Wednesday, May 29, 2013

2905 music class

good morning Wednesday! am in the train, sleepy @_@ last night I brought back my laptop so work till late night. to be continued later in the office. not to say I am hardworking, this is sort of commitment on the project workload. can't stand with many pending work and let them unclear..

these few nights, I been busy with royee's music concert practise. there are 3 solo songs to play, but he - know 3/4, 1/3, 0 >< I don't know how to guide him, coz I don't know how to read those note :(

last last, I snapped photo and get help from royee's teacher. look at the time stamp, midnight still need to be disturbed by parent and student... pity the teacher >_<

when royee telling me all these while, the 1st note was MI, then we together look for the right MI - upper, lower, middle... shocking reply from the teacher was - it was a SO! then came out this jargon to me - treble clef and base clef @_@

when a dont-know-music mummy needs to guide a music-not-so-ok son to play well for the concert performance, the only effort is - YouTube and google! so I listen to many piano playing video clips on the same song, then I google the music note on the staff..

the bottom part should be base clef note.

wonder how those students can remember the note in different situation

pening @_@

however, practises make perfect! can see improvement from royee's playing. I just hope he can play well in complete songs on this Thursday concert night. no time to touch on his group performance too :~ as 3 solo songs, he can play only 2. thanks to the teacher willing to spare some time for us for practise tonight. so I will be on half day leave today to bring royee to the evening class :)

videos on royee songs playing can view in my Facebook. I like the way he focus in practices. feel guilty for not paying full attention to his music classes all these years ;(

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

today is Tuesday

good morning Tuesday!

got a nice thosai breakfast with sis, tummy is full! ya, I got scolded by sis this morning, coz when she was about leaving the house, I was still ironing my blouse :p 'if you want to tumpang then you get ready early ma!' kekeke last minute think of riding with her so I can chit chat with her ma :D

so what's on for Tuesday?

today sure many company staff going to Gloria jeans nearby for a cup of drink :)

coz Tuesday is ladies day! you will get 30% off for all the purchase of beverages in the house :) for ladies only la..

snapped this last week when I went to the coffee shop for a cup of refreshment :p while waiting for my colleague to help some office guys buying drinks - so guys pay cheaper ^0^ snapping all the boxes and share with you the ingredients of each nice aroma cup :)

sound sweet..

sound nice smell..

kopi kao kao?

may try this next time..

dark coffee?

can try this too

hmm not so fancy about vanilla

Swiss water taste?

indon mellow flavour

rich but mild?

complex coffee

this was my choice of last Tuesday purchase! lately I alway drink black coffee without sugar, just plain dark coffee. however, for last Thursday, suddenly thought of drinking something sweet. so I got this. not bad. quite nice actually.

simply catch 1

simply catch 2 :p

hehe free advertisement for Gloria jeans. I have my Starbucks card, so I seldom go coffee bean and Gloria jeans. last time I didn't drink coffee. now, getting matured and wiser :p I drink black coffee.

a cup of black coffee is about 20 calories compare to mocha 300+ normally I buy black coffee or latte kosong for myself or colleague. 2 of us seldom drink sweet drink :) when you get use to drink without sugar, then you feel less guilty for your drink choice ^0^

you got shocked when you see this chart of pearl milk tea calorie >< so now I seldom drink milk tea. even there are few shops coming up eg chatime and share tea in my office area, I shake head if I see ppl drink ice preal milk tea in the morning as their breakfast. no good ba..

tata! have a good Tuesday!

Monday, May 27, 2013

27052013 Monday


are you waiting for my blog post? see see and wait wait but no new update?

hehe.. I got a long post, save it in the online folder, so now can't complete it using my mobile phone.

this week is the final week, I shall handover my current post job scope, before I start my new job scope from 1st of June. still carrying a project over to new scope, so slowly I will get myself to accommodate the changes.

ya, got a job rotation to a post which I don't know what to do at all! the feeling is like a fresh graduate 1st attempt to new job. but I am not that young now :~ hopefully I can catch up new responsibilities fast, at least I can contribute to the new team soon.

sometime we are just greedy or I would say I don't appreciate good things happen to me sometime. last time, when I read on the presentation update for the new team, I would envy it and say 'wahh how nice if I can join this team and handle bigger project like them' higher achievement, broader learning scope. 'wahh how nice for those staff who can travel on business trip then can see other offices in nationwide, at the same time can eat nice local foods!'

now, boss assigned me to this team to replace a leaving staff. so I got the chance to do what I been 'dreaming' for, have chance to travel more frequent. then I start being coward @_@ I worry I can't do well. I worry I fail myself in the new team.

boss told me 2 things 'you don't fight with ppl ya. then you don't make me shame ya since I have strongly recommend your name. work hard!' hmmm.. the way boss talking like from a father or a shifu to the junior. let your fly up up but you must grab the chance and do to your level best. start feeling the pressure @_@

for a refresh trip last long weekend does help in releasing my pressure. take it easy for everything, slowly, I am getting out from my comfort zone, slowly, I will be in the battle of new learning and growing ^^


Thursday, May 23, 2013

23052013 ^^

good morning!

just taken breakfast with 2 officemates, great start for a working day before public holiday :D it is a blessing to have girl friends gossiping together in the lovely morning :p

laogong asked for my girls details to buy them insurance. last 2 years he bought for my boy. now for these 2 angels. last time, when I was 'young', I didn't feel much about insurance, why we need to pay monthly to get ourselves protected. but lately, after my mum's knees operation of rm45k, which insurance paid for the bill. on the other hand, my god ma was having the same need of knees operation, but because of money matters, she had to wait and stand the pain for years. thus, my thinking is, if we have insurance company to help out to lighten our burden, then in the critical stage, it is somehow a relief.

my colleague has been in the hospital for a head surgery. now the condition is getting better, however, the big sum of medical fee has caused the family another big headache. as of last week, the bill was rm62k and what our normal yearly company coverage is about rm20k. see the huge gap? few cases of this, I have started to rethink about the need of medical insurance. but, all this thing, I leave it to laogong to handle. I don't know policy an premiums related issue much :p

live life to the fullest. don't get yourself stay in negativity. pls jump out from the negative mind set once you feel yourself is down or depressed. life is too short to be wasted.

happy Thursday! be happy! ^^

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

2105 Tuesday

good morning :)

found this in office mail
'the foolish person seeks happiness in the distance; the wise person grows it under his feet'

this morning I told bbb. pls study hard from today! I am not asking for top class or top result for bbb, but I want them to have opportunities to learn more and grow wisdom. in the school, they have student placement according to the students ability, thus, for book fees or activities book orders, they have it by children knowledge level too. thus, I ask bbb not to drop to lower class, as I hope they can see and explore more.

yesterday, suddenly I thought of children education fund. in 10 years time, my bbb will enter university. ya, all in one goal! how much I can save for them in these 10 years? if I manage to save the tuition fee, how about daily expenses? thus, I asked children to play their parts too. study hard and get better result, so they have higher chance to get scholarship in the future. I don't want their dreams stop because of money matter. they seems to understand, hopefully they have actions on this :)

colleague given me below postcards, guess, which is my choice?






'one day, I hope I can fly with my wings' am under pressured lately, this share more in other posts. quite busy at home and in the office. good thing is, today measurement, I have lost some weight >_< I need 'miracle' for this transition period so I can move to higher ground soon :)

happy Tuesday!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

16.05 appreciation

this morning I shared this to my bbb:

when I was in std1, I finished my homework fast. for Chinese writing, racing with neighbours, we played and completed homework together. there was a replacement teacher came to my std2 class for 1-2month attachment. a simple gal with Dora the explorer's hairstyle. Ms Chong. she encouraged students to write nice Chinese words, she rewarded student who got A star in writing. at 1st I ignored. then I felt to compete with others so I can get one small little gift too. I tried for few times, I was not eligible to get the gift. it was the last day of ms chong in the school, we had no class from her to get the previous writing book result. so there was no chance for me to get the small gift..

when I reached the school, ms chong was bringing her packed stuff to get in the car. she saw me, she asked me forward! I was surprised 'xxx, I owe you a gift! you got A star in your writing! :D you have improved a lot!' she korek korek her luggage, she gave me an red apple eraser! then she told me this..

"we must have nice writing. Chinese words are beautiful, when you write the words with detailed heart, then you make the words and yourself more beautiful :)"

touching! till now, I can't forget ms chong who was in purple on her last day in the school. from then, I write beautiful Chinese words.. ahem! :p

now look at my children writing, hmmm, my requirement is - at least you need to write your name nicely and clearly to see and read. your hand writing can represent you. if a man have nicer hand writing, he attracts more admirers ^0^ coz to me, you need to write words with good attitude and patience :)

good teacher makes students feel warm and being respected. good teacher says supportive words to encourage students to walk firmly in the journey to success. good teachers are always being remembered for years!

thanks to all the teachers in my life and my children growing path! :)

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

farewell thought

so many packs of nasi lemak are yelling..

eat me! eat me! :D

that was breakfast for yesterday simple department farewell party to 3 leaving colleagues. I like the invitation card design for this round, share with you if I remember about it :)

for the farewell speech, one of them saying 'it is not an easy decision to leave this company after 15 years of working in this company. I will rest for a while. will be a housewife. be a full time mum' she ended her speech with tears in happiness.

my eyes gone wet too. 'a full time mum' I been thought of that to. I told the colleague who sat next to me, in my 5 years plan, I shall stop working by 1.1.2013. today 15.15.2013 am still working. think of the household income, think of daily demand from children, think of inconsistency of spouse career and health, think about the need of children to have mummy as companion all the time...

lets imagine this. if I was a full time mummy..

as usual, wake up at 5am+ prepare breakfast, then wake up children. make sure they bring all the books and materials, tumblers, belt/socks/shoes are on, then drive them to the school. waving bye bye, then I drive to the morning market nearby for fresh vege+fruits and tea break kuih-muih for myself at 7am+

reach home, sit down for morning news reading, drinking fresh soya bean drinks and breakfast, then starts some laundry and put the cloths under the smiley sun. bake some tea break dessert then prepare lunch. around 1pm, drive to the school to pick up children.

2pm children take bath, eat lunch, tv time, mummy wash the dishes. 3pm homework doing together, spelling practise then tea break with homemade dessert. evening go to the park or swimming pool for some workout then come back home. children take bath mummy cook dinner.

dinner together then school bag packing. story telling then sleep. children sleep, mummy fold cloths, wash dishes, sweep and mop. treadmill workout, take bath then sleep.

hmm.. this is normally I do if I take leave to rest at home. it is about the same with my daily routine as a working mum. except the journey to the morning market till the evening workout with children. routine like this, is all for the family and children. household is clean, children are more healthier with homecook dish, children score better in their spelling/ting xie/ejaan. then less chances for not remember to bring this or that, mummy has plenty of time to wait for their slow motion.

depends on the children age. 5 years ago, I wanted this kind of living. coz children eyes are only mummy. mummy is the world! for today, my age 7-8 children, they ask me don't disturb them when they are watching DVD, being 'creative', reading, playing piano..

maybe I has became selfish, or maybe the house is not daily taking care by both husband and wife. if everything is on mummy alone, mummy is seeking another exit for some space to breath. if everyday only housework and children, then where am I? how about my needs? if I want to get income from working from home, then I am gonna busy too, then only body staying home with children, get them eat and enough cloth to wear, then I only busy with my own business?

this morning sis shared what mum has told her about 'why don't sis stop working and taking care her own children to build good characters of them before they gone worse?' hmmm is that really helpful if only mummy is back to the home? I am confused in fact. when I am about to grow myself in my career, then this sensitive question again pop up. I told sis, another 1-2 years, my children are at the age of playing computer in their own rooms, or mobile phones chit chatting with classmates, visiting friends house.. if I stay at home, what should I do? a housemaid to make sure the house is tip top clean and shining? I don't think my laogong would hire a maid if I stay at home, so I can do what I want. hmmm...a question to think about, in some another time..

these few days, my head is spinning, not feeling well and too many things to think of. hoping, with the limited time slots I given to children, with my biggest effort to teach and guide them, they can succeed in their lives and make the family proud of them. as of now, I share many news and stories to them, because I interact with friends and colleagues, if I am a home stay mummy, maybe my stories sharing would not be this colourful then.

Friday, May 10, 2013

1005 Friday

aloha! how do you do?

am sleepy but I don't get a fengshui seat to nap in the train :p so I blog :D

ya, Mother's Day is coming, have you planned and prepared something to surprise your mummies? I know few gals around me are 1st time celebrating Mother's Day with their little bundle of joy! :D my sis is one of them ^^

sis asked how to teach her 9+ mth daughter to be obedient and well behaved. hehe I don't know how to guide you, coz I am having problems with my bbb too ><

ya, my 3 monsters! now I am phobia to go to meet their teachers, most of the time, I receive negative feedback that make me headache @_@ 1 is too weak non stop crying, 1 is over violence and punching ppl :~ another one, being 'obedient' and isolated in the world of books and begging to skip school classes almost every week :~

giving them hope, they give me headache >_<

I know most of the mothers gone through all these challenges. so I will continue to be my level best to cope with all up and down, surprises and tear drops in the motherhood. to all mothers, gambatte!!

happy Friday!