Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Let us be the blessing of others ^^

有一份爱 从天而来
比山高 比海深
测不透 摸不着 却看的见
因为有你 因为有我
甘心给 用心爱
把心中这一份爱 活出来
我们一起向世界 活出爱

Vroom~ come to year end! Few more hours to go then we will start a brand new year. Today is a good time to review our year of 2014. However, I been starting to working out things for 2015. Gonna be a hectic and challenging new year start. Very tight schedule for January and February 2015. That's the reason why..I cut my hair real short. Just don't want to make myself being busy and frustrated with my shoulder length hair - the hair dresser said 'it would be fine after 5 to 6 months when your hair is long, just be patient' well, I am not now :p

Just got my performance appraiser done with my boss. Appreciated all the good points shared by boss which showing me as a good employee :p and for sure will work towards those not so strong skill competencies to hope for good recognition and bonus! :D haha syiok sendiri. Jan and feb 2015 gonna be full of work schedule, am and pm sessions for every work day! Anyhow, still managed to squeezed in a week travel trip ^0^

For next year, am gonna be a Sunday school teacher for standard 1 children. My sis said I won't be a good teacher because now I am impatient to handle baby Shyuan - the terrible devil doll. Most of the time, you talk your talk, she does her talk @_@

Shouted from far - snap photo!
Silly thing was, me this auntie obeyed the little one instruction and ran over to snap pic for her ><~

Other than Sunday school teacher, I being selected as group lead trainee for the cell group with my church members. A good chance for me to learn how leaders handling things. A church also like a big organization. Be part of the big team, so I can explore to see more and learn to apply experienced learnt to my work and my family. As what Laogong said, need to juggle the time management.

As promised to children, I shall prepare meal box for them to bring it over to the school. Hope I can wake up early most of the working day to prepare meals for children. In fact, it is a good way to monitor children food intake. Timing matter. Discipline matter :p

Cook this for children today meal. 1st time handled the big block of cold tofu without heating the tofu. Hope my cooking skill can be strengthen so I can cook varieties of dishes at finger tips. Shall prepare lunch box for myself too!

Pen off here. Want to take a short nap before start working :p

Free pearl milk tea from black ball shop - go there queue up and grab one!

Dinner for children

Do you see evil working on his devil plan? Hahaha my boy took my phone and snap this pic then shared it with me with his non stop laughter :D

Monday, December 22, 2014

2014 sweetie's year

Seen this from fb. My 2014 in fb ^0^

Hehe :)

好像幸福只存在 童話故事裡

看見幸福的天地 就在我心裡
它是真實而簡單地 活在主愛裡


Friday, December 19, 2014


My gals talk about menarche 初潮 tonight - in the age of 8. They talked about the rest of body changes in puberty.

Well, my children are more prepared to their puberty compared to me. I was so innocent even at the age of 12 when my 1st period came on my birthday.

Children made their own cupcake deco in the trip to baking house and bread factory.

Lots of bread we got tonight

Gift from mcD happy meals.

I got baby Shyuan with me tonight

Children grow so fast. They see the different world than me. Just now when they came back, they shared their journey and today trip stories. Snapped photos for me to see, even though the photos snapped mostly are blue :)

Expecting their growing stories to be more exciting than mine. Just now the boy said when mummy passed away he would cry - mummy~~!!

Mummy: why do you what to cry? Just make sure you get to the heaven then we meet in the heaven

Royee: hey. So long only can meet you in the heaven. Before I can meet up with you, I would miss you deeply!

I shall be happy for this. At least, children have the thought, mummy may leave them anytime. And they are prepared for it. With the hope, to meet up with mummy in the heavenly home :) thank God.

Heavenly home

有一个 永恒家乡
座落在 高高天上
全世界 什麽都比不上
它荣美 超过想像
在那里 没有忧伤
在那里 天天欢唱
赞美神 歌声响彻天堂
主荣耀 超过想像
蓝天白云之上 公义像太阳
地上虽有困难 心中不失望
有盼望 在那高高的天上

The best thing in life is, you can meet your loved one in the heaven home :) a place, God's has prepared for us, a place, you have joy and peace and angels are singing and praising :)

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. 上帝爱世人,甚至将他的独生子赐给 他们 ,叫一切信他的,不致灭亡,反得永生。

Christmas is around the corner, birthday of Lord Jesus. Upcoming events for this special day and holiday :D many things are on hand pending to settle, the back to back meeting schedule, still, I have activated holiday mood! Is time to prepare presents for loved one too!

Come on and celebrate!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Clearing leave

Come to year end, we can always start the topic of 'not taking leave?' to kill the quiet moment while waiting for the office lift. sometime I got jealous when colleagues answer - Ya, I don't know what to do with my 17days leave, and we can only carry forward for 10 days..

Hmm I don't have this kind of issue, my issue is always - can i utilise my colleague's annual leave if he or she willing to give their leave to me suka sama suka haha.

Come to year end, can see many facebook photo albums are on friends travelling trips. I have mine too, but I keep them to light sharing, most of the time, my mum's photo albums have more nicer and details photos than mine :p

Pic taken on company family day in Icity

Nowadays I can grab nice photos from my mum's photo album ^^


My heroine

I like this. Snapped this pic in Icity, hope one day I can be there with Bbb in the real scene :)

So, many colleagues clearing off their annual leave, so office is somewhat empty. Not easy to schedule meeting, as people might be on holidays. Many things on my plates, many hanging works not done. To enhance my capability and competencies, or else I will be losing confidence in handling my assigned tasks.

Laogong called me, so when will be your next travelling trip? Hehe ya will have a very short break soon. That day got a colleague asked, do you really track how many travel trips you been up to for a year? Come on, compare to others, my passport pages are still quite empty :p

anyway, chit chatting with my sis, let's stop for a while on traveling trip planning. Rest for a while. Go for travelling journey with more insight 来个有深度的路程.

Last night, again sis and I talking about staying in the foreign country when our children grow older. Obviously, 2 of us are desperate ladies who are tired of our current lifestyles? Haha.

Started with my 2015 executive diary. For a 'busy-body' like me, monthly view schedule diary is needed to keep me work towards my schedule

For the 1st step - I have marked my next year planned travel trips. Haha ya I know I know, I just mentioned about stop travelling for some moments in the previous paragraphs in this blog posts ;p good gals like sis and I, we chose to cancel our adelaide trip in 2015 when the flight operator close down the flying plan ^0^ as what my dad told us 'don't always book those short travel trips, save your leave for more worthwhile trip - so, to be frank, I hope next year I can fly to somewhere farer since I have balance of annual leave kakakka

Ok enough non sense. Leaving to the church for Sunday school teachers meeting. We will talk about next year syllabus and teaching aids even though we have one and the only one text book - the holy bible :D

Happy holiday to those work in Selangor! I will need to work when my family eating seafood in the afternoon? Aiseh

Friday, December 05, 2014



歌羅西書說:「在這一切之上,還要穿上愛,愛是全德的聯索。And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity. -Colossians 3:14

Read a sharing on this. It talks about what you are saying would reflect what is in your mind. A pregnant woman would see many new borns on the road; a dog lover would see more dogs on the street. This reminds me on - gambling lesser and reduce gossiping on other people. As this gonna reflecting us to be like the person who we talks about. You see the negative side of the person because you have the same negatives acts too. So, be a good girl then :p

Aloha! Long time no see. How do you do? My sis asked 'when are you going to blog? Been no posting for 1 month' opps.. Time flies without me realising. Was waiting for the long waited holiday, and I just came back a week ago from the 9days travelling trip. Things is running smoothly over here, as long as you don't think of those arisen issues :p the house is in the mess, I told myself, to start spring cleaning the house - from next week :p have to do something, before my laogong repudiate me 把这老婆给休了!keke

Children are on holiday at grandparents house. So basically I am free in the night during weekdays. So take this quiet moment for myself, on my iPhone in the Internet, playing games - so I know my son's gaming world, sleep early.

Children helping out at my digo's house on candy repacking. Let them experience the working world and earn some pocket money. Guess, I can do my party pack order part time business, since my children can pack candy well now haha :D

Came back from Taiwan trip, like the historical journey. This travel trip made me think a lot about myself too. Some changes to be made, some plans to be revised. I do agree with people saying - you found yourself in travelling trip. At least, the journey reminds us something.

Going to set my 2015 resolution, well, whether we gonna realise all the resolution, setting new goals should be a year end event for us to put hope in the coming new year :D 2015 is special, as I given 2 slots for laogong and sis to include their wish list to my 2015 resolution.

Well, laogong didn't reply me. Maybe he already given up to this lazy wife who always giving him headache :p let's see my sis reply...

Ya, as usual, devil sis always have evil idea >< anyway, I am looking forward to 2015, a brand new year for a brand new beginning ^^

Till then, Tata!
Friday is always a good day to work, no matter how full the scheduler gonna be, TGIF!!

Thursday, November 06, 2014

For the great journey

These 3days I been joining company big event in promoting unmatched customer experience. From the new network testdrive to midnight express delivery of brand new iPhone6, I got engaged to my company vision - admired for excellence. Although I do feel down some negative comments in social media on these events, but I do believe that, there are many customers out there, keep our great service in their hearts rather than posting on social media. For instance, my last night delivery has shown me customer satisfaction with her cheerful face and pleasure thank you note :)

maxis tower + our CEO and CTO^^

1000+ employees joining this great event

Engaged with customer, test the network quality..

Experience the differences and new change..

Fun time in the treasure hunts games..

All in on go :)

After the 5.5hours lrt train and walking journey.. We have cooling Aircond room with delicious nice foods served :D

Paint the town with green!

I like this!! We have foot and shoulder massage too!!

For yesterday.. We have another event of midnight express iphone6 to our customers. 2 employees to 1 customer. Reach the customer doorstep at 12.01am :D

I got laogong to teman me :) customer staying in kajang. Meet up my colleague in kajang before we heading to the customer house..

Continuous 2 nights not sleeping well, but I am feeling great with these 2 big events. Happy to be part of the journey from ok to great on this company :) see many new changes, new way of working at the same time, I learn and I grow too!