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Thursday, November 04, 2010

pakaian ^^

hahaha.. comment about my pakaian ooo :p give my mum sometime, let her sort out her wardrobes, then i can have more new baju to wear to work :p

Friday, October 29, 2010

deepavali special ^^

me n my office team. enjoyed the photo taking session :D for xmas, may get everyone to wear in red, green and white :p
deepavali coming, officemates always go to kl brickfield for shopping. now we have little india here, so not only indian friends go n buy saree, but malay and chinese too. so some of the officemates, now everyday wearing new punjabi suit to work :D in the office, we have the deepavali deco too. so what else? am waiting for the deepavali cuti la!! :p cant wait for it ooo...

Friday, August 13, 2010

simple thought

got this out from the busy but easy friday working hours..

ya I found my hair getting longer, n I always think to cut it short. in the office, few ppl tells me I look better with long hair. sis also tells the same, n she wants we to be in long hair in her wedding. so I make up my mind, no matter how itchy hand is, I will only cut my hair short after my sis wedding :)

that day when angel lay down next to me, 'mummy, your hair is long, you are beautiful' her voice soft n clear, it feels sweet ^_^ now royee likes to sit behind me when i watch tv or reading book, then he touches my hair, comb the hair with his fingers, smell it, trying to tight the hair. my maid always smile when looking this. my heart feels sweet n loved! how nice it is, when mummy is in the boy's eyes n heart. (hoh... if laogong can do this, how nice it is...)

today is a sweet Friday the 13th, I just feel good today. I am a Friday 13th baby, n today is my officemate doreen's bday. bought something for her, I always want to do this, now I have a chance to thank her. a caring auntie to me (she definitely will get angry for 'auntie' this word :p) I always tell my mama, Doreen in my mama in the office, a caring big sister to me ^_^

Doreen, happy birthday ya!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

ssd team building 2010

22-23/7/2010 @ Eagle Ranch Port Dickson
Click here for more photos >>> SSD Team Building 2010

like the our children our future baloons

yellow team - my team - i am the leader :p

outdoor games

not easy..

super HOT weather

tension oooo..

small house

posing for 1st obstacle


me tarik tarik..

my turn!

ready for my SWING!

light n ringan :p

big BOSS's swing

she is super fast! i cant make it to the end :S


this is super easy job for me :p

this is a bit high for me this shorter :p


me out from the BIG hole ^O^

easy job :)

crawling out from the tunnel

not easy for tall guy pula

quite dangerous if what-if happend


ya! the yellow team completed all 18 obstacles!

while waiting for others, chit chatting :p


preparing for dinner time


poolside BBQ dinner

i like this..

this for bbb ^_^

enjoy the free n easy leisure

my 1st round dinner :p

HAPPY hours - games time, karaoke, dancing fun!

the 2nd day..

me n my roommate, jessie - my new boss ^_^

early birds

some not easy obstacles - we were not playing this

another gal gal pic

process improvement discussion - COST

preparing the presentation note

me presenting the topic - COST

YELLOW team won! we got the BEST TEAM award!!!

me n my gift, n my double chins :p

with my team mate