Sunday, August 31, 2008

on merdeka day

nite before, 1 slept at nearly 4am. my mum, digo, sis n i were chatting in the midnite. my mum n digo were drinking the wine that u bought that day. wow, 2 of them nearly finished off the new bottle in less than 3 hours. crying, smiling, laughing. i love the chatting session. so called, face to face showing LOVE and appreciation of being family members in this sweet n lovely family. conclusion for that nite: my dad is the most perfect n important n best husband and father ^_^ i hope one day in the future, u can get this compliment from me n shonejay angels :p
merdeka cuti. dont want to waste the holiday. i decided to bring bbb to midvalley magamall's megakids. so i changed them baju jalan. angels are always excited n cooperative if i want to put them on nice cloths :p maybe i seldom bring them out. hmmm.. can see both of them were so happy to look at the dora stickers on their shirt. pointing to each other shirts. hehe.. we were all finished changing, waiting for my sis.. she was tired oooo...

hehe :p

while waiting for ah-yi

need some new cloths for royee. going to be 3, his baju n seluar mostly are tight for him

went to house'80 picked up the twin stroller. wow.. it was heavy n dusty. quite heavy to carry it by my own. used to get u to handle this :( left banting at 10am+ no breakfast at banting, coz we want to save time in looking for car park lot at midvalley.

we took dengkil - serdang route to kl. during the journey, we sing together. i also sing to sleepkan bbb too. singing n laughing, i missed the entry to the furniture shop - little world, furniture for children. ai.. been planning to go the shop for months already. it was just at my left but then i missed it :( then jalan sambil jalan, i missed the entry to kl.. hoh.. very stupid me! then we went to klcc. i think to go midvalley from klcc should be not far away, but then i didnt want to call u n ask for direction la, with bbb in the car, then asking for direction, somemore there is merdeka parade at kl dataran merdeka. ai.. we went to klcc. no more megakids.. happy thing was, i can save about rm50 for the entrance fee :p

in suria klcc

bahave a bit with food :p

pooh n angel

royee n mummy

3 of them fight for this twin seats :(

while waiting for ah-yi's window shopping..

royee n dora. the balloon was from pizza-hut staff

angels were looking at BEARs shop

at isetan children shoes department

mummy + bbb + lego

eva bites lego :(

less lego at here...

we moved to bigger lego n blocks station

eva impressed ppl's castle..

children playing lego. adult having fun with children :p

plan to have something like this in royee's room

barbie's hairband for angel - unpaid item LOL

eva destroying ppl's castle

royee carried heavy stool..

.. for this raiway station board

eva bites table :(

this is... angelina..

gogo is sleeping. when we were having late lunch..

at 1st we were planning to bring them to klcc park, too agressive la.. tiring ooo.. then we decided to go back banting at 4pm+ since they wanted milk, n i left the susu in the car. car park fee was rm12. ok la.. not much i spent for this outing.. hope bbb are happy with this outing. n thanks a lot to my dearest sis ^_^

new explore ^_^

royee with the raiway station

angel disturbing ppl's lego

eva destroyed ppl's castle

Friday, August 29, 2008


last nite, kakak sent sms to her mum n daughter 'selamat menunaikan ibadah puasa' ya, cuti lo~ national day, then bulan ramadhan.. longer weekend for us. no idea where to go yet. tomolo will go to klang, finalising house painting n wooden door hangers. then maybe, go to sgbuloh bring the baby cot for my sis in law. for sunday, feel to stay at home. monday, kakak start fasting. see la, maybe will bring bbb out jalan jalan in 1 of the days. looking for something simple, n meaningful n practical for bbb. picnic at putrajaya botanical garden? raining season ooo.. see la.. no idea now..
just now attended the general health talk on cancer and breast cancer. an eye opening session for cancer. must control our diet n change our lifestyles to stay away from this killing sickness. hope u r eating good n rite over there. am trying to cut down or avoid unhealthy food. need to have good health to enjoy the days with bbb ^_^
i hope. my confuse n sadness will be wiped wipe off in this august. n start a beginning brand new september :) ya, wish my sis in law bb can be delivered in 1st sept 2008 :p thought her pregnancy due date is 11 sept hehe :p i have thought of the bb name already ^_^ chinese, malay, n nick name.. kekeke very advanced hor.. if u want to confirm my future bb name (if i have another bb la) i also can tell u... wahh.. don want to put here la, later betul betul ada bb then ppl already used the name, then sudah tak unique lo.. :p anyhow, this morning, i somehow got one very confirmed decision, dont want another bb already as we planned. last evening, i did think of this, we may try for period cycle, if 3 times tak dapat, means that God decides it. so i also dont want to think of having another bb. see how la, u r not with me, think so much also pointless >.<
enjoy your weekend. pls work hard! i want u to finish your work soonest possible, n make sure your boss approves your leave. the new house renovation n touching up is finishing.. will move to the new house in oct. do come back for this BIG event ^_^ miss u soooo much! i love u :*

Sunday, August 24, 2008

outing at putrajaya alamanda

front n back

royee telling mummy there is a jet down there!

curious angels

loves the jet~

kakak said wanted to take photos with angels

n with bbb. royee wanted to sit on it :~

angel is very brave. wanted to try this, for few times!


opps.. mummy's double chins..

see, standing on the lamp..

notti boy!

surviving >.<


mummy n eva

so happy gal~

royee - standing n see..

eva n royee - standing n see angel's tumpang ppl ride..

cutie eva~

sitting on the floor. eating fishie biscuits. cute!!! the little fingers..

my mama n sis

me n bbb :D

going to putrajaya..

angel.. posing like model

royee n eva

my inspiration ^_^

gogo terjatuh

royee, back to his children songs


blur-serious royee :p