Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye 2009

'Hi how r u? Time flies, come to year end. Think of u given me the millenium new year gift, 10 years already :) wish u happy new year :D'

Sent a SMS to a special friend, time flies~ when we were worried about Y2k n excited about millennium, n now we r leaving 2009 to 2010. My 1st doggie Nikie is a millennium puppy, born in 1st day of 2000, n he is now 10 years old. Still the obedient n yet naughty one, after having my bbb, I got him neglected. Still I say byebye to him when I leave home to work, n 'nikie boy' when I step home everyday :)

2009 is a very challenging year to me, everything from my health, my bbb, my love relationship.. Hope everything is going to settle down, n a new beginning in the brand new year. My HOPE in 2010 :D

Final lunch for 2009, sponsored by boss, ice lemon tea n prosperity beef burger from mcD

A sunshinez thanks note to bosses, project managers, end users, office mates ~@~

Wrap up my year 2009 with this lovely song, telling finally I am not alone, coz I have found true love, Jesus's love that gonna stay with me eternally ^_^ a to-do list that I had set up since I was very small, finally I have made my 1st step, called up pastor, to ask for baptism course schedule, going to baptise myself continueing to be a happy Christian :)

我不喜欢一个人 孤独一个人
期待有人陪我 陪我渡过
曾经总是一个人 孤独一个人
我期待有人陪我 陪我渡过
陪我一起欢笑 陪我一起流泪
陪我回忆 陪我梦
给我一个拥抱 一些些安慰
陪我一起欢笑 陪我一起流泪
陪我回忆 陪我梦
分享我的一切 喜乐与哀愁
  如今不再一个人 孤独一个人
  找到一份真爱 耶稣的爱

xmas with LOVE ^^

this is what laogong given to me.. a sweet xmas dinner on xmas eve :D ya, no special gift, but as long as laogong is with us, then enough lo~ ^_^ yang penting, itu hati perlu ikhlas :p

@TGI friday

new recipe.. very SWEEEET~!!

ya, i hope every week is like dec friday, all offday one :p

cheesy chicken.. n i LOVE the mashed potato

xmas party at friend's house

on 23/12, we went for laogong's friend house.. the xmas party + house warming party at klang botanic. we left around 10:30pm, felt very guilty for not staying n waiting for carolling.. but i was so tired, the next day needed to work.. royee non stop complaining - where are the singing angels? why dont want to wait har?? :(

angels waiting for the balloon

children having fun!

play n never forget eat :D

home deco - mini bar

me in the pic :p

xmas candy

xmas deco

another xmas candies

angels posing with the 'umbrella' n xmas tree

i like this corner, wanted to do something at bkt31,
it can be the attention point in the living hall :D
but the the blue color, prefer something warm

cute balloon garfield

the living hall

the boys room! when angels saw this 'gogo de!' :D


ooo.. beware! u r being monitored! :p
laogong told kakak, 'kak, nanti rumah kita pasang macam nie'
smart kakak dare to challenge 'sir', she replied 'pasang la'
then laogong '..takde la, saya tak suka macam nie' ^_^
angels went inside master room's bath room

the bed

the children study room

children r having fun

study table

tv n the educational game set

angel n eva posing with the umbrella again :D

the ceiling of the study room

laogong n colleagues colleague, playing wii

giving our the party packs

for boys n gals ^^

game time!

from left - angel, royee, eva

playing 'opposite' game. up n down

some foods.. no variety of food choices, but very tasty foods

little santa is giving out lolipop!

angel n eva got xmas gifts


What's the cause for the pain. Non stop feeling sort of period pain. Came out early today, wanted to complete the report n submit it out by 10am, but I miss the train. So having my breakfast at mamak restaurant. Milo kosong, coz I need to avoid milk. Hmm no appetite these few days, the pain made me not ok. Thinking to buy beef burger for lunch, my bp is low 90/60 it's low for my normal bp reading. Papa n mama r worried, hmm papa non stop asking me how 'i also don't know how' will do something to bring up my bp, cox a bit weak now.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

busy nite

Last nite didn't sleep well. Before falling asleep, so many things came to my mind. Decided to call up the hospital for my operation appointment. Maybe go on January, then after cny, I can start my brand new year. Think about the movie avatar. We should love n care about our mother earth, don't let the earth crying anymore. Very nice story line, n we watched it at 2nd row seats. Without 3D glasses, we have the 3D feel too, coz it was so near to the screen.

Last nite dream about my pregnancy test got positive, the 2nd pink color line was so obvious. Somemore can remind myself, 'helo, u r always have safe sex, how come got pregnant, don't think too much' haha silly me. Then suddenly got myself as Malay lady, wearing baju kurung n tudung. Hmmm so kelam kabut in my last nite dream. All sort of silly n funny scenes.

Reaching the office, am on the train. Stomach feeling not ok, n I found myself catching my breath. Yesterday when I got my bp check, I got low blood pula. Hmm no wonder I got dizziness.

Laogong feeling unhappy when I first said didn't want to watch movie coz I was sleepy
Laogong bought the avatar pop corn set, he said can give it to royee, I found it expansive

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

mc again :(

Am now at sea park, laogong collecting the house loan statement, plan to refinance the house loan to get lower interest rate. In the car, am blogging. Non stop receiving calls from end users n vendors, I answer all calls politely, everyone is rushing for year end closing n payment, feel so sorry to get sick n mc at this critical time. Morning I sent a sorry SMS to my boss n team lead :(

Just out from bp lab for my full body checkup. Not easy to take my blood, cucuk here n there, feeling pain but I controlled my tears. The staff didn't explain to me about the package with pap smear test 'u haven't got married, pap smear only for ppl who have sex' ya, am still a 'virgin' :p I taken the package with those normal blood n urine profile n some other ultrasounds then additional hepatitis-a antibody which the gal said highly recommended for YOUNG ppl (like me keke) n another blood test to test on bacteria on gastric or something for stomach - I need anything for stomach, coz my stomach is weak even the Thai massage shifu telling that.

The body checkup is not the main reason for my medical leave. Since yesterday in the office, I have been feeling not ok, stomach pain or cramp i dont know, just feel so weak. Luckily laogong picked me up, so I didn't need to drive back home. Reached home I only took hot sweet potato soup then went in bed. Facing down then I feel better. Then fall asleep quite early.

This morning, still feeling very weak. In fact the pain is like what I had experienced in October - a week mc. Laogong sent me to Sjmc to visit my gynae. Dr scanned my womb said ok. Since I was there then I did my pap smear together which due for 3 mth. For the pain, dr given the medic to reduce womb cramp, suspected that coz. Also asked me don't take milk. I been stopping taking milk after my October pain. Last time during pregnancy dr said my womb sensitive, so when ppl kicking or moving, I felt the pain n the contraction for early delivery. Now if say my womb cramps, possible to believe so. For the pap smear, I asked dr, if this time test, everything alright, then I don't need to do pap smear so frequent? Ya, 6 mth after. Hmmm from 3 mth to 6mth, I thot it can be 1 year once. Am in year end happy mood, so I don't ask 'what if the result is still not ok?' I will know the result in a week time anyhow.

Now going back to bkt31, want to take medic n sleep. Luckily laogong is on leave, so I don't need to drive. Hopefully all the blood test n pap smear ok, then I can work hard to achieve all my 2010 goals :D yet to sit down n write all the to-do for new year, but all r in my minds already, always thinking too much, White hairs non stop growing :p

Cucuk sini cucuk sana..

Finally got the limited precious flow from here.. It was really slow.
N need both the dr n assistant for the blood collection.
Ss15 rojak
Laogong like it, n taken my portion too!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

xmas gift to bbb

bought xmas gifts to bbb from mph bookstores :D

'we r ready~'
mummy: wait har.. wait har.. :p



books!!! papa spents rm200+ for the books
n papa warned bbb: papa paid for the books, dont spoil them har!

for evangeline~

for angelina~

for shone jay~

suddenly saw angel went to maid's room to get her blanket..

n found her here!

like papa like gal gal ^_^