Friday, January 22, 2016

Turn your eyes

Turn your eyes upon Jesus,
Look full in His wonderful face,
And the things of earth will grow strangely dim,
In the light of His glory and grace

Listening to the song, no idea how to subject today post sharing. The above pic - wealthy vs rich make me ponder.

I am not wealthy, so I don't know how the feeling it suppose to be :p.. I would assume, the wealthy person may not be in true happiness, when he is squeezing off some sum of money to give out to who is in need. Or, wealthy person living with price tag - how much for this and that tangible things. Besides, the wealthy person may label 'price' towards invaluable things - helping hands, love and time contribution to their love ones.

Rich people have warm smile on their faces which reflecting naturally from their spiritual satisfaction. The peace and grateful hearts make them satisfying in the state where they are in. The wonderful feeling of seeing other people are at the state where they should be - food for hunger, touch for the helpless, love stream for the thirst..

Reminder for myself - to be someone rich. Would be great, if it is a wealthy rich :P

Today is Friday. Tomorrow starts the 3day long weekend. It is time to spring cleaning the house, touch up the house with RED ^0^ we prepare our house for visitation every year, however, most of the time, we are the one who finish all the mandarin oranges, new year cookies and sweet drinks :D as of now, no plan in taking additional leave for Chinese New Year break.

Few days back my boy writing a passage on - Chinese New Year. I like his closing paragraph, 'we shall let the tradition inherit to our younger generation' at this stage, I am strongly agree children to study in Chinese primary school where Chinese transition and history background taught in the school. Today children are wearing RED to school, they will celebrate monkey new year at school.

Mummy: would you be receiving ang pow today?

Angel: yes. But it might be ang pow packet with rm2 or without money.

Mummy: why are you saying so?

Angel: some teacher will take out the rm2 that given by the school and only giving us the empty packet.

Hmmm.. Corruption at school too? Surprisingly our children are sharing this negativity calmly. If this is the reason why we are OK with corruption? Coz all are acceptable in the young age?

Well, let's everyone to someone who is rich as the things of earth will grow strangely dim, in the light of God glory and grace.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

About myself

Got the thought flashing in my mind, if I would create a video clip or presentation on - about me, then what would I putting in the video? Coming to my mind is, my family, my hobby, my like.. Should I be happy of, I don't have the list of my career, my specialisation, my dislike.. :)

So how shall the presentation go? Let's start this :p

I am xxx, obviously I am married with 1 husband and 3 children.

I love to read, from motivational and psychological books at my teenager time to non fiction of people story, pictorial way of presentation way at the later day, till now, I read some of my husband business and skillet build up reference book and my children educational comics :p with handheld device, I read inspiring stories and discussion of current happening issues.

A small easy holding bible is in my work bag, quick grab of God'd word is always on the go. Last year, I have 2 additional softcover books in my bag, found myself can finish reading a book more faster in this way. However, with the laptop and books in the bag, body aching is always there with carrying heavy bag..

I like music too, so Spotify and YouTube are the great app to me! At anytime and anywhere I can play the song which is in my mind, which recalling my memory, which giving motivation, or comforting friends and family. Lately, I like to share nice music and songs with my boy, his music appreciation is high, might be he is in music education since he was 4. We discuss the piece of music, we share our feelings.. So there are time I bring the boy to my young age favourite, and the boy sharing with me the latest hits :)

I like to take photos. Then scribble my thought towards the photos. This happens not only with digital camera, which allows you to snap thousands of photos in a single month, but last time I did spend much on buying film roll.

I like to record life. Last time I read about an article, talking about the static moment of the living thing for the particular shooting second - the moment freeze, in death moment.. Very detailed and insight shared for 'the moment' from the article.

The moment become more quick to capture, with portable mobile devices.

You capture the happiness, touching moment in a very second nowadays.

I like to write. Last time I write a lot especially daily quotes in the executive diary book. I did write my sharing in a compiled booklet too. Since now we are in digital world, so the writing are now in blog and Facebook sharing. Anyway, I still use pen or pencil to write, mostly on bible study sharing and Sunday school teaching preparation. When we putting our thought in words, the feeling is more precise and the thought trail is more clearer with insight :)

I love travelling. I like to see how people living. I like to see the mark of history. I like to see how people earn for living. I like to see how people growing their children. I like the feeling of - what's next.

That's me.


Tuesday, January 19, 2016

19jan morning ride

If I got locked away
And we lost it all today...
Tell me honestly...
Would you still love me the same?
If I showed you my flaws
If I couldn't be strong
Tell me honestly
Would you still love me the same?

Picked up the good morning Malaysia! Playlist, listening to the songs I am not familiar to, I started my dad with stationed bicycle riding. Just some quiet me time to listen to songs, and start the day with some movement..

Be alarm for my children, gal wanted to wake up at 4am, I said 5am. The boy asked for 5am, I said 5.45am. Children asking for some morning easy time to do homework, to pack their school bags.. Sometime, they don't have much things to do, they want to prepare for what-if. What if there is still some homework they forgotten..

Children nowadays having this unseen pressure. Sometime homework load is too heavy. Sometime the expectation from teacher is too high. I got experience too when the gal had no confident to write down the answer - if this is not the answer teacher wants, then teacher will punish me @_@ I thought the school supposed to be a place to allow mistake and learning. All these unnecessary pressures, top up to parents and friends negative feedback, children tend to be under stressed, and don't accept themselves as imperfect. This is sad scene. Especially when we read news on youngsters commit in drug addiction and commit suicide.

Read those post sharing in Facebook, people nowadays is putting mistakes and imperfection to big that caused arguments and frustration. The phenomena in community has made people searching for perfection so we can be at the same par with people surrounding. Once you lose the balance, you look down yourself or give up yourself.

"Martha, Martha," the Lord answered, "you are worried and upset about many things, but only one thing is needed. Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her."


Skiddly-dong-dong-dong dang All I want is somebody real who don't need much A gal I know that I can trust... To be here when money low If I did not have nothing else to give but love... Would that even be enough? Gal, meh need fi know (ah-ha)

Happy Tuesday!
Coming 3 Mondays, are holidays for kl folks hehe

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Dropping by

Aloha! Good morning Tuesday :D

Got a morning breakfast at dawn

Today highlight is a workshop session in the morning, I will be the 'cartoon' speaker :p we have departmental gathering with games and foods in the evening ^^

Chinese New Year is coming..

..and monkeys are everywhere :p

Good day to you!

'Moses’ job was to be obedient to God. God’s job was everything else.
God would bring the power. God would bring the strategy. God would bring all the plans together. And God would certainly bring the victory.'

Monday, January 04, 2016

2016 chat

Good morning ^^
today is back to school day

Our morning look.
Laogong snapped the pic

It is the age which some children grow taller and fatter than another one who is in the same age. Then you have the tendency to ask the fatter one - go exercise and eat lesser.. Then you ask the slimmer and shorter child, make sure you finish all your food. This happens in my house lately.

Children go to school. I go to work too. The 1st day of work in 2016, gonna meet up with boss to discuss the goal, target and individual development plan. What I want to do in 2016? What is in line for me seem interesting. Hope it gonna be interesting :) started liking my new work place, find my salary would go for many interested stuff and delicious foods ^0^

in 2015 year end, and beginning of 2016, came across people posting in Facebook something like "2015 is the worst year in my life". Not only 1, but many of them in my friend list. When I look back my 2015, of course there are ups and downs, argument, disappointment, frustration... But overall, I count the blessing I received.

In year 2015, it is a full scheduled year. Everyday I rushed with the meeting schedules and appointment. Sometime I had sleepless night because of stress, sometime I sleep like a pig snoring till my angel complaining because of tiredness.. But of the time, I sleep with satisfaction by accomplishing planned work or with children smiles and laogong kisses and massage :)

Reviewing 2015
At work, I worked on some new challenges, projects and tasks thy never handle before. Travelled to different offices to meet with new colleagues. Attending training courses that grow my knowledge in enhancing my competencies.

At family, travelled with papa mama and sis few times, strengthen the relationship in the discovery journey. Find time to slot in few hours to meet up with papa and mama, had breakfast or dessert with sis.. Message and call up my brothers to greet them. Sent some nice biscuits to my in law.. This part is lacking, to improve in 2016.

At church, 2nd year serving in Sunday school. Love the children more. Realising the important of Sunday school with the lifelong benefits to the children. As a practical cell group leader, not fully participate in what I suppose to do, to be improved in 2016. Handled few events organisation, experience God in the journey. See how God has prepare and arrange for us, it was amazing.

With children. Continue to be naughty and rebel, of course, but with more understanding and behave themselves. Serving in the church together, on time to go to school and weekend classes with no fail :D they have their group of friends and activities, either at home or at church, they have the tv drama series that don't want to be missed >< they have the corner sit down quietly and reading their comic, story books, magazine... :)

With laogong. Would say my 2015 is filled with love and care :) changes in my family routine and schedule, all with laogong contribution and willingness in managing our family together. We now handle the household together, although laogong may say he does more than I do (tangible thing only I would say :p). We had more quality family gathering and togetherness that better building children and our marriage relationship. Now I feel the home is home with complete family members :) experienced a thing when all of us praying with 1 aim, God give us the best arrangement with His plan and mercy, rather than our own will.

Overall, my 2015 was very meaningful and beautiful :) will continue the effort in building another beautiful year with God's blessing and faith in Him. Few things lining up for 2016, many areas to focus on, no specific resolution set, just move on in 2016 :)