Monday, April 30, 2012

seashell coin purse

my 2nd homework submission in online sewing class ^^

1st submission - trial experience. you can see imbalance of left and right and the thickness of the purse.

actual homework submission. 2nd attempt. more balance in overall size :)

comment from the teacher :p she said my 1st and 2nd piece is so much different :p

inner view of the coin purse.

feel ashamed to have my projects putting with so much nicer and creative projects of my classmate >_< see her, with patchwork somemore. need to work harder to improve my patchwork sewing skill so I can have more innovative idea :p

ok.. will continue with another overdue homework :p

Saturday, April 28, 2012

I love Friday

finally we are all together at home sweet home after 5 days separation.

gal gal ^^

happy boy. chicken dancing for mummy and grandma. asked me to record a video too :p

can feel his excitement when seeing mummy ^0^

found this on laogong's table. a note from royee. although there are few wrong words, but the essence of this message is so touched my heart. :D

the translation.

recently I wear socks to sleep. but then at bkt31 house, I have only this very short ankle length new socks. can help much I guess but better than none. recently I always feel my feet are cold. like there are ice pack at my feet :(

well, many Malaysian out there are getting ready for the 428 gathering. hope everything will be running smoothly and peacefully. anyhow, what we are requesting is a harmony country to stay and voice out our mind.

good night!

Friday, April 27, 2012

2704 Friday

guess today gonna be happening in my klang family. my cousin gonna deliver baby in real soon :D this gonna be 4th or 5th 2012 baby in my close family.

conversation between me and my cousin. there is always someone busybody for sister :p

share with you pic of me and my nephew song song baby ^^ I like this pic, coz I look sweet kekekke :p

sister playing with song song ^^

look at the tiny baby but not my double chin ya @_@ btw, we are in blue!

last night sis came back banting to have dinner with me. we have all our favourite foods in one go!

you can read the story in my sis's blog too..

reach home, my gal gal sleep already lo.. quite early last night.

angel is sleeping.

this morning I told my gal gal to complete their homework in the afternoon so they will have full weekend with papa. papa gonna leave them for 2 months.. nice swimming then..

Thursday, April 26, 2012


a Thursday. time flies~ so fast, month end again. today is salary day :p nowadays, I don't eagerly wait for salary day, not because I have much money in saving, but with all the commitment and allocation, no extra money to spend dah. so, why bother when it comes ;p

this morning I wake my digo up.. for him to bring baby song song do the sun bath at my papa house.

I change the cloth for him..

kiss him and smell him then only I left the house to work :D

still able to smell her blankie before going to the school :p

Eva is a smart gal, so, more cheeky idea she has @_@

angel becoming more prettier, a gal look I mean. not like mummy la, always look like a Tom boy :p

very fast, they left only few months in the kinder :)

ya, today I received the call from the house developer, they confirmed the shooting day for their marketing material. 6 may morning, hmm, laogong won't be with us on that day. I might need to bring bbb all with me for the shooting.

angel has been chosen. but they told me can bring along Eva. maybe, for backup?

a good experience for all of us actually. we can see how ppl working at the background for those beautiful and creative marketing brochure, banner, magazine.. if my bbb like it, maybe I will let them explore more on this :) as long as their studies won't be affected ^^

laogong going outstation for 2 months! ya, 2 long months, thinking about 8 weekends that I need to send bbb for weekend classes, no much chance to go out with my sister.. hmmm I may skip some classes then :p

after laogong comes back, in early July, my maid sister will be leaving us. so, no more maid in my mama and my house. soooo, you can imagine my schedule in banting and klang house. housework housework housework after office work @_@ another thing is, again me and my sis cannot go out for fun frequently aiseh!

so for this weekend, me and sis find chance to go somewhere when laogong is still around at home. after that, 2 months stay at home in weekend. then we will definitely arrange more things to do or let maid sister helping us, before she leave us. guess that, me and my sis will spend less money after this :p HOPEfully I would say kekekke..

well, now am in the train. and my sis is driving back to banting. the purpose? just to have dinner together :D see la, there are many things you can do if you have sisters, more way to spend time and money too :p

hope angel and Eva, can be close like me and my sis :)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I got angel and Eva sing for me this song in morning journey to the kinder :) sweet voice like 2 angels singing ^^

Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high
There’s a land that I heard of
Far, far beyond the sky
Somewhere over the rainbow God abides
In the land called Glory
Far, far beyond the sky
God promised me if I believed in Christ
I’d have with Him eternal life
Everlasting, eternal
Where I’d reign with Him forevermore
Above the cloud where angels soar
Up high in Glory
Somewhere over the rainbow
My God, my God abides
In the land called Glory
Far, far beyond the sky
And if someday you look for me
And you can’t find me
I will be with God

all by Eva

all these photo colouring and editing are done by Eva. I like them!

siap with message 'I love you' :D

this by Eva and mummy. contribution of mummy is only the Chinese wording :p

Eva likes what I like - photography, recording, photo editing. so I am planning to guide her in this interest :) when come to right time, I will buy her a camera. in fact, I will buy a camera to each of my bbb, I want them to see what they see. capturing the beauty of special moments. my dad loves photography, I inherit from him. so I want his wonderful hobby to go to my children too :)

last night my mum shared with me, Eva directed movie story too in hatyai. guess that, I will have fun time with my children in future, together to do what we like :D

hehe :p

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

office lunch

too many photos in my iPhone, I transfer my phone photos to external hard disk once a month, but for April, too many occasions, so I need to do it more faster.

share some lunch at office photos in the phone :p I normally bring food from home, or pack food from food court nearby the office. sometime I go out eat too to catch up with officemates ^^

today lunch with jessie - my ex supervisor :) sirap Bandung

this is the restaurant signature fried rice. hmmm so so only oo..

yesterday homecook meal ^^ I have sardin, fried rice and ladyfingers :) together with white clouds and blue sky :D

last Friday lunch. craypot yam fish and cauliflower. no rice. my mum bought from the restaurant. very nice soup ^^

my favourite nasi padprik. hmm this is the best nasi padprik that I have ever tried. at the nearby cafe to my office. many vege and nice taste! price increased - rm6

this is Hakka hor por lui cha at food court nearby. I pack it and eat in the office. rm7.50 with brown rice. it is with mint soup.

this nasi kerabu with percik chicken is yummy from kelantan delight. it is my bday lunch :)

the bday lunch treat is together with sago gula Melaka. treat from my supervisor and team mate :D on my bday!

pic taken before the last Friday monthly team meeting. the one in round tea table is my section head or supervisor. then the one next to me is my partner and very sorry for the 3 men at the background @_@ i am too big la can't see them clearly in the pic :p anyway, we are in a happy and good team :D

I am very happy with my days in the office. if you want me to resign now, I have much more to miss.