Monday, July 25, 2011

recipe for happiness

papa is having diabetes and sis is having infection - no sugar or less sugar for their menu. every weekday morning I prepare vegetable soup for papa, so he has more choices and colors for breakfast :)

pumpkin + carrot

bitter gourd + pumpkin + black sesame

papa and brother have high blood pressure too! so ingredient choices are to reduce bp, blood sugar level, increase good cholesterol ^^

weekend I bake or steam some sugarless or less sugar recipe, or non sugar added homemade soya bean or bean soups so papa and sis can have variety of food choices :)

red beans + barley + red dates

banana + dark chocolate chips cupcakes

bbb are exploring on new food and vegetables, so I always make way to add vege or new food to their food. besides, we can do some art work in the kitchen, cute shapes and mould for the vege :) Eva is after her eyes surgery and she has bad digestion system - more carrot and oats in porridge or meal ^^ royee is difficult to try new food color and taste - so devil mummy always blend pumpkin and cook 'yellow porridge' or any special colours porridge :p angel is not fussy about food, she eats everything ^^

mixed herbs added roasted chicken for homemade chicken rice ^^

laogong loves soup and curry, bro in law doesnt eat fish. bbb likes rice. sis wants less rice... for my mama, she only eats what she loves to eat, no control no restriction one >.< so I help to buy more food supplements for her. joint formulas, hormone balance, multivitamins...

for myself, not much demand. family members are in the pink of health, then I have the best recipe for my happiness :D

ps: feel free to share with me good and healthy recipe ya. easy steps better, new beginner ma :p

Saturday, July 23, 2011

praise dance class

been wanting to pay a visit to this class held at the church I attend weekly. the class is in Saturday 8:30-9:30am.

last night I slept early, so this morning, we managed to go to the church, and see this.. wahhh a group of old and young are doing exercise and praising God as well! :)

am lucky to have children who are very good attitude in learning and they are very proactive and supportive on new skills and knowledge learning.

for all the music class, drawing class and ballet class, all are requested by them. my colleague said I spoilt my children, hmm maybe you don't know, for the classes to be enrolled, I would at least let them wait and ask for 1 year. royee music class enrolled after 2 years of begging. drawing class a year. ballet class since age 2+ and 5 years old only confirmed.

the only 2 classes I would force them to go if they sometime are lazy or tired - kinder class and sunday school :) these two no tolerance. but 98% classes, I have no problem with them, they prepare themselves for their chosen classes ^^ so I shouldn't be complaining 'oh, how tired I am to take care my children' right? :p

so after the trial class for the praise dance, we have decided to go for the class every Saturday morning. royee said 'mummy, I want to join the class! not only we can have healthy exercise, we can praise the Lord too!' angels 'ya ya! me too!'

although 3 of them weekend classes are at 3 different locations, but I will arrange the schedule so children can get involved in healthy and fun learning lifestyle. with laogong help then should be ok ^^

8:30 - 9:30 praise dance
9:30 - 11 royee drawing
10 - 11 Eva music class, angel ballet class

yo! at least I have something for myself now :D and so lucky one, I can have class with my children now hehe :p may get my sis to join to, so we can have breakfast together when angel is in her ballet class ^^

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

sunny yellow day ^^

after a week of leave taken, yesterday in the office was a bit busy with those pending works and emails! now everything needs to be back to normal routine and wait for next follow up for eva's eyes.

today breakfast for my papa and myself - tomato + carrot + cashew nuts + oats + flaxseed + mix herbs

durian season. myself and papa eaten lots of durians. angel and Eva love durians too! bcoz of this, guess that papa's blood sugar level gone high. the wound on his foot is not ok for weeks. hmm...

my Digo married already! a very happy news for tiew family :D this is the drawing from Eva to my Digo and sis in law. can see the bride carries the flowers :D

night time drawing by royee. he loves to draw, but don't have great technique. I love his imagination and creative thinking. 'together we go to the church with your heart' can you see the heart man? :p

morning drawing. he is happy with the transformer pencil case set given by his music class teacher after his performance in graduation ceremony :)

time flies, 2 years junior course done. now he is at advanced class. asked him want to stop or not, he wants to continue. so continue paying money and sending him for his interest >.<

about our online store, we do it for interest. but then after few days no enquiry and business, our passion ada kena siram sikit @_@ we know everything also start from 1st step then slowly only we walk straight then only can run. so wait for our 1st customer to turn up. as my sister said, once we have the 1st business, then we can close shop already hahaha :D

ok. better work hard in the office, since online store no income at all :p

Thursday, July 14, 2011



1st working day of the week. thinking of last night and this morning I been having hard time to put the eyedrop and eye cream for eva, am tired and worried about her post-surgery condition. guess that her emotion status is not good, last night she just colored the piece of paper with only pencil. so we can only see grey-black on the paper. no drawing but color till both hands got black too. hmm. too small for the ops?

she is still having double vision. but the distance between 2 points are close. hope this is temporarily condition after surgery. the eyes are red, and her eyes looks tired.

pictures taken as requested by her, want to see how serious the eyes are then only want to put the eye cream. last night she sings 'thank you papa mama' :) hopefully she can feel our love and care for her.

eyes got swollen.

closed and eye and completed 5 homework. with 1 eye, she won't see the shadow.

hmmm.. will arrange the meet up with the specialist to train the brain to use the eyes muscles effectively. the surgery is not the end point.. more meet up and training to go.. lining up I have angel's weak fingers to treat..


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

the change

12072011 is my gogo 37 years old birthday, and the day when Eva needs for a change ^^

6+am we are ready to go to the hospital.

at the registration counter at day care surgery, the cream is to numb the hand skin

take her weight. she is 18kg today

change the gown

take the blood pressure and pulse reading

waiting to go to the OT

small slippers for her at the monitoring room

while waiting..

she is in the cooperative good mood :)

this pic taken after few minutes away with mummy. in the OT pre/post waiting room.

after cucukan.. after this, away from mummy n gone for the surgery..

kisses for u Eva :*

9:54am waiting eva at sdmc

a day to remember

11072011 big decision I made for my gal

Sunday nite we overnight at bkt31

Monday morning I bring her to see eyes specialist. in the car, she discovers the front speaker made sounds

in the hospital. when focus far she has double vision, so she stands near to the tv n watches mr bean show

I gone for breast ultrasound at the same time. feeling not ok with my left breast. result is the bijih in my breast harmless.

confirm the schedule for her both eyes surgery 12072011

reached home at 4pm we slept till 8pm

hairwash for her as requested by doctor. few days after the surgery cannot wash hair.

simple action, but both of us know, we do it for a purpose. my heart is heavy.

conditioned the hair. after this, she goes dinner with papa - 7 sticks of satay n ketupat.

asking for durian too. have to fast from 12am. durian is the last meal or the day.

prepared her for the operation. the class teacher called too.

she is a very strong gal. she is ready. once she knows the surgery day is confirmed, she non stop comforting herself and praying quietly. having confidence with her :)

as what the teacher said, for this young age to go thru this, she gonna have different mental development in the future. ya, I hope she is strong n tuff in the future. and I hope, my decision for her is right. pray for the best ^^

Friday, July 08, 2011


e-ha! Dorae-baba is here! hehe doraemon + alibaba :p

konichiwa! o-genki desu ka?
genki desu! anatawa ekaga desuka?

:D this is what I teach my bbb in this raining morning. 'hello! how are you?' 'good! how about u?' in Japanese language. if I am not mistaken la har :p

sometime I would think that what I learnt in the past is very useful when I become a mummy. songs that I know, stories that I listened, news and silly jokes... all can be shared with bbb especially when I want them to sit still and behaved :p last night I shared with them why we eat rice dumplings in duanwu festival and day before, I told them the 3 dogs in my life ^^

this morning I read for them the news about the mad man went in the kinder with parang. hmmm the world is full of crazy news. look at the crying parents, can't imagine how they feel in the 6 hours - children get hurt? hungry? scared? hmmm sad.

today am in blue shirt n jeans. thinking of my left breast not feeling comfortable made me headache. one comes with another. well, life challenges, take them and overcome them, then feel the blessing and grace of God's love :)

morning half day having department communication session, afternoon half day will sit in auditorium to get inspired by Malaysian great woman.

no roadblocks today, what a surprise. see ya!

office laptop current autoset wallpaper :)