Sunday, September 28, 2008

my sunday photos diary

at banting'62
royee sleeping. poor boy, must be very tired helping in bkt31

the way angel climb up to the bed


eva wearing royee's shirt

at bkt31

bruce helping to set up children bedroom sets

royee loves this! but not fancy. my sis bought for him

boxes from dc31 to the new kitchen

sis washing the plates. royee sitting n be supervisor!

royee asked me to snap the following pictures. when i took 1 pic, he came n say 'gei wo kan, wo kan wo kan' (let me see). then he said 'zai pai yi zhang' (take another 1). then came again n check again. then another 1.. another 1.. hmmm..

measuring tape. royee measure here n there. n the measurement is always 'shi liu, shi ba, ok' (16, 18, ok) hehehe.. thot himself was bob the builder :p

again, we went back home late...


happy eva~

eva wanted my handbag..

saturday bkt31

early morning i brought kakak n royee to bkt31. then we started cleaning the house. sofa, dining table, tv cabinet, shoes cabinet. set up the children room sets. putting things in kitchen cabinet. bruce non stop drilling this wall n that wall.
the little helper

helping or playing?

sitting quietly eating the bao when uncles installed the dining table

uncles said, 'very quiet har your boy' @_@

he really wanted to learn to manage it

somehow, he disturbed kakak's kerja

kakak helping

in the evening, my mum said she wanted to come to see the furniture. n she brought prawn mee, fried chicken, leong cha drinks for us. my digo drive, then angels came to the house too! at the same time, bruce's good friend chiew n his gf came to visit the houset too. wow.. so many ppl in the house n the house was in the mess @_@ we makan makan, chit chatting till nearly 9pm. bbb started buat hal, so noisy. n we cant clean the house because of many ppl there. then i asked my mama to bring them back lo.. included kakak, i asked her to go back n rest. she helpes us a lot! n can see she was really tired n sakit kaki.. hmmm...

dinner time!

officiate the dining table

foods n drinks from jenjarom

panjat sini sana

bruce n eva


the naughty boy!

at living hall

my sis n i left the house at 12:30am. soooo tired. then i found out that, my car fuel tank was almost empty! n my cash was not much left! was so worried something bad happened if i went to petrol station n fill the oil at this late. wanted to try to drive back to banting with the remaining oil. luckily my handphone battery is still full. so i wanted to try my luck! then when i pass by johan setia petrol station, i saw there were many cars in the petrol station. so i tried to go in n see the situation. hmmm many family cars were pumping oil. n the cashier was a lady. should be safe i think. then korek korek my wallet, ya, luckily it was a rm50! so i refill the petrol n faster drive back to banting ^_^

reached home. mandi. tidur. angel cried. carried her to sleep with me on bed. me was walking like a frog.. tired.. exhausted..

ps: got to know bruce was there till nearly 2am. to help us to install children's furniture.. really thanks him ^_^

Thursday, September 25, 2008

bbb bday coming soon~

today is angels chinese bday. 26 mth8. this saturday is royee chinese bday. 28 mth8. oct coming oooo.. royee will be 3 n angels will be 2. another 3 mth, then bbb will enter kinder together ^_^ hope they are always be good boy n gals. my mum said, age 3 is very important. coz age 3 determine age 80 - chinese proverb. so my mum said, we should celebrate royee's age 3 bday. i will buy bday cake for them. special gift ar? that day i bought royee a t-shirt 'bob the builder' from mothercare rm75. spoiled him habis. for angels, am still looking for something nice n sweet. no more budget for all these extra things, since i have bought the bedroom sets for them as their bday gifts. still thinking, how to decorate their bed rooms to WOW them..

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


~ pooh

Sunday, September 21, 2008

cleaning at bkt31

since furnitures n cabinets would be in from 22-28 sept. so we decided to clean 1st n 2nd floors rooms for placing the things. we only sweep n mop the floor. n we took 2+ hours for that. both of me n sis, tangan bengkak n tired :( i told my sis, if next time kakak cant clean the house in 1 day, we shouldnt complain much, coz it is tiring, n not easy to cope with everything for her. hehe.. n i decided to bring kakak to help to clean the house in this coming saturday :p i think, she can do much faster n efficient than us :p
royee is helping
when i was busy mopping the floor, then royee came n said, 'mummy, ni lei lei liao, royee bang ni ma di' (mummy, u r tired already, royee helps u to mop the floor) with his really want to help punya face n tone, i let him mopped. it's cute, the long mop n the short boy :p i was sitting at a side n watching him. then i remembered 1 of the blog that i read from cocochang's blog, it's nice to have son. coz son can help out for some household job together with father. i told royee, when u grow up, u help mummy sweep n mop the floor. he said ok!
mopping like dancing~



betul betul helping one, not main main


royee arranged this. tidy. but not in pair :p

his responsibility is to wipe all the tiles

makan time!

let see, how mama pose..

he followed!

cleaning job is more fun with royee~

all wet!

naked boy :p

we were so hungry oooo..

chicken rice

busy talking while eating..

telling story with actions


when i showed to royee my bengkak hands n fingers. he said this 'wo bao hu mummy (i protect mummy) then he pat my hand n arm. i was so touched! i smiled at him ^_^ being silent, coz too touching dont know what to say.. ya i kissed him.

after cleaning the house, before going to sgbuloh dc31, we went to Giant bukit tinggi for yoyo ice. it was nice to have cool n sweet icy food after 3 hours cleaning ^_^

royee resting on the floor n singing during the journey to dc31

we were at sgbuloh from 2pm-5pm. packing the cloths in our master room only. then my sis followed bruce's car went back to shah alam, royee n i went to my bro's house. brought some children stuff for little jack. met my mum, kakak, n angels in my bro's house. mandi at my bro's house, royee drink milk, then we went back to banting around 6pm+

poor boy. sleep with his bag n shoes. must be very tired.