch from the chinese restaurant. take 8:10am komuter from batu3 station. hmmm very happy la coz got my sis to teman me ^_^ this morning i told my sis, no matter how busy your life is, do have at least one meal everyday together with your love one. i dont know the reason behind i was telling this, but i just feeling good n ada sense of secure when i having meal together with u. i always sing this song to sleepkan royee 真的想寂寞的时候有个伴,日子再忙也有人一起吃早餐,虽然这种想法明明就是太简单,只想有人在一起不管明天在哪里... that's why, when i read the family target that u set, at least 1 hour each day with kids, and at least 1 hour each day with wife at age 30, i felt touched about it. i missed the time when we have breakfast together everyday at sgbuloh..
reached office at 8:45am. found out that i had left the water bottle at the pantry last evening. went to the pantry, i saw my water bottle has fully filled with warm water. thanks the kakak cleaner very much. i feel very happy ^_^ i thank her. a small action can make ppl so happy, so dont forget to be nice n helpful to ppl around. n she knows i prefer warm water, thot that count ^_^ aiya, dont know how to express my feeling when i hold my bottle wit the warm water, i just feel touched!! n this small story starts my beautiful wednesday. why beautiful? bcoz i have nice ppl around me to cheer my day up, n my laogong is coming back~~!!! i hope this time, no more false alarm.. hmmm..
the water bottle with warm water n love in it :p see the koala bear ma? from 1 of my end users, he went to gold course alone when airasia offered free tickets.. sooo nice! can go travelling alone.. the lotion from bodyshop. ALOE soothing body lotion for sensitive skin. use it when i dont apply the cocoa butter at home. a new one la, my colleague helped to buy during the BIG sale. i love the color of the lotion.. green.. very nice milky green..
yesterday was a busy day for me. in the office, so many urgent + important + confused jobs.. ai.. had our dinner at asia cafe.. yummy yummy food ooo.. so full! hmm inti college subang jaya has new building n i love the new painting n combination of colors. taylor college has new look too.. then on the way walking to take our car, i started thinking where shall i send bbb when uni or college time :p too early hor.. start saving money la, 1 bb rm100k at least. wahhh.. 300k hmm.. opppss..
the japanese octopus ball n ROMEOz pizza.. nice orange juice too!
reached home carried royee. he was like koala bear gantung on my body. he didnt want my sis to kiss him. hehehe so cute.. nite time sleeping, he said, wai po bu ke yi, wai gong bu ke yi, ah yi bu ke yi.. mummy ke yi, mummy ke yi yao.. he only wanted me to buai him sleep.. hmmm..

Monday, June 09, 2008


this is the thick wood puzzle that i bought on 31/5/08 when i went to midvalley toys'r'us with my sis. to buy or not to buy for more than 30 min, coz it was rm89. the quality is nice, the colors n drawings are wonderful.. just the price. at last, i beli jugak :p to let royee get familiar with abc, angels can use it too.

royee loves this puzzle. before i opened it, i told him, this puzzle is very expansive, needs a lot of money to buy it. i told him, mummy dont like u always spoil n break your toys. u must sayang n keep your toys ma. then he said ok. yes, till now, the puzzle set is still in good condition. n he plays it everyday. getting faster n faster he completes it.

M vs W. R vs B. F vs H. D vs P. he confused these...

Saturday, June 07, 2008

when bbb met each other..

click n enlarge it

royee was happy to see angels in banting.. i let angels unwrapped their gifts. the patung. royee singing. non stop hopping here n there. these were the 1st 2 movies taken. after this, wow, non stop running n singing.. can see angels smiling n their eyes follow royee :p happy to see them. hehehe proud of myself :p

royee kissed angel :*

Thursday, June 05, 2008


hmmm u tak jadi coming back today.. hmmm.. ai...
going for lunch. just hoping u r ok there n work hard :)

my family 2007

this is the video clip i made for royee since he likes this barney theme song much. 1st time using the new software. much room for improvement :p while looking at the pictures, he laught n asking, papa ler? when u r not in the photo. then mama ler? when i am not in the photo. tend to do more, with the songs he loves ^_^

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

from sha

Sometime people just don’t want to think further before they say....why have to marry and non theory of you are married and pregnant...the geographical change has occurred regardless of man or women...and yes, you can do what ever you can to maintain...pi slimming center lah...apa lah...but the reality is has CHANGED....

Actually what more important is our problem if it is change or not...but you still healthy....slim also doesn’t mean healthy ma....

Do not live with what people say, live what you belief to embrace in life....I sometime didn’t really bother what people think and say, I am fully responsible in my, I don’t to hear people judgement......

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

reply to u..

"love u and me too can't wait to see u. But dear please promise to take more rest once the kakak look so tired and unhealty during in Indonesia.......i am so sorry and pity your condition and i think both our parent also felt the same also...they are tired"
hmmm feel touched to read this.. ya, i am tired these months. my body is weaker.. hmmm for our better n brighter future, i would have the spirit to handle the families here to my level best. this is the only way to show my love to the family n to u. as what my friend said, kakak cant solve all the problems that we r facing now. yes i know, kakak might bring more issues to us. but then, i do wish that the kakak that we hired r ok to help out much.. just keeping the faith.
monday, falling sick in the office. getting worse in the evening. night time slept quite early. u were not feeling well too.. serious diarrhea.. so i didnt tell u that i was sick too. got shocked to know that i dont go to work today huh? ya.. since u r not feeling well there, dont want to disturb u more.. feeling better now, after i came back from KL in the afternoon. my dad wanted someone to company him to KL, to settle his land issue with the lawyer. taking train from putrajaya to kl sentral. then take LRT train. hmmm much walking, sweat a lot, then that gone my fever :p met my colleagues at kl sentral, luckily not my boss :p
just now u told me u havent confirmed your flight to fly back this thursday :( hmmm pls find a way to make it possible, i miss u dearly :~ cant wait to see u in person. if u r not coming back this week, then i think i cant attend mei's wedding dinner this saturday. no one taking care angels. hmmm see how la. dont want to think too much. u know my blood pressure gone up to 140 after the next day i came back from indon. so as advised by my friend, rest well n dont think too much.
i seriously consider of stop working in 2009. hope by the time, no any special benefits or super good increment to me :p or else tak jadi to become housewife by age 30! oh ya, u told wong i wanted to retire early huh? hmmm... he told this to other colleagues tooo.. ai.. nanti satu kampung tau.. i hope we can settle down soon. been busy these few years, married, pregnancies, houses.. hmmm.. my face condition also gettting worse.. need SKII then :p
ok. want to sleep now. royee sleep already. he has a new hair cut today. non stop singing I LOVE U, U LOVE ME.. after watching the videp clip that i edited for him (with our studio photos).. nowadays, he does speak english 'i'm angry!' (when my mum scold him :p) and play the pretend show of 3 little piggy.. hehehe...
good nite! love u~

dialogues - royee

mummy: baby, want to buy a bigger car or not? so we can bring gal gal n grandpa grandma together lo..
royee: mummy, buy the.. the... the lorry la.. lorry big big can bring many ppl ma...
while changing him sleeping suit..
royee: mummy, u havent switched on the aircond..
mummy: mummy is sick. cannot sleep with the aircond..
royee: then.. later i will feel hot wor...
mummy: then u sleep in grandpa's room la.. grandpa's room got aircond..
(packing his things.. said good nite.. left the room)
came in to my room in the morning...
royee: mummy! switch off the aircond!
mummy: why? u feeling cool?
royee: u r sick! cannot use aircond! (with his serious face expression)
laying on his small bed.. out of sudden..
royee: mummy, we ask kakak come la, can help grandma clean the house ma..
mummy: ohh.. ok.. mummy hire a kakak lo..
royee: hmmm.. grandma feeling tired ma..
i am having flu..
mummy: royee, can mummy clean the nose with your shirt?
royee: no! bu ke yi de.. (cannot one)
mummy: then with your pants ler?
royee: cannot la (start standing far from me..)
mummy: then your diapers ler??
royee: (figuring out something) hmm.. na ge.. na ge.. the towel ok.. towel ok..
mummy: no la.. mummy is lazy to take towel.. use your shirt la..
royee: (stand far from me, advised me seriously) use tissue. tissue can. tissue ke yi..
mummy: oh ya har, can use tissue hor.. :p
mummy: royee, mummy is sick..
royee: take medicine, take medicine then no sick lo...
royee: mummy, i want my blankey (busuk busuk)
mummy: go out n take it la..
royee: mummy u go la.. my legs pain pain oooo...
mummy: where got pain? lazy boy.. go out n take it by your own..
royee: hehehe... (ran out from the room)
in the clinic..
royee: mummy my stomach pain pain ooo.. got worm...
mummy: no la, u r alright..
royee: (fake coughing) mummy, i am sick ooo.. i need to see doctor..
mummy: u r very healthy la.. mummy sick only..
royee: hmmm.. mummy, my head is painful...
mummy: royee, u cant take medicine if u r not sick.. today u r ok. dont need to see doctor..
royee: only mummy see doctor.. royee no sick, royee dont need to see doctor..
mummy: come, we r done.
royee: (with disappointed face) mummy? where is my medicine?? i havent collected my medicine..
in the room.. with the light switched off..
royee: mummy, switch on the light.. wo pa pa..
mummy: mummy cant sleep with the light's on..
royee: it is dark, i feel scared..
mummy: when u sleep in grandpa's room also dark ma.
royee: .....
(after a while.. packing his stuff...)
mummy: where r u going?
royee: i want to sleep with grandpa n grandma.. bye bye..
royee: mummy's car is ok now. grandpa already asked the uncle repaired it.. now mummy can take me out with the car already lo.. :)
royee: mummy, why i dont go to tumble tots de?
mummy: ohh.. u like to go to tumble tots ar?
royee: tumble tots no study one.. tumble tots got climbing one.. exercise de.. singing de..
mummy: if u want to go tumble tots, then mummy also needs to bring gal gal go lo.. needs a lot of money oooo..
royee: use royee money ma.. royee's coin box got many money ma...
mummy: the coin box? so little of money, dont have enough la..
royee: hmm.. (disappointed)
the next day..
royee: mummy, go tumble tots royee 1 person enough. gal gal stay at home..
mummy: cannot la.. all go together de..
royee: royee go alone then dont need much money.. gal gal stay at home, ok de.
angel was sitting beside royee
royee: mummy, angelina ler? i go out n look for angelina.. (his voice is cute when called angel's name)
mummy: hey, angel is here la.. angelina is here la..
royee: (stopped at the door end, puzzled face) oooo...
mummy: go n call eva in...
royee: angelina~
mummy: angelina is angel's name. eva ler? eva's name is evangeline~
royee: evangeline. i want to bite him de wor..
mummy: why??? cannot! u must sayang angel n eva. they are your sisters.
royee: no.. i want to bite eva...
mummy: digu is mummy's gogo, digu sayang mummy. toa-gu is mummy's gogo, toa-gu also sayang mummy.. royee is gogo ma.. must sayang gal gal ma..
royee: hmmm i want to bite gal gal wor... :(