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Friday, July 09, 2010


"terbang tinggi"
"hidup memang payah"

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


In the car
Royee: mummy~ your ear comes
Mummy: (ear near to royee) yes?
Royee: (whispering) mummy, I give u LOVE! Hehe :D
Mummy: oh~ u want to give mummy your love ar?
Royee: hmm ya!
Mummy: thanks! How big is your love?
Royee: very..very BIG (with action) bigger than this car!
Mummy: wahhh so BIG aar? Bigger than the lorry? (pointing to the small lorry in front)
Royee: no, much more bigger than this! Bigger than wai gong's new car! Wai gong's car so big! Bigger than a human being aaaah (my papa ordered his triton)
Mummy: wahhh it was really really big! I love u baby~
Royee: (kiss me) I love u mummy~
Papa: (got jealous already) never kiss papa ar?
Royee: hehehe

Last weekend, I was so tired after the 2 days busy schedule, finally I flat on the bed on Sunday 7pm. Eva lay down next to me, looking at me with smile on her face :") I smiled at her then I closed my eyes. Suddenly I felt the wet kiss on my cheek, eva kissed me :* can see love in her eyes~ then she came again n blow to my face twice 'pop pop'
Mummy: aiyo, why kiss already then need to pop pop mummy's face ler?
Eva: hehehe.. (whispering) I blow my love to mummy ma..
Mummy: (heart melted) ohhh love from u :) where is your love from?
Eva: from my heart (showing her heart at the belly part)
Mummy: (pointing at her heart) your heart is here not in your belly
Eva: hehehe :D
Mummy: I love u eva, mummy wants to sleep already
Eva adjust the blanket nicely for me :)

Last nite, angel non stop telling stories in the dark. So cute. I went near to her..
Mummy: angel come, mummy bao bao
Angel: mummy why u r not sleeping?
Mummy: (hug her) mummy just wanted to ask u, why u r not sleeping n non stop telling stories?
Angel: hehehe (shy)
Mummy: angel, ni Ai mummy ma? (u love mummy?)
Angel: Ai! Wo you Ai mummy de (I got love mummy)
Mummy: what do u Ai mummy with?
Angel: LOVE, I give LOVE to mummy
Mummy: where is your love coming from?
Angel: love from Jesus..
Mummy: ohh.. Your love is from Jesus, where is Jesus?
Angel: (pointing her heart) here, Jesus is in my heart :)
Mummy: :D (felt my gal grown up already)
Angel: mummy, I want to sing in Jesus 1 family.. How to sing already
Mummy: oh.. 在耶稣里,我们是一家人.. (in Jesus we are 1 family)
We sing the song together.. With love in the air :")

These few days, maybe I look preetier than normal days; more tender coz no time to scold bbb; or bbb suddenly grow up n feel mummy's love them so much... Bbb came n kissed me suddenly or their eyes looked into my eyes, or telling they want to give me their love. So happy I feel LOVED!

Even my nephew yujet saw me in Saturday nite, he was so excited n wanted me to carry him, he hold my face smiled at me, touch my arms, my chest, my face.. Ohh how I feel to have another cute bb oooo

The warmest love, keep me moving n being in happy n peaceful mood ^_^ but this morning laogong hug hug kiss kiss disturb my sleep la :p

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

how many bb would be enough?

last year xmas, in hatyai hotel..

Royee: mummy, ayra’s mummy delivered already?
Mummy: ya, she got a baby boy. Ayra got little brother
Royee: then ayra’s mummy got 2 babies lo..
Mummy: ya, 1 gal n 1 boy – ayra n aqil
Royee: ahhh kill...?
Mummy: ya, the baby boy’s name is aqil
Royee: (very serious) ... mummy..
Mummy: yes?
Royee: ayra’s mummy got 2 babies, not enough..
Mummy: 2 not enough? then need how many bb?
Royee: need to have 3. 3 then only enough..
Mummy: 3 ar? like u n gal gal ar?
Royee: 2 cannot. 2 is not enough to play ‘london bridge is falling down’, 3 only enough
Royee: u see (with action) 2 babies be the bridge, here no one passing thru.. 3 only enough
Mummy: kekekeke.. ayra’s papa can play together ma..
Royee: cannot. ‘london bridge is falling down~’ is for children to play.. big ppl needs to do big ppl’s things..
Mummy: ok, I will let ayra’s mummy know about this, to have 3 children..
Royee: ya, must have 3 babies de..

replied from as:
Hahahahhahah…so cute…..kisses for him…
Kids…their thinking sometimes surprise us har….hmmm..tell royee mummy ayra said this
‘your suggestion is under consideration’… :D

Friday, November 06, 2009

Thursday, November 05, 2009

treasure your day after day :")

This morning on the way to the putrajaya train station, listening ppl stories from the radio, I cried. many sad stories happened, when parents neglected own children eg ignore the high temperature, reverse car when children are at the back, lock the children in the car. Last few mth also read the news where a parent forgot her own baby in the car, n she went to the house n slept, the next day, the baby found death in the car. Although this is change of her daily routine, but somehow, ppl is hard to accept the reason given. What my friend told me, a newly delivered bb brought home by the parents, but parents forgot they just have new born, so left the tiny bb in the car for several days. Hmmm..

There are my best friends who are trying to get conceived, they work hard for it, gone thru treatment and professional advise, the mental torture n family members not so happy words. I really pray to the God hope that they can have their own babies and be n lovely n responsible mummies and give the best to the children as what they wish to. Compare to those cases, where the parents throw their own babies to the drain, to the dustbin, to the park n jungle, it is somehow sad to see that, women who are longing for own babies are still trying..

Today and tomolo are kinder performance nite rehearsal days. This morning I sent bbb to the presentation hall. Non stop I reminding bbb don’t leave the hall without informing teachers, don’t accept strangers candies and chocolate.. I came out with few case studies to them, non stop reminding n reminding. Before I dropped them, I told bbb ‘u all are so precious, if mummy lose u, then mummy has no baby anymore, pls, u all are so important, pls take good care of yourself for mummy. Ok?’ they said ok, then bye bye to me. I admit that I am very sensitive n overacting everything about my children, but I just cant let go them, the world has been crazy, anything can be happened. believe that, my laogong, my family members, my parents, my in law, my maid must be tired because of my this attitude :)

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

papa n mama r dancing ^^

Digo: 我在看着你老爸跳舞!!! and your mother!! They r so enjoy & happy :)
Bon: take video la must be very funny n lovely here
Digo: I am sorry, coz my 1 is 6300. 不是平常的爸爸…
Bon: aiyo lu tak guna la mesti boleh take video one can take picture sure can take video ma
Digo: 没有闪光灯,在karaoke. in hokian:有财看有无财看无


the sms conversation between my bro n laogong in 26/7/09 nite. the messages sent to my phone, laogong replied them. story telling that my 2nd brother saw my parents were dancing in the karaoke, n they enjoyed themselves! but no picture and video taken, coz it was dark in the karaoke.
nice rite? i envy for that. my parents can dance. n they can dance together, last time they went to disco n twist n shout together gether one. many friends got jealous for this lovely n cute couple. how nice to have same hobbies together with the love one, n both ppl willing to let the partner to go into what they like. my sis n i always wish to have a responsible and lovely husband like my papa :p and we also hope that we can be like my mama, enjoy husband love with no worries.. soooo the sweet xoxo.
hope papa n mama are healthy, n can go travelling, dancing, mana mana apa apa saja together gether.. now n forever they are the lovely couple ^_^ best wishes to sis too! 1st anniversary coming soon.. 0808 'yao kai xin oooo'

Monday, April 13, 2009

bday30 - morning surprise from as

once i reach the office, from far, i see this lovely thingy on my workstation..


feel so touched!

my eyes gone wet lo :~

nice one!

dialogue mich-as

sis called at the time when i was staring at the bday gift. i told her, my eyes gone wet. then sis said, hmm what happened? why not feeling happy.. i told sis, i just received a gift. 'cheh~ u r too happy is it? haiyo, i thot anything oooo' :p
lunch time, we went to sushi king. bday treat i take it. so i makan only, i tak tau malu one never ask ppl how much i need to pay. thanks doreen for booking the table :) thanks a lot gals for treating me this ^_^ as said '30 already, old already la' i said, hey baru 30 ok! then doreen said 'i just about to say 'welcome to join my group' helo~~~!!! am only 30 nia la!

1st day of promotion, sempena my bday :p
long queue~!!

hani, anis, as ^_^
didnt take doreen n yokie pic :(

Monday, March 16, 2009

brainless vs heartless

love this ^_^

thanks nana. at least, i know u care about my heart :p
am feeling nice today. nice n easy. dont worry be happy ^_^

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


My watch small jarum jatuh ler…bad la…
It’s time to change.
Jam rosak, tukar jam.
Cincin hilang, beli cincin.
Bini tak syiok, tukar bini
Jam rosak can change,
Cincin hilang can buy another one,
Bini, tak boleh tukar..
Suami pun tak boleh
:) okay

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

baby sex or health?

this made me sad. see, anything can be happened. so, pls dont hate yourself or hate your baby bcoz the baby is not the sex as your desired. whether if bb gal or bb boy, as long as they are complete n healthy, love u n care u when u r old, why care so much? they are lots ppl out there whishing, praying for bb. they are many ppl gone thru the hurting process to try to get conceive. but why still have lots more ppl out there, throw own bb, hurt own bb...
if we dont appreciate what we are given n having, we wont be reach true happiness n satisfaction in life. last week, junie asked me dont get down bcoz of the office transformation, 'maybe the other floor kakak is much better than the one in level 13a' i told junie, this is not right for me to think that way, if i have that thought, means that am not appreciated what i am having now. always looking for something better or waiting for something better out there. it can be yes, or no.
we hurt ppl, we r not happy, we r greedy, bcoz of we dont see what we are having now. we always see what is lacking in ourselves. in my pep program class, the master said, in order to reach true happiness in life, is not sucess, but satisfaction.
hmm a bit geram here. coz i always read pregnancy forum talking about baby sex, then before the baby get delivered, the mummy already feel sad about the baby existence. sad.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

twins formula ^_^

hehe.. funny crazzy..


hmmm just now went to the pantry, saw the tea lady kakak, felt emotional also.. wondering other level kakak will prepare warm drinking water for me or not. will smile at me or not. will be as nice as our kakak here or not....
ps: just after lunch. left my bottle in the pantry. when i went to collect it, a full bottle of warm water. looked at kakak who was mopping the floor, she smiled at me.. so touched.. so.. hmm :~

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

sad sad

major reorg in the office. am going to leave my 2 good friends in the same department n floor level. i really wish there is not major change to our friendship.. hmm..

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Friday, February 06, 2009

another bb

maybe, to laogong, another bb means only another responsibily n commitment. for me, on top of these, the bb would definitely come with more love, joy, touch. hmm.. only this dream, i would not be able to achieve it, if, laogong doesnt want it to become true. never ever.. so far, this is my regret i am having it, that may bring till my old age.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

am tired in this 疯狂世界

我好想好想飞 逃离这个疯狂世界 那么多苦 那么多累 那么多莫名的泪水
我好想好想飞 逃离这个疯狂的世界 如果是你发现了我也别将我挽回
如果说了后悔 是不是一切就能倒退 回忆多么美 活着多么狼狈
为什么这个世界总要叫人尝伤悲 我不能了解也不想了解

'these weeks, am very tired, n negative'

Friday, January 16, 2009

love sparkle

dating must hold hand ^_^

'yesterday was a bless' can really feel how happy my friend is :) when she showed me the new watch, hmmm before showing the new watch, her smile, shy, but yet full of happiness :) both of husband n wife take a day off, went for dating. exchanging gift. how nice it is.
as i asked u this morning, can u spend more time on me? n staying with me with the paktor feeling? can u treat me like treating a gf? u asked what's the difference? when we paktor, we love our gf/bf, only gf/bf is in this world. we afraid of losing our love one. we make up n dress up ourselves, just to let our love one have good impression to us, at least, we gonna spend more time n effort to let our partner to look us good.
husband n wife, then plus children. we can see how ugly or all the bad habit of our spouse, when we r get used to this relationship n daily living style, we r tend to forget to cheer our partner up, n to give them surprise n bring more happiness. maybe, we r too fast to jump in the marriage part, so we have missed the paktoring sweet moment. right now, just hoping we can bring the love sparkle in our relationship, and have the paktor feeling, plus the blessing 3 little love one - our shonejay angels ^_^
thanks for bringing lots of laughter last nite by letting children playing the little pony. they were so excited. ya, until royee threw out :( with your little time n effort, u can bring laughter to them. as long as u want, u can have us to smile in our hearts :)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

hubby is back

yes, i choose to blog about this after 3 weeks of your back. maybe it was few months separation that cause me need to adapt myself to the daily life which is together with u. last nite, when we together walked at putrajaya sentral station's car park, i found myself have OK with your back now. i feel relaxed n peaceful. so now i dont have the feeling that u r stranger to me (it might be weird to some ppl); now i feel easy to sit together with u in the train, side by side; now i can fully concentrate on my reading when i am in the car or train, coz i know u r beside me to be my cctv :) i really appreciate this 'u dont need to tell me your feeling n stories thru your blogs, u can tell me in person, i am beside u, i am with u everyday, we dont need blog to communicate, ok?'

laogong, thanks for being patient with me in these few weeks. n thanks for sharing your stories n secrets. thanks for your encouragement. thanks for loving me ^_^

God's reward

my twin angels - angelina n evangeline, they are premature babies, they are healthy, they are adorable, they are lovely! admit that i dont spend much time with them (compare to royee) since they were born. i cant bring them out frequent as what i do to royee, coz it's not easy for me to manage 2 of them by my own if i bring them out. n i need to bring royee together, so whoever at home taking care angels would be much easier (royee is always the naughty one!)thus, i always look for chance to bring 1 at a go if the other angel n royee are sleeping. the quality time for me n angels are usually in the morning, when they wake up, i cuddle them in both my arms, sing for them :) i love to see their smiles... a bit shy.. :p
royee mentioned to me this last night 'mummy has 3 babies (counted his 3 little fingers), baby, angel and eva.. mummy loves 3 babies, all also love one, not only loving 1 baby, must love all one..' ^_^ ya i told him, u all are mummy's babies, of course mummy loves u three. shonejay, angel, eva all are mummy's babies, mummy loves u all, n u all must love each other ma.. royee said 'yes, only 3 babies, must love one' :)
i love shonejay angels :*