Tuesday, January 28, 2014


28th January, February, March are forever my special day in life!

Today is 28012014, this special goes to my lovely sweet dearie little sis ^_^

Shyuan: wait.. Yima, who are you talking about?

Hmmm sound a bit not right.. No feel no ummpph >_<

'Yo! Today is my crazy deeply madly devil sis birthday!!' Would this sound better?

Shyuan: ya! Ini baru betul, this is definitely my mummy!

Yes today is my sis 30 years old birthday. From a very stubborn young girl to a stubborn mother of 1, time flies, her wisdom grow, and temper doesn't change much :D

Of course, now we have cutie shyuan baby to challenge her mother's patience and limit ^0^

Not easy for sis to take care her baby most of the time, all by herself as husband is busy with career.

So sis becoming matured and know how I been feeling as a working mother and 'poor' wife who been expected to be a super woman!

Shyuan: Wow. Yima and mummy are super woman!

To be super women who need to have the strong characteristic to protect the family and soft spot for husband and children tears..

We need gateway for fresh air! For inspiration and support! For encouragement and feel loved! So we need travel therapy!

When we are tired.. We need to rest and pause.

When we need to recharge our mind and soul..

We spend money and see the world!

It is a blessing to have a sis to company for all the ups and downs. All the helps and comfort she rendered, all the laughter and silly jokes she shared, support and encouragement form each other, ears and hearts for each other..


I thank, I like, I support, I love my mehmeh <3 happy birthday to her! And I surely know, we will continue to company each other in the coming days and years, to realise all the wish list and dreams :)

Opps this present is not for you.. Let's have our passion together! Jom makan! :D

Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday lo!

Am now catching my breath in the train hooohhhh... Been wanting to explore a new route to the train station, suggested by my sis to follow 'the route' so finally I tried it this morning. I jammed myself in the long queue of the cars for 30min! And yet, I was just 1/2 of my journey @_@ I made a u-turn, follow my everyday route and I managed to got in this not so late train after the train driver reopen the door for me huh~

Shyuan: so, yima, you are telling my mum giving you all this hassle and cause you not enough time for breakfast la?

shyuan: ya yima, I agree la, my mum is like this lo, see when I got a big swelling on my forehead she still posing and snapping photo only @_@

Poor girl, thought the comforter was the bed, jump over for a good night sleep then started crying and screaming! Big mandarin orange on her forehead ;p

Before this she was happily playing with angpow packets :)

Now I don't have much of babies crying moments. Bbb are less crying now but fighting! Hmm different age different headache children given to parents.

Last night in royee's bed time prayer, he wanted God to give his sis confidence and strength to change her bad attitude. Royee becoming matured come to standard3. He packs his school bag before sleep, no pending homework, helps sis to pack school bags and helps me to boil hot water everyday ^^ hoping he will be a good man :)

Tomorrow children will have school replacement class, sis will go to work as part time cashier, I will be nanny for baby shyuan to babysit her. Will bake new year cookies by this weekend and get the house ready for Chinese New Year ^^

'Dont worry, my ang pow won't follow the market trend, there won't be price hike for the angpow' :D

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

21012014 Tuesday

From happy new year 2014 to happy Chinese New Year in just a blind of eyes. Wow time flies!

So now is time for cny! Red red ong ong Lai ooo hehe

Do this with my colleague

Fire crackers DIY. The outcome is very nice! Plan to do one with my bbb for our house deco. Will share pic of finished product next time hehe

These horses done by my office uncle hehe. We got a lot of these. Plan to do this origami with my Sunday school children :D

Hehe before we put this up to the office entrance backdrop.

So are you ready for cny?

This weekend gonna buy some foods for next Thursday family cny reunion meal at my in law house. Will look for some nice recipe for the big day!

Last weekend I cooked pumpkin seafood pot for my dad in law bday party. Hmm seem not appreciated by the group maybe my in law family is not fancy on seafoods and pumpkin soup. So I myself got many bowls throughout the night :p

Got my sis help on fried wantan and fried curry fish fillets. Guess what? I like curry leaves very much! So we have double curry leave for the recipe hehe.

Pic on my dad in law bday. See so many dishes for this meaningful day. All from my mum in law, youngest sis in law and myself :)

Happy birthday to you~

Happy to see my mum in law smiling ^^

My youngest sis in law feeding my dad in law the bday cake. Cute to see my nephew looking at grandpa hehe.

All grandchildren are with grandparents. Sometime I do wonder, how many children and grandchildren am gonna get when I snap my 80 years old bday photo? :p

Remember angel did ask me this question..

Angel: mummy, can I not visit you after you die?
Mummy: yes, you can, as long as you treat my nice and love me much when I am alive
Royee: (scolding the sis) aiya.. We will meet in the heaven ma why so bother about this..

Am still happily living then my children talking about sending me to the old folks house and pray or not praying me when I die ish!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, January 13, 2014


Good morning~

Was having my breakfast in the mamak restaurant, sharing the table with a Chinese uncle. When he was about to leave, the waiter asked me what drink I would like to have. I shake my head. Uncle looked at me then packed few packs of nasi lemak and left. So I finished my tosai. When I wanted to pay the bill, the restaurant boss said my meal had been paid by the Chinese uncle. What a surprise and I thank God for having a good man to start off this beautiful day. The feeling is great!

Was thinking, uncle pity of me for not having enough money for a cup of tea or coffee? Or we have a chance to share a table and have breakfast together? ^^ anyway, thank you uncle :)

'A brand new year, let me grant you 3 wishes~'

Hmmm what I want for this new year?

These are royee boy's wishes
1. Got no.1 at school so he can be scientist
2. All family members staying together peacefully, healthy, happy
3. Become a rich man so he can help the needy

How about me? Mummy wants to continue be the beloved queen of bbb :D btw, where is papa in the picture har? I found this drawing in Eva's exercise book.

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Good start 2014

Today Facebook friend list newsfeed update, mostly are on children back to school stories or 1st day at school experience. When many colleagues taking leave for the 1st day schooling, my children are independent enough to go to school without my companion :)

Pic snapped this morning. All are wearing last year uniforms. Royee even wearing the std1 shorts till now, std3 - good quality of the short and in body size :p royee losing weight right before school holiday end, so he looks good in shape today :)

As usual, Eva is the slowest.. Last night she insisted to place the alarm clock next to her pillow, however, this morning she was the last to wake up unwillingly. angel's eye looks ok, although the eye ball is still in pinkish after 3 weeks of her surgery. May try to continue her ballet class soon.

Hehe morning look of us :) with this new phone, many pic is unedited version, like the originality of photo presentation.

Eva is 3cm taller than angel ^0^

Angel said, wanted to give her old uniform to baby shyuan. Hehe I don't think shyuan's mummy want the old cloths la :p

So what's you plan for 2014? New resolution for this wonderful brand new year.

Obviously for the country, we have many price raise for many things :( I hope the company can adjust our salary :~ talking about new resolution, ya, my sis is working on her BIG plan.. again! :D wishing her all the best as she really shoot up her body weight lately. Worried about her health condition. For me, losing weight is no longer my every year resolution hehe anyhow, I am now the lightest among my mum and sis kakaka ^0^

Come across this money challenge idea. Feel to give it a try for 52 weeks money saving.

Looks interesting huh? Can get RM1378 in the end of the year and maybe, buy a computer or camera for myself? Hehe..

This is children version. May encourage children to do it.

Have many things to do in my 2014 todo list. Will put them down by this weekend. Basically, all to-do are around my roles. A new role for this year - I am a Sunday school teacher! Will share more with you after this weekend official teachers meeting ^^

Hope you have a brand new start of 2014! Happy new year!