Thursday, April 29, 2010


Am in the train now, left the office early coz I want to visit my mama at the hospital. Just called up the medical center, mama just out from operation theather, at last she has done her knees operation after few years of few years of pain n suffer. Now mama is in the HTU for monitoring overnight. Can't wait to see her, she would be feel better if we r around.

Thanks for all! My papa n digo r taking care bbb at home. My colleagues willing to help out during this month end closing + goal settings closure + mama's operation ^_^ sis shared the leave with me, so both of us can taking care my mama n bbb at home for 2.5 weeks ^_* thanks laogong for completing more housework during the absense of maid :) (ya sometime my expectation is too high for the house hygiene n tidiness that pressured him :p)

Give thanks, to the Holy one, that lead the operation done smoothly ^_^ pray for mama get well soon. Then my kaima also go operation soon, then when I get my bonus, I can bring my both mama cuti cuti Malaysia :D Thailand n indon also ok, with some sponsorship :p

Suddenly, miss my mama so much oo..

My mum contact pic in my phone. Me fatty fat fat, it's ok, when I am 50+, I look like my mama, then I am very happy already :D but can I escape the knees operation ar? Hmmm

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

bbb @ april

tell u, everynight, i can non stop viewing these few pictures for an hour! before i fall asleep.. in the train also i slideshow the pictures.. hmmm i found myself addicted to my children cuteness n innocence :p

my shonejay angels~

angel- doesnt want to cut her hair short, she wants to keep it till waist length hmmm

cute eva, now she is the prefect in the house :p

"mummy, look at me, i am itsy bitsy spider!"

angel loves singing~

eva loves posing :p
she mix n match her cloths.. like how the girls in 'hi-5' wear
i removed the small jacket already.. macam macam :p


This morning again the pretty physically perfect girl park her car at handicapped parking lot. Hate to see this! Yesterday was the 1st time I seen it, ok, she might be late so excused her. Then this morning again she did the samerhing n today she has sufficient time to park her car at the right lot. So this is a bad habit n behaviour! I don't like ppl with no beautiful heart :( spoiled my morning hmmm

Forget about the bad feeling, I have a good story to share. My dad is willing to sponsor my god mother knee operation! So happy! My kai-ma can't really stand n walk nowadays, but still need to ride in bike to work. So this sponsorship is so precious to her n she is so happy n touched when I told her this news ^_^ thanks papa for this :)

give thank to God for all these happenings :)

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010


小雨点啊落水面啊 几个圈圈盼团圆啊
小雨点啊 落水面啊 点点滴滴 链连链啊

I sing this song in the morning. Not sure about the actual lyrics. Preparing myself to work n bbb sitting in the room watching me. They found this song interesting, royee 'mummy, what r u singing?' then I explained 'the 小雨点rain drops on the water, then it creates ripple, few ripples join together, like a family, all united' bbb looked at me n smile, but with puzzle face. 'do u know what is ripple?' no, they didn't know.

I explained it 'when water drop fall on the water surface, u can see circle' they smiled at me only. 'come! Let's go to the bathroom' I showed them how the water drops create ripple. Eye opening to them. I was in the rush actually, but managed to let them learn something new in the tiny time slot ^_*

Parents need to be knowledgable n be prepared for all sorts of questions that children gonna asked. Sometime we need to go into their world, learn about them, then can only get closer with them. However, as a working mother, most of the time, I feel I have limited time to make the session get efficiently. Can only run together with time lo.

Normally I sing a lot, n bbb very fast in catching new words in the lyrics, from the lyrics they learn a lot of stories n meaning of words. See, to my bbb, I am the queen of karaoke hahahaha :D this is somehow satisfied me to enjoy singing eventhough my voice has been categorized as duckling quack quack quack :p

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Royee 1st school outing

Bad weather, my friends asked me don't let royee joined the kinder trip to zoo. Then they told me may get h1n1 or aedes mosquito in the zoo too. Some asked me to follow the bus n go so can monitor royee. Hmmm I can only pray to God for the best n trust the teachers for taking good care of the children. As my papa said 'good! Let them go n learn to stay in team n discipline'. Ya, to let children explore without parents companied, doesn't mean I don't love my bb ^_^

Leaving home at 7am+ he woke me up at 6am+ :)

See, with this happy n excited mood, can I say 'no?' shall I say 'no' to stop him from having the great experience?

In the kinder. 'mummy, take picture, this is my friend :D' after the pic, I told both of them, later take photos at the zoo 'don't forget to smile har'

4 years old gal gal cannot join. But they insisted to follow me to the kinder, angel said 'i must go n say gogo bye bye de ma' :)

Hehehe children waiting inside, parents waiting outside. The scene like parents farewell their children at the airport, where the children flying to oversea for their good future kekeke..

Asked angel n eva, wanted to eat chicken rice or mcdonald, 'mc nonald!' hehe. I asked them, next year 3 bbb also go to the zoo, then mama n ahyi go shopping ar? Angel said 'mama n ahyi go mcnonald la' :p

About 6pm, I got my royee back home safely ^_^ thank you teachers for everything. Royee is holding the yakult drink, am not sure all children brought this back or only royee, coz I told the teacher royee is allergic to vitagen-sort of drink, may have stomachache. So it was good since he brought this back home, I got him to share the yakult with sisters :)

Been waiting photos for the zoo trip. Non stop checking kinder facebook ooo hahaha :P

Life goes on..

Hmm so many feeling n stories to share, but am in the rush, everyday in the tight schedule for everything. Been working together with the team for tomorrow deaprtment workshop n team building. After the workshop, is time for month end closing. 1week without maid, I am the daily cleaner :p so far so good, thanks laogong for helping much, but mum hasn't get used to this change. Weekend music classes also skipped for few classes, hope everything back to normal by may. Sunday school n sunday worship, we never miss :) n this may16, me n bbb need to perform for the mother's day at Sunday school. Every night we practice the songs.

This few days I always have this thought, if I am a maid, I can get outstanding rating from my boss ^_^ tak tau malu one, but I really feel that I can get everything done tip-top! 2ndly, when I get older, I hope my attitude, behaviour, words won't hurt my children n won't make them tired mentally. I do hope, 1 day in my old time, my children love me n happy with me, as now how they feel towards me :)

Tata. Train reaching station, gonna start being busy in the office!

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

my 31st bday!

13042010 celebration~ :D

lunch time with officemates at zen

dinner at kl hilton chinese restaurant with sis ^_^

sisters LOVE in kl hilton hotel :*

9pm cake cutting at zen with sis :D

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Blue blue cute avatar :p

Because of kak tina-my exxx supervisor asked me to stay cute like avatar keke then I told her I gonna wear blue on my bday..

Then I got ym message from Normah this morning, asking if I am wearing blue? So, I snapped the below pic in rush!

Ya! Am wearing blue today! Hehe taken this pic in the car, train coming, so rush, till I forgot to close my mouth hehe so tunjuk gigi :D no red lipcream yet, coz normally I use versaline in the morning to treatment my lips, then color it when I reach the office. So many pimples hor hmmm..

just bought this sunglasses on last sunday, together with sis. See my hair in brown? Now I am in the midst of changing my hair color from red/magenta to brown. Need another 2-3 times the only can get rid of the red color on my hair end.

So kelam kabut n sent bbb to the kinder. They brought the candies pack. Teacher said 'today is mama's birthday aaa? Sheng ri kuai le!' I feel shy shy in the car kekeke :p last Sunday my kaima called me, asked if I have any bday party at bkt31? I said, 'I am 31 ler, not 3 ler..' but now, my excitement is like celebrating 3 years old bday ooo hahahaha :D

Today is my bday!

00:08 sweetiemich, happy birthday ya!!! Keke syiok sendiri :p a quick post before I fall asleep, 6 hours later I need to wake up n be the 'cute cleaner' :p my new role :D just done my face mask, who knows later in the office ppl want to take photo with me this bday gal, so try to be at presentable stage :p

Ya, this year bday am looking for it, tak tau malu one I asked Asmiza to spend me lunch today.
N guess what? I been talking about it since April fool day :P

This year bday is a special one ^_^

Thot to buy the bag for myself - my favorite brand lesportsac but.. I have 2 handbags now, spend much money on something which is not using frequently, rasa rugi pula.

I really like this when I 1st time saw it at klcc. Snapped pic only la. Free one :p
If I kaya enough, I would buy this for my gal gal ^_^ n match with the one that I like :p
I have my love one enough lo.. Laogong n bbb :*

N ya, the heavy 62kg gift - as mentioned in sis blog post.
She given herself to me as a lifelong gift,
coz the existence of her in this world is to company me - my mum used to say this :)
ok la, accept la, boh kira one :p

Jiang! Jiang! Jiang! Jiang! The BEST gift that I chosen for myself - at last, I got myself baptised as Christian on 4 April 2010 ^_^ this is my wish n to-do list since I was small - when the time I went to Sunday school every Sunday like my bbb doing now. So, new chapter of my life starts in my age of 31!

Well, let me stop here before I start non stop typing, suddenly feel so excited about my bday pula keke. I have prepared some sweets pack for kinder students n teachers, so I need to make sure I can finish everything at home, n bring bbb to school early, if possible, I want to follow bbb to give the sweets to all the teachers. Small token of appreciation :)

Thank you lord for giving me a happy n smooth yesterday ^_^ again, I wish myself 'Sheng ri kuai le!' good nite.. 00:30

Monday, April 12, 2010

without maid

Laogong emailed me n asked me, what u have done till midnight yesterday? Below is my reply..

'Last nite once I reached home 9pm+ then bring all things down from the car,

Wash milk bottle
Bring tilam to the room, ask gal gal sleep
Bring in all the dry baju from outside, n hang them to respective rooms
Ask royee to susun kasut, n prepare their school shoes
Prepare baju sets for bbb, for noon n evening (my parents go hospital, my digo jaga them)
Pakaikan sleeping suit for gal gal, bbb want me to sing song..
Practice the Sunday school may presentation song n action
Switch off the light, ask 3 children to sleep in the room
Cuci pinggan mangkuk
lipat baju
Bbb sleep, I go mandi.
Bring all dirty cloths to washing machine n wash
Then 12am see digo go back liao, so I sapu n mop lantai x2
Go n clean the kitchen, see the dapur so oily, then I wash it
Then sleep around 1am+

Morning 6.50am wake up, mandi
Sidai last nite baju
Wake bbb up, mandi kan them
Give them milk
Ikat rambut for gal gal
Prepare water bottle
Change my cloths, n ask them to wear themselves the shoes
Then bring them to school at 8.20am (very rush), sing a short song along the way
Drive blur blur n eat the vege kuih papa bought for me
Ngam ngam reach train station at 9am
Sleep in the train, once buka mata, I reached sentral already
Now at work.. my hands are so dry..'

Last night before sleep n this morning before left home, I made sure I follow all that I need to do for my FACE! Moisturizer, eye gel, anti-aging! I need miracle water for my face n mineral water for by tired body. Over the weekend busy in bkt31 then half opened eyes in Banting, now I have more things to do at home. I like to do housework by my own, then I get the result up to my satisfaction level. N I am the type of person, who easily get addicted to do housework :p but limited time to sleep may affect my performance in the office n 'on bed?' :p

I am ok la to do everything, just hoping my mum can get used to the day without maid. In fact now I feel more freedom at my own house. Need to adjust everyone time schedule n to do list, everything gonna be alright. At least, I have 3 little cute helpers who help me much :D I need to set time for my rest hours, I don't want to yawning in the Sunday worship n my bible almost dropped few times in the 1.5 hours..shhhhh.... Must sleep early in Saturday nite, no more sacrifice sleeping hours frequently.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The night

No I can't forget this evening
Or your face as you were leaving
But I guess that's just the way
The story goes
You always smile but in your eyes
Your sorrow shows
Yes it shows
No I can't forget tomorrow
When I think of all my sorrow
When I had you there
But then I let you go
And now it's only fair
That I should let you know
What you should know

I can't live
If living is without you
I can't give
I can't give anymore
I can't live
If living is without you
I can't give
I can't give anymore

Tonite is not an ordinary night. Tonight is the final night my maid stays with me. Few hours later my 1st ever maid will leave bbb n back to her bb. No matter how the end part is playing, but I can't just deny the beautiful story scene in the beginning n middle parts of the show.

Back in year 2010 when I finally couldn't stand with the journey between sg buloh n Banting every weekend twice return trips, n need help from sis n sacrificed her paktor time, while my laogong was away working in oversea; with the maid, I got bbb stay together at Banting, no more separation. So many leisure time I been having to go shopping, try nice food, pampering myself with the maid help. I thank her for all the help n care to my parents, bbb n myself. May God bless her n her family ^_^

Just came back from karaoke with sis. I sang 'without you' in the dark room. Sis controlled for not shouting my voice out :p somehow this song makes me think of the leaving of the maid. Almost 2 years hmmm... I can cry in the rural service when my college time I went to bidoh for few days. This, 2 years n staying together day n night. Last evening, I ym laogong, suddenly I felt down because if maid leaving :(

'But I guess that's just the way the story goes' I shall sleep now, 00:53, 10am angels music class, 11am+ bring kakak to the agency, then send her to the airport. A new chapter gonna begin in my age if 31 soon :)

Friday, April 09, 2010

Lalat pakai pamper

Found this so cute! Children children, their wild imagination n creative ideas always challenge parents knowledge n experience, sometime, I come to an extend, hold my bbb 'eeeee babyyyyy' coz I don't know how to answer their 'why' :p good thing is, normally they smile at me, so I am not that malu :p

Friday again. As told me, in Islam, if u find the time flies so fast, it is one of the symptom of 'the world is ending' hmmm I told her, with so many natural disasters here n there, ppl dies by villages n regions, the world has been ended to this ppl who lost their homes n families. Night before, a video clip in the earthquake news, a woman cried out loud 'my brother! My home! My home I have lost my home!!!!!' I cried in my heart :(

Last nite I cried in my dream. In my dream, my papa told me he left not many days, so he asked me to talk to my sis 'get her to arrange her wedding soonest possible, doctor said me got not many days left' hmmmm what a sad dream :~~~

Thank God, this morning my papa happily shared with me 'see, my legs water retention has been reduced, here ni' more swelling right?' I pressed here n there 'ya! Here normal already!' then papa said the new medic the doctor given is good. I read the info, it is meant for blood pressure control. Maybe the medic that taken by that previously are not suitable for him, then got side effect. Went online n search the info on this new medic, today I have learnt, blood pressure medic has 4 groups, different group has different side effect, from coughing to more urine till giddy n water retention ^_^

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Family message board

Since we were very small, our house is always having a White board as a reminder board n also family communication medium. Eg we write bday wishes, festive greetings, special messages to someone who is travelling.. The mostly use for this White board is: a wishlist board!

Since small time, when we ask something from papa, my dad would say 'u write on the whiteboard, i will consider it, when the time come, I will buy for u'. So everyone of us, including my mama, we write what we want eg what to buy for breakfast, colgate n soap, to my computer n mama's vios! Anything la..

Yesterday, royee asked my papa to buy him biscuit, my papa asked him to write on the whiteboard 'u write la, if not, wai gong forgets' then we found this on the board..

2 packets of t-bits - the crab pillow biscuit n the prawn slice. My mum found this soooo cute! Asked me to snap picture ^_^ I wonder if royee will draw more eg motorbike, toys... When he can get the t-bits after he drew it :p

btw, u can see me written there 'lunch box' - whenever I prepare lunch box for the next day, I would write on the board. Sometime I would get additional note next to 'lunch box' eg 'i have added few chicken nuggets' or 'more fish for u' all these messages are from my mummy, ohhh got a time 'i have added fried egg' from laogong :p when morning I see the message, can u imagine how warm n touched my heart is? Sweet!

remember when my eldest gogo's 16 bday, morning when he woke up, he didn't see any bday wishes on the board, he found so sad when he left the house to the school, he asked my mum 'why mei mei never leave any message to me?' my mum told me that, so I faster prepared some 'treasure hunt' for my gogo to get his bday gift :p my mum told me, when my gogo got my handmade card n gift, he was :D in tiew family, bday celebration is BIG n special day to everyone ^_^

Now we have a whiteboard in bkt31 too. I found this is so good for a family to strenghthen the family members relationship, n reminders, notes, messages, wishes and LOVE ^_^

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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Jesus loves bbb~


Jesus loves me! This I know, for the Bible tells me so.
Little ones to Him belong; they are weak but He is strong.
Yes, Jesus loves me! Yes, Jesus loves me!
Yes, Jesus loves me! The Bible tells me so.
Jesus loves me! He who died, heaven's gate to open wide;
He will wash away my sin; let His little child come in.
Yes, Jesus loves me! Yes, Jesus loves me!
Yes, Jesus loves me! The Bible tells me so.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Sis dialogue

In the room
Eva: last time when we were small, we didn't know how to hold the milk bottle hor
Angel: ya lo
Eva: now we are big already ma, we know how to hold the milk bottle, so we don't need kakak to help hor
Angel: ya lo
Angel: just now I stepped on your foot, now I say sorry to u har, u don't cry har
Eva: ok, I am not crying anyway
angel is singing..
Eva: let's pray before we sleep
Angel: (stop singing) I am tired already, want to sleep
Eva: pray first
Angel: I want to sleep already
Eva: pray first then only sleep la
Angel: don't want to pray, I am tired
Eva: pray!
Angel: don't want!
Eva: pray!
Angel: don't want don't want
Eva: pray pray pray!!!
Angel: don't want dont want don't want hahahaha
Eva: pray pray pray la!! Dear Jesus, angel mdon't want to pray!
Angel: Jesus slept already, I want to sleep also, good nite Jesus
Eva: ....
Eva: (whispering) ya, pray. Dear Jesus, ...
Angel: eh, u r praying ar? Praying ar?
Eva: ya
Angel: ooooo ok
22:35 (now)
Eva: I am big already, I go to the toilet I don't need mama hold me
Angel: yes meh?
Eva: yes la, I am tall enough to do it by my own
Angel: yes meh?
Eva: yes la I can flush the toilet, I am tall enough. I am 4 years old ma
Angel: u r 4 years old meh? Not 5 ar?
Eva: eh eh eh I am 4 only, 5 years old have to do homework de
Angel: har? U got do homework ar? I got swimming ooo, I go swimming 1st
Eva: then only I go swimming
Angel: I walk slowly ooo
Eva: I bring t-shirts ooo
Angel: (holding the toy handphone) hello? Hello!? Ah yi? U see ah yi not talking
Eva: (got the phone from angel) ya, ah yi don't speak de? So quiet la
Angel: yalo, ah yi don't want to talk la
Eva: I am ah yi
Angel: u r mummy
Eva: no, i said I am ah yi
Angel: u r mummy, have 1 papa, 1 mummy..
Eva: have gogo jiejie didi meimei
Angel: wahhhh u so li hai aaaa
Eva: yala have so many people aaa. Have so many teachers also.. Teacher wong...
Angel: ahhhhhh! Don't want to talk already, I want to sleep, good nite!
Eva: here is Banting, klang has jaya jusco
Angel: jaya jeco
Eva: no, jaya jusco
Angel: jaya jusco. Ok la, I want to study tomorrow, want to sleep already la, good night!
22:49 they are still chatting, talking about who read newspaper, need money to buy newspaper... So many topics they chat, mummy can't follow them, mummy tired already

Angel is singing twinkle twinkle little star, mummy want to sleep lo, good nite! ^_^

Ps: eva is singing, angel asked eva to stop
Angel: hello? Hello? I am talking in the phone, u don't make noise har
Eva: ....
Angel: (talking to her toy phone) ah yi, are u there?

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Monday, April 05, 2010

Angels bb

Both angel n eva were chatting..
Eva: now we don't have baby, when big already then we have our bb la
Angel: yala when we grow big then we become mama hehe
Eva: I want have 2 babies
Angel: no la, 1 only la
Eva: I want 2. 1 boy 1 gal
Angel: I want 1 only.
Mummy: (busybody) u want gal or boy baby?
Angel: gal
Mummy: ooo (imagine my gals becoming mummies..)

These 2 gals har, so many topics nowadays. Sometime play the teacher-students games 'say apple' then other one 'apple' :p in fact, 22:28 now, they are still talking n singing. Laogong just came in the room with an apple..

Eva: don't eat apple in the room
Angel: no, u go out..
Eva: later your mouth got worms
Angel: yala, later your teeth no more, your mouth no more, your eyes your nose your body all no more THEN HOW?
Eva: yala.. How? How?
Non stop pilipala these 2 gals. Laogong keep quiet only.

Ok I want to sleep already, they still playing 'i am mummy, u r papa' games.. Hahahaha just heard this
Eva: u r mummy, u r laopo, u wear like laopo la
Angel: yala yala I am laopo now..
Eva: eh!! Laopo, I can see your panty la, your skirt is short! (btw, they are wearing pyjamas, how come got skirt har? Wild imagination!)

Let me snap a last pic of tonight.

22:39 angels sitting on books n let me snap the pic ^_^ good night..

P/s: 'mummy, take photo for us, our houses are very beautiful' 22:58

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Bbb on Easter day

Easter day special Sunday school, both English n Chinese class combined. Bbb enjoy the worship n mummy is so happy to see this, mummy sings loudly too :p

Bbb in the White n blue jeans

Jumping up n down!!
Can see angels motor skill is yet to fully established, the actions are not really synchronized.
So cute to see!

'who havent got the egg?' so many students, teachers are kelam kabut ^_^

Eva - my ms dora n her goodie bag n art work
Bbb brought these back.
Good babies, promised mummy to keep the food n drink till the following day :)
Colored by royee
Angels do the pasting job

Eating the boiled eggs. Only allowed them to eat the eggs, coz the eggs can't be kept.
Royee: all other food n drink are in packaging, so we keep it la ^_^
Night time. Let them eat the Easter chocalate eggs that given by laogong's lady boss.

This year, bbb know what is Easter day, n the reason we celebrate this special day ^_^ 1st Easter day celebration for mummy too!

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Friday, April 02, 2010

Good Friday

Today is good Friday. No kinder class for bbb. This morning I asked royee, u know why today u have a holiday? He playing the iPhone n said 'bu zhi dao'. I told him the story of Jesus being nailed n burnt on cross n etc.. Laogong 'ohhh like that aaa' then I asked again 'today holiday is to remember who?' 'JESUS' ^_^

Easter gifts from laogong's lady boss to bbb.
Thanks a lot! The big egg is very light, can really feel it is an egg!

I put the eggs in the mini baskets, the handcraft done by angels in the Sunday school class sempena Easter day

Been well preparing my heart for this Sunday baptise ^_^

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