Thursday, July 31, 2014

Perth trip 2014 - part4

..continue with day2 story at fremantle..

It's all here, the fun is finding^^

Spending quite sometime in fremantle market.. A guy offered to snap a pic for us, hehe see us piggy mummies! The guy seemed to be enjoyed snapping 'family photo' for us, we got few pieces of this pic with different angles shooting ^0^

Came to this stall selling nice fragrant homemade soaps

I got myself 4 pieces ^^

So many nice foods in this market, but we didn't have chance to taste them as we were full. What we ate once we reached the market?

Ya we waited for about 20min for the famous ramen. Some people were waiting for more than 40 minutes. The stall would give you a ticket with your number and ask you to come back in xxx minutes. So when come to your turn, you sit in the small shop and waiting for them to cook you the tasty ramen.

Ta-da! This is my soba noodle. Sis ordered ramen. Quite nice oooo

Next to the fremantle market we got this..

Cappuccino street. See local people enjoying the the warm sunshine in this winter.

So, we do it the same!

Of course, with some sweet waffle and yummy ice cream balls :D nice chatting with sister, and enjoying the winter breeze :) relaxing and feel free!

Along the way back to the train station, many shoplots selling quite reasonable price cloths.

Sister pose at the road side.. After walking for short distance..

We found this GREEN!

So we rolling on the field hahahha :D

Like the way we lying down on the bed :p

Syiok sendiri posing1

Syiok sendiri posing2 and lots more of photos we snapped!

Including the blue sky and green tree photos kekkeke :p

Ok, enough being childish :p we are moving to the next destination
E-shed market.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Perth trip 2014 - part3

This is story of day2..

Breakfast in the room

We are ready to somewhere farer

As advised by the station officer..

We bought a family rider ticket which can be shared by 7 family members for a day of unlimited ride on train and buses!

Ya we are going to fremantle - been there 10+ years ago, missed the very fresh and yummy fish and chips!

The 1st spot we were planning to go was returning to the manhattan restaurant to have the fish and chip that we missed.

But.. Failed to find it and sis didn't seem to want to explore further..

So we went to fremantle market

Street performance outside the market building

See the artistic piano player.. I saw 2 different pianists when I was in the market

So we saw many nice stuff in the market

Many nice local stuff..


You can find unique creations too

Clean and tidy market

Too many choices!

We snapped pic only :p


Souvenirs booth

Local fresh nuts

Organic food ingredients

Many hot foods too


Looks yummy..

Jumbo sausages

Cuppy cakes~


The yard got face painting booth

Rest spot

With music playing too

Nice outing spot ^^

..To be continued...

Perth trip 2014 - part2

...continue with day1 at perth city center

The tourism information counter personnels are on volunteering basis. I like this. How nice if I am at my old age, I can do volunteering job like this for pass time, chit chatting with people around the world, show directions to lost people :) i was checking the nearest methodist church around the hotel area :)

So time for dinner, we walked around the city center, finally we chose this food court for this stall eat-till-you-full mixed rice :p

Nah, this is the $10 chinese foods + soup for our late lunch + early dinner. The food is nice!

The food court is located near to Coles.

So we come to the supermarket. I see big mushroom! Very fresh.

The peppers are big too.

Hehe we can posing in the supermarket too! See our camera stand? :p

Ta-da! Syiok sendiri moment :D

Continue shopping..

Too many choices of tuna spread :)

These spices are much cheaper compare to Msia. But I didn't buy any back home ><

Finished shopping and having fun at supermarket hehe

For our 4days in-hotel food supply ^^

Night walk to entertainment center

Can come here for concerts. We were talking about maybe one day we should try this - fly to any of the foreign country then attend a concert to one of the hits pops star and experience the atmosphere ^0^

So we saw this patung before we walked around the entertainment center. Snapped the pic coz this patung was cute!

Less than 15min, when we were about to leave the centre, the patung flatten! My sis said 'see, just gone in a minute! We really need to treasure those special and meaningful moments, thing can be disappeared just like that!' Ya, indeed. We should change the habit of 'wait la, later la, next time la..' Coz we might lose the chance if we don't grab it at the right time.

Again, we posing at the street. Really tak tau malu one, the cars were just beside us waiting for the traffic light to turn green, and we were posing for 10sec for the pic to be snapped ^0^

After the night walk, lacking of something... Ya, supper! Let's see how much we have..

Kangaroo on the coin ^^

We got ourselves burger and smoothies. Quite nice!

Makan Makan at the roadside in winter cold wind~

After the supper and nice sister chat, we walked back to the hotel. Dropping by McDonald for washroom :p I saw policemen talking to few teenagers in the restaurant.

Then we saw policemen at the roadside too talking to teenagers. I like this. Instead of waiting for big cases only policemen go and catch people, they do counselling to the street children to prevent crime cases happen. The policemen were on the bicycles just riding on and stopping by conveniently.

A final posing before we went back the room and rest. This was the last time I was with the checked scarf :( the following day, we couldn't find it in the room.. That was my mama's favourite..

Day1 story end.