Friday, August 28, 2015

2808 we are one

Short update for today

Sis said she wanted to have a hair cut. I always like new hair cut, it is a immediate change of mood state. Plan to change my hairstyle after Cny2016.. Let the hair grow longer for 6 months, see if I can bear with it or not hehehe..

Been reading and following Bersih4.0 rally updates. Keep sharing the important preparation notes to closed on who will be joining the gathering. Impress with the event management, and nations who are caring for each other. Too many things have been anticipated to get all participants ready. Can see program management skills here.

Told children to go prayer meeting tonight. Want to pray as a church for the country. Pray for God's mercy towards Malaysia this beautiful country. Bless us all the nations especially for those who will be at the field for this weekend with His strength and protection.

诗篇 27:6
因为我遭遇患难,他必暗暗地保守我;在他亭子里,把我藏在他帐幕的隐密处,将我高举在磐石上。 For in the day of trouble he will keep me safe in his dwelling; he will hide me in the shelter of his tabernacle and set me high upon a rock.

Malaysia celebration 58th Independence Day. Hope we have a brighter future here.

From now on, we are one. Because we love Malaysia.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Merdeka x7

Kita Malaysia
Kerja bersama
Tak kira bangsa
Satu Malaysia

This morning again I listened to namewee's merdeka shuffles 4.0, touched with the insight of the lyrics and the storyline of all nations gather together and celebrate the differences for this lovely country.

In our daily life, things are still happening the same - we have friends and colleagues of different races, we speak multilingual, we eat traditional foods of Malaysia...

This morning, I went to a kopitiam for breakfast. There wear no empty table for me, so I shared the table with a Chinese-look alike Malay. With sign language, I asked for the seat. Then my bihun goreng and kopi-o came... I made a thanksgiving prayer.. Then the encik smiled at me..

"Masih ingat lagi bapa saya bawa saya datang sini dari darjah 2..." Then we started chit chatting like how I normally chit chatting with my Malay colleague in the office. We talked about the kopitiam, he showed me which pakcik who been working since the 1st day he came to this kopitiam. Talked about the nasi lemak, famous foods surrounding this area.. Then where I stay and work, where he stays and work.. How he invests with minimal risk, how I travel across the regions for audit.. We talked about global economy, we talked about petrol price, we talked about harmony Malaysia.. We talked about ikan patin at East Coast Malaysia and bah kut teh in klang..

He is 52 years old. Don't know to call him pakcik or encik, as he looks young. He was coughing, then he said he been feeling not well for nearly 1 month, weight lost from 80+ kg to 72kg.. We talked about government hospital, we talked about Malaysian modern township.. We talked about the development of Malaysian public transport.. We talked about our young generation..

We talked about many Malaysian topics. All topics that show we are living in a harmonious community that people are loving each other and goodness that this country have brought to us. Yes, this is indeed the nation is feeling. As the encik pakcik mentioned "Kita hidup sama saja, minum kopi makan bihun baru berapa ringgit, yang rasa sangat tu kalau orang yang kat atas tu nak hidup mewah dan nak beli barangan berjenama.."

Yup. Typical Malaysian chatting topics reminded me Malaysia is a country that is filled with love, understanding and acceptance. Hopefully the sky of Malaysia turns bright sooner and together we celebrate the real independence of all nations. If you would watch the black and white video clip of Tunku Abdul Rahman shouting 7times of 'Merdeka!' with the nations as background of the videos, you feel the true 'kemerdekaan' that we been longing for..

Malaysia Sehati Sejiwa

Demi... tanah yang bertuah
Taman... cinta merdeka..
Kasih... di hatiku ini
Untukmu... tanah pertiwi...

Dari... utara selatan
Juga... timur ke barat
Turut gagah... Sabah Serawak
Sehati Sejiwa

Ku dengar janjimu
Bayu Kinabalu
Ku dengar sumpahmu
Rejang yang membiru
Bersatu denganku
Tegap Titiwangsa
Malaysia Sehati sejiwa

Laut luas terbentang
Bukan satu halangan
Untuk kita bersama
Melafaz janji setia
Demi mu Malaysia
Cinta kasih di jiwa
Tidak akan kami khianatinya.

Walaupun berbeza
Budaya Agama
Bukanlah penghalang
Kita bergandingan
Marilah bersatu

Sehati sejiwa

Malaysia Kekal Sejahtera...
(Mi i so ginavo) kadazan
(Kitai Dekak Mujur) iban
(Mi i so ginavo)kadazan
(Ngetan Ke Menua) iban
(Mi i soginavo) kadazan
(Nyuluk Cita Mulia) iban

Malaysia Sehati Sejiwa

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

What will be, will be

When I was just a little girl
I asked my mother
What will I be
Will I be pretty
Will I be rich
Here's what she said to me

Que sera, sera
Whatever will be, will be
The future's not ours to see
Que sera, sera
What will be, will be

Today is shyuan's nanny daughter bday.. I have prepared an emergency bday gift for her :D

Got the baby girl to be the angel to send the gift to the bday gal. Age of 18, how sweet it is. Sis and I were talking about the nice bday greeting for 18 years old gal, we googled some of the nice one, and funny one :p

Recalling my age of 18. When I was graduating from my secondary school.

Was not wearing pinafore at that age, wearing as a prefect. When I preparing myself for last week office team building, I bought this uniform set. I look funny, round and short >< but I was in the happy young mood as my colleagues were.

Roommate @cherating villa

From age 20-50+ we were just feeling like students :p

From top to bottom, no matter which position we are, all being crazy in that day

All gals

Killing cute pose

All boys

Gangster lazy look

Samseng konon la

With bosses

With my teammate

The youngsters

With a bunch of students :p


These 2 can compete for the best dress award ^0^

We sing for the patriotic night

We dance with patriotic songs

Speedy Gonzales led by the department office

Surprised special performance from the bosses and team to the members :D

OC for this round team building :D

Hope next year we can have similar good one :)

Till then, whatever will be, will be

Monday, August 24, 2015

Monday itch

Well, feeling not comfortable now, been having vaginal infection since last week. Think of my sis went thru this for few years, I am quietly deal with it, hopefully with the antibiotic sub, I am getting well soon.

Today is 24th of August. So fast, 3rd quarter of 2015 going to be closed and left only the final quarter of 2015 - to fight for 2015 work performance, to realise personal 2015 resolution. Malaysian national day is in this coming weekend, are Malaysian ready for bersih4.0 public meeting? No matter what, we just hope to have a peaceful and harmony country to live in.

What am I up to? For this week, few important appointments to be handled in the office. Many follow ups especially after a week away for last week. Last week colleague and I went for regional office audit at temerloh and kuantan.

Then followed by department team building "bee back to school" at cheating. Road trip is tiring. But the car ride allowed us to see the nature beauty as well as the pollution of these beautify cities. Will share photos in coming posts, as I have transferred photos from my phone to laptop.

Last weekend, laogong cleaned the house fans. The boy trying to reach out. Well, he can manage this soon :p

I was a good girl to clean my desk at home :D bought some small racks so my computer and printer got a new seating.

Got the 2 bb followed me to buy the rack..

And the boy fixing it for me :D

Children set the new schedule for computer using. So (hopefully) no more fighting after this..

Tried new Korean food on Saturday

Like the food.

That night, the 2 gals locked themselves in their room. Then I noticed that, 2 of them started cleaning their messy room. I felt happy about this. This reminded myself - be an example for your children to follow, this is the best parenting way for wanting children to follow what you want them to do. Pity the 2 gals as it was nearly 11pm 'let's clean the room in this coming long weekend, I will help you all' :)

On Sunday morning, went for Sunday service, the pastor shared about importance of God's word to grow our souls. After Sunday school class, I got myself an afternoon nap.. Till the evening. Laogong cooked very good aroma dinner.

Thanks for laogong and children for letting me got a good rest over the weekend after the 4 days car ride to East Coast. Suddenly feeling my bbb have grown up, and my man is more lovely :p

Till then. Happy week ahead!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Raya Party

Yesterday we got 2015 raya celebration in the office. Lots of delicious Malay food! Varieties of choices from different types of curry, nasi beriani and nasi dagang, ketupat and nasi impit, roti jala, rendang, sweet and spicy gravy, fruits and kuih raya...

The dress code is traditional costume. Since I don't have cheong sum, and I can't fit in my sis's cheong sum.. I bought myself a new set of baju kurung.

Pic with my team mate. Can you see how many layers I fold for the kain? I am short!

Surprisingly, we got the best dress for non-Malay wearing traditional suit ^0^ boss asked me for a cat walk @_@ before I got the prize.. "Now let people take your photo"

Errr.. Shy shy ok when all eyes are on you.. Hopefully, my smile and my cartoon cat-walking brighten someone's bad day if there was any :)

So this is the rumble team for 3years? Each of us in the department belongs to a team. So whenever there is games or team building, we would be together and strike for the champion! APPY our team was the rumble king for year in year out games and competition. Proud to be in the team which everyone is passionate towards team building and team spirit. The sad thing is, yesterday game was the last for this existing team, we going to restructure the teams to allow remixing of everyone since the same members were together for few years. We going to rebuild the new teams by next week.. Well, hope the fun and joy continues in the new team, and we got better collaboration:)

This is my boss's direct report team. The one in black is the head of department and my boss. In pink is my partner. The one in orange tudung is department sis to take care all of us and PA to boss :) there are 4 team leads in the department (1 is not in the pic). The 2 youngest gals are company management associates. They normally serve in a department for 6 months then they move to another new job function. Guess what's the name for this so called management team? DLL - dan lain lain :P

Group photos of the day!
Can you spot me - the shortest?

Duit raya in CNY packet.
Best dress in raya packet :)

People change. People come and go. Some of the colleagues here are my ex colleague 10+ years ago, then we meet again in this department. Some are my ex-supervisors from or not from this department.. What I am trying to say is, treasure each of the relationship built with your colleague and people surrounding you. One day, they might be your boss, your team mate.. So don't hate but love :)

After yesterday gathering, we are looking forward to next week department team building outing. Am one of the 2 committees :p so upcoming communication to the department is ready to blast out from today onwards ^^

This is one of the fun and rewarding moment when we are as a working mother compare to full time housewife.

Till then, Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

1st 5

Came across this moment in 1st5 app

My Moment:
It’s time for resurrection! What are some grave clothes you can take off to fully walk in freedom today?

Grave clothes.. Hmm I shall not live in people's unfairness judgement that confused myself and bring down my self-confidence. Keep it up to be a better me :)

Recommending this apps 'first 5' to the women I love. No matter if you are a Christian yet, the inspiring moment shared each day, may transform you and let you communicate to yourself.

箴言 9:10 敬畏耶和华是智慧的开端, 认识至圣者便是聪明。
"The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.

I regretted not sleeping early last night, and I am feeling sleepy now.. Being greedy to spend time on mobile phone than allowing myself to have quality resting time. Told my angel this morning, let's sleep early tonight, we are lacking of sleep.. Not a good example to children hmm.

Last night I went to mall to quick look for baju kurung for tomorrow office event. I brought along Angel. Then the girl helped to look for larger size baju kurung. I treasured the moment of the show 40min. When children are getting taller, when they can give me their constructive opinion and feedback, I feel blessed to be a mother :) by the way, I didn't get any piece of baju kurung last night, coz not many preferred choices that caught my eyes and fit into my body size :p

Yesterday I told my colleague, I was getting older.. I started being a 'housewife'.. Squeezing time to be with children, sweeping the floor, being busy in the kitchen, checking all types of flours and sauces at supermarket, doing marketing, studying recipe, thinking of gardening.. My colleague asked 'then how shall a young people behave then?' My answer was - sleeping and entertaining own self over the weekend, instead of being ah soh :p

Lately, laogong and I are facing the same issues..
1. Body aching
2. Eye sight seems not right

Oh... Symptoms of old age! So in the morning or before calling off the day, would see either I massage laogong shoulder or he massage my legs :( even the quick touch makes the different to the stiff muscles. Come on, this is too early for us ok! Adjusting the glasses so we can read comfortably. I just can't accept this coming so soon even before age of 40.

How shall we not admit the time passing fast?

Look at children growing taller and taller. As I asked my boy this morning, lately your voice was rough, you are having sore throat or you are changing voice? ^0^

When the girls started concerning their breast development, when they started capturing their feeling and daily stories in their diaries, when they started reading my book collection...

Children have grown up!
And I am getting older ohhh...

Well, let's treasure the moment when I am still being able to work for self esteem and own interest building. At the same time, being a happy working mother and grow together with my children ^^

Happy Tuesday!