Tuesday, August 23, 2011

rest a while

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what is missing?

on the way back home today, with a full big stomach after buka puasa meal at the hotel, a thought splash in. I have spent time in talking and listening to people, I have neglected the private session with God, to learn His words.

last evening, a colleague of mine shared her story with me. the pain, the hurt feeling, the sadness that she has gone through made me respect her. with her story and her faith, I see God's work on her, I see God's love and blessing. at the same time, I see the lacking of myself. I take thing for granted, I am so blessed with all the happiness and easiness in life. compare to her, I told myself, I need to grow. appreciate life more.

this is the message I sent to her. I feel to hug her, support her, comfort her, but.. I only pray for her.

so, I read this before, we always asking God for this and that, we want God to listen to our prayer, we hope God can fulfil our demand.. but, have you paid enough time to listen to God's words? have we tried to do what He wants us to do? hmmm..

tonight, I want to turn to be a child, with the pure and simple mind and heart, I go near to Him.


Thursday, August 18, 2011

old story

hehe.. recently when my mama and Digo houses are under renovation, so many old stuff come up and remind us our old stories :)

my mama with her wedding gown and shoes.. the hand gloves and ribbon still in good condition!

my mama made her own wedding gown. papa n mama together went to buy all the cloth, the total cost was less than rm50 - 37+ years ago. now, the gown is still in good condition, but my mama run out of shape :p

the wedding pic. my papa is handsome^^ I asked my mama, wang hantaran tak cukup ar? why no smile one? :p

^^ last time, ppl took wedding pic on their wedding day. so can imagine how the new couple of husband n wife feeling on marriage, new beginning, my future gonna depends on your future.. all sorts of feeling, ya, maybe this is the reason my mum got no smile :) my guess la..

well.. now I know why I like to take photography, I like to keep old things.. inherited from my papa n mama :p for the stuff in mu secret room, going to be packed in boxes and move to my own bkt31 house. many more work to do.. many more memories refreshed!

Friday, August 12, 2011

new colours!

these few weeks my papa house and Digo house are under contraction :) papa house is having new painting coat and my Digo house doing renovation of the kitchen and repaint the house. so the mess and dirt at home hmmm...

the living hall, nite and day time colour reflection are different. I like the almond white at the living hall :) the light yellow at the rest area has the dimmer effect, so now my mum won't be dizzy of the direct bright light when watching tv. she claims she has better sleep quality at night ^^

the store room with new cabinet. the wall is almond white colour. look brighter now the store room.

more organised :)

the new shoes cabinet. the exterior wall is in beige colour. compare to the previous pure white, now you can see the difference :)

so the house is in the mess, those old stuff now can get chance to breath :p these are the plates my papa bought for us 4 siblings. now, handover to my children. almost 30 years of childhood memory, now share with my children ^^ have the thought, what I am doing, giving the best and beautiful stuff to children, were what my parents did for us when we were young. so, what I have done for my bbb now, hopefully they can do for their future babies :)

so we found old toys too. the boy got frustrated, when the block is too much or too little for him to build a nice pyramid. geram at himself. then I asked him go to sleep, if not, non stop bising ooo.

more to go before the house get settled down. mama is tired, children are busy (busybody), papa's money out only :p most important, the members of the house are in happiness of family love. all worth!

Monday, August 08, 2011

Monday lunch :)

supposed to have a pic on today yummy lunch box, but I accidentally deleted the pic :p my Digo cooked very yummy vegetable curry. most of the time, I bring mama homecook lunch box to the office. now thinking, if I can cook fresh healthy meal for my lunch box and papa's lunch at home. then, what time I need to wake up? :p

bought this organic jumbo sized raisins last weekend. quite yummy. not that I want to go for truly organic diet, I bought this coz rm19 free another pack of the raisins (quite a lot). this is much cheaper than the normal mini pack of raisins I eat in the office. sometime, 1 day 1 box of rm1 to rm1.60.

just now I spring cleaning my office cabinet. oh, more spaces for backup food then hahaha :D see, I have Black soya bean powder, oats, tea bags and tea from Tibet too!

after that, I went for the vegetable soup.

the creamy pumpkin, carrot, celery soup. yum yum!

see this at 1 of the office level entrance nice oooo!!

ok, back to work. btw, I still having these yummy foods from china and hong kong :D souvenir from my boss too! so, don't worry, I won't get hungry in the office. full of food and energy ya!!! :D


yo! good morning :D

morning breakfast for my papa n myself :)

together with a cup of celery + apple + oligo honey + flaxseed juice :D

ya, long time no blog le! my supervisor shall be back to the office today, after a week of acting, a week of standby mode to FIGHT in the war :p today I feel relaxed. hmm for the whole week, there was big hu-ha once that involved big bosses, the rest are small matters that were within my capability to solve :p anyway, there is a list of nearly 30 points recorded to be highlighted to my boss :p

today is shiyi's bday :) today is also my sis and Bruce 3 years anniversary :D ya, 2 of them are in bukit tinggi highlands now, love love ya! they may go other highlands today to complete their 3 days 2 nights love outing. wish them in the pool of love sweetness, forever n ever and won't get diabetic la :p

talking about diabetic, recently we found fruit jam and nectar for my papa. so he now can taste sweetness in his food happily. last night he told me 'ohh.. I gained weight now' :p try to prepare different type of foods and drinks for him. I found many recipe blogs on sugar-dairy-wheat-gluten free foods preparation. this is not only suitable to my papa, but my sis too! my sis just found out what her vaginal and urine infection can be with her for 2+ years - food intake! she shouldn't take cheese, sugar, wheat, fish.. those acidic type foods. so now is time for her to change - eat like cow! grass only kekeke :p

this is what I prepared in Saturday night - 10 grains rice and tofu based steamed fillet. quite yummy and fresh. the carrot and capsicum are fresh and juicy. but my sis didn't want to eat at home, went out pastor and eat outside :( will try this recipe again, and let my papa and mama taste it :)

I baked strawberry muffins on sunday. my mum said the muffins were sweet! so I didn't try it. laogong bought few for his colleague. my mum bought mini muffins for my nephew. the rest, sapu by my children :D

tata! update more in other posts, need to read back my previous posts so I can continue all those unfinished stories :p many things to share, you can see my Facebook photos upload ^^