Thursday, June 26, 2014


Yes, today is my pay day! This month is a special month, as everyone is looking forward to - if we will have surprise bonus this month? Which, till date, no news yet. So takde lo. Continue to work hard and get better result for company then together we can have bonus and celebration in next year!

Today when I scratch my parking ticket, ya, in my mind was thinking about 26th my pay day! But I scratch off the 24th! Wasted a coupon! To make myself feeling better, for the same coupon, I scratch 24 and 26, then I put aside my 24th coupon. So today 2 coupon on my dashboard. Hopefully I don't get summon @_@ sis was pulling my leg, I always kelam kabut when come to money matters >_<

Hehe :D we are the champion my friend~

Read about '5 Words You Should(!) Remove From Your Vocabulary' from Facebook sharing this morning.. Good piece. Am now everyday teaching children to talk politely, talk in softer voice and respectful. But yet, feedback from teachers and family members have bothered me :( this morning another lecture I given out to them. I hope one day, they gonna be good children to the community and in God's kingdom.

Words carry power, and I've found called myself names I thought I didn't mean, only to find out later that I did mean them. Because behind every word is intention. If my intention is to be kind to myself and to others, then I have no reason to use the following words:

1. Stupid
We call ourselves, people and things stupid if they don't do what we want them to when we want them to. Releasing this word from your vocabulary allows you to accept things the way they are. Who are we to judge who someone is? What something is? And when something occurs?

2. Fat
If you're calling yourself and others this word, STOP! This word spreads pure hate. Do you want to contribute hate or love to this world? If you want to be a positive influence in this world, using this word will do the opposite of your intention.

3. Should
If things were meant to be a certain way, they would be that way. If you were meant to be with your former partner, you would be. If you were meant to be a millionaire, you would be one. If you were meant to have different parents, you would have different parents. You are exactly where you are meant to be, and you can use what you have to progress. Wishing things were different from how they are now will stop you from progressing successfully.

4. Hate
It isn't only a strong word, but a word that promotes negativity. Why focus on what's going wrong with your day and life, when you can focus on what's going right.

5. Loser
People have their own routes in this journey of life. Most of the time there isn't a winner and a loser because all of us have something to learn from life. If someone has decided to live life the way that they want to, which may seem bizarre to you and others, you aren't the judge of how and what they are meant to achieve. Have enough respect and consideration for people to let them live life the way they want, without them being fearful of labels and restrictions.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Good day to you and you and you! :D am standing in the train, knee pain, feeling sleepy.. But I am in good mood! Nice quick breakfast with sis, bonding with her :)

These few days I wake up early for lunch preparation. Ya when own body getting not right, here pain there pain, body aching made me not comfortable, health conscious alarming hmmm.. Just feeling to eat cleaner so hopefully I can get healthier ^0^

Yesterday lunch

Today lunch. Feeling nice when my royee boy companies me in the kitchen early in the morning and we chit chatting while preparing simple breakfast to bbb too :)

These days, when I am at home, I try to cook main meal for my children. Enjoy my time in the kitchen as i am in control of my children food intake ^^

Preparing this for bbb, from Saturday school replacement class to art class then choir class. Continuous! So children changed their cloths in the car like how sailor moon changes identity before flying off to save the world :D hehe we make this silly joke all the time.

Went to Ipoh office for internal quality audit this Monday

1st time taking Malaysia ets train.. Feeling good. So I told sis to go Singapore by train when we bring bbb along. Can see nice scenery ^^

Lots of nice local food we tasted in Ipoh. Ipoh hor fun soup, chee cheong fun, steamed chicken and taugeh..

Very smooth tau fu fa too. See, we can pack the food and continue eating in the office :p

During the trip, I chat with the field guys in the office. They are fathers to children. Their wives feeling like how I feel when husbands who always being busy for on call job. We shared those funny moments eg how the father throw stuff to make sure children stay silent when bosses calling home during office hours :p or the sad one, how father release his frustration after a call from boss or work related call.. From there, I can understand more my laogong's condition and concern on this work related stress. So to be a caring wife, I need to make sure I take good care of my bbb and the house. Let husband feel loved. Well, it is always easy in saying than doing, to try my best la not to get HOT when seeing laogong sitting on the sofa doing nothing while the house is in mess >_<

Working and busy everyday. In children eyes, we are always rushing to work, come back from work with tiring look hmm.. Can't wait for long holiday. Raya?

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Precious moments

What is the value of life?

Can stay with family is a good blessing. Don't bother much and take it seriously on those unimportant things that ruin our emotion and moments with our precious loved one.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

谈情说爱 love expressing

Aloha! Long time no see :D how do you do? I have been in my good mood lately ^^

Past few days I got a thought to capture my each day change, so one day in the future, when I can't recall what I had done in my ordinary days, I can refer to this note. So I downloaded an application from iTunes Store.

True life is lived when tiny changes occur :) I am interested in Change Management this field lately. Feel to go for related courses to build up my knowledge based on this topic and then apply the concept in the office and daily life :)

Sharing my 1st post with you. It is quite convenient when we can just recorded down our simple thought and feeling on the move ;) I like diary writing, and now I can use it at digital mode. When I don't have enough time to blog, at least I can still capturing my daily stuff. Great!

I told my sis I wanna to change. Change of myself in many ways. 1st of all, I want to make my house as home sweet home as possible. Of course, sis is nose picking on my idea 'whatever' response @_@ been one month, I have making good to my kitchen, each and every corner. Then children room.

Slowly the walls in the house would be having new feel too. Lots ideas are in my mind, taking time to make them in action, as I am busy working woman too :p children getting matured now, somehow they helping me in the making good effort and housework, just needed guide.

Changed children mattress last night, so my room won't be so messy with their small mattress pieces and their stuff everywhere. Last night I asked children when you all are going back to your room? 'At least till standard 6!' What? Again I asked them 'you all staying in this room, when would be the best time for papa and mama 谈情说爱 and sharing love stories?'

Eva: aiyo, when we sleep you all can 谈情说爱 la.

Mummy: then I would be 'laogong~..' Then start snoring..
(All laughing)

Angel: when we do homework you all can 谈情说爱 ma

Mummy: you all do homework then mummy doing washing in the kitchen, too noisy, my laogong can't hear me clearly la

Eva: Haiyo, then you all 谈情说爱 after we finish standard 6 la!

Mummy: Wahh then would be too old then. Papa may forget who is his wife already lo

Again, all laughing. Children are adorable when we have talk in relaxed and harmony environment.

In fact, if they don't mess up my room, I don't mind them to sleep with me. Anyhow, laogong and I can 谈情说爱 in the phone :p

We would miss all these moments when children growing and don't want us to be in their room. So treasure this precious time ticking.

儿女是耶和华所赐的产业; 所怀的胎是他所给的赏赐。~诗篇 127:3
Lo, children are a heritage of Jehovah; And the fruit of the womb is his reward. ~Psalm 127:3

谈情说爱 = to discuss passion and talk of love

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Beginning of June

Just came back from Penang and alor setar audit trip.

Padi field

Nice blue sky and green field.

Am feeling tired now. Waiting sis to pick me up after her work hours.

Flying to Penang office. Been there before I have my children? This is the 2nd visit. No more familiar faces hmmm.

Went in the store room for spare management audit.

The store room is in the big switch room. Very cold equipment room. Very strict entering too.

Wiring everywhere. Not a quiet room. As equipment a and switches are running every second.

Overnight at Penang. Our initially arranged hotel was the other one, where the local colleague told us there was not safe, many theft cases. So we got the travel department to switched us here.

Nicer and cleaner hotel indeed ^^ dinner at the mall near by, then I continue to work on my assignment in the hotel room.

A regional colleague sent us from Penang to alor setar office. Nice week along the road journey.

This is our alor setar office.

Like the clean pantry. Feeling at home ^^

The office. My colleague started the audit at the end corner.

I followed this guy to the store room to check spares, test equipments....before getting back to the office for system auditing.

Have a quick lunch then we heading to the alor setar airport and back to kl.

Dinner with sis ^^ vege meal at secret recipe veggie. Nice taste!

Found myself know better the role as a auditor ^^ but still, am too soft to challenge my auditee. Way to go!