Wednesday, January 26, 2011


alone sitting here in the restaurant, waiting for my fish fillet yee mee. sleepy.. so better eat at outside, reach home check bbb homework, then can sleep lo. 19:51 hmm wonder if bbb still awake when I reach home.

what I am up to recently? hmmm slowing down in fb, suddenly don't feel to share much, to avoid cctv maybe. will update more in blog. but when to get more time to sort out my pictures har?

recently, I spend time in composing songs especially kids songs, sing the motivation songs together with my bbb happy! :D sis asked me to write few sad songs for her to sing :( hmm grey..

I spend time in writing notes n diary too. n I want to start training my bbb to write or draw their diary. from royee 1st I have given him a sketchbook :)

thinking on work out the plan on selling the children cloths, just for fun. hmmm see how la.

ok, eat 1st ya!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

am pm

my days are beautiful ^^

this is organic breakfast from colleague. pumpkin carrot soup. a warm soup before meeting hmmm~~

evening on the way back home. sometime I got the chance to see beautiful sunset. the harmony colour combination made me smile to the sky :)

happiness are with me ^^

great day :)

checked my phone picture gallery, I have many pic hadn't shared with u :p

chose this movie to bring my bbb to go cinema, coz they been listening to the movie songs 'tian tian hao tian' ^^

bbb. going to cinema like going to venting highlands, they bring their own jackets ^^

ya my mummy. she kept telling 'the last time I went to cinema was before I carried bb oo' 20+ years lo

now go cinema with grandchildren :)

my family :p

my mama n sis. sis looks pretty on the day :D

after the movie, laogong brought bbb back home. then gals shopping fun started~

Monday, January 17, 2011

little tortoise

送首词给你,在龟兔赛跑里,胜利的是不放弃的小乌龟哦. 愿你开心天天:)

written this song for my bbb especially my shone shone n angel baby. tearing while writing the lyrics. recently, I see both of them working really hard to challenge their body limitation to work to the best.

I want to let my bbb know, be humble, be brave, you gonna celebrate the victory at the final point ^^

love pics

angel did these last night.

I loveee this :) I look slimmer in this pic hahaha

angel's foots cute!

reaching the office. I have done cny cloths shopping for myself, bbb n mother in law. later on, will go for men - laogong, father in law n brothers in law. home deco for cny done. simple n RED :p

morning flowers

bought the cutie flower pots. asked bbb to prepare note to their teachers. they choose the memo pad colour paper, n start designing the LOVE note


from royee. I can see a boy, flowers, sun, clouds. then a question 'human = ?' :p

at the back, many many hearts n red love to teacher :)

this is from angel. she taken longest time to prepare this. she shared her sticker with teacher. I can see a happy gal, sad sun, clouds, grass ^^

Eva taken the shortest time to prepare this. a teacher with a bag happily goes to school. sun, clouds, flower, grass as background :)

ya, going to the school lo~

Sunday, January 16, 2011

practises make perfect!

recently laogong is hardworking in guiding bbb in playing piano. can really see children piano playing skill n interest improved! n laogong has build his interest in playing piano, now he can play with both hands for the music text book :)

Sunday morning practice

pic taken by gal gal. royee concentrates nia :)

am learning to play this song 'the essence of love' n I will teach royee to play it. will teach bbb to sing the song :)

many x's L

ya, went to 2L fashion house yesterday for the 1st time, hmm spent nearly rm500 :S total bill with my sis n mum nearly rm900. this is so called spending 'in control' few more nice dresses I didn't buy.

some of the cloths I bought. at there, am consider middle sized fatty :p so u can hear this 'miss, can u get 1size smaller for me? this is big' kakaka :D

more stories at my sis's blog

Friday, January 14, 2011


你是我的主 引我走窄路
高山或低谷 都是你在保护
万人之中唯独 你爱我认识我
永远不变的是 这一生都是祝福

一步又一步 这是恩典之路
你爱 你手 将我紧紧抓住
一步又一步 这是盼望之路
你爱 你手 牵引我走这人生路

listening to this song 恩典之路 last night and this morning. am feeling lost. I need companion. thinking, if being MYSELF is not right? if telling the truth n sharing my thought and concerns would ppl care or curse? hmmm big or small tasks we also need to put in effort, coz we are serving God not serving ppl. maybe, my thinking n attitude is not suitable in the political working environment. n then, I get hurt.

well, last nite I got myself checked, I am in the right track to make myself stay happy n comfortable. so, TGIF! am going to enjoy my weekend :D well I have tried to rush to take the earlier train, but the slow traffic cause me late by 1min :S so I will work longer time then only start my today half day leave! will bring my bbb n mummy n together with sis go watching movie lo - Great Day!

yo! yo! cny coming, office is in red. this weekend will get my bkt31 in red cny deco too :p want to look for n laogong cny cloth, done for angels. myself, hmm bought a dress online, it is big for me >.< ya, u heard me right, the size is large for me, need to get tailor to alter it.

pic snapped by eva. the dress is quite loose, so i look lagi larger size :p bought it online.

snapped this pic at petaling street shop. went there with jessie for office cny deco ^^

Thursday, January 13, 2011

kick it!


last week I found the reason for me to handle my parents feeling n health concern with care. this week I realise the need for my time commitment n effort to guide my bbb in their grows. today, I found the rock in my career for me to concur! so, is time to kick start my 2011 ^^ wow this is not too late :)

this week, both royee n eva completed their semester assessment for music class. proud of them ^^

little gal who always having emotional attack in the class, can play the full song on stage :)

my little tortoise knew he was slow, but he didn't stop n rest like the proud rabbit. 3 mths additional classes and lots of home practises, royee played the song with both hands proudly on stage finally! thank to laogong for her effort and kiss royee for her no-fear-of-failure spirit :*

dont worry angel, mummy is here to be with u n let's together to encourage your little fingers to shine like stars a day soon :D

thank you Lord for being with me. amen.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Elo monday!

aloha!! long time no see :D today is diggers-on-the-road Monday, there were 6 diggers I overtake this morning when I rushing to the train station :p

early morning Eva taken my iPhone for games, so I missed the alarm rang, n I woke up at 7:50am. bbb not even taken their shower. 4 of us kelam kabut in the morning. still, we managed to sing 3 songs together in the car :D

eva's colouring in phone :)

reached home 11pm+ last night, hope after today, there is no more old-new data verification for the sap transformation. been working on non working days, I missed many things n can't settle my to-do list.

many cups of coffee n tea I been taking to make me stay awake during the not-enough-sleep days. can't even recall clearly what had been happened from 24/12/2010 to 9/1/2011. hmm

this morning pic! with monday uniform. with my full face of pimples :~ it won't help how many bird nest u take, how good the anti-ageing skin care u are using, if you don't have quality sleep hours. somemore water retention, look so ^O^

well, reaching office, a nice day ahead!! tata!

pic taken last nite at klcc I-center - when final data checking done.

Monday, January 03, 2011

2011 1st day schooling ^^

red red siblings :)

they wake up early, happily prepared themselves to the school. I was wearing red shirt too! royee said 'chinese new year oo' I said 'royee is in Samuel class, angel Paul class, eva Joseph class' they said 'mummy maxis class' :D

hmm mummy is now in the train, going to maxis class :( morning at kinder, see children, see cutie faces; later go to the office, see stressed faces n lots of reports clean up. hmmm mood switches fast..

hope bbb are happy in the kinder, learn to be good children, be a good one n enjoy their classes, especially for royee, this is the 4th year for him in this kinder. see him happily gathered with his classmates, i feel warm :) guess that, this year I gonna tearing a lot coz royee graduates :p

still in sick. hope I get well soon.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

2nd day of 2011

overslept :S woke up at 7:30am then kelam kabut prepared myself to the office. reach the office at 9:30am hmm no aircond >.< still we start the system migration preparations data checking.

breakfast from subway, lunch from mcD - now I look like burger :p finished the data checking for today, we have another 7 days to continue doing things like this. then I prepared the KPI report for my team, to wrap up our 2010 productivity.

nearly 5pm. decided to go klcc for cny cloths shopping, jessie followed. so 2 if us jalan jalan. to relax ourselves too, year end closing really stress us out.

like the blouse colour..

like this sweet blouse too..

the colour n design is nice!

but end up I only bought this design. price is much cheaper, quality is good, cny feel, grandma must be happy with this :p

called up laogong, how much is your budget for their cloth set? guess that, we can only get rm100/set. and 2 sets for each baby. wahhh I need rm600 for bbb cny cloths? hmmm let me go some other place to get something more valuable.

money eater monsters are coming out for cny lo...

Saturday, January 01, 2011

happy 2011!

laying on the bed with laogong, watch the fireworks thru the window, sweet beginning of new year :)

then here come the silly joke I made in the 1st few minutes of 2011 :p

I sent 2 wishes SMS to family members n best friends :p 1st is to wish everyone happy 2010, then the 2nd one HAPPY 2011 ya!!! :p

kakakaka my mum, my laogong, my sis non stop laughing oooo :p silly sweetie wishes everyone