Sunday, July 26, 2009

easy beautiful sunday

another beautiful sunday. this sunday is special, coz i have my BIG salary in :D but the excitement was not as what i had expected, maybe, my heart has been in grey for so many other things..

normal routine, send bbb to sunday schools, singing together with them~~
left the church, went to aeon bukit tinggi to survey piano for royee..
pic taken while waiting for papa to park the car. bbb do alphabets dancing :p

finally, i cash n carry this electrical piano home :D

went to saloon with sis after tidurkan bbb for afternoon nap

my hairdresser too! sis did scalp treatment and hair cutting
i went for window shopping alone..

tea break at old town - po lo bao.. not bad

kaya butter toast + garlic toast + polo bao + white coffee

after finished eating all the bread n bun, we rushed back home for preparing dinner. it's nice to have a good sis to company me and comforting my soul and food sharing too! :D

Saturday, July 25, 2009

neighbourhood annual gathering

there is a annual gathering and celebration in our neighbourhood. bbb r so happy, coz they love satay :D i enjoyed the night, a very BIG family all sitting together and have fun! we didnt win any luckydraw, but we makan lots of foods! :D

angel n eva

1st time taking pic in front of bkt31 :D

jom bersama sama~

the stage

yummy food.. the satay is so yummy! eat without peanut sauce

like the colorful jelly. very nice n soft combinations

bruce n sis. bruce is one of the committee members with his uniforms n half-opened eyes @_@

spot award love outing

24/7/09 friday 4pm+ left usj warehouse from the comm session, i went to saloon for hair treatment. reached home at 6:10pm, then laogong n i prepared ourselves for dinner at aeon bukit tinggi. laogong said, can paktor, n went for movie too. but tickets sold out, we went for dinner n window shopping only.

aloe vera fizzy drink + yogurt drink

buzy businessman. my favourite SE X1 and watch :p

mushroom and cheese baked seafood n rice at kim gary

this car is special - india TATA! laogong was so exciting when seeing this!

simple and easy love outing at here.. :)
after this, went back home n played with bbb.. miss them already :p

250709 friday

it's 12:12 am. angels n laogong r sleeping. oppss.. eva is coughing, she is not feeling well. i am in the middle of this big room, typing in the dark. feeling sleepy, but i felt to record my day.
dawn. received sms from a special someone asking 'how r u?' suddenly gary chao ge' new song - lonely man's lyric came across 'i am not okay~~' 'feel like myself is being destroying' this was my 2nd reply. in this early morning, i got new discovery n i got so many queries answered, n i got so many uncertainties.. after sharing my feeling with laogong. 1st time i found myself feeling so secured in laogong's arm. seriously, i am so tired of everything.. too many challenges for all my roles. many things are out of my plan or imagination. i got confused n down when my ideal model is not happening. anyway, thanks to the sms, at least, i was in someone's mind during the sms exchange 'i know i can go thru all the challenges :)'
so tired and so the blank, how i wish i could take a day off. but i cant. i chair a communication session with end user n vendors, n bosses r so wanted this to be happened. drove to usj warehouse, the office where i worked when i 1st joining this company. so many memories came to my mind. ya, this is also the only office both me n laogong working together :) ohhh no, we worked together at the internet cafe too! wow times fly, most happiest moments that time when we staying together at sunway n ampang. no worries n burden. reached usj late, didnt expect the traffic jam at the highway. joined my friends there we went for breakfast at summit. i ordered for roti telur+ bawang. when i heard ppl ordering thosai, 'ya hor, why i never order thosai? i dont eat roti ma..' but it was too late :~
final touched up to the presentation slides, then we went to shah alam for lunch before the comm session started. everything went well, 1st time met the vendors. n without further thinking, i commited myself to some additional job :p never mind la, kerja saja la. left the office around 5pm. in fact, i was feeling down. when i think of what i heard ppl telling about me 'apa michelle buat? she has nothing to do, everyday sitting there open facebook only'. tell u, i am so shocked n down about this. 1st, oh.. ppl noticed me and care about my performance. 2nd, why facebook? i am much ok if u told me i was always in my blog. coz facebook is not my main hang around site, n i can access facebook 'just a touch' with my iphone. ahhhh... apa saja la.. i do online like no body business during lunch time n after 6pm. during working hours, i wont sit there n online for long except do some fast internet banking transactions or just to take a short break, coz i need to clear my workload. but ppl see me online n dont check when i access internet then i got nothing much to say.
can u get my frustration? been trying hard to be a good mother n teacher to my children, but i got feedback abiut my children not so good attitude n their performance in the school 'need more time'. been wanting to be a good daughter, at least dont need to trouble my parents, but now i 1 family staying in parent house in weekdays just to accommodate my children study n safety. been loving loagong with my ocean deep love, n more feeling sharing, but somehow there is always conflict n misunderstanding. been wanting to make myself smile more, laugh out loud, n feeling happy from my heart, but i found myself look n feel tired n no more sunshine. sooo.. finally i chose my work as the part, where i have more confidence in, as long as i work hard then i would get some nice comment n rewards (spot award was a BIG surprise to me), but ending up, ppl see me spending time n work for facebook. this is the question i been asking 'what else? what's next?'
after left usj, thot to go giant shah alam to fetch sis. traffic jams made me lazy. so i headed back home. it was still early, laogong would leave the office at pm, i have no house key. then i decided to go to saloon to trim my hair, guess it wont be crowded in this friday evening. laogong called me right at the time when i wanted to leave the saloon. he said long time didnt go for a movie.. but both of us bringing laptops, so we met at home. after taking shower, we went back to aeon bukit tinggi for dinner. spent laogong this dinner, sempena my spot award :p i did celebrate this with sis, we went ktv. then i promised to buy toys to bbb when salary out. aiya, forgot about laogong. so we makan together just now n window shopping. we didnt go for movie, coz almost all the sessions were FULL.
reached home, saw bbb, i felt warm. never mind la, how hard the situation is, i still having my lovely bbb to support n cheer me up. so mummy needs to be strong n confident :) for those things that are beyond my control, keep the faith, anyhow, i am just being tested and trained to be better and to have more wisdoms ^_^ for friends who are really concern about me, thanks for your messages, feel blessed to have u :)
good nite lo. want to rest now. been coughing n feeling weak n low i spirit for this week. may all my dreams come true, 1st hopefully it would be the piano set that laogong n i seen at the shop. suitable for young learner like my royee boy! laogong got surprise 'wahh, u also know how to play ar?' yala, every saturday mummy learns do re mi too! :p after piano, wii? laogong's new car? no no no.. i hope i can get promoted with my own hard work, i want to shut off those 'cctv' in the office, kidding la :p i hope i can prove to myself, 'michelle, u r doing it right, u get what u working for' btw, thot to shut down my blog too! coz there are 'cctv' too! laogong said, ppl came here just to know about u n your family, that's it.. let them la.. (am still considering this :~)
sweetie pen-off @ 1:26am

Thursday, July 23, 2009

it’s hurt, but any better way?

who want to ask for divorce in their marriages? if not that life forces for this hard decision?

Sunday, July 19, 2009

1st sunday school

wanted to do this few months back.. but why this sunday? coz bbb were sooooo noisy at home! they are too free, they feel bored about their toys n educational dvds. then i found that they have bad attitudes that i afraid they gonna turn to be more naughtier if i just ignored their negative bahaviours. maybe, fighting n bully among siblings are common in childrenhood, but somehow, i want them to have positive mindset especially when treating and communicating with ppl. so, no more being lazy, i send them to sunday school at klang. surprisinly, they enjoyed it!

waiting for the singing session

teachers welcoming 3 new members :D shonejay angels!

the teacher trying to pronounce bbb's names correctly :p

welcoming n hand shaking with new friends
doing prayer.. my boy is serious in praying.. laogong loves this.
i like the sisters behind who hugging n do their prayers :)

after singing for nearly 40 min, then they go to their classes.. by age. age 3 n 4 are in the same class. since bbb attending kinder already, so no much problem to behave in the class. story telling and some activities.. mummy n daddy sitting in the class n teman them.. nope, mummy n daddy playing with their new phones :p
so every sunday, 11:30am - 1pm, i send them to the class. let them learn more about God and LOVE. hope after this, royee wont ask me 'mummy, where is the God?' mummy said 'up there' 'up? where? in the fan ar?' no la.. up there.. 'ceiling?' hmmm no no, u cant see God, God is in your heart 'ohh.. my heart?' hmmm.. i got this type of questions asked when i tell them story about adam n eve in the eden garden.. then angel would start 'ga ga.. shhhh ga ga' ya.. the snake :~ i need to study more about this topic in parenting books, how to answer children' questions about spiritual spirit.. ya.. i shoud.

Friday, July 17, 2009

treatments at Tanamera Wellness Spa

been wanting to do hair treatment after my bali trip. my hair dropping problem getting serious, so i was looking for scalp treatment. friday lunch time went to check at sooka sentral, the gal told me after doing the scalp treatment, my hair would look oily, so better do it after work. so i went there at 6:30pm.. after having tea session with head of department - sempena to celebrate achivement of staff who got spot award :D very happy eating la me.. hehee.. surprises coming along with this small but meaningful award :D so to thanks myself for so called 'good work' :p lagi dont feel guilty to spend money in the spa house ^_^

nice~ waiting for my herbal tea

the oils n powder.. 1st time, i heart to coconut oil :p

the room for facial - ya, i taken facial work as well :p

the cabinet
maxis employees entitle for 20% discount, so i pay rm144 for both facial work n hair work. ok or not? not bad la.. relax in peaceful environment, the ID is quite nice, i like it. i may go for the hair work in the future :) for facial, i would much prefer to go for deep cleansing treatment :D

Monday, July 13, 2009

bbb n my iphone

most of the applications in my iphones, have been downloading for bbb. educational games, stories, coloring books, flash cards n lots more.. all for bbb. no wonder ppl says 2 years old bb can play with iphone much better than an adult :p now royee can remember shapes quite well, and some music instruments + transportation. angels play more often on animals sounds and simple spelling eg cat, ship, bird, wagon. i tell bedtime stories with iphone too! so less headache to think of ideas to attract children attention. downloaded few bible stories for children, so almost every night, i tell noah's ark story :p
maybe, i can consider to buy wii then.. hehehe :p

Sunday, July 12, 2009

gogo's 35 bday celebration

this year is different. coz gogo celebrates his bday with his bb yujet. can see a father happiness n love :) all the foods prepared by mama at gogo's home sweet home.. gogo's bday is just 1 week after mama's bday :D

mama :D

my evangeline

papa's gal gal

my angelina~

playing yujet's video..

my shone jay ^_^
lil' gugu n lil' yu jet
not easy to get him stand still

hehehe.. me the fatty gugu

so the dirty ONE

yu jet being scolded by his wai gong wai po



turning one soon~

smiling eyes :D

the bday cake

the family


cutie yu jet

can see LOVE in gogo's eyes :D

no mama no gogo

wondering why, all look so :(

hmm this one better..

papa not joining.. 4 siblings n mama ^_^
actually, we wanted to take pic of 4 siblings, then mama joined in :p

singing bday song~~~


made the wish n cut the cake
ps: laogong + angel + eva + kakak not joining the cut cutting ceremony, coz children buat hal.. wanted to sleep liao :p