Friday, June 28, 2013

2806 busy brain

Today suppose to be a super busy day for me at work. After a dramatic start of the day with my bbb, I brain cells are busy cramping my head..

Since last week, angel been saying dont want to go to school. Until today only I know the real reason behind. She couldn't find her 2nd mathematic activity book and teacher punished her.

In the car, I telling them this sentimentally 'you all don't trust mummy. All happy, unhappy, good or bad stories, sharing, punishment you all don't share with mummy. If there is any problem, you keep it in your heart, then you try to escape the problem. Why can't you share with mummy and we solve it together? we seek for help together? We pray together? Mummy is so closed relationship with you and you can't share with me, then who else you want to share your story with?'

This is sad. To me, this means that I failed in mother's role to gain my children trust and I can't give them sense of security to protect them.

After sending them to the school. I turned back home to look for the book. 'thank God!' I said this with my watery eyes. ya I found it. So I drove back to the school. My effort is not pampering my girl. I just wanted to let my children know, as long as you share your problem with me, I try my level best to solve it for you in a good and right way.

After few layers of registration and school stamp chop and teacher signature, finally I got in Angel's class and the class teacher talked to me. Quite long..

Basically, angel is in her own world. She doesn't have sense of urgency, worrying.. She is 'unstable' in mental and emotional control. So sometime you see her very good and happy, sometime she is so sentimental and dramatic @_@ many stories in the class teachers shared with me, she can't even wait for the actual parent-teacher meeting day >_<

Well, every challenge in life is a learning path to us. I am not a medical student, but I have chance to learn more on those professional knowledge through my children medical treatment. My china sis in law always saying this to her friends 'my dasao teaching and taking care children in scientific way' ya, become non-licensed doctor kakakaka :D

See how la. let me settle today office work. Today have a 5km walk. Hope I can make it tonight, as last night reaching home late, standing next to the treadmill, 'shall I spend 1 hour to get myself sweat out then another 30min to cool down or I go to sleep and have better focus the next day?' So I choose to sleep :p got do legs stretching and carried dumbbell la for a while only ^0^

Have a peaceful Friday :)

Thursday, June 27, 2013

2706 back to school!

After few days off days due to serious haze condition, today children are back to school in a mummy-gone-mad morning @_@

The boy complained his tumble lost. Then complained about me not giving him water to drink, he would die because of thirst! Siao! Thought of being a good mummy didn't want to scold children in he morning, after few rounds of complaint - hey! You didn't bring your bottles back then you complain about me not giving you water? Go and look for other bottle and prepare for gal gal as well!

hoh!! After scolding the boy, went up to the room, seeing 2 girls were still sleeping >< crying to wake up, crying not to go to the school, crying for dont know what reason.

Last last you see thing like this. Yes, after 5 offdays, the girl doesn't want to go to the school because of not doing homework.

Last night when I was mopping the floor, she was so relaxing, stretching legs exercise and reading comics!

After borrowing pencil and eraser from the siblings, I written all answer for her, she copied then we finally reached the school 'on time'. Teacher somemore checked her watch to make sure the time it 'on the dot'. Hohhh!!!

Just hoping they have a happy childhood with lots of freedom and words from mummy >_<

So, what's new today? When I parked my car at train station, walking to buy ticket, I heard lady shouting! I thought of someone stealing her handbag and ran away. But it didn't seem that way, the girl was starring the ran away motorbike with angry faces. When I went near to the lady 'you know why I scolded the man?' I have no idea, coz I saw her purse was with her.

'The guy was masturbating his dick on his bike!!' Oh! Shocking answer. 'Haiya! Why can see girls passing by and do this thing at the roadside, go back home watch the porn cd better la, the girls are more sexier la'

In fact, we need to beware of this. As I told my sis, what if one day the guy comes and disturbs girls? Hmmm.. The lady said 'when I scold him, he smiled at me somemore. Then I scolded louder then only he ran away'..

Hope today will be another good day :) these few days i got bad headache, need to use medicated oil that serious, as I can't take pain killer. Night time I sleep not well. Always wake up around 4am. Work stress I guess. Tomorrow will be the final day then this project complete! Hope for smooth ending of this project, then I can continue to complete another mega project.

Happy Thursday :)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

blue sky


Sometime, there are someone in our circle of friends are facing some difficulty or not so happy situation which we dont know until we catch up with them or they come to us. Sometime when we send out a simple message to friends 'Hi, how are you?' The replies from friends might be different.

Sometime, normal chit chatting between friends can lead to more serious stories of our friends. So what I am trying to say is, we might not be able to meet up our friends often, but we shouldn't stop messaging or checkin our friends latest update. I admit, in this effort, I am not good enough, always telling myself I am busy with my family and children, in fact, a simple message sending out is less than a minute.

Lately I have a friend who is facing complication in marriage. Shocking news to me on what she has been going through. I don't know how to help her out, so I seek guidance from my cell group members. They given me few numbers.

Today if you come across my blog. If you or your family and friends are having some personal or family or mental concerns that need someone professional to listen to, you can try the above numbers. If you search on web, they are many counseling units provide help and free consultation to needy. The above numbers are part of the big group.

Am happy my friend follow up to the psychiatric and seek professional advise. From her sharing, she understands her own condition better and this is somehow calm herself to move forward. Women need to love ourselves, sometime we hide our not so happy stories down in our hearts. This is not right. In fact, it is not easy to face all the sadness alone. I have gone through some not so alright journey, sometime in the midnight, still staying in fear and crying alone. I told my friend, I might see the psychiatric too when it is necessary, sometime, our sadness or fear just need a professional end :)

Remember, rainbow is always come after the rain. Then you see sunshine too. The purpose of this post is, stop get depression or frustrated with your current living, if it is not up to your satisfaction level, go out and share your stories with girl friends as they might have 1001 similar stories to share with you, from there you see how other people facing their difficulty. Or, if more serious condition that need professional advisor, you can try those non profitable units or paid clinic to help you through the challenging path of life.

Thank you. Hehe. Finish reporting on what I been wanted to share. Reaching station. Tata!

Don't forget to love yourself!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

25062013 haze tue

Are you wearing mask?

This is the cutie pie version of mask model :D

Not easy to snap the cutie pie version

Sis hold both of her hands.. But end up she pulled the mask off from her face

Frustrated. She would wonder why all my house adult are crazy for whatsoever reasons ^0^

This is ganas version!

Today the school is off too. Get laogong to send bbb to day care center. Non stop reminding them don't go for outdoor play. Wearing mask and drink plenty of water.

Last night me and bbb were talking non sense and laughing non stop on my bed. Suddenly we felt suffocated. Double checked if all the windows were closed. Then royee told papa we were feeling not ok. Laogong brought in the room this..

The air refresher. So I asked children fast went to sleep. Sleep enough, not easy to get sick in this bad weather. So, this air refresher working hard in the room and glow in the night. Feel better after that. No wonder some of my colleagues are looking for air purifier units.

My mama took care bbb yesterday - the special haze holiday. See the spoil brat doing what in the mall..

They went to the bookstore..

I know, they ate a lot of nice foods..

Companied my mama go for foot massage.

This article talking about - parents loving each other, children won't be suffer. When you complain about your children are naughty, not behave well.. Have you ever ask yourself 'how's your relationship with your spouse?'

Last night, when setting up the air refresher, laogong talking something which I feel not comfortable. Before I slept, I said this to him 'can you please respect me in front of children?' Hmmm.. Sometime we forget or take advantage for not treating our family members with good manner and respect. This is not right. Ppl feel more worse when being hurt by closed family and friends. Ai..

Hoping one day, laogong can see my value in his life. Sayang me like how he loving and caring me when I was his sweetie cutie pie ><

Have a good day! My face started feeling itchy here and there. The air quality is not ok :( I seen my friend got red eyes too! This morning Eva complaining her chest pain..

Hope we see clearer sky soon.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Bad haze day

Children off day coz of bad haze condition in klang valley..

Sis sent me this. Her friend snapped in kl.

This is the pic my colleague helped me to snap to reply to my sis. This is the window side from my workstation.

Now am in the train. Once the train open to let passenger drop off, we smell the haze as feeling not comfortable. Look at outside, very blur view. I hope, school will be off tomorrow. Worry about those children and teachers working in open space area.

Dry cough. Laogong is down with fever and sore throat. Thanks to mama to help me take care bbb today. Or else I would bring bbb to day care.

See this book cover in fb. If you didn't get hurt, you don't know what happiness is :)

Stop typing. Once get down the train I non stop coughing and not ok to breath.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sat dinner

@dragon I

We ordered quite a long list. My purpose of this meal is to release my 'frustration' of being a working mother in some 'tired moment' :p

Pic by my mum

Shyuan and grandma

Before food served, the little devil doll must sleep 1st :p

Pic grabbed from my sis wechat

Ya, we used all these pictures to let Digo jealous kekekke..

Refreshing desserts ;)

My mama likes to snap pic and collage the pic then upload to Facebook.

So we got pic like this..

And this grabbed from mum's fb

Old old pic of angels... Can you imagine round faces like this..

Can become this? :p

Am in ballet dancing studio. Feel so sleepy @_@ haze condition is worse today :~

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Haze day

The air quality is way too bad. Started feeling not ok. Dry throat. Flu. Dry eyes.

Sleep and wake up to remind laogong send children to classes. Sleep and wake up found laogong sleeping beside me, no one pick up my son in drawing class!

Take bath then go to downstairs. All empty dirty plates and bowls for breakfast are on the table! 2 girls watching tv so relaxing. Scolded them. "Who are you waiting for to clean all these? Maid? Mummy is not your maid!"

Pick up son at around 12pm. He wanted to have lunch at restaurant. Hot weather I guess. Went to vegetarian restaurant, full house! The boy insisted to wait for seat. Can't wait for it, rushing to send angel to ballet class.

Ok I got him to eat in the car with full aircond on. He was happy about it. After eating rushing back home. Angel should prepare herself for me to pick her up. But she was not!

Fire is on! She was still in her slow motion looking for bag and socks or whatever la.. Class started at 1pm, and we were just about to leave the house..

Today I just not in a good mood. Feel to get out from the house. Feel to travel. Feel to escape. Office work is still in my laptop. Household works are waiting for me. I am just way too tired and feel imbalance! Seem like I am alone awaking in the house. All are in their dream world happily.


Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday evening

In the train...

Feeling bored coz don't know what to do - don't feel to be in fb, don't play games, no seat for me to sleep, can't listen to voice messages sent by family members.. No blog from my sis hohhhh.. The most frustrated situation @_@

Friday evening, am carrying a hand bag and back pack with laptop. Still thinking to work from home on reports or going to the office for papers work..

Thinking what sis going to cook for dinner. I feel to eat fish for this week.

Tonight we have cell group fellowship. Thinking to try new recipe to come out with finger foods for tonight supper. At the same time, clear stock of my wrapz and cheese ^0^

Lately my mama posted many old friends and family pic in Facebook. Sometime, I feel not comfortable when see the pic of my grandpas or ppl who have passed away :(

These are the few cute pieces :)

Do you use wechat? Lately my mama, Digo, sis, ersao and me are on wechat.

Most of the time, we talk non sense! Digo likes to bully sis, sis teasing Digo.. Mama normally saying when she comes to visit us, what we want her to bring. Ersao so far only telling us 'I want to sleep already la' in her cute tone :D

Google nice blog posts on Taiwan travel. Wahh feel to be there ooo.

Told sis, try to plan our trip to those rural areas so we can see local ppl live their lives.

Of course, money gonna spent much on fooooods! Above pic is highly recommended - ice cream scoop with dont know what popiah wrap :p

How nice if I have enough money and months of time, to compile all my photos especially for those pic snap from my pregnancy to my children now age or 7 and 8. It would be much better if those pic compilation can be done at beautiful countries around the world :D

Many pic that I like lately I haven't fully share out. Still pending - korea trip, may family road trip, office team building.. Pahang bukit tinggi trip photos have been uploaded under papa and mama pressure :p Like all these series sets of photos as most of the pic snapped under the warm hot sun! :D

upcoming I have few travel trips - Northern 1st audit trip (finding way to escape, too many travel la :p) Sabah business trip, Taiwan gain weight trip, china visit kampong trip.. Guess this is enough for 2013. 3 oversea trips dah. Annual leave and money are insufficient.

Suppose to have walkathon thingy with my family and sis in this Saturday. Ya, my sis joined healthy activity (unbelievable!) because of the unhealthy haze condition, organiser has postponed the event. Hopefully the new date won't crash with my all other plans lo.

My bro in law gonna have wedding ceremony with his china wife. They have done the ceremony in china last year. So this round, would be in malaysia ^^ busy year end for me ooo..

Anyhow, I want to take good care of my health in the busy schedule. Dropped a lot of hairs!!

Ok, enough talking without topics :p tata! Reaching station lo..

Have a nice weekend!