Thursday, July 31, 2008

fairy tale..

i hope, there is someone in this corner of the world,
every morning 'oh my dear pretty michelle, i miss u so much'
night time, 'oh my lovely beautiful michelle, how i wish i can kiss u good nite'

i told my friend, maybe we r in someone heart, who miss us day n night. ya i hope there is someone out there.. the special one.. ^_^

Sunday, July 27, 2008


allowed myself to online browsing for 45 minutes, go to sleep at 1am. hmmm now is 1:03am. will go to sleep after this post. craving for more longer private time for myself. the broadband service at cyberview resort is quite ok, so am so greedy to stay awake n do as much as i can with this service. bbb are sleeping with u. both u n royee are snoring. angels are angels for both of u, eva for u, angel for royee ^_^ sometime, i really have the feeling, angelina n evangeline are really twin angels for us. they are cute n beautiful! (opps.. stop for a while, your big body is covering eva's head..)
felt guilty about royee's went down in swimming pool just now. were busy taking care angels. royee was happily swimming with the swimming ring. suddenly heard his crying, n u were enjoying your jaguzzi :( my heart pains when he said 'wo de xin hen hai pa' (my heart feels very scared) with tears in his eyes :~ how sorry n guilty for me when he said 'yi zhi chen, yi zhi chen, chen, chen, chen, mei you kan dao mama liao, mei you mama liao..' (go down n go down, down n down n down, cant see mama already, no more mama already) was still blur on what he was trying to tell 'who cant see mama?' 'royee la' suddenly, i felt to cry. now only i know what was happening just now. at 1st i thot he slipped in the swimming pool so he cried. coz the pool was not deep. n he was with swimming ring. now when i think back what was happening just now, luckily he was ok, or else, i didnt know... hmmm... non stop i explained to him, just now u didnt stand firm, coz u were tired, u didnt sleep enough. so now u go n sleep, so tomolo u have energy to walk n swim, then u wont accidently fall down in the water. i just dont want royee to have fear of water. wanted to give him that thinking, he was careless coz he didnt sleep enough. he gave me the feeling that, he would not go for the same swimming pool again. this is the mind i am trying to change.
hard to erase someone fear. that day royee was having fear of the accident man who lose his eyes n legs. till now, if u mentioned 'dont do this har, later your leg would be broken har' then his face expression would change, he pauses a while. i dont want this, i dont like this. still looking for the parenting tips on this. now, another fear, sinking in the water 'many many many water come, come, come to me, cover me, mummy no more royee' hmmm i dont want no more royee, i want my royee boy! just now i hugged him on the bed when he was telling me this, hugged him tightly, with tears in my heart.. i know, the scene is still in his mind.. how to erase it off?
1:33am. better for me to sleep now. gonna busy with children in the morning. then go back banting at 12pm. meet the contractor at bkt31 at 5pm. must be very tired trip. u asked me, why u never use your skin care? hmm not that i dont use my skin care, i use them every day n night. the best skin care is to sleep much n drink much. i got enough time to sleep meh? i can sleep well meh? i would be very happy n find myself lucky if the midnight only 1 bb crying in the midnite. oh, thank god, not that 2 of them of 3 of them are crying for something... as i told u, i may consider to change my skin care product, to higher nutrition or super essense.. coz not easy to make my skin looks young ler, going to be age 30, then busy taking care bbb, then water piping in my body system seemed to be leaking. i drink a lot, but i feel dried! hmmm.. or my body age har, is not 29, 50 maybe :p
ok la, talk much. better sleep la.. btw, thanks for coming back. i felt touched when u said 'yala, seem like something big was gonna happen, if i didnt come back here' ok ok, once a while let me play the fierce demanding wife ok! i know u r busy in the office... i really miss u ma! somemore, children also need to see the actual papa when they are learning to call papa ok! kan sweet to hear when bbb non stop 'papa papa papa' u.. heehe.. i love u :p

Saturday, July 26, 2008

in cyberview lodge

in the resort room. bbb are sleeping in the 7' king sized bed. u just finished eating 3 packs of potato chips. hmmm.. seldom eat junk food at foreign countries? ok.. whatever. talking about our children. ya, they grow up a lot. they know more things now.. cute cute hor..

Friday, July 25, 2008


hmm.. today, i feel confused. myself made me confused. my thinking, i need time n space to figure out, my thinking, my attitude, my bahaviour. sometime i do ask myself, am i doing things right? who can judge me? or only my feeling would give the judgement.
talking about charity or voluntary jobs. for those ppl who go for voluntary jobs with sincere heart, they may get inspired after the activity. for ppl who doing charity works for some purpose, they may get negative feeling after the trip. or maybe, they may change to be more sincere at the next charity work. in my thinking, ppl who dont think on ppl shoes or accept different ppl background, wont have the full hearted on voluntary or charity jobs. somehow, u would be selfish at 1 point. i hope, educational level that u r achieving, is going to help u to be a better behavioured man. not the attitude that gonna shut ppl mouth coz ppl dont feel to talk to u. let ppl shut their mouths coz u have your point, n they are speechless to fight back. look at the issue from different angles, the outcome may bring u different answers.
today i feel very tired, in fact, this morning in the journey to to office, i have this non stop coming into my mind 'am i too busybody? am i forcing ppl or convincing ppl to follow my thinking or say? am the ppl who are talking to me everyday, put me into their hearts? if my words, really give impact to them?...' i found myself losing confidence recently. confidence to be a good person who i thot it suppose to be. hmmm.. need to upgrade my knowledge, broader my thinking and experience, an academic certificate doesnt mean u r knowledgeble or qualified to understand ppl feeling or handle the situation better. pls remember this. dont be selfish. these few days, 'selfish' popping up in my days, 'why u r acting like that, selfish' 'why u doing this? selfish' hmmm.. or maybe, am too sensitive for everything. yes, everything. so i feel tired.
well.. let's stop here. wanna pack my things n take train to putrajaya, n drive to klia airport to pick u up. been sitting here, reading a local very porfessional photographer's blog, hmm i got inspired. proud of him to build house for children in need during his very tight schedule n at his level.. i think, i found myself back. i think, i have been doing my things n am acting rights. at least, i feel happy n i agree what he doing is good for ownself, ppl, n society. confused for the whole day, i get myself released now ^_^ u can be rich, u can be educated, u can have power n authority, pls have a attitude that EVERYONE can easy to get close with u or at least, an attitude that can let ppl RESPECT u as who u r.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


in the office. having sore throat, headache, fever. then just started coughing. all come in a package :( staying in the office, prepared the write-up for voluntary jobs that i went in last year. then, my tears falling down when i wrote this ‘terima kasih banyak banyak, anak anak lain yang tolong pakcik bersihkan rumah, anak anak pakcik pun tak datang jenguk pakcik lepas banjir ni’ the pakcik tears dropping and looking far. i end the write up with We may live more happier, if we have less choices in this life. i miss voluntary and charity activities..
going back home soon. u called up n tell me to plan to visit your grandma n parents at johore. i dont feel to let bbb feeling too tired. afraid they will get sick after the travel, then my mum n kakak would feel tired n difficult to take care them. u r ok to go by your own. i'll take care them after we check out from cyverview. or can u pls reserve this weekend to only our bbb? u have too much to catch up with them. 2 days are too short for them to stay with u, to feel the love of their dad. next time pls plan for longer holidays, then you can spend more time with bbb and your parents.
i have rescheduled my photography course, to have more time with u. cant wait to see u at tomolo night ^_^
see u tomorrow~~~

in the office...

very yummy food from kota kinabalu, sabah

very BIG farewell card to COO

cute cute.. i signed on 1 of the crying patung there.. 'all the best!'

supervisor put this calendar facing me.. hmm

never ask for things to be easier, always ask yourself to be better

kinder tour..

the green farm..
angel n royee

gogo n mei mei

his hand hold her hand..

royee's mushroom

royee with mushrooms..

royee's foot print

snails n foot prints for all the students in his class

shone jay thea royee

the mushroom class..

yesterday royee suddenly crawling beside me, he said he was carrying the heavy shell. then i said, 'ohh, royee is snail, so carrying shell n walk slowly..' he said 'no! i am tortoise' oh ya hor, tortoise also have shell n walking slowly.. hmmm..

this morning on the way to the kinder, suddenly he shouted, 'wo yao oval!' (i want oval) then i looked around. ohh, there was a oval shape table in the house compound. 'wo yao tuo yuan xing, wo yao tuo yuan xing! (i want oval shape, i want oval shape). then he started rectangle, triangle, round shape..... wow. i got impressed, he knew all these shape names. which i admitted that, i knew about oval at very big age >.<>

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


u r coming back. hmmm what a sudden. yesterday only i got mad with u >.<
wanted to posting some photos on royee's kinder, but my camera has gone off battery power. last saturday my sis, royee, angel n i went to banting methodist kinder for prize ceremony of words recognition contest for age 4, 5, 6 students. children nowadays need to learn a lot of things. they even learned the science knowledge which i learned at only primary standard 5 and 6! no wonder my colleague told me she sent her standard 1 boy for tuition class! standard 2 students need to write essay. some of my colleagues told me, they take time to answer their children maths questions. n some, cant even answer the bahasa melayu question :( they told me, the technique they use to calculate the answer of maths are different than us. they can answer all the + - x / questions, by only 10 fingers. hmmm..
royee brought me to the vegetable farm in the kinder. the vege that royee n his classmates planted look fresh green! royee seemed to be a little tour guide n brought us to walk around his school. he holds angel's hand.. cute! then went to his little mushroom class. saw the classmates art works. then only i know royee learned a lot of things in the school :) these few days, royee sings a lot. full songs. with cutie actions too! hehe.. then angel n eva following him :p by next year, i think they must be very very cute then when 3 of them singing n performing together on stage ^_^
last nite, driving back home. a indian lady standing in the middle of 3 lanes, waiting for car to hit her. very shocked and sad to see this. must be something that confusing her. she must be on stress on something. all the cars drove passing her n avoid hitting her. hope she is ok right now. i mean emotionally. pls appreciate our lives, life is beautiful, pls open the eyes of your heart to treasure her beauty.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

gel the hair ^^

royee asking the hairdresser auntie to trim his hair 'stand'. the auntie told him, the hair cannot be trimmed as standing look. need to gel it.. this is the 2nd part of the videos.. look kat his face, look at his eyes, non stop focusing on the mirror only :p

on the way back to home, i asked him to take a short nap. he said cannot, later my hair no more standing. when reached home, he didnt want to take shower, afraid it would kena the hair. then my mum asked him to tell kakak 'tak mau cuci rambut' then royee told this to kakak 'tak mau tuti har' kakak also felt funny. sleeping time, he non stop pusing sini sana in the buai, my mum said, later your hair no more standing, then he slept still :p the next day, kakak asked me, rambut royee kasik cuci? i said ya, kasik cuci bersih, semua gel.. hmmm this boy..

furniture hunting..

saturday early morning, i brought royee to klang. picked up my sis n lots of milk powder from shah alam then we went for bah kut teh as requested by royee. royee loves bah kut teh. before that we thot to bring him for breakfast at McD. the happy meal toys were out of stock. then we went to klang bukit raja for dried bah kut teh.
at there, while taking our bah kut teh, the radio played the song that i always sing for royee 'zi ji die dao zi ji pa' (u fall down, u stand up by your own) royee said i simply sing this song, created by my own. until that morning, he heard this song. then now he sometime follow me to sing it. i love this 'ni kan san shang wei ni kai man hong hua' (look at the hill, all the red flowers are blossom for u) ^_^
went to bkt31, asked the contractor to come n measure again our latest design. then went to maid agency to collect kakak's passport. the agent asked me not to spoil the maid. hmmm.. then dropped by at the contractor's shop, to collect the quotation. then rushing back to banting to attend the prize ceremony at royee kinder. after royee kinder, we went to banting furniture shop, hmmm not suit to our tastes.
evening, asked my sis to go sunway pyramid to see the dining table that i mentioned in Lorenzo. both royee and angel were sleeping, then we brought eva. go to sunway pyramid, saw the dining table, we need more table for comparison. then i suggested to go ikano power center Macy. then we drove there at 7:30pm. reached there 8pm+
from Macy to Harvey Norman. then we stopped n took our dinner. steamboat. then we went to ikea at 10pm. plan to build the tv cabinet, living hall cabinet, n even kitchen cabinet by our own. hmmm see how la. need to ask your opinion on this, coz u r the one who need to install everything for us :p left ikea at 11pm+ after the annoucement 'dear customer, we are currently closed...' hehehe.. reached banting, hmmm 1am.. sooo tiring ooo...

at sunway pyramid. 1st time with her dora backpack

at macy

at ikano power center

diam diam tak senyum one..

dinner at steamboat, ikano power center

Friday, July 18, 2008

discovering herself..

angelina roinn

on the way..

'that's all for this week!' i left this when i switched off my tiring when running up n down for urgent doc. my colleague said i look cool n steady even i'm busy n tight up. for her she would either scream or scold ppl. haha.. i love busy working hours, time flies.. n i feel satisfied when i complete one task. self esteem is very important in the office.

friday, feel envy when i heard junie said friday is her paktor day with her hubby. n she was waiting for her 'driver' to pick her up. out of sudden, i feel lonely, i feel empty. i dont know if u been missing me over there, i miss u dearly! feel very lonely this week. after busy working n taking care bbb, i feel like missing something. i know why so many private affair happen in long distance love, coz i do have 'how nice if i had a bf now' come across my mind some time. must stand very firm on this. be responsible to our spouse n kids. i hope u can manage n behave yourself there.

ok. wanna tag myself out from this train station. not a good place for me to sit here n type this post, feel somemore lonely. love u..

one of the sundays..

bbb sitting together.. tak di-arrange..

angel tak smile one..

my eldest brother talking to bbb..

angel n eva

angel with muka baru tidur.. busuk!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

night with bbb

asked them to show 1 to 10 using their fingers

photos after this, fighting n jumping on the bed!

u called me when i took photos n playing with them. so noisy. finally, i managed to sleepkan royee n eva. then i let angel to play toys. i brought the durian that my dad reserved to me. sooooo yummy look~ eating durian nearly 10pm. hmmm cant resisit it.. they were really tasty!! angel looking n smilling at me. asked her want to have a dry, she nodded her head. she tried twice ^_^

as i told u, every nite i have very nice dinner from my mummy. then durian n bird nest dessert sometime. kekeke.. jealous u. philipines has sugar cane n dried mango rite? have u tried them?


cute hor.. eva went n waved bye bye to angel.. wondering why eva didnt call angel.. at least make some sound ma..

i love this video clip. cute cute~ hmmm for them, since in my belly they been staying together. so the special love between them is hard for us to have it. i love to see them smile at each other.. eva carried the toy bag. in fact, i asked her to pick up all the toys on the floor. then she waved bye bye to angel. then she kissed. then she hi-5 before leaving the room.. i love them :*

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

on my way back home

in the train now. still laughing alone about junie's funny stories. nice chat with her today. got something from the conversation, be brave to speak out our mind, so we wont easily get bullied by ppl. 'that's why u r so lovey dovey' hmm this made me think about myself.

these days am learning to speak out for myself so ppl dont simply take advantage on me. few ppl mentioned this to me, scolding me too. am still figuring out, am i doing this rite. after changing myself, would it be still 'i am who i am'? hmm suddenly remember that u told me this few years back 'coz u easy to get bullied ma' when i asked why u chose me..

(a man sitting opposite me, look n wear like mr crocodile :p)

today u called from bangkok, told me u spent much over there. cloths, massage n spa, gal show, boy show.. seem like travelling there. my fren said habis la perempuan kat sana semua lawa lawa.. i said, so? i pun tak dapat buat apa apa ma.. honestly, i feel tired to suspect this n that. if u had gf, u know the consequences. bbb r always mine. i always remind myself this, husband n wife might be ex, parents n children would not. to keep this in mind so i wont get that hurt if anything happen :) anyhow, hope u appreciate this chance n freedom n trust.

ok want to drive back lo. super hungry! pls come back fast! miss u much :(

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

mid july

this morning having some argument with my sis on bkt31. hmm.. shall avoid this in the future. coz we going to stay together, so must be tolerant. luckily u r not here, or else u have another opinion n ideas, lagi susah we make decision. everyone is hoping for the best for the house, ya, so never mind la, if cant make it done this year, then we move in next year lo. so man man lai.. ^_^
this morning i fried the rice by my own! after so long oooo.. i miss the smell n taste of my fried rice.. ya.. so tasty!!!! cooked for myself - breakfast n lunch, n breakfast for kakak. hope it taste ok to her :p rushing to the train station, forgot about my lunch box, went back n pick it up, then i missed the train :( again, today i am late to work. have to go back late again this evening...
bbb are cute n so lovely. sometime i cant control myself to hug n kiss them.. over n over again :p then when i carry 1 bb, another bb will come to me.. then another one.. 1 at left, 1 at right, 1 at the back.. happy la.. feel lucky to have bbb to temam me ^0^ angels are still having low fever, midnite worsen the fever. very high temperature. sub a pill, then sleep again. i dont sleep well these few nights. jaga them.
well.. time for my lunch break. wanna makan my nasi goreng lo~

Monday, July 14, 2008

when i grow up, i want to be...

mummy: baby, when u grow up, what u want to be?
royee: doctor!
mummy: police or doctor? (saja want to confirm his answer)
royee: wo yao dang yi sheng la~ (i want to be doctor la)
mummy: why u want to be doctor?
royee: doctor can jap ppl (holding a pencil, and jap me)
mummy: u want to be doctor coz u want to jap ppl?
royee: doctor.. doctor.. doctor can bao ren de (carry ppl one)
mummy: why doctor carry ppl?
royee: yin wei na ge ren sou shang le ma.. (bcoz the person get hurt already ma)
mummy: oooo.. doctor can give patient medic hor, then no more sick lo..
royee: ya.. i can take medic by my own.. dont need to hold mouth one, hold mouth very pain one..
mummy: ya.. royee good boy ma..
royee: mummy i got no sick already. u bring me go swimming ok? (i told them if sick, we cant go swimming next time)
mummy: u r still coughing la..
royee: wo mei you (said no, trying to control his cough.. then.. non stop coughing!)
mummy: u see, go n sleep early, then u will get well soon.
royee: wo you yi dian dian bing ba liao de.. (i have small sick only)
mummy: ok la, u sleep early, tomolo mummy send u to the school. u go there n learn many many things, then when u grow up u can be a good doctor n save ppl live.
royee: ok.. i want to be doctor one. doctor can da zhen de (jap me again >.<)

royee to be doctor.. hmm.. let see.. :p

puzzles for the gifted bbb ^_^

royee.. cant wait for the gift..

eva, the 2nd one..

angel.. quite slow in unwrapping the gift..

royee - africa animals, angel - numbers, eva - when i grow up, i want to be...

naughty angels..

love to be on the dining table. playing with the rice pot. angel on it, eva off it >.<

pinky angels ^_^

sunday morning...
u see, their territory

cutie eva ^0^

they were happy, mummy didnt scold them :p

Sunday, July 13, 2008


saturday morning, sitting on the bed, thinking, shall i bring bbb to sunway lagoon or megakidz? since this weekend i dont need to be busy on bkt31. bbb always stay at home, must let them see outside world. kakak asked me, what cloths to let them wear, i said, 'biar saya fikir dulu, nak bawa mereka keluar jalan jalan tak...' hmm then kakak mandikan bbb, i was still sitting there with my pda, checking sunway lagoon's tickets price. then i decided NOt going. then jalan sambil jalan, i found bbb quite bored at home, they followed me jalan jalan in the house. then i asked my mum, 'ma, do u want to go sunway lagoon?' mum said 'ya, i feel like going out la, staying at home so bored' OK, i went to the room, asked kakak to wear angels mamypoko diapers, 'nak pergi makan angin!' :p
about an hour kelam kabut packing time, we left the house nearly 10am. stopped at rhb bank jenjarom, withdraw rm500 :( reached sunway pyramid nearly 11am. so many bags. heavy bags. kakak wanted to carry all ALONE. i said no la, 'nanti patah tangan u' she felt guilty to let me carry one of the bags. hmmm.. bbb dont need tickets, coz tak cukup height. so bought 3 adult tickets, 3 x rm48, rm144 for theme park + water park. so happy bbb looking at those colorful thingy. the weather, sekejap mendung, sekejap panas...
after playing few games at amusement park, then we went to waterpark. coz hot sun! the swimming suit seemed smaller size to them already. so next time, i will buy a new set for bbb. not many photos taken, coz want to jaga bags, n bbb. during the stay over there, i felt happy ^_^ looking at our bbb, when they happily smiled n laugh, i felt OK to spend the entrance fee :p after lagoon, we went to sunway pyramid for hartz chicken buffet, spent nearly rm70. parking tickets rm5.50. tolls rm2.20 x 2. petrol... oh ya, n rm20 for J Co donuts. Smile on each of our faces --- PRICELESS ^_^
photos to be uploaded later.. with video too!

Friday, July 11, 2008

another friday

again, friday. seem like yesterday was sunday. hmm.. time flies really fast. mid july now. my sis in law at late pregnancy stage, i'm gonna be gugu soon :) royee gonna be age 3, then angels will be 2 soon. n ya, my sis gonna be a married woman very soon keke..
now is 22:49 shonejay angels are sleeping. kakak too. i just taken my dinner. i worked till almost 8pm just now. then reached home at 9:20pm. kakak closed the door for me, i told her, 'banyak kerja, kerja tak siap siap' she smiled at me with kesian me face @_@ royee n angel were happy to see me. eva been sleeping. hug hug kiss kiss them, trim angel's fingernails, then i went for shower. kakak asked me to eat 1st, she tidurkan bb. i said never mind la, 'kamu pergi rehat, saya jaga mereka' she said pity me, must be very hungry. ya, was very hungry. but then if i let her handle bb, for sure they wont sleep. might as well i cepat cepat tidurkan them, then i can take my late dinner and online post this blog for u.
u r now in thailand. just now my colleague asked, is it a big jump for your hubby salary in this company? i said no. u earn the same salary as compare to the previous company. u chose this company, coz this is your dream when u left maxis. u studied, u worked hard. now u r qualified. so salary is secondary here. maybe ppl thot this is not giant company that u gonna be proud of. this is a dream that u set few years back. to let u travel. my colleague said 'it is hard for a woman to handle a family alone' ya, i agree with that. it is not easy. when few things come together, when bbb always need more and equal love n attention from me. i told her, as a wife, i wont allow my hubby to stay far from the family; as a friend to him, i would. coz to a man, DREAM is the main force n spirit to moving forward to the brighter n challenging future. a man without hope n dream, is nothing. i want u to experience this, since u r still a young man - with unlimited potential ummmh! then my colleague said 'hopefully he really appreciated this' hmmm.. i do hope so. gambling. i hope i win this game. my mum told me last nite, hope he can be like your dad one day. ya.. i hope u can prove to everyone n to bbb, u r a nice man who work hard for the family and at the same time, fulfil your wish in career n life. now u have more chances to travel around. going places where i never been too. dont forget to share pictures n stories :)
day before, i told my friend, u can trust your woman friends n sisters, but not man. hmmm just to protect ourselves for being hurt. who knows, one day something happen. no guarantee n warranty for this. i told her, TRUST to my hubby is not 100% but LOVE = 100%. that day in your email, 'why u r not believing in me?' hmmm u r far away from me, be frank, distance has taken away my sense of secure.. slowly.. hmmm... no one can extended the warranty period of marriage n love relationship, just hoping that, we can stay together happily as long as we can and together build a home sweet home to bbb ^_^
today lunch time. i went to klcc parkson, helping my sis to buy dress. no stock. then i went to isetan, brought 2 pieces of short pants to angels. so happy, i got them at 50% discount. last time i wanted to buy this design at midvalley store, when it was new release but dont have 2 same size available. LEGO is on sale at toy'r'us. standing there for minutes, finally i left the store with empty hand. yesterday just bought them 3 puzzles. so wait for next sale la. dont want to spend much now, n dont want to spoil them. kakak also less kerja, dont need to pick up the toys from morning till nite. hmm...
no plan for tomolo. waiting another quotation from bruce's friend, so this weekend, dont feel to be busy on bkt31. at 1st i planned to bring bbb to sgbuloh, visit your parents. but then your mum is still in johore. your dad asked me to go back in august. maybe i can go back together with u. thot to bring them to tiara beach - high petrol cost; to sunway lagoon - high tickets fee; to megakidz - long journey; putrajaya - nothing much we can do... so this weekend, will stay at home. maybe bring them to playground nearby or morib beach. just now helping my colleague to look for nice place for relaxing... hmmm me too hoping for a trip - blue sky n aqua sea n white sand.. hmmm the wind.. wow~ next year, let's plan for something relaxing >.<
thinking of country code. indonesia 62, philipines 63, thailand 66. what's next? u said u have changed region from south asia pacific to south east asia. then i went online to see what r the countries under these 2 regions. hmmm i think, my geography knowledge will be better if u travel more countries n changed few more regions :p when i can memorize well your phone number, then u would change to another one :( i think recently i drop a lot of hairs, coz too many numbers in my otak, n so many due dates of bills to remember. (ps: just now i bought a otak-otak bun from bread story, hmmm yummy!!) few weeks have not been back to dc31, i dont collect all the letters. so these few days, i received call from banks, to ask to pay the outstanding amount :p your dad also calling coz astro service has been suspended. hehehe.. busy ma.. settled everything for those that i received calls. for the rest, wait for banks to call me la :p see la, if very free, then this sunday go back dc31 with bbb.
tomolo is my eldest brother's bday. ok la, wanna sleep already. calling u now.. aiya, no answer :( good nite la.. pls email me.. love u~

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

SE P1i

tomolo i will be on mc. going to sjmc n see dermathologist. hmmm finally i will get some specialist treatment on my allergic lips. been having this for more than 3 years. hmm.. hope this problem will be gone right after treatment.

ya, so agressive, went to klcc sony wing during lunch time. bought the P1i at rm1519. got a free hand towel :p few times u called me hor, dont be jealous on my new phone, u can buy a new one too, when u come back malaysia la. so if u want the phone fast, then u come back fast >.<

ok. pen off here. wanna go back home already. want to study related topics on tod's psycho. will meet shone's teacher again tomolo morning before i drive to subang. hmmm.. big challenge to me to handle this issue.

take good care there..

Tuesday, July 08, 2008


A champion horse doesnt know why it runs in the race. but it knows it runs faster bcoz of the beats and pains... the more your pains, the stronger u become. Life is a race, God is your rider. The harder He beats u, the stronger u become. so dont be troubled with year problems. react to it to WIN like a champion horse ~ sms from thomas samuel
as i always say, challenges make us stronger! ya. susah susah sekarang, senang senang kemudian. i hope we really get senang soon ^_^ settling down everything asap. ya, phone spoiled at this critical time, going to buy a new mobile phone this weekend with your consent given :p as i told my colleague, i wanted to buy a phone with cheaper price but with all the functions of phone in the world. so greedy hor.. kekeke..
this 26/7 will go klcc for the basic photography course, so after this, i will buy a better professional digital camera :p wahhh.. the hdd video camera also needed. so many things added to my wish list ooo.. will bring royee n kakak to klcc la. as i promised to kakak, i will bring her jalan jalan at kuala lumpur, ibu kota of malaysia :)
ok, mau kerja lo. 3:30pm tea time will celebrate my colleague's bday. yummy yummy bday cake hehe..

Monday, July 07, 2008

family day ^^

only the members in the house that matter to happiness. the size of the house doesnt matter. i felt very happy when everyone was gathering at home (except u :~) crowded but warm. sometime i do think, ppl nowadays only mostly have lesser children, then how to get more grandchildren when they are old. then for sure we cant have the scene of very BIG family gathering for any special occasions like what our grandparents have. last time ppl have smaller house, smaller car (or even no car but bicycle) but yet they have very happy BIG family. today, ppl have less children, bigger house, bigger car, both working parents, but yet, may not feel enough n claim high living cost. things change.
very happy, got to skype with u. see your face thru webcam, hmmmm i miss u so much! wish to hug n kiss u there :* 1st time angel skype with u, she enjoyed it. when the line got connected, then she 'papa papa' hehehe.. royee n eva were sleeping. next time la, i try to get them all skype with u. but then, must really taking care my laptop la.. their little fingers!!! non stop pressing here n there. oh ya, about royee cabut my laptop key pad, when my mum called me, 5 keypad tercabut, when i reached home, total 8 keypad he cabut. so, my mum rotan him for the 5 characters, n my dad rotan him for the additional 3 characters :( i sakit hati with the laptop, but i lagi sakit hati when i saw the mark on royee's body.
last nite before kakak slept, i asked her to apply cream for royee whenever royee kena rotan 'biar dia cepat sembuh dan takde kesan' i cant control my parents or asked them to stop rotan royee, coz sometime royee memang naughty. as long as their punishment is not over is reasonable, then i am ok. i also dont wish one day royee become very naughty n i got no chance to rotan him. sometime, i hit royee when he is too over with his action. i use only my palm, i want to feel the pain. so i can control myself for not hurting him much. i want to punish him, but not hurting him. so just to be fair, he feels the pain, so do i. me + sakit hati :(

i tight angel's hair. kakak loves to see angels wearing dress ^_^


ramai kan ^_^ bruce snapped this photo. my papa gone jogging..

kakak wash bbb shoes few times a week. like new pairs la.. :p

so far, i love this kakak. when there is big sunshine out there, then she cari things to wash. when bbb falling sick, she also worried together with me. last nite when i reached home at night, she reported to me, angel finally got her boo boo out. very big one like an egg. angel screamed!!! kakak greets everyone morning. my eldest brother felt paiseh when kakak said 'morning sir' with a smile :) last saturday kakak slept with me in the aircond room. she memang takut sejuk one. so, she got herself a thick blanket, n covered her face as well :p my eldest brother said, later i being sued bcoz i dera my maid with aircond kekeke.. so i switched off the aircond :p to let kakak had good sleep. kakak really helps a lot. 2+ weeks, she went to klang shopping with my mum 3 times. n went to saloon too! i hope she really enjoys working at our home :)

angels start singing 'i love u, u love me..' not very clear, but with the ryhthm. cute! they learning many new things n words in these 2 weeks. thanks to my parents n kakak. thanks royee too! sometime royee singing then angels follow. i think by the time u come back, u can see big difference of them ^_^ oh ya, not only kakak, but my dad also telling this morning, angel n eva have gained weight. my dad worried, afraid angels will be in big size. my dad sughested that, less biscuits n tip-bits for angels. kekeke.. i love the way my dad looking at angels n smile. so soft, so sweet. look at my dad, i can imagine last time how my dad treat me n my sis. my dad really loves children.. the smile of satisfaction n happiness ^_^ told my eldest brother to take family photo in year 2009, when his bb >6mth, n my sis sudah jadi bruce's wife :p

last time i was busy during weekend to travel sgbuloh-banting to see angels. now i'm busy travelling banting-klang for bkt31. anyway, am happy to busy with bkt31. coz shonejay angels are with me everyday ^_^ i thank God when i leave home with bbb + kakak 'tata, bye bye, kiss kiss', n leave home with smile in my heart. i come back home, bbb standing there 'mama mama' n very happy smiling. tired gone. kakak helps to close the gate, royee helps to carry my handbag, then i hold angels hands n walk in to the living hall. how nice the days are ^_^

this weekend, i will try to confirm the quotation n contractors. then get the work start. if possible, i dont want to delay my plan. want to move to the house by this year end. settle everything by this year. so next year, i may start my study as u non stop pushing for it :p ok ok, year 2009 i will become a good student ok. hmmm wokey, end this post. your email just reached to my mailbox, commenting about the new house design proposal. tata!


Sunday, July 06, 2008

busy saturday~

we left house at 7am+ to meet my sis at klang bukit raja at 8am+ then we went to damamsara damai ikea. reached ikea at 9am then we had breakfast there. so many ppl q-ing up there. found a table with natural sunshine in. at nearly 10am, we started walk walk see see in ikea. found some nice ID design that suit our preference. took some photos but then kena warning from the staff there :p

royee kissed ah-yi... so sweet~

royee in ikea

he felt funny sitting on it. non stop hehehe

lunch at uncle lim

after ikea, we went to ikano power centre. from macy to aussino then to harvey norman n i-living. some nice sofa set n dining table. n tv too! ya, semua money matter. at least we can have idea n concept on our new house interior design.

sport car! cute hor

click it to enlarge the pic

at the kid's show room

big ball~

around floor we left damansara then went to klang bukit tinggi. visited the contractor's shop. reconfirmed the design n asked for revised quotation. then dropped by at jaya jusco to buy the bday cake to my mama. rushing back to banting at 7pm. then everyone coming back.. wow many ppl. my parents were so happy. ordered 100 sticks of satay too! then got my mum home made crystal jelly.

me n bbb

my mum bday!

11pm+ brought bbb to sleep. kakak slept with me last nite. after 12am, when everyone sleeping, then i discussed the new house renovation quotation with my sis. hmm slept at 1am+ before that, i did call u.. but couldnt get thru.

feeling ok today, coz i have maximized the hours by sleeping less. tiring la but didnt waste the time lo. miss u very much for the whole day.. hmmmm.. u r somehow my decision maker, without u, sometime i felt hard to make my own choice n decision.. pls arrange to come back fast... i love u...

Friday, July 04, 2008

it's friday!

ya.. time flies~ today is friday again. tomolo my sis n i will be busy with the new house issue. money in money out very fast ooo.. just taken my lunch, home cook from my mum. this morning while i was taking my breakfast, i felt so touched n happy. bersyukur. i have a lovely mum to cook me breakfast n lunch. my dad who really loves children n grandchildren. then the maid kakak also ok. my parents also feel satisfied with the maid. how nice the feeling is.. if u come back home, then i would complete the last piece of the wonderful picture of my happy days! i love the feeling now. thanks God for all these nice things ^_^
last nite i sat down with kakak n my mum. i asked kakak wanted to call back home or not, she said 'tak usah la mum, nanti saya rindu sama anak kecil, tak usah la, thank you mum' hmmm her smile made me felt sad. she must miss her daughter much. she rather choose not to call back home just not to worsen her home sick :( kakak told us about her family at indon. she works in malaysia to earn money, so she can go back indon and build a house. when she said 'belum ada rumah sendiri lagi' i think of our dc house. the joy n satisfaction to have own house, to fix everything as per own preference. she must be dreaming for this. so i asked kakak, so u going to stay long in malaysia, she said yes, she wants to earn as much as she can for 5-6 years, then go back indon n be a housewife n stay with her daughter. i really hope her dream come true. i know how it feels to separate from family n work hard for better n brighter future. am thinking how to make her salary more value.. hmmm maybe fixed deposit for her salary.
i told kakak tomolo is my mum's bday. she ask 'untuk ulang tahu berapa?' i said 53. she said my mum looks young. then this morning kakak also mentioned to my mum, 'mem muda' then my mum said, u mesti selalu happy. tau apa maksud happy? tak mau ingat (fikir/think) perkara perkara yang tak baik. ingat apa yang baik. buat kerja kerja yang baik. then kamu akan nampak happy, senyum selalu, then nampak muda. hehehehe sometime kakak memang blur with my mum malay. sometime both of them talking need me to translate. we need time to learn bahasa indon too. i really hope kakak can work happily here. n forever treating our children n our family nice.. ^_^
angel is having low fever. hope she gets well soon. today u r wearing smart with your new coat, hope u can share pic with me. remember only u wear once on our wedding day :p hope u r working happily there. pls less beer n less casino visiting har.. i miss u so much!! n I LOVE U!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

gong xi 186 ^_^

today is a very special to my sis n bruce. they went to submit their marriage registration form!!! wow, my sis gonna be Mrs Lee lo~~ hehehe very happy for her. hope she get matured after this :p couple #186 for klang hokkien association marriage registration on 08 august 2008. olympic opening~ my sis wedding date~ so this year, 2 new members joining Tiew's family, tiew bb n bruce lee ^_^ hope next year, another new member, Lee bb will be joining Tiew's family kekeke..
this saturday, my mum's bday. semua will overnight at banting to celebrate this special day. hmmmm except u :( never mind lo, hope u remember to call my mum n wish my mum happy bday lo. maybe, u can bring dried mango n sugar cane from manila to my mum as bday gift. hahahaha.. later my mum rotan u with sugar cane. kakakaka.. this sunday, maybe i will bring angels to sgbuloh n visit your parents. see how it goes, Tiew's family gathering donno till what time.


i didnt sleep well last nite. angel was active n stayed up till nearly 12am. then only slept beside me. 3am+ royee came to me n cried. wanna sleep with me on the bed. then eva crying for milk. 6am+ they woke up! :~

4am+ angel n royee

eva is drinking milk.. dalam buai

last nite royee watched news together with my parents. ternampak a car accident photo, the orang no eyes n losing 1 leg. royee non stop asking my mum why the fella got no eyes n no leg? then came to me. 'royee hen hai pa' (royee feeling scared) non stop he repeating the story. 'the eyes missing, this leg got, this leg no more, mummy, why??? royee papa, royee hen hai pa' then u tried to control his tears from falling down. so pity him. read an article last time, we need to admit n accept kids feeling, when they r mad, must tell, ya i know u r mad. when they are in fear, must tell them 'ya, mummy knows u r afraid of the photo, where the uncle lost his leg n eyes in the accident' somehow, royee still staying in the picture.. 'wai po, close the tv, royee hen hai pa, royee doesnt want to watch it' he whispering to himself.

i told him, next time u dont climb up to the table, or push your friends or gal gal. when u fell down, u get hurt, u may lost your body part. then again, he repeating the story. i know he cant erase the memory of the scene. n he really scared. i hug him. very tight. 'it's ok royee, the uncle has been sent to the hospital, doctor will fix everything for him' 'mummy, royee hen hai pa, royee doesnt want to watch the tv, royee wants to watch cartoon only :( then i asked him, we sleep ok? then i prepare him to sleep, still mumbling about the news..

to change topic, royee, u faster sleep la, mummy also wants to sleep already, tomolo mummy wants to work n earn money. 'royee also wants to earn money''wahhh, royee wants to earn money ar? when royee grow bigger, then royee works hard lo, then earn money lo''i want to earn a lot of money for mummy ooo''thank u royee, ok ok''i want to sell many many roti (bread) so i can have much money oo' (selling roti? out of so many things :p maybe another taukeh of future roti boy is here keke) 'royee, will u buy a car?''yes, i will buy a car, bring mama go swimming' hehehehe 'mama wants to travel ooo, can bring mummy to take flight ma? we go far far place la' 'ya, can, we go take photos together, royee stand here, mummy stand here, then we take photos lo' cute~~~ he smiled. then i said 'good nite royee' out of sudden, 'mummy, royee hen hai pa, the uncle losing his leg de..' :(

want to search online on related topic. see how to comfort him. n guide him to come out from his fear. this morning he also mentioned about the news on the way to the kinder. hmmm..

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

another happy day~

butterfly butterfly happy all day, butterfly butterfly fly fly away~

royee sings this song this morning while my mum put his kinder uniform on. non stop his mouth mumbling, my mum asked him to stop talking, so talkative :p my parents wake up early. my mum was busy in the kitchen, fried rice for our breakfast. then i said, i dont feel to eat fried rice in the morning, oily. then my mum cooked yee mee for me.. wow express! yummy! then my mum asked kakak faster eat the yee mee 'nanti bukan saya masak tak sedap, sebab kamu makan lambat, soup sudah kering, hehehe' kekeke funny.. for less than 1 hour, breakfast n lunch prepared. mummy is always owesome! so i packed my lunch - fried rice + ikan sambal + fried egg. brought jelly to the office too! jelly with longan n nata de coco. my mum made them last nite.

sent royee to kinder. this morning he greeted teacher quite loud 'zao an!' with his cute smile :) before the teacher asked him to say good bye to me, he said 'zai jian mummy' hehehe what a good boy ^_^ luckily he loves to go to kinder, less headache for us to prepare him to the kinder. listen to MYfm during the journey to putrajaya. nice songs n news update n funny jokes too. start my day with laughter :D yesterday i was wearing black, today, am wearing purple! purple shirt n pants..

when i reached home

my inspiration ^_^

last nite i took out the blocks for bbb. kakak washed n cleaned them, then they playing with the blocks. can see the different attitude of them. royee non stop bising coz he cant build the tower taller, he insist to put the smaller block at the bottom. so once the tower gone taller, then once tak balance, it collapsed. angel, only look for blocks with same colour. last nite, angels chose purple color. so, she went n took all the purple color blocks from royee n eva baskets. non stop eva n royee bising :p at 1st we scolded angel, why took ppl pieces. finally we found out her block tower was in purple color. eva is always the happy gal. she built the tower high with all the blocks that she has, then once the tower collapse, she would smile n build the tower again ^_^

one thing i love about eva is, she always bring the patung for angel or royee when they want to sleep or drink milk. most of the time she smiled. she usually cries 'waaaaahh!' hehehe.. i more prefer her smiley face :p cute n sweet. for angel, she normally smile quietly. for me, she looks matured compare to eva who looks like baby ^_^ yesterday my mum brought 3 of them to trim their hair. so now angels look more cute.. hehhee.. royee asked the hairdresser auntie to make his hair stand :p ya, 3 of them look differently last nite with their new hairstyle. love them much!!!
standing hair

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

muka bangun pagi~

they sleep early. coz my mum n kakak tak tahan 3 of them non stop bising :p sometime they sleep before 9am. then, they wake up early. most of the time, they wake up before 7am, before my alarm clock ring~!!! hmmm.. then 3 of them laying on the bed, normally royee will sleep between my 2 legs. just dont want him to disturb the sisters. 1 day, royee complained, mummy, i dont want to sleep on your lap already la, it is hard, then painful.. hmmm so demanding ooo..
this morning, while playing with them on the bed, my alarm clock rang.. then royee said, mummy, your phone singing already. heheh cute, i told him, the alarm clock is ringing, is time for mummy to go shower n prepare to go to work lo. then brought him out to watch tv, then angel n eva will follow. busy morning, but feel happy lo~

cute face kan.. angel~

lazy eva..
last nite 3 buai in the room. 1 by 1 i change the sleeping suit for them then put in the buai. ask them to say good nite to each other, n kiss me. hmmm sweet~ then, i sitting on the bed, adjust the buai, so their heads or legs wont kena each other. then right leg swing angel's buai, left hand for royee's buai, right hand for eva's buai. was hoping kakak wont come in at that time, my posing must be very funny n odd :p then start the karaoke session. sing those children songs.. sometime, royee would say 'chang hao hao lai (sing properly), mei you jiang zi chang de (cannot sing like this one)' then i will say 'we have this song la, mummy not simply sing la' then have to make a story that can explain the song, with suitable tones n facial expression.
last nite 3 of them slept before 10pm. thot to copy all the photos in my camera to the laptop, n post few blogs for u. felt tired pula. so sleepy. then called u up. wahhh.. now start drinking beer hor. pls jaga badan ok? liver la, heart la, whatever la.. all jaga baik baik. u said, if can get job in kl then ok or not? ya, of course, i want u to come back n stay with us ma. u make the decision la, i always support u ^_^ last nite, i asked royee, do u miss papa? he said yes. i told him, papa working at far far place lo, to earn money ma.. then royee said 'mummy also works n earn money ma' 'ya, papa n mama also work hard n earn money lo, with money can send u all to school to study n buy things for u all lo, so u must be good boy ok? dont always disturb gal gal ok?' - ok :")
last nite, when i was busy changing sleeping suit n buat milk for them, royee was picking up the toys that to the basket. full floor of toys, he cleared it! it was a surprise to me! i felt so happy n proud of him. something like, 'oh, at last u sudah insaf ar?' kekekee :p then came to me with the basket, 'mummy, all the toys are inside the basket already' 'ya! good boy, thank you royee!!' then he smiled to me :) nowadays, i always tell him not to do things that ar not right. normally i would say this 'is this rite? is this X?' (must showed the X sign to tell that this is wrong to do) 'where is your brain?' 'inside the hair' 'no, your brain is inside your head (tou ke), use your brain to think! think! think! (point to the head, like winnie the pooh) is the things u r going to do is da cha (crossed) or not. if da cha, then cannot do. when u grow bigger, when u r adult, if u do the X things, then policemen will catch u n bring u to the police station, understand?' 'understand. cannot do X things de' 'is disturbing gal gal playing is X things?' 'yes' 'so can do or not?' 'no!' almost everyday i repeat this things, few times a day sometime, but he still loves to disturb angels when they are happily playing the toys or eating biscuits. hmm...

today is 01.07.2008 1st day of july. 1st day of the 2nd half of year 2008. today the electricity bill or tariff naik. the erl train montly pass naik from rm225 tp rm285! heard the news this morning, loan interest for car purchase going to naik (or sudah naik?)... hmmm semua pun naik. happy news is, today toy'r'us at suria klcc grand opening, got special promotion. plan to buy puzzle n blocks for bbb. see la, if rajin, then after office hours, then will go to klcc. or go there on friday lunch time. with educational toys, can bring benefits to bbb, n can kill some noisy n fighting hours when 3 of them are together. these few days the maid looks tired, maybe quite tiring to jaga our bbb >.<
just now agency called me. the medical checkup for the kakak has been ok. the passport is ready for collection. she asked how's our maid? i said ok lo.. can do work lo.. the agent asked me, 'dont spoil her har!' hmmm spoiled ar? i donno. i think we r not strict to her. only strict when she tak makan 'pergi makan sekarang, nanti budak bangun kamu takde masa nak makan' i think, sooner or later, kakak will going to be my size. makan saja! ahhahaha.. kakak told my mum, come here, she can try many foods that she never try before. even roti canai kosong, she loves it, makan 2 keping :p
just now, met my ex-colleague at food court, she showed my tummy with the message 'u pregnant ar?' i said no.. then she buat the face 'aiyo!' hmmm ya ya ya, my tummy is always that big ok, my team member comfort me, aiya, u got twins me, different. but then, my twins pun sudah mau 2 years old oo.. sometime ppl offering me seat on train :( i said 'it's ok' 'come la sit here, kan u pregnant kan' hmmmm.. dont know how to answer, ppl is sincere, then i duduk. feel guilty to sit actually, coz i am not pregnant!!! ai.. when la my tummy gonna become smaller.